Obama Goes Off On Mitch McConnell By Calling His Senate Leadership Embarrassing

Obama rips Mitch McConnell

President Obama ripped Mitch McConnell without mentioning his name by calling the Senate dysfunctional and calling McConnell’s leadership embarrassing because the Kentucky Republican is refusing to call a vote to confirm Loretta Lynch.

The President mentioned the recent bit of bipartisanship in Congress then went off on Mitch McConnell for holding up a final vote on Loretta Lynch.



President Obama said:

Yet, and what we still have is this crazy situation where a woman who everybody agrees is qualified, who has gone after terrorists, who has worked with police officers to get gangs off the streets, who is trusted by the civil rights community and by police unions as being somebody who’s fair and effective and good manager. Nobody suggests otherwise. Who’s been confirmed twice by the United States for one of the biggest law enforcement jobs in the country, has been now sitting there longer than the previous seven attorney general nominees combined, and there’s no reason for it Nobody can describe a reason for it beyond political gamesmanship in the Senate on an issue that’s completely unrelated to her.

This is the top law enforcement job in the country. It’s my attorney general who has to interact with his Italian counterparts, or her Italian counterparts, in dealing with counterterrorism issues, in dealing with Interpol, in dealing with our national security, in coordinating with our FBI.

What are we doing here? And I have to say there are times where the dysfunction in the Senate just goes too far. This is an example of it. It’s gone too far. Enough. Enough. Call Loretta Lynch for a vote. Get her confirmed. Put her in place. Let her do her job.

This is embarrassing a process like this.

President Obama didn’t mention Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s name. He didn’t have to. McConnell has made it very clear that he is going to continue to block a final vote on confirming Loretta Lynch until Democrats agree to the anti-abortion language that Senate Republicans added to the human trafficking bill. McConnell is refusing to fill the top law enforcement job in the country unless Democrats agree to language that they find objectionable.

McConnell is trying to prove his power by holding Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote hostage.

The president was right. McConnell’s games are embarrassing, but they aren’t embarrassing for Obama. Mitch McConnell is embarrassing himself and his party. What McConnell won’t publicly admit is that his party’s chances of keeping the Senate if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election are slim. Sen. McConnell is desperate to prove that he is capable of pushing through the Republican agenda. His desperation is behind his decision to hold a final vote on the Lynch confirmation.

Obama wasn’t only criticizing Senate Republicans for playing games. The President was taking McConnell to task for his poor leadership. Mitch McConnell can’t govern, so he is pulling a page out of the Boehner playbook and ruling by dysfunction. Democrats aren’t going to cave, so the biggest loser in this whole embarrassing fiasco is destined to be Mitch McConnell.

24 Replies to “Obama Goes Off On Mitch McConnell By Calling His Senate Leadership Embarrassing”

  1. It is also a crying SHAME! And I call it Malpractice by the Senator McConnell. He is hell bent on f*king with Obama at every opportunity he gets. All seems to be done in his hissy fit moods. Doesn’t look good for the Senate, He has lowered the respect for that body by his despicable spiteful, game-playing moves. Which makes NO sense. McConnell seems to be saying: –“See, I can be a beeeatch. I am in charge, you see?” —- Brrrrt {{sticking tongue out at Obama}}} Childish. The History books will NOT be kind to Mitch nor his band of spiteful obstructionists.

  2. Republicons are nothing but a bunch of racist thugs who enjoy taking hostages. The country be damned. They want what they want and they mean to get it by hook or by crook.
    America’s enemy within………

  3. McConnell is a small man. Hate is a destroyer. His soul is being eaten by maggots.

    When he gets to the end of his life and perhaps reflects on what he could have been,could have done, even then he will not be sorry.

  4. Could a case be made to get the Justice Department to investigate, and prosecute the GOP leadership in both houses for criminal negligence?

  5. I don’t know why Kentucky reelected a man whose track record speaks for itself that he is working for the Koch Brothers! McConell don’t about Kentucky he cares to get paid by the Koch’s! nothing more and nothing less! this congress is the worst ever I seen in the earth! we have the worst speaker in the house EVER! and the worst Majority Speaker in Senate history!!!! history books will show how awful how they treat the first Black President with racisim and obsuct under the orders of Gover Norquist!

  6. It’s just pure dereliction of duties. And yes, Mitch should be called out on it everyday! Every time a microphone is thrust in his face, the reporters should ask the question: When are you going to let Loretta Lynch loose from the holding pen to do her Job! What are you WAITING for? Playing games? Huh!!!!!? What’s up with that dude? =:(

  7. Yet they can talk about impeaching the President. Makes no sense, they should all be impeached for being traitors!

  8. What about the thousand upon thousand signatures to WA over the 47 traitors who wrote to Iran? Haven’t heard of any action being taken as yet.

  9. John, your comment made me wonder if there is any chance of The President appointing her as an acting or temporary Attorney General until the matter is addressed as it should be. Just a thought.

  10. The President has given the Senate more than enough time to act – if they intend to – and they don’t! So as our Commander in chief it would stand to reason that rather than let the country remain vulnerable he at least makes a temporary appointment.

  11. 90 Pounds of Cocaine Found on Ship Owned by Mitch McConnell’s Family

    Mitch McConnell’s Freighted Ties to a Shadowy Shipping Company
    After drugs were found aboard the Ping May, a vessel owned by his wife’s family’s company, Colombian authorities are investigating.

  12. Matthew:
    Mark Twain once said:

    “Anger/Hatred does more harm to the vessel in which it’s stored–
    Than to anything on which it is poured”

    Look how the GOP are seriously Destroying Themselves.
    History will show!

  13. Patricia, I wondered the same.

    I am not going to bother to sign these petitions in the future. Nothing is ever done. Nobody on the right ever has to answer for their actions. It is as if they didn’t even do anything wrong.

  14. McConnell and Boehner deserve to be roasted at a repug
    bash to celebrate their “contributions” to America’s re-
    covery from Dubya’s damage. Let’s invite Norquist, Cruz,
    and the Kochs too. Did I forget to mention that this
    roast should be held in a brazen bull? [WINK]

  15. Congressional Republicans have no clear idea what they are FOR, only what they are against — i.e., pretty much anyone who Obama nominates for a cabinet or judicial appointment, any program that the White House promotes, or any piece of legislation that Senate Democrats propose to bring to a vote.

    Senate Republicans are currently preventing a vote on the Lynch appointment for the same puerile reason that they opted to invoke the filibuster as often as they use toilet paper when they were the minority party in the Senate — “it’s within our right to do so”.

  16. Bitch Mc Connell should be impeached for dereliction of what he was sworn to do. How can an obstructionist be considered a leader? He is so up the Koch’s butt that they pull the strings and his voice comes out. What a PUPPET@!!!!!

  17. I wonder (not too seriously, I think): Would it be possible to scare the GOP into moving on this?

    Would the GOP react if Hillary Clinton raised the spectre of Loretta Lynch as a potential VP? Or if President Obama thought out loud about Lynch for the Supreme Court?

    Would the idea(s) if expressed aloud move the GOP to have the vote just to stop anything like that from happening?

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