Bernie Sanders Urges Hillary Clinton To Join The Fight And Defeat The TPP


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent a strong message to Hillary Clinton that she should stand with Democrats and liberals against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In a statement, Sanders said:

For decades, corporate America has been pushing disastrous trade agreements on the American people. The result: millions of jobs lost through outsourcing, lower wages and the collapse of our middle class.

My strong hope is that Secretary Clinton and all candidates, Republicans and Democrats, will make it clear that the Trans-Pacific Partnership should be rejected and that we must develop trade policies that benefit working families, not just Wall Street and multi-national corporations.

Democrats and liberals have good reason to skeptical of the TPP. The business community has praised the deal, and multinational corporations are pushing hard for the agreement. Congressional Republicans, who are by nature unfriendly to the concerns of workers, are pushing to give President Obama fast track authority.

Hillary Clinton’s support or opposition to the agreement will define her candidacy in many respects for Democratic voters, which is the reason the Clinton campaign is voicing skepticism about trade deals in general.

Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill told The New York Times, “Hillary Clinton believes that any new trade measure has to pass two tests. First, it should put us in a position to protect American workers, raise wages and create more good jobs at home. Second, it must also strengthen our national security. We should be willing to walk away from any outcome that falls short of these tests. The goal is greater prosperity and security for American families, not trade for trade’s sake.”

Until the full agreement is made public everyone, including Hillary Clinton, should be skeptical. President Obama sincerely believes that he can protect workers and boost the economy with the TPP. The problem is that Bill Clinton and Al Gore made many of these same promises during the NAFTA debate.

A good rule of thumb is that if corporations and Republicans support it, the agreement is probably a bad deal for working people. Democrats are waiting to see where Hillary Clinton will come down on the issue, but her campaign’s caution and skepticism is a good sign for Sanders and the left.

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  1. In my opinion, this election in 2016 should be a group election with popular democrats like Bernie and Elizabeth Warren campaigning WITH her. Democrats are united and the message should be clear, vote democrat…period!
    Also, I wonder if it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Hilary to give a sit down interview regarding being cheat on how that made her feel….But, her faith and willingness to forgive made them stronger! The problem with her is that she has a inability to connect with average folk. Most people can relate to being betrayed!

  2. I wonder why President Obama is pushing this. It seems after all the good things he has done and tried to get through would be undone. Could it be he thought the Republicans would oppose it like they do everything.It must be a giveaway to big money if the Republicans want it. I hope President Obama has a good game plan like he always does. If not we have been totally betrayed, but it seems so out of character for him.

  3. This is the only in depth breakdown of the TPP
    The TPP Education Project, Preface: Questions of “Fast Track”, “Secret Deal” and NAFTA

    The TPP Education Project, Jobs and Labor: Globalizing the Rights of Working People

    The TPP Education Project, IP: An Intelligent Look at Intellectual Property in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

  4. Protectionism is the progressivism of fools. Gandhi was a great statesman but a horrible economist. Just as the ignorant in the USA argue that American workers who earn $15 per hour should not have to compete with Chinese workers who make $2 per hour, Gandhi thought that Indian workers should not have to compete with American and European workers who have the benefit of modern machines. As a result India adopted protectionism. In 1947 the per capita income of India was similar to countries such a South Korea. By 1977 the per capita income and standard of living in South Korea was ten times that of India. India has since largely abandoned protectionism and has benefited immensely from free trade. Just as David Ricardo proved would be the case when he developed the concept of comparative advantage.

    “..It is not just a coincidence that tax cuts for the rich have preceded both the 1929 and 2007 depressions. ….”

  5. Because ….this is an oligarchy where the corporations and billionaires, who gain the most from TPP, have purchased the government

  6. The free trade that David Ricardo endorsed and the “free trade” in the TPP have little in common. Haven’t you become hip to the fact that politicians like to name bad deals with good deal names? You need to learn more about the TPP than what it is being touted as.

    Sure, it is easy to make a bad thing look like a good thing if you are willing to lie about it. How do you think the millions of home owners were convinced to put their homes at risk and refinance themselves into mortgages some of them didn’t even need?

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