Clueless Republicans Turn To Job Killer Carly Fiorina As Their Answer To Hillary Clinton



Carly Fiorina, slated to be the Republican party’s 2016’s “pit bull” and “mama grizzly” presidential candidate who can attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with impunity because she also has ovaries, set the stage for making it all about her girlness by using Alicia Keys’ “This Girl is On Fire” as she exited the stage Saturday.


Fiorina was speaking at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire. She hasn’t yet officially entered the Republican primary race. In an interview, she told the interviewer that she was “not from the political class” but she does understand how the economy works. She also touted her understanding of “executive decision making” which is “making tough calls” during tough times with high stakes.

“Not being of the political class” is a pretty obvious attempt to try to diminish Hillary Clinton’s vast experience in international diplomacy as well as being a part of two administrations during which we actually added record making jobs. Fiorina is an infamous job-killer, so this is a topic she needs to gloss over quickly.

Republicans keep citing “business” experience as a qualification for being president, but if we look around at Republican governors implementing “business” expertise, it’s not looking so applicable to the economy– especially when Republicans are forced by the big money controlling the party to tout policies that don’t add up, and would thus be unlikely to be utilized by a successful business.

Fiorina tried to pull a Palin by condescendingly saying that she knew more world leaders than anyone on the presidential stage with the exception of Hillary Clinton, “But I didn’t do photo ops with them, I actually did something with them.”

This attempt at nasty fell flat. Maybe it was the lack of an audience, but she doesn’t have Palin’s presence or stunningly gluttonous appetite for cruelty. Fiorina is not a Mama Grizzly and the base requires blood lust to get fired up. She will be a boring poster “girl” for anti-feminism, but Republicans have to take what they can get these days.

There is no word yet on whether 2008 and 2012 President Obama supporter Alicia Keys gave the okay for her song to be used by the Republican, but Republicans have made a habit of abusing artists by co-opting their populist messages as cover for a distinctly pro-1% policy party.

And that is the point here. Because Republicans believe that they need to find someone of “color” to attack someone else of “color” in order to avoid being called “racists”. They use women the same way. For Republicans, it is always made personal in order to avoid discussing policy.

So Carly Fiorina is the “girl” on board, who will be used to lob sexist attacks at Hilary Clinton, demonstrating yet again that Republicans don’t understand what sexism is. Fiorina is going to be the “Republican feminist”. You know, the feminist who doesn’t believe in policies that support the feminist agenda. Yeah, that feminist.

All of this will greatly annoy voters who want to discuss things like why women don’t have equal pay yet, but when they ask that question they will be painted as tiresome and angry women who can’t get along with men and aren’t successful. Look, Carly did it, so stop being a loser, ladies! You shouldn’t ask the government to save you! (Republicans – and some Democrats – are too busy using government to save Big Oil to help actual voters.) Rinse, repeat.

Republicans need to come up with new game because this game is beyond rancid. Hillary Clinton is going populist gangbusters, hiring former Wall Street cop Gary Gensler as her CFO. Clinton is going to discuss policies for the middle and working classes. And they will listen to her because she has consistently polled as a most liked political figure.

All of the Carly Fiorina attacks in the world can’t stop Hillary Clinton from explaining that when women are paid equally, it will help middle and working class families. As to the tired Republican talking point that there is no need to regulate equal pay, if that were the case, it would no longer be a problem. But like trickle down, women are still waiting for the promised rain.

If there is a “girl” on fire in this picture, it is not Carly Fiorina.

30 Replies to “Clueless Republicans Turn To Job Killer Carly Fiorina As Their Answer To Hillary Clinton”

  1. Fiorina who single-handedly drove HP into the ground by outsourcing everything and was FIRED by the board of directors.

    She was a CLUELESS DUMBBELL during the CA gubernatorial debates!

    Hillary will eat you alive!

  2. worse than outsourcing… she spun off the core business that Hewlett and Packard started… the electronic instrumentation business…

    then she turned it into a commodity company by making computers and printers the new ‘core’… commodities typically have low margin and the need to move product in high volume.. great move just as the home computer market was reaching saturation…

    but you know… Republican woman and Republican business savvy…

    from My Cousin Vinny

    ~~ The witness, asked how he analyzed the evidence, answered “I have a dual-column gas chromatograph, Hewlett-Packard model 5710a with flame analyzing detectors.” The D.A. quipped, “Does that thing come turbo-charged?” and the witness answered, “Only on the floor models.” ~~

    HP spun off the instrumentation into Agilent shortly after…

  3. Carly comes off as a snarly mean girl. She hurt the hewlett packard company and took a boatload payout to leave. I have no respect for her.

  4. bebe, what did an orange furred alien puppet do to you to deserve such an insult?

    I say Fiorina is a female version of Golom.

  5. The song made sense… in the context that she was literally on fire after she left the stage because she pretty much crashed and burned.

  6. Carly was also the GOP’s answer to Barbara Boxer.
    Gotta love Republican strategists and their “Einsteinian insanity” logic.

  7. Fiorina can have her “this girl is on fire” theme because Hillary’s is going to be “oh oh here she comes – watch out boys she’ll chew you up” – I just can’t wait for the debates to start.

  8. My apologies, I’m an Alf fan, she just looks like him. Alf is more qualified than her. The only good thing about Fiorina is that she must make Palin’s blood boil as gotp replacement token female.

  9. And degraded the quality of their printers horribly! She is, in the words of Capt. Kirk in San Francisco, “a double dummy dumb ass!”

  10. During the 2008 she was on some news program and she said neither McCain Nor Palin had the business expertise that she did and both Mc Cain and Palin weren’t as competent as she .Almost immediately she was removed from the campaign. I think she’s Insane. Doesn’t she realize she nearly destroyed a prosperous Company?? Just what does she think she can offer???It boggles the mind.

  11. She’s bitter because she doesn’t have a clue about anything.
    California rejected her twice, once for senator, Boxer beat the shit out of her and for governor which was laughable for her to even think of it.

  12. she’s totally clueless about her failures.

    Both the LA Times and the SF Chron trashed her when she was “vying” for governor.

    And Bebe is correct, she’s sucking that KOCH

  13. Born Stupid or did she have to Work At It?

    Oh wait. What Republican has ever had to do an honest day’s work?

  14. I don’t see anything wrong with Fiorina being on fire. I’m sure a lot of ex-HP employees agree with me, too.

  15. Andy, her failed 2010 campaign was not to be Governor but to replace Barbara Boxer as US Senator from California. Although the all-knowing “pundits” predicted Carly’s victory, Senator Boxer won by double digits.

    If you are still in CA, please tell her to reconsider her planned retirement from the Senate in 2016. She is a great Senator. That is, unless she’s thinking of becoming Hillary’s VP.

  16. Fiorina spoke at the 2008 RNC Convention for McCain. I don’t remember many of the others that spoke, but something about her has stuck with me — not for the good.

    Left teleprompter – turn left — Right one — turn right!! Can’t even pretend she’s looking at the audience.

    To hear the ditz talk about job creation? That was a WTH?? Her talking creating jobs — ol’ fired HP destroyer of jobs & the corporation itself.

    Also noted that the election was 2008 yet she said that “in 2013 American families will be able to keep more of their hard earned money” — Really? In 2013? That would be after a RE-ELECTION of the ‘I know John McCain — the Maverick’.

    “I know John McCain” over and over — Just like in 2008 McCain ‘knows’ Palin!!

    Every once in a while after spewing paragraphs of crap & lies like he supports troops (yet votes against all bills supporting them), she flashes a smile.

    She’s stunned — stupid — deadwood.

  17. Yep, she DESTROYED HP … but on the bright side, it gave a campaign slogan:

    ~ “I may be incompetent – but I’m not CRAZY like THOSE guys!” ~

  18. So she got a golden parachute of $21 million, and could not find a plastic surgeon who could make her look more human than THAT? Woman could scare small children with that elongated face, if that IS her face?

  19. Fiorina is as good as anyone else. Heck, my 9 year old niece would be better than Hillary.


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