Rand Paul Is Trying To Fool The Left Into Thinking That He Is Their Friend


There is an archaic idiom of biblical origin from Jesus Christ’s famous Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 7:15 warning the people to “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Today the saying, “beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” is apropos of many Republicans posing as decent human beings pretending to care about the American people. During biblical times, wolves were regarded as greedy and malevolent predators that were a threat to the innocent, and a great number of Americans are gravitating toward a greedy malevolent politician for a variety of reasons and curiously, many are so-called progressives, liberals, and young people wary of supporting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid.


What is sickening is that the above stated group looking for a new champion in Kentucky libertarian Rand Paul are allegedly Americans with a semblance of intelligence and possess the ability to read, research, and comprehend that there is no such thing as a beneficent libertarian. In fact, the same people that apparently hate the libertarian Koch brothers are looking on Rand Paul as a decent human being; a monumental error one expects moronic Republicans to make, but not anyone on the left.

Americans should make no mistake that Rand Paul is any different whatsoever than the most vile Koch Republican or evangelical teabagger; except for his ability to convince idiots that he cares about any American other than the very rich, the very war-happy, and the very religious. In fact, if anyone took the time to give even a cursory look at Rand Paul’s past statements and current positions, they would discover that he hates all Americans nearly as much as he hates the government he seeks to lead; one he wants to take apart on the same level as his libertarian cohorts the Koch brothers.


If there is any American who doubts that Rand Paul is not the one percent’s best hope for president, they are unaware he would give the wealthy an even bigger tax cut than Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan by completely eliminating all taxes on capital gains, dividends, and other investment income. Not only does eliminating those taxes not help the economy on any level, studies show that the single biggest driver of income inequality destroying the middle class is low tax rates on investment-type income; eliminating them will finish off the middle class and send them straight to the poverty ranks to starve. No matter who proposes eliminating all investment income taxes pays for them by eliminating all domestic spending. To further hand the rich more of the nation’s wealth, Paul advocates a flat tax that cuts the highest tax rate by two-thirds and raises taxes on the poor and middle class substantially to ‘flatten out the tax burden’ and pay for the 22 percent tax cut for the richest Americans.

Libertarians believe that education is reserved for those who can afford it and subsequently like the Koch brothers, Rand Paul wants to abolish the Education Department and bring all funding for public schools to a virtual halt and leave it up to the states. He believes that states are better equipped to take care of education leaving Republican-controlled states with the freedom to impose religious education without federal government interfering on the ‘liberty’ of theocrats to “practice” religion freely.

Along with eliminating the Department of Education, and the funding that it allots to states, Paul proposes some of the Koch brothers’ favorite ideas for eliminating government interference into their ability to make unrestricted profits. Departments and agencies such as Commerce, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development, and the EPA would be the first abolished according to Rand Paul’s libertarian sensibilities, and give predatory corporations free rein to conduct business with “absolute liberty” and unrestrained from government oversight or regulations. It is what the ‘liberty’ in libertarian is all about.


Although not entirely abolishing Social Security and Medicare like the Koch brothers propose, Rand Paul proposes raising the Social Security eligibility age and privatizes both programs. An idea that not only enriches Wall Street, it wipes out workers’ savings during economic downturns while Wall Street continues drawing administrative fees. Paul’s Medicare privatization scam is more extreme that Paul Ryan’s and would radically drive up senior citizens’ healthcare costs even more than Ryan’s because the Medicare coupon is worth even less than Ryan’s plan.  Paul’s budget would raise the Social Security eligibility age and gives workers the option of opening private retirement accounts; an idea that would demolish workers’ savings during economic downturns.

One of the subjects that apparently appeals to some progressives, liberals, and young people is Rand Paul’s alleged libertarian stance favoring privacy rights and absolutely no government interference in Americans’ personal lives. It is another crock of libertarian bovine excrement. Paul adamantly opposes a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive health as much as he wants government to prevent Americans from marrying the person they love. The theocratic policies Paul supports is the definition of government intrusion and contrary to “individual liberty” he claims informs his libertarianism. To make matters worse, he is supporting government intrusion according to theocratic edict. He also claims he opposes the federal government’s surveillance practices put in place by Bush-Republicans’ Patriot Act, and yet he voted against reforming the NSA when he had the opportunity.

Maybe more curious than anything about why some on the left are supportive of Rand Paul is his opposition to equal rights for all Americans; especially gays and people of color. He is notorious for opposing the Civil Rights Act as a libertarian, particularly the provision that all Americans are treated equally under the law. Paul’s excuse for opposing civil rights is that true liberty is leaving the decision up to the states; particularly former Confederate and highly-religious states that want to restrict other Americans’ right to vote, marry the person they love, and for women to choose when they give birth. Although Paul opposes women’s liberty to choose when they give birth, he does support a man’s liberty to commit violence against women and it is likely why he voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

There is nothing whatsoever about Rand Paul’s positions or proposed agendas that should remotely appeal to any American that is not a rabid Koch Republican and evangelical teabagger. He supports more war, government intrusion for the sake of imposing religion, and yet opposes taxation on the rich, regulations that protect the people, and all government services the taxpayers’ dollars fund. Americans are predominately stupid people whether it is because they are willfully ignorant, illiterate, or under the influence of conservative media, but can almost understand why those morons would give Rand Paul more than a passing glance. However, it is a complete and enduring mystery why so-called informed Americans on the left would ever entertain the idea of supporting a greedy malevolent religious predator and racist like Rand Paul even if they are unsure about Hillary Clinton. Maybe assuming everyone on the left is semi-intelligent is a monumental error, and after considering that the Ham-Wald emoprogs love them some libertarian Rand Paul, that is certainly the case.

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  1. Senator Rand Paul says he knows a ‘secret’ that will doom Hillary, but he’s not telling

    “I think there is big news coming on the Clinton Foundation,” said Paul. “I think there are things that went on at the Clinton Foundation that are going to shock people. I think they’re going to make people question whether she ought to run for president.”
    “Can you tell us what you’re talking about?” asked Cameron.

    “Then it wouldn’t be a secret, Carl!” said Paul. “It’s coming soon.”

  2. All anyone has to do is simple check out what Paul’s real stand is on any issue via the net. Be prepared though for Paul flip/flops on things all the time. The point is he will say anything he thinks he needs to to win.

  3. my favorite line from Rand is when the Supreme Court upheld the ACA…

    five men in black robes agreeing doesn’t make the act Constitutional..

    ummm… yeah… it does actually…

    know much about the Constitution or are you just board certified by a board you created to get certified?

  4. You’re no friend of mine, Rand.

    You and your ilk have no idea what it’s like to be poor and fighting for your very existence day in and day out. Having to make ends meet while making sure that you have food in your stomach, clothes on your back and a roof over your head is something me and my fellow lower and middle class Americans have to do every freaking day.

    So, no way. You, Rand, are the sheep in wolf’s clothing that the article warned about.

  5. Be honest. Rand voted against the NSA “reform bill” because the bill reauthorized major portions of the horrendous Patriot Act. Rand clearly said from day-one if the Patriot Act renewal provisions were taken out, he would vote “yes” on the NSA bill. He is not going to give with one hand and take away with the other as regards our civil liberties.

  6. Rand Paul is afraid of Hillary Clinton. The best he can come up with is old tired attacks to deflect from his own non-record. I live in Kentucky, and I would like someone to tell me just one thing that he has done to help anyone IN our state. One accomplishment. There are none! He’s been running for president since he got to the senate. This country will be in for a world
    of hurtin if this assclown ever gets near the presidency.

  7. I am as enamored of Rand Paul being ‘my friend’ as much as I’m enamored of Charles Manson being my friend.

    With Manson I’d know where I stood with him.

  8. Yep, he is totally clueless just like the rest of the “contenders” in the GOPT camp.

    Totally out of touch with the way a lot of us live.

    Of course, he would blame the poor for being poor. They don’t get it, because they don’t want to.

    This running for president is all a big game for them, nothing more.

  9. Rand Paul, a friend of the left?

    Now that is funny.

    He’s no friend of the left. Please. He’s a Republican cut in the same mold as any other Republican. He spews this stuff hoping people will buy his “libertarian” label.

    Well, here’s the real label of Rand Paul: “Liberty for me, but none for thee.”

  10. Sorry charlie. No it doesn’t. You don’t seem to understand government well. The job of the Supreme court has never been to rule anything Constitutional. That is strictly forbidden in our Republic. The job of the Supreme Court is to decide if something is UN Constitutional on the basis it is challenged-when it is challenged. There are many aspects of the ACA-not just one, and one of them could fail constitutionality even if others succeed. Also the Supreme Court has, on many occasions, overturned its own decisions due to its changing political makeup. So for what you to say to be true, you would have to argue that it is possible for law to be both constitutional and unconstitutional at the same time.

  11. What many seem to overlook is the fact that Rand Paul has never claimed to be liberal, progressive, Democrat leaning, centrist, or any other label that would suggest that he is a “friend” of the Left. He has also explicitly denied being a libertarian. And if you were still confused, his tribute to the Koch Brothers, published in Time magazine recently–for all the world to see–should have been proof that he’s not hiding the ball from anyone.

    What Paul has done, however, is articulated certain policy positions that many in any of the aforementioned camps not only support, but have not heard articulated by anyone on either side of the aisle. That’s it. His positions are what they are, and every voter can weigh all of them and decide whether, on the whole, they find him preferable to the alternatives. If you don’t set up the strawman argument that Paul is “trying” to be x, y, or z, you find you have little to knock down. You simply take it or leave it.

  12. Further, it would be a mistake to assume that even most voters care about ideological purity, conforming themselves to a liberal or conservative ideal. And many voters have their own hierarchy of priorities (for instance, Democrats who do support abortion limits). I find that those most adamantly opposed to Paul on both within the establishment Right and the progressive Left can only be satisfied with leaders who will toe the line of their particular orthodoxy, even when that orthodoxy doesn’t really reflect the sentiment of the populace. Besides, ideologues make terrible politicians, and we have had too much of that on the right and left in Congress.

  13. Rand Paul said on national TV – Rachel Maddow’s show – that he is against the part of the Civil Rights Act that states private businesses are not allowed to discriminate against black people.

    Rand is a bigot just like his father. Anyone who votes for him is condoning that bigotry.

  14. Yeah, the flip flops are for sale on his website for 20 bucks. How ironic. They say ” I stand with Rand”. Too funny. He doesnt even get the joke.

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