Bernie Sanders Storms Sunday Morning And Drops A Liberal Bomb On Fox News


bernie sanders on fox news sunday

The Republican-dominated Sunday morning shows got a blast of liberalism as Bernie Sanders stormed Fox News Sunday and showed the conservative Fox viewers what liberalism really looks like.



Host Chris Wallace tried to use Sen. Sanders to attack Clinton, but the Vermont senator turned his question towards a discussion of the billionaires and Citizens United. Sanders said, “My point is it’s not just Hillary Clinton….Well, the answer is that I think that is the fight we have to wage if we are going to save the middle-class, and I do have doubts about whether Hillary Clinton or any Republican candidate out there is willing to take on the big money interest who control so much of our economy, and as a result of Citizens United, so much of our political process as well.”

Sanders added, “But what we need to do, Chris is to understand that in America if we’re going to be successful in taking on the billionaire class, we need a strong national grassroots movement, and what the Secretary will have to convince the American people is in fact based on her past record and her views today that she is in fact going to break up the major banks on Wall Street. That she is going to ask the wealthiest people in this country to start paying their fair share of taxes. That she’s going to end the abomination of major corporations making billions of dollars, stashing their money in the Cayman Islands and not paying a nickel in federal income taxes. That in fact she is prepared to deal with our disastrous trade policies.”

Host Chris Wallace tried to divide Sanders and Clinton on the TPP, but Sanders talked about how trade agreements don’t create jobs and have driven wages down, “I think we don’t need to be sending more jobs to low-wage countries. I think corporate America has got to start investing in this country, and create decent paying jobs here.”

Sanders turned around a question about Vermont dropping their idea for single payer into a discussion of the dysfunctional U.S. health care system.

Sensing that some of the common sense ideas of Sen. Sanders might be popular with their audience, Fox News Sunday tried to poison the well by inaccurately suggesting that Sanders wanted a fifteen percent cut in military spending. The Vermont senator responded by highlighting the need to eliminate excess and waste in the budget.

Fox News Sunday viewers got a dose of the real face of liberalism, which was much different from the bastardized and demonized version of the left that Roger Ailes markets to his 2 million or so viewers every day.

Fox News Sunday hosted Sen. Sanders because they are trying to create conflict and divide on the left, but they got for their efforts was a healthy dose of the populism that Republicans despise with a passion. Bernie Sanders will not be the tip of the media’s spear against Hillary Clinton, and Fox News Sunday’s plan to create divide and discord was blown to shreds by Sen. Sanders.

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  1. 40 years our elected officials have rained money on the 1% rich, corporations and Wall Street
    FACT: The US is the richest country in the world, with 50% of America’s children living in poverty.
    1. Increase minimum wage to $15.00. 4-17-15: Minimum Wage Increases Reduce Economic Inequality Gap, Study Shows
    2. Make Obamacare into Medicare for ALL, Single Payer – New study: Single payer healthcare could save 1.8 trillion over 10 years
    3. Make Social Security, Social Security for all. Remove the cap and tap the wealthy to support a Social Security program for all.

  2. Thank you Senator Sanders for being a voice for the majority of middle class citizens. Many of us are so tired of Fox News and Tea Partiers trying to make “Liberal” a dirty name when it is actually a great way to describe the country that our Founders had in mind when the Constitution was written for all of the people, not just the few billionaires who are in control of Congress at the moment.

    Today, in the name of conservatism, the Constitution, election procedures, the distribution of wealth, and the disparity between rich and poor, war mongering and hate towards those in need have created a country that is almost unrecognizable to people like me who have been citizens for 76 years or more and voters for so many years as well.

  3. It doesn’t matter what he says or any other liberal. Fox viewers are trained to tune out anything that doesn’t resonate with their programming or they will warp it all out of shape to suit their agenda.

  4. Nicely done, Bernie! Its as if, for well over past six years, the Sunday talk shows is a therapeutic sessions for Republicans to vent their faux outrage on all of networks yet they can’t even get over with President Obama outmaneuver them in every angles. It doesn’t matter how hard Republicans and anti-Obama fringes would try to revisit Obama’s era but history will NOT kindly judge Republicans and their plebeian voters. P E R I O D.

  5. Republicans are clearly terrified of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. That’s a GOOD thing for the United States of America – a BAD thing for the Confederate States of America.

    When will Republican presidential candidates stop attacking Hillary Clinton and begin telling the American people what they’ll do for them should they win the presidency? Why hasn’t M$M dogged them for an answer to that? Or is attacking one’s powerful opponent the ONLY tactic they have?

  6. Bernie often sounds like he wants the government of the US to govern in the interests of the ordinary people of the US, in both its foreign and domestic policy.

    Being an ordinary person of the US, that’s how I would like it, too.

  7. But it’s still good for them to hear the liberal side. Sometimes there are folks who just might have a slight crack in their belief shield. They just might hear something that is different.

  8. Well, let me respectfully disagree for so long yes you were right, but the Republican raison d’etre was to say government can’t possibly work everyone invari proves themselves to be corrupt, and we can’t possibly fix that so are mission is to end government. Now hillary Clinton ( I’m sorry to say) is the face of the republican bane. But I seriousy think if we run Bernie Sanders the Republicans will have nothing to say, just to stand there looking stupid, and slack jawed. Bernie Sanders 2016.

  9. I would add a 4th point…because without it the other do not happen…
    4. End big money in politics. Every candidate should be forced to run on even financial ground to make sure that issues are the crux of the campaign and votes matter.

  10. Thats all they have had for the last 8 years…remember they were going to “fix” the ACA, but never did. They have proposed absolutely no policy that was at all reasonable to help real Americans. 0 zilch, nada.

    They have nothing but hate to offer. Those of us that are Christian would never vote in hate.

  11. It is hard to believe that Chris Wallace is the son of Mike Wallace, an actual valid journalist. Though I must say that I think he is the least assholish and idiot of them all and actually does at least try to have some sort of valid point. Edward R Morrow, where are you when we need you.

  12. Like all good little sheep, they follow the leader, if that means going over a cliff. No problem, the leader knows best.

  13. Big money interests??? – Got a little time?
    Want to learn about how the rich buy results?
    Should TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republicans gain further control in congress, they will clearly devastate the nation!
    It is at the local and state level where the greatest pain, control and influence is inflicted! But remember, federal law trumps and supercedes state laws.
    Watch this program

  14. We need to cut our military budget down to 320 billion over a 4 to 6 year period. We need to close 90% of the 900 bases we have in 140+ countries.

  15. Bernie, please do not run as an Independent and split the democratic vote. Remember Nadir.

    Nothing would give the Foxophiles more pleasure.

  16. “Bernie Sanders drops a LITERAL bomb on Fox News”

    So… Bernie Sanders is a terrorist now? How come the article doesn’t mention the bombing? Was anyone injured or killed? Was Sanders arrested?

    Or is Jason Easley the sort who can’t be bothered to look up the word “literal”?

  17. Didn’t we have this Hillary is the chosen one eight years ago! Us progressives need to divorce ourselves from the Democratic Party! We have folks like Schumer’s voting for war, others giving money to billionaires hand over fist!
    For Our sake, Bernie, Run! Don’t let the Dems think they should just have our votes!

  18. Senator Sanders is THE MAN! he’s the real deal, I listen to him every friday on the Thom Hartman show, now heres the reality, Hilary is going to be our next president! whether you like it or not! I’m personality not a huge fan but I’ll vote for her if she ask Elizabeth Warren or Senator Sanders to be her VP, BTW @yoleberry, MR center RIGHT BLACK republican, you said you voted for OBAMA the first time and then willard rommey the second go round! WOW! REALLY? do you know what schizophrenia is?? BRO, you need to explain that upside thought process of yours. me thinks YOU got too carried away watching DJANGO UNLEACHED !! “BRO”

  19. No, we should “Do away with Foreign Countries Military Funding” beginning with Israel. $8,000,000.00 dollars a day!!!X 365 for just one year.What the Hell are Republicans thinking Supporting ISRAEL!!
    After what he has done to OUR President!!
    Thats Right President Obama is Our President, NOT Netanyahue.We should boycot all services to ISrael until they get rid of This cu de’tat.

  20. Democrats hardly count on progressive votes because progressives don’t show up! We know who shows up…angry, white, republican, males. Look at our pathetic voting rates. Progressives just don’t show up. Democrats hardly show up. Republicans win. There is a hard, cold reality to elections. It’s a numbers game and we are losing. Voter apathy does not exist on the right. That’s why they use wedge issues to get their base out. It’s effective. So stop letting perfect be the enemy of the good. D strategists are more likely to go after moderate republicans in the hope to flip their vote than go after a progressive…who won’t show up. You want to win some elected offices…we need to SHOW UP at the polls. We can move the democrats to the left but if we keep letting the right win…we’re done.

  21. Bernie or Elizabeth, either one will make an excellent VP
    for president Clinton. Running against her doesn’t move
    our country forward. Like Wallace was attempting to do
    on his talk show for fux fools, divide progressives at a
    time when unity is crutial. Smarter strategy is let the
    GOTP assclowns debate and expose each other’s dirty
    weaknesses for our entertainment.

  22. the real story, to me was the comparative love-fest with lindsey gramm prior to the sanders interview — did you really raise your sister single-handed? some say that’s the real reason you never married… is that why you’re such an exceptional person? that must be the “news” part of “fox news” or the “fair” of “fair and balanced.”

  23. Offer to give people rides to city hall to register to vote and on election day offer to give rides to the polls. Not everyone lives close to city hall and the polls.

  24. I love that Bernie is being interviewed by the Faux people.Wonderful strategy, so that their viewers get facts and accuracy from an articulate artful politician.

  25. Knight, you’re right, Senator Sanders is GREAT, my only problem is we have been losing Senators and I’d hate to see him not in the Senate. If he, and Hillary, and the number crunchers can see a HRC / Sanders ticket without giving up the hope of blue Senate, then more power to them.

    I have the same problem with Brown giving up his seat too. Since Boxer is retiring from the Senate in 2016 anyway, she’s my pick as VP. If not Boxer, maybe Bill Richardson, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.

    Other good choices could include Castro, O’Malley, Harkin, and even Generals Wesley Clark or Colin Powell. But my first choice is Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, she really kicked Carly Fiorina’s butt in 2010.

  26. Senator Sanders once again like all good leftists do raised the issue of people not paying their ‘fair share’

    Hows does one determine a citizen’s ‘fair share?’

    If you don’t know how then how can you claim someone is not paying theirs when you are ignorant to how much is their ‘fair share’

  27. WTF!!!! I have no idea where you are coming from but I can guess you like to ball wash the 1% while you struggle to pay your bills every month. Now I can be wrong but methinks if you was daddy warbucks you wouldn’t be wasting your time on here.

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