Obama Turns The Tables On GOP By Invoking God and The Children In Climate Change Fight

President Obama says climate change threat can’t be ignored.

President Obama turned their own argument against Republicans by suggesting that we must act against climate change to protect the nation’s God-given natural wonders, and our children from disaster and harm.


The President said:

Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home. And today, there’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.

2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record. Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century. This winter was cold in parts of our country – as some folks in Congress like to point out – but around the world, it was the warmest ever recorded.

And the fact that the climate is changing has very serious implications for the way we live now. Stronger storms. Deeper droughts. Longer wildfire seasons. The world’s top climate scientists are warning us that a changing climate already affects the air our kids breathe. Last week, the Surgeon General and I spoke with public experts about how climate change is already affecting patients across the country. The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.


And on Earth Day, I’m going to visit the Florida Everglades to talk about the way that climate change threatens our economy. The Everglades is one of the most special places in our country. But it’s also one of the most fragile. Rising sea levels are putting a national treasure – and an economic engine for the South Florida tourism industry – at risk.

So climate change can no longer be denied – or ignored. The world is looking to the United States – to us – to lead. And that’s what we’re doing. We’re using more clean energy than ever before. America is number one in wind power, and every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008. We’re taking steps to waste less energy, with more fuel-efficient cars that save us money at the pump, and more energy-efficient buildings that save us money on our electricity bills.

So thanks in part to these actions, our carbon pollution has fallen by 10 percent since 2007, even as we’ve grown our economy and seen the longest streak of private-sector job growth on record. We’ve committed to doubling the pace at which we cut carbon pollution, and China has committed, for the first time, to limiting their emissions. And because the world’s two largest economies came together, there’s new hope that, with American leadership, this year, the world will finally reach an agreement to prevent the worst impacts of climate change before it’s too late.


This is an issue that’s bigger and longer-lasting than my presidency. It’s about protecting our God-given natural wonders, and the good jobs that rely on them. It’s about shielding our cities and our families from disaster and harm. It’s about keeping our kids healthy and safe. This is the only planet we’ve got. And years from now, I want to be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them that we did everything we could to protect it.

Republicans reflexively invoke God and the children to justify virtually every single one of their unpopular positions. Some extremists on the right invoke God as a reason nothing can be done about climate, or they argue that the planet will fix itself.

The President cleverly turned the Republican argument around. Human beings have a duty to protect the natural wonders that were given to them by God. To neglect this duty would be akin to abusing a gift from Almighty.

Republicans never mention “the children” while discussing climate change. Conservatives only worry about “the children” while legislating morality or trying to take away women’s rights. The children don’t have a say in the Republican plan to let the planet be destroyed in the name of corporate profits.


Science denial is a losing argument for Republicans, and it looks like even God and “the children” are on the side of Democrats when it comes to protecting our planet.


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  • Indeed. All the 'children' the GOP plans to save by ending contraception will not find clean air to breathe nor clean water to drink if we do not change our greedy ways. But to the GOP, it's just put more money in their pockets through fracking and drilling, and the h*** with the future. Just yesterday they voted to double the deficit in 10 years to protect 5,000 billionaires' estates from legal taxes. I guess their kids will be able to afford to live on the moon..if they can find enough water to take with them!

    • Pollution and AGW (human made global warming) are mutually exclusive things. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. Anyone that believes CO2 is a pollutant does not understand how life on this planet works.
      CO2 is not toxic to humans until it reaches 5000 ppm (part per million), right now it is at approximately 400 ppm. Plants thrive when CO2 is over 1200 ppm. If CO2 gets below 150 ppm, then plants die.
      Without plants, there is no oxygen.
      The only way the humanity can effect the globe would be global thermonuclear war.

      • Robert, congratulations. It is very possible that I have never heard anything stupider than this in my life. First of all, CO2 is not the only pollutant that humans are putting excessive amounts of into the environment. Ever heard of cfc's (clorofluorocarbons)? If you honestly believe in the horseshit pseudoscience of climate change denial, fine, but at least suffer through your ignorance in peace. Don't corrupt the minds of the impressionable public with "facts" ala your asshole like the ones you just spewed.

      • Truth is between your position and Global Warming crowd.

        FYI your CO2 figures are what average (LD50) humans and plants can survive during acute (short) exposure. But long term exposure far out of the normal range will shorten life dramatically & stop reproduction. Similar to weeks on top of Everest instead of day kills.

        The present global warming is almost certainly part of long term natural events. Need more than 30 years of satellite data and 100 years scattered WX station data to predict that. Think 11K-50K between ice ages.

        Yet pollution (poisoning plants and ourselves) and over harvesting vegetation can shift things unfavorably for certain species and individual without global thermonuclear war.

        As a species we have survived scores of radical climate changes according to archaeology and paleontology records. However individual and cultures that refused or were unable to change rapidly died out.

        So move off sea coast areas. Change where crops are grown. Irrigate f...

      • It sounds to me as though you believe CO2 alone benefits plants. But there are a variety of factors necessary. While it is true that CO2 assists in plant growth, it is also true that too much of a good thing can be bad. Consider starch! Starch is good for man to ingest, however if one ingests too much starch, he finds himself in trouble.
        Sugar is yet another example.

        In addition, increasing levels of CO2 means other supplies and elements will be needed to counter such effects. It really comes down to science.

      • It's not about local acute effects, it's about the chronic effects to the global atmosphere, and by proxy, to everyone that depends on its proper functioning. Look at the big picture fer cryssake! CO2 is a waste product like any other human waste product. One of the prime functions of government has always been to manage human waste, and CO2 definitely falls under that category, and it definitely is showing many negative effects, endangering the public trust, and our shared heritage.

        There's tons of precedent. Thank God for the EPA.

    • This speech is all his way of dividing AMERICA up. Sparking the SIMPLE LIBS. into a frenzy! Orchestrating a WAR with using CLIMATE CHANGE as an excuse, then if you believe him remember to stand in the back of the line. Thats his way of running a country!

      • More like the GOPTP and their puppet masters like the Koch bros and their so called "think tanks" are dividing this country. They already have sold the moronic conservative base the idea that climate change is not real even though scientist from around the globe agree that it is real and is caused by human activity. What do Libs have to gain from creating lies and hysteria? not a damn thing. What does the GOPTP and their masters the 1% or Koch bros have to lose if every believes that climate change is real, is man made and is happening MONEY. This wasn't political till right winger made it political now we have a dangerous ignorance among conservatives that now not only do not believe climate change is real, they also want science out of schools and history censored. So if math and english get on the bad side of conservatives which they seem to be school will become bible study and our country will revert to the dark ages. Congrats on marching this country backwards into the future.

        • About 10 years ago scientists reported that all the planets were heating up and that Venus for some odd reason was developing an atmosphere, however, there seems to be NO humans or automobiles were on any of the other planets in our solar system., so, WHAT is causing the heating of ALL the planets ?

    • Climate change is real. Its just not man-made. At the end of the last ice age temperatures rose 15-20C in about 50 years.

      Archaeology can point to many civilizations ending due to climate change. Often over a handful of decades. Modern man just doesn't want to believe that applies to us.

      Too many assume natural climate is stable or change must be super slow. Natural climate change? They haven't seen it themselves, its not part of movies based on recorded history, it is not on Internet video. So it must not exist. The common man is not trained to deal with events separated by hundreds or thousands of years.

      Most people act as if all important events (cause and effects) happen during their life. True even for scientists buried in current weather technology. Thus global warming by man. But all precise direct observation weather data is less than 100 years old, comprehensive world coverage < 60, oceans & satellite (especially solar) only ~30 year. Far less than full picture ...

    • Ecological truths? Global warming reaction should focus solely on population relocation based on climate expectations. That saves lives & lifestyle. Human "return to nature" will not.

      Killing off too plants (trees) was bad since they regulate CO2 vs oxygen cheaply. Pollution is bad because its poison that seeps back to humans in a couple generations or less. Continued life on earth does not necessarily include man.

      Population control actually is a good idea though I favor random anonymous selection of "donors" after genetic weeding of disease. Restricting traditional face-tot-face breeding however can only lead to massive discrimination, riots, and genocidal war (or by ideals).

      But lower carbon footprint politics is all about grabbing political power worldwide to choose who survives and what lifestyle each caste of surviving worker/official will enjoy. It has nothing to do with saving more lives. Those lives are already written off by insiders. Even activists not part of gov...

    • Both GOP and Democratic extremes and explanations are WRONG! People have an unhealthy love of simple & emotional explanation and solutions. A love that soldier in the war of ideas (politicians and activists) are more than ready to exploit (lie about).

      Nope you can't exploit the planet without restriction and not have some consequences to the general population. (GOP: but you can grab power to determine who pays that price).

      You cannot turn back the clock to please the simplest worker or freeze nature. Remember 99.99% of species that existed on earth went extinct before man evolved. 99.995% before the rise of modern civilization. Ice Ages, thaws and high dry temp times existed and shift about long before humans or modern technology. And that natural process cannot be stopped in the next 100 years. (Democrats: but we can frighten people into giving us world power to control what single set of ideas and society lives on that changing world.)

  • Thanks Mr. President. And thanks Jason for writing. Totally agree. It is our God given natural wonders that we must protect. All Gods creatures are important and deserve a place to live!
    If the RW gets its way, our land, water, and air will be a sewer in the name of GREED. Big oil/gas/coal will be the death of our planet. We must stop them! #greenenergy

  • The Republicans will continue to deny & do nothing about climate change until they *personally* see & feel the effects. By the time it affects the Republicans on their estates or inside their gated communities, it will be too late. History shows that civilizations have fallen when leaders fail to make the necessary changes & we will be no exception.

    Many of the people in the US are so wounded by their hatred & resentment that instead to embracing the natural changes that come with the future, they double down on staying stuck in their old ways that no longer work. Their continuing to think & act this way will be the death of us all.

  • The only way republicans will agree to climate change is if they can somehow make money off it. Like selling purified water or oxygen or survival kits.

    • I give no credence to people who hide behind children to push an agenda. especially when they push being able to kill those same children up to the time they are born. when they want to deny children school choice. when they do whatever they can to dissuade traditional families which have proven factually time and again to be in the best interest of the children. it is a shame to have a party that says we should not teach our children to be accountable for their actions. we claim to care about 'our' children but we bring in tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children carrying all types of infections and throw them in our schools exposing our children to these illnesses. the political class in washingtion, the new royalty of this country, hide behind our children whenever they think it will work politically, never mind the trillions of dollars of debt we are burdening them with. cause after all, we gotta have today what we gotta have, right?

    • "The President cleverly turned the Republican argument around. Human beings have a duty to protect the natural wonders that were given to them by God. To neglect this duty would be akin to abusing a gift from Almighty"
      every pregnancy is a gift from God and the democrats do all they can to abort as many as they can. so, sorry, this part of your argument carries no water, unless you are admitting that the democrat party for years has been abusing the gifts of the Almighty

      • "Democrats abort as many as they can"? Are you aware that Democrats not only have children, but provide for them? Why don't you cite or fight?

      • then why do you back politicians that want to deregulate chemicals that cause cancer in those children, miscarriages,. Drill baby drill, spill baby spill. Refineries not only give us gas they give those gifts from god a 50% increased chance a leukemia. Hypocrite righties say children are gifts from god while they fight for the right to poison those children in the name of God Guns and Gas. well I'll keep my change and my scientific facts you can keep your guns, gas, and head stuck up your a$$.

  • "I don't believe that Man can affect the world!"

    "Ok then, tell me this: Why did God flood the world?"

    "Because man was sinn...."

    "Keep going you're almost there."

    • don't worry conservatives are fighting to replace science and facts with bible study as they force 1 religion on everyone as the law of the land. Soon America will been a Christian version of the middle east. Don't pay attention to facts you got guns, gas and your head stuck up your a.. Don't worry soon America will rid itself of that political evil of the left called science. Then we can fall behind and then go backwards to the dark ages

      • They claim they want bible study but what they really want is everyone to CARRY a bible. They want us to follow whatever we're told it says by preachers, politicians and the rich, not interpret it for ourselves. For Dogs sake, don't read it or try to study it!

        • You hit the nail on the head! This is true of people on both sides of scientific/religious issues - just believing what their told, rather than doing some homework and thinking for themselves. Young earth creationists believe that the the earth was created in 6 literal days. How can this be when the Bible says that Sun, moon and stars weren't created until the 4th "day"? On the other hand, the scientific community sees Galileo as the poster boy for standing against religion. In actuality, he only stood against the religious dogma of the time, and saw the Bible as more of a "road map" to future scientific discoveries. And it can be, if looked at with a less disdain and a more open mind. For example, there is no reason that the Big Bang and Genesis couldn't be one in the same. Just as there is no reason why the droughts, plagues and other natural disasters, and the unrest involving Israel and the Middle East couldn't be what is spelled out in the Bible.

        • I should also point out that this isn't about conservatives or liberals. It's about opening your eyes to the facts. I'm a Christian conservative, but I can see what's happening in the world around me, and I'm intelligent enough to know how science works. When I previously said "other natural disasters", I should have included man-made disasters as well. I realize that in some places around the globe, man has caused what were once only considered to be natural disasters, to increase in frequency and/or intensity by as much as fifty-fold or more in the past 20 years. Earthquake swarms, sinkholes, and methane clouds due to fracking in the US is a good example. As a Christian conservative, I feel I have a bit of an "inside scoop" on the mindset of some of the more closed-minded. They may not deny the science or the figures, but see climate change not as an act of man, but as an act of God as punishment for what man is doing to His creation.

  • As an Agnostic paying a lot in taxes on other "for the Children" scams and failed promises I am now sold on this. I propose it be paid for in part with a new tax. 94% tax on politicians who are only famous because the taxpayers voted for them. They make millions off book deals for a product written by ghost writers. Get on boards because of their pull to get government officials to sell us out. Also tens of millions through speaking fees. Tax 'em! Crickets and GulfStream Fumes to collect those speaking fees! All listen the man and wife that take separate jets to Hawaii instead of a greener distance like Hilton Head, SC. Do as he says!!!! Good sugar free Kool-Aid.

  • It is a matter of mankind reaching up to this point, doing what we do, instead of stretching out all of our energy on taking care of our survival and home, changing things around, we simply do what we think is better for our survival, keep on doing the same thing. How we tell large corporations, even nations producing a lot of goods, without the care not to harm planet stop doing it! Even though we as contingents think us depend on all of that profit to survive to tomorrow, I hope we will not need a catastrophe to change! The change it doesn't necessary have to be fighting or taking some groups rights off, but just learning altogether how can we all offer and benefit from it us all! Just rule out small changes by the time and convincing by that mean that change rather than affect some people, it will help us all in the long run..

  • The God given natural beauty he is referring to was created over hundreds of thousands of years by CLIMATE CHANGE. It's natural. It's mother nature. It's what planets do. It's not up to us to stop climate change. It's up to us to adapt or die. What freaking idiots. Unless we can change the rotation of the earth or move a couple of degrees this way or that way, we will never control the climate in a "natural" way. Stop wasting my tax money.
    I am a supporter of cleaner energy so we're not spewing deadly chemicals and smoke in the air. It's better for us as humans.

    • Then sell your car, TV, computer, cellphone, and microwave. Buy a horse and some land, grow some all organic fruits and vegetables, and hunt and fish for your food. "Adapt or die." The world isn't adapting to us, so we'd better learn how to adapt to it.

    • The oxygen we're breathing was released by plants, in this way organisms fundamentally change the atmosphere of the planet. Your belief that we are not large enough in scale to change the planet's atmosphere is farcical to the biology that we teach to children. The belief that anything can be explained away by God, was the catalyst of a 1000 year dark age where science and education suffered, let's not let that happen again. [WINK]

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