New Hampshire Dud: Scott Walker Speech Bumped To A Smaller Room Due To A Wedding


In less than a month, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) has gone from the hot Republican presidential candidate to seeing a wedding bump his New Hampshire speech to a smaller room.

Reid Epstein of The Wall Street Journal tweeted:

The candidate that is taking Walker’s place among Republicans is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

The Boston Globe reported that Rubio was given a prime speaking slot at the First-In-The Nation Republican Leadership Summit, “Rubio, given a prime dinner speaking slot, stressed his family’s humble roots as Cuban immigrants, who were “never rich and they were never famous,” but, a few decades removed from poverty, they owned a home and retired.” Rubio has also raised $40 million in the days after he officially launched his campaign.

New Hampshire Republicans are giving Rubio the plum speaking slots while moving Walker to a smaller room. It is easy to see what is happening. The bloom has fallen off of the Scott Walker rose. The Republican Party is moving on to their new golden boy.

Walker will still be a force in Iowa. He may even be favored depending on how Mike Huckabee fares. Even though recent a recent poll showed Walker leading in New Hampshire, it’s clear that the party establishment is pushing other candidates.

The Granite State is currently being flooded with Republican presidential candidates. All told, at least 21 potential GOP candidates are in the state this weekend. When a candidate has their speech bumped for a wedding, it’s a sign that his campaign is being minimized. After several high-profile gaffes, Walker has been hiding from the media, and it looks like the New Hampshire Republican Party is sending the message that a new flavor of the week has replaced Scott Walker.

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  1. probably a stall in the men’s room is big enough…

    no need to use the lady’s room because… you know… no need to talk to them and have them worry their pretty little heads… because no war on women…

  2. “probably a stall in the men’s room is big enough…”

    He can give his speech and find a date all at the same time.

  3. Can you imagine a self aggrandizing high school graduate with the hubris to think he could lead this county dismantling his state so as to puff himself up. If there are any Walker lovers reading this, beware that he has plans to do to America what he did to Wisconsin. For those of you who still think “He took on the unions” let me clarify that Act 10 was legislative language written by the American Legislative Exchange Counseling and passed at midnight by a Republican controlled legislation. He sneaked in and out of the Wisconsin capital under armed guard and cannot bring himself to make public appearances that are not very securely controlled. His book “Unintimidated” is more hubris. If you are determined to be an (R), OK but you had better think long and hard about this man as our Patrol Leader. Oh, I’m sorry, as our Commander and Chief.

  4. Free Clue for Scott Walker: Next time, have the Koch Brothers BUY the Entire Hotel for you. Seriously. That’s the ONLY way that you will EVER speak in the Big Room.

  5. “Can you imagine a self aggrandizing high school graduate with the hubris to think he could lead this county dismantling his state so as to puff himself up.”

    David you’re right, but since Kochs bought him the Wisconsin election x2 or maybe 3, he thinks he is a shoe-in with Koch bucks behind him for POTUS…

    Hubris..yes…perfect description.

  6. I want to sign a petition barring him from spending any more of my tax dollars on this idiotic quest for fame and power. Hey dufus, it’s easy to be “unintimidated” when you never have to face the citizens you screwed over! No wonder they call you a weasel and a coward!

  7. Let me guess- the wedding party rented the room months ahead of time.

    Yeah, so Rubio got some favors from a group in New Hampshire- big deal. There are lots of factions in the Republican party and Walker has more than enough support.

    Once Bush is knocked out (about August at the latest), Rubio will flounder and Walker will walk away with it

  8. They weren’t ‘bumped’ from the room. The wedding couple had booked the room months in advance. A Walker spokesperson told
    IJReview that they never had a problem giving the speech in the odd location and that the governor was happy to give the young couple a political wedding memory. “They were big fans of Scott Walker when they got here,” says one Walker spokesperson, “They were really thrilled to meet him.”

  9. Walker will walk away with your modest intellect. You either don’t know the man or you are as ignorant as your post.

  10. The Beloit Daily News, Wi. is normally an avid cheerleader for any republican. Just this week, they had an editorial about Walker’s globetrotting at taxpayer expense. They mentioned that he is interviewing for his next job while being supported by the citizens of Wis. He toured Europe, then Israel. He needs to do the job the Koch brothers bought for him, before trying to achieve his next position.

  11. Just this morning a man from Forbes magazine commented that when it comes to Walker, you should dig a little below the surface to see what he has really done for Wisconsin (he means it’s not as rosy as Walker makes it out to be). Then Walker evaded answering a reporter’s question, “Would you go to a gay wedding?” and ended up quoting something about a man and a woman and the state constitution. He never did answer the question. Beware of Walker, he’s all smoke and mirrors. Research what he did for Milwaukee county too. And, don’t forget that he has never worked a normal 40 hour a week, punch the time clock job in his entire life. Most of his life has been in government living off the taxpayers dime.

  12. I guess you haven’t noticed, but Wisconsin is in the toilet. Whereas Minnesota, being run by the Democrats, is doing quite well. And aside from the Koch money being poured in Walker, there isn’t anything worth voting for. He has no personality, and apparently doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s doing. Every picture of him shows a completely incapable man. And you want him in the White House? You’re deluded.

  13. The current circus is following the pattern of the 2012 circus, one idiot rising one week, the next week another one being courted. Soon they’ll only have a few days in the spotlight since there are so many crazies waiting for their turn to be POS for a day.

  14. Hate to disrupt your liberalthink, but in Wisconsin under Walker deficit has gone from $3.5 Billion to Surplus of over $900 million. Unemployment from 7.7% to 5.5%, Personal Income from $38,755 to $43,149. People who state is on right track from 9% to over 90%.
    Some liberals just don’t understand what made this country great. It’s people like Walker who promote what the Founding Fathers created-an atmosphere that creates wealth, liberty , and freedom !

  15. Liar
    Gov. Scott Walker will have to plug a roughly $280 million budget shortfall by the end of June, and the state faces a two-year deficit that could be as large as $2 billion, based on new estimates released Friday by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

    Per capita money income in past 12 months (2013 dollars), 2009-2013 $27,523 $28,155

  16. Weasel Walker is fitting for sure, Jan and SunnyDay, but
    because he’s so disgustingly self-assured with himself,
    I prefer “Snotty Scottie”. Sure hope he’s out of serious
    consideration now. Karma for union busting and various
    other crimes coming back to thank the pos-er.

  17. Walker’s scandal resulting in 6 staffers found guilty and imprisoned for embezzlement, money laundering, falsifying state records and working on his campaign while being paid by the state. Hes just like all the rest corrupt republicans. Thats what they do(they call it freedom, liberty & being American to justify their criminal actions ). I bet those 6 have a story to tell!

  18. Huh? Walker is in the lead in most of the polls. He’s getting very strong notices for his talk in NH this weekend. The writer of this piece is delusional/

    AND Walker got great press when he posed with the wedding couple, who are fans.

  19. Wizzconsin is laughing at the latest turn around for Scutt…What goes around comes around! Trouble is that the going isn’t fast enough.

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