New Poll Reveals That Nearly Half of America Is Stupid


As comedian George Carlin once said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups” and he was certainly referring to Americans loyal to the Republican movement. It is possible that in many Americans’ cases, stupid is the wrong term and denial a more apt descriptor; although a combination of the two terms is likely apropos when referring to half of America. In fact, it is safe to say that the two terms accurately describe Republican voters as a whole because it takes a particularly stupid person to deny what they know have experienced and seen with their own eyes; something results of a Bloomberg poll released yesterday revealed in grand fashion.

The good news is that 49 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of President Obama’s economic record and it seems to put Republicans in a very unfavorable position. In fact, the poll revealed that overall the President’s approval rating is positive in no small part due to a recovering economy that even Republicans cannot deny or take any credit for after spending six long years doing nothing. Those numbers are bad news for Republicans who continue claiming errantly that the economy is lagging regardless corporate profits are raging, unemployment is falling, GDP is up, the debt is falling, and the stock market continues setting new records. Even for stupid Americans, it is obvious that the economy under President Obama has been steadily improving and shows no signs of slowing any time soon according to economic experts forecasting continued growth with one caveat; the majority of the population is not seeing their personal finances keep pace with the rich and corporations in a growing economy. It was the one part of the poll results that a substantial majority of Americans were in complete agreement about.

What was curious about the poll results, though, was that although 69 percent of Americans say a growing problem is the widening income gap between the very rich and the rest of the population, there was a relatively even split on how best to address the economic discrepancy favoring the one percent; that is where the stupid factor is manifest. Americans who agreed that it is “better for the government to implement policies to shrink the income gap” made up 46 percent of respondents, and 47 percent said it is better “for the government to stand aside and let the market operate freely; even if the income gap gets wider.” Now, it is belligerently stupid for respondents, 69 percent of them, to acknowledge that, on the one hand, there is a growing income gap between the richest one percent and the rest of the population that has to be confronted and solved, and yet 47 percent believe the best way to address the problem is for government to ‘stand aside‘ and let the market take care of the problem; “even if it makes the gap wider.” Maybe the 47 percent agreeing with that statement failed to read the last phrase.

Obviously the stupid 47 percent who want to solve the income gap issue by, as Republicans preach, “getting government out of the way” have spent an inordinate amount of time getting their economic policy solutions from Republicans and Fox News. They also apparently have a serious issue with reality because study after report after study after life experience has revealed that nationally and particularly in states where Republicans have “got government out of the way,” economic growth is non-existent, job creation is lagging, people are getting poorer while the rich get richer, and deficits are exploding. Only a stupid person would think, even for a second, that adhering to Reagan-Republican policies founded on getting government out of the way that are proven to kill jobs, increase debt and deficits, and make the income gap wider is a valid solution for reducing the income gap that is destroying the middle class and sending more Americans into poverty.

Before the Koch brothers bought control of Congress, Republicans in the House spent the major portion of their time passing legislation to ‘get government out of the way’ for the rich and corporations to get richer; since Republicans have had control of both chambers it has only gotten worse. For example, Republicans attempted to get government out of the way by eliminating overtime pay, blocked Democrats attempt to pass an equal pay for equal work law, obstructed every attempt by President Obama to create jobs, and slashed federal spending that killed jobs. Republicans have also spent the last few months getting government out of the way of the rich getting richer by attempting to pass legislation giving the rich greater tax breaks as part of their failed trickle down scam; a scam that is a historical failure at growing the economy, creating jobs, or reducing the income gap. Either 47 percent of the respondents are too stupid to understand that the Republican anti-government approach to the economy has failed every economic test over the past thirty years, or they know it increases the income gap and foolishly think that if the richest one percent gets richer, their own financial situation will improve. If left on its own, the market will always favor the rich and it is a mystery why more Americans cannot comprehend that simple fact; or that it is the government that prevents the market from sending more Americans into poverty.

What is really curious is that everything President Obama has proposed, or presided over, is responsible for an improving economic picture and ways the government can reduce the income gap a substantial majority of Americans acknowledge is a serious issue that needs addressing. Obviously everything Republicans have proposed under the heading of getting government out of the way such as eliminating overtime pay, keeping the minimum wage at poverty level or abolishing it altogether, and giving more money to the rich is contrary to decreasing income disparity. The good news is that nearly half the population comprehends that only government can address income inequality and in that respect President Obama is, and has been recognized as, a champion for the 99 percent. He has made it easier for workers to organize, badgered Republicans relentlessly to raise the minimum wage, created millions of jobs, reduced the cost of healthcare, and created initiatives to increase funding and jobs in the burgeoning green and renewable energy industry. Conversely, he has held the line against Republican attempts to increase the income gap with more tax cuts for the rich by wielding his veto threat with increasing regularity.

The only reason there is a destructive income gap in America is because for the past thirty years Republicans have been on a crusade to get government out of the way and it has created an environment that is conducive to corporate profits and increased wealth for the richest one percent at the expense of the rest of the population. One has to hand it to Republicans for convincing nearly half of the Bloomberg poll’s respondents that going forward with an economic agenda that enriches the already wealthy at the expense of the rest of the population by eliminating government is the solution to the widening income gap. Republicans understand that at least half of America is stupid and will continue falling for the same failed approach to the economy regardless the disastrous economic consequences, and there is little doubt they will work tirelessly to convince the rest of the population that eliminating government will make them filthy rich. The good news is that half of the population understands that without government protections, the market would crush the economic life out of them. It is a message that President Obama has preached for six years and if Republicans had not been obstructionists, the economy would be doing better than it is and the income gap would be declining, not growing.

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  1. Here in North Carolina its more like 75% stupid. I’ve never seen anything like it. Senior citizens vote to cut their own throats.

  2. i live and work in lost angeles. i often work in NC, since they are a non union state, and much film/tv work goes to wilmington where they built a huge studio complex with tax payer backing, and tax give backs to the rich who get huge tax breaks for funding films. you cant believe the shit i hear from these hicks who couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag. i don’t worry about isis, the real enemy of the usa, is the gop/tp, and the south. if anyone doesn’t think we are in a ‘cold’ civil war, they are deluded…


    stop the TPP!

  3. I would say it’s less about being stupid and more about being two words: Social Creatures.

    We have lost the inclination to think for ourselves, because too many of us have seen in our everyday lives thinking for ourselves means becoming a social outcast. Agreeing with the group leader and sharing their values have become necessary conditions of getting along with them. A lot of us even think empathy means agreement, and listening means compliance. Hell… increasingly we can’t even get a job without fitting into our company culture and share the boss’ values!

    And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve had about 20 years of medical media saying that social isolation will literally kill us, that loneliness is as bad for our health as smoking.

    To resist having literally our health and our livelihoods dangled over our heads, it’s going to take a special kind of courage to resist.

  4. It’s just easier for people to be stupid. No reading, no research. Take those smart phones and use google! It can be your friend…

  5. Romney was right about the 47%, but he was describing the wrong group…if he had an honest bone in his body, he would have insulted the base of his own party.

    Heck, if he were honest, he would have endorsed Obamacare, modeled after his own Romneycare.

  6. There are different categories of people:

    1. Narrow-minded and stupid
    2. Old and scared “of impending doom”by Fox news
    3. Working poor, beaten by the daily grind
    4. Not stupid, but apathetic & self absorbed.

    The GOP leadership know it and herd them all like a tribe of gerbils, down to their side, to do their dirty work for free.

  7. It’s difficult to deprogram these GOP folks who watch Fox and all the other right-wing propaganda mills. Like the old saying goes; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, the problem with the Republican base is that you can’t even lead them to the water. If folks on the right won’t dare to even look at something that might contain information contrary to their preconceived notions, how can you ever get them to “drink”.

    Going through life with blinders on is the Republican way, but we all have to suffer for their ignorance.

  8. We decided an educated citizenry was too expensive. Especially education for Blacks, Natives and the poor.

    Right in the foot, folks. And it may be fatal.

    Knowledge is what makes a people unfit for slavery. We have denied knowledge to most of our citizens. Now we pay the price Sparta paid.

  9. Recently I saw a PBS report on filmakers.

    Q: why they did not film in certain states?
    R: That is easy, state B does not wants us there, as they do not give us any incentives, while in state A, gives us a check for $250,000.00 for every 1 million in our budget (we do not even have to spend it there!)

    Robbers of our funds!
    and all perfectly legal…the administrators of our funds take it from the schools and state budget to give as an incentive, to “trickle down”

  10. “49 percent of Americans approve of the job Barack Obama is doing with the economy, compared to 46 percent who disapprove.”

    46% DISAPPROVE!!! THAT pretty much sums up the stupid half.

  11. The Dems must do a much better job explaining the following untruths:
    1) Big gov’t. is communism
    2) The Gov’t. is coming for your guns
    3) Christianity is being attacked
    4) Most people on welfare are lazy bums
    5) We need to spend more on the military
    6) Health care is not a right
    7) Climate change is a hoax

  12. Racist Idiot Loses His Business Because He’s a Racist Idiot Jim Boggess is a motherfucking idiot. About as stupid as a shithead can be. Boggess owns – no, wait…owned a deli in Flemington, New Jersey. He obviously gets his political views shoved down his throat and up his ass in a Chinese fingercuffs fucking by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, with internet rage mavens jacking off on him as he is thrusted back and forth between talk radio and Fox “news.” So he decided, as any good business owner would, to put his opinions on race right on the front of his place, Jimbo’s Deli on Main Street. – See more at:

  13. This whole notion of a free market (no government interference) goes out the window just as soon as a business needs a bailout.

  14. This must be the 47% Romney spoke of. My mother always said that ‘people are basically idiots;’ how right she was.

  15. So….. half the country is stupid because they don’t agree with you. Stupid because they have a different opinion.
    Immoral for standing up for our morals.
    Racist because we want the justice system to work rather than mob justice.
    Backwards, retarded, uneducated, warmongers. Traitors because we support our allies.
    If yall represent the dems, you are some of the most self centered, egotistical hate filled, judgmental bunch I have ever seen in my life.
    This article has succeeded in taking a person who is on the fence about politics and pushed him right over back to the right.
    If this childish name calling is what you represent you defiantly do not represent me. To my best recollection I have never called anyone here names or used profanity towards you. Even though it has been directed at me.
    I wish every one here the best. I hope you all have wonderful lives and that your families prosper.
    All the best, your republican friend

  16. I’m a product of ’59-’67 governor Pat Brown’s WELL funded CA education system before ’67-’75 governor Reagan’s tax cuts took effect in the late 70’s.
    The tea bag/repubs are scared of educated people and are dismantling our education system. The red states are already cutting education $$$ and soon they will just churn out stupid children.
    Many countries have already bypassed us and they will be the leaders of the world.
    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

    The Republican Strategy of Stupidity

    How Stupid Happens
    “Over Half of ALL Statements Made On Fox News Are False,” “Fox News wins battle for most-false cable network.”!

  17. Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid
    “Attitudes at the University of Maryland, conducted a survey of American voters that shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What’s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation.”

    Tea bag/repubs have lower IQ’s

    Reagan advisor on Tea Party Republicans ‘they are really rather stupid and not very well read’

  18. Why are all the red states cutting education funding?

    Why do tea bag/repubs have a xenophobic attitude?

    Why were the tea bags chanting “no to government healthcare but don’t touch my medicare”?
    When medicare IS government healthcare!

    Why are all the GOPee candidates want to cut education funding even further?

    Do you realize an uneducated populace is much easire to manipulate and deceive?

    There have been studies:
    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education
    Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

  19. Why don’t tea bag/repubs believe in science?

    Anyone who keep voting to give the wealthy more breaks, and keep the poor as an underclass, is just plain stupid…they are voting to turn this country into a 3rd world country, quickly…

    Bigotry is also linked to stupidity.

    I’ve had plenty of profanity thrown at me, so don’t go there.

  20. You are full of shit, What morals do you have? Enriching the rich and screw everyone else?
    Justice ? Hell you have an orgasm when white police officer guns down another negro.
    Fuk your fee fees are hurt ? Talk about white supremacy. If the shoe fits where it.

  21. EJ:
    Sounds like you are looking for some answers and for a place to belong.

    This place has more questions that you may not want to hear right now.

    Everyone of us must come to our own answers, as what may answer my question, may only cause more difficulties to you given your situation.

    It used to be that people from different parties were able to communicate and compromise (LBJ years). Then came the:”NO COMPROMISE” sign commitment rule from the GOP (what was his name?) else they would not get any $$$ from the National Committee…

    But, we must find a way to better
    communicate and solve the issues of the nation. We all need to be informed and come to our own answers and not just follow the crowd of Zombies….

  22. EJ, if you really want to understand – NOT just have your preconceived notions validated – you MUST watch something besides Fox! They are nothing but Republican shills.

    You have to give the “other side” a fair chance. Also, it’s fine to stand up for your beliefs, BUT everyone does not share your beliefs. You cannot FORCE your beliefs on those who do not share them. That’s “religious freedom,” and it does not apply only to Christians. Really.

  23. The problem Gary is explanations of these untruths involve more than one sentence explanations, or at least something longer than the sound bites Fox viewers are used to forming their opinions from.
    Quite often in trying to explain something to a conservative one must counter multiple fallacies, each one warranting its own explanation. They’re simply not used to having to think about more than one thing in an abstract way at a time.

  24. I disagree with the premise that half the population is stupid based on this survey. The ones surveyed that do appear to be stupid are the ones that know income inequity is rising, along with all the ills that brings, and feel that the free market is the solution to the problem even if that solution makes the problem worse.
    I do however feel that a lot, and I do mean a lot of Americans are stupid based on recent polls dealing with things like climate change, evolution, the age of the earth and vaccinations. Compared to a lot of other countries our performance metrics also show our students rating poorly in mathematics and the sciences.
    Like it or not, we are a dumbed down society whether we admit it to anyone, even ourselves.

  25. Okay dimwit, we get it. You’re a Republican and where you displayed your rank stupidity is after reading the above screed about how stinking stupid people are for supporting a policy that perpetuates income inequality, you came up with:
    Immoral for standing up for our morals.
    Racist because we want the justice system to work rather than mob justice.
    Backwards, retarded, uneducated, warmongers.
    Traitors because we support our allies.

    Nowhere in that article is there any reference to morality, racism, mob justice, retardation, warmongers, traitors, or allies.

    Now, there are only four possible reasons you would think to mention even one of those things.
    1) You are stupid and lack reading comprehension skill.
    2) You did not, or could not, read one word of the post.
    3) You had to relieve the overwhelming guilt of being a racist, warmonger, retarded, and immoral douchebag and a Republican.
    4) All of the above.

  26. Thanks for putting up that link DJ. Really, I love laughing at stupid when I’m not face-palming myself into a concussed stupor, and RP made it REALLY easy to laugh at ole’ JimBo.

  27. Plenty of stupid people here in Arizona, too. The problem is they’re breeding like rabbits all over the country, thanks to the right wing media whores and their corporate masters, like the Koch brothers.

  28. Boy, you just don’t see Cognitive Dissonance – maybe just abject stupidity – demonstrated like this every day:


    “… you are some of the most self centered [sic], egotistical hate filled [sic], judgmental bunch I have ever seen in my life.

    “To my best recollection I have never called anyone here names or used profanity towards you.”

    Ahhhh, that simply makes NO sense at all.

    You must be the Valedictorian of the Palin School of Thought and Public Speaking

  29. George Carlin was my favorite comedian of all time, he summed up the GOP and their followers so simply! they’re either RACIST, BIGOTS, WILFULLY IGNORANT or out and out STUPID. A large part of the stupidity comes from their information source, FUX NEWS within the last 15 yrs has taken your typical republican half-wit and dragged them down so low that trying to have a rational conservation is IMPOSSIBLE. But what drives me crazy is that they’ll insult you, call you a NIGGER in a heartbeat, but then you’ll swear, I’m NOT a racist! lol PROOF? checkout ”YOU TUBE” (MIC DROP)

  30. This is for @ejbuckey, your post was very revealing! as delusional, as nonsensical as it was, you’re actually one of the brighter GOP TROLLS that haunt this site, I’m a huge jazz fan and theres a jazz piece that came out during the early 1970’s called ”Universal Prisoner” by Eddie Harris and Les McCann, the lyrics are, The Universal Prisoner, he can’t fly, he can’t grow, and worst of all, he doesn’t know.

  31. Great article, Rmuse. How any sane American could watch the sickening behavior of republicans since their
    win in 2000 and STILL remain in locked step with such a
    group of morally deprived idiots is beyond rational
    comprehension. Our nation suffers in many different
    ways today because of perpetual bagger neocon ignorance! They must be so proud.

  32. I agree Democrats need to do a better job getting accurate information to voters across the country.

    There is one other thing I would add that Democrats need to do and that is STOP trying to start a conversation after calling them stupid, selfish, racists, etc. When most people are initially confronted with disdain and insults that is both the beginning and the end of the conversation. Of course intelligent democrats don’t need to be told that.

  33. Actually, it is certain leaders we call stupid, selfish, and racist. We aren’t insulting them. We’re describing them.

  34. To your own detriment, Xaurreaux.

    Pretty sure every country has their own unique set of misinformed voters. Including yours.

  35. Dear Politicus;
    Please note the republican LOGO you are using is out of date. The official republican LOGO has the stars upside down. Let us honor this significant change and respect it.

  36. Agree with most of what you say. with one added thought.
    For over 50 years, the American working class has been told over and over again, (THEY) were the middle class. Those of us who made 45=50 thous. or less a year. When in actuality, we are the lower middle, with the higher being in the 100 thous.( and little more )these are actually the middle class.
    We have been fed a classic lie, made to believe, what the thugs want.
    This process keeps people uneducated, content,patient and satisfied. A ready and willing populace to use when ever they wish.

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