Chris Christie Stabs Obama in the Back While Trying To Revive His Dead White House Dream

Chris Christie
Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) stabbed President Obama in the back over the weekend, claiming that after six years, we still “don’t know” whether Obama cares about the United States.

This is coming from the man who knows that President Obama cares about the U.S. because Obama put aside all partisan differences when Christie’s state was hit by a devastating hurricane, and even gave the Governor access to him 24 hours a day in case Christie needed anything.

Reporting for CNN from Nashua, New Hampshire in a piece titled “Christie: ‘We don’t know’ whether Obama cares about the U.S.”, Cassie Spodak wrote:

“I feel like we really have had a President for the last six and a half years that we still don’t even know,” Christie said at a town hall event in Exeter, New Hampshire. “We don’t know what he really believes in. We don’t know what he really is willing to fight for. We don’t know whether he’s really willing to fight for anything.”

Christie added: “We don’t know who he really likes or dislikes. We don’t know whether he really cares about his own party, or the other party, or about the country.”

We don’t know what Obama stands for? Really? President Obama has made it perfectly clear what he stands for, and unlike Governor Christie, Obama actually stands for those things even when the heat is on.

Chris Christie was all about President Obama when he needed something for his state, but now that he is losing support for his hopeful bid for the GOP nomination, Chris Christie is all bluster and projection. It is Christie, of course, who is demonstrating someone who does not stand for their principles, when he stabs Obama in the back questioning the President’s patriotism.

We don’t know if Obama is willing to fight for anything? LOL. See Obamacare. That was a bit of a fight. It made a stir. It’s still making a stir. So, count one for the rest of the country knows that Obama is willing to fight for affordable health insurance for everyone.

What is Christie willing to fight for? His state? Yes, but now that he got what he wanted, he’s all mean girl in the hallway — no spine, no backbone. No courage to stand for what he really believes in.

We don’t know who Obama likes? Yes, it’s true, the President isn’t someone who makes decisions based on personal emotions. He doesn’t run around bullying school teachers like Christie does. And in Christie’s circles, this is a sign of strength — bullying a constituent. So it follows that because Obama doesn’t make it a habit to bully people like a crude school yard child, Christie isn’t sure who he “likes”. President Obama is a person of ideas, not personalities. He’s a thinker. But he is also a man of decisive action, who made the call to get Bin Laden. We aren’t sure who he likes? That’s just weak tea politics.

Chris Christie is suffering from a string of high profile investigations and accusations, so naturally he is turning to Obama hate to save himself. If he just hates Obama enough, and accuses the President of not loving America, Republicans will love him.

And what does that say about Republicans? They don’t seem to care what a candidate stands for — so long as the candidate will act like a school yard bully tossing rocks at the President. The GOP seems to know no bottom for juvenile, childish behavior. Chris Christie is proof of that.

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  1. Well, two should play at that game..

    If any sort of disaster befalls New Jersey again, President Obama should basically say ‘Nope. I’m not helping you, Governor Christie. I helped you and your state when Hurricane Sandy hit and this is how you repay me for my help? No… you should suffer and unless I get an apology for your back stabbing comment, I and the federal government won’t help your state at all.’

  2. Stick a fork in the fat asshole, he’s done. He’s got that crazy eyed look, and when he’s on a rant the reporters need to back up to avoid his overspray.

  3. If CHristie properly funded and managed NJ, perhaps the Division of Taxation would be able to process TAX REFUND checks in a timely manner.

    Their processing is taking longer than ever.

    Perhaps, since Christie gave $1 Billion tax breaks to those making over $400K a year, over the past 5 years, there isn’t enough money in the state to float the refund checks of money that should be available, since it was effectively an overpayment.

  4. Thats after Christie stole their pensions. Sandy money not appropriately distributed, that needs investigating. This fat slob will never be president, his corruption precedes him. Christie and his accomplices have mismanaged and diverted funds appropriated for disaster relief into real estate projects for his wealthy donors/friends. Something he should be jailed for.

  5. There are too many things wrong with Christie to even list. It’s over for Gov Weebles. Always love it when the bully loses. It’s a sure thing Christie cannot talk about the economy or his governing skills with a straight face.

  6. This isn’t the same Christie who stolen NJ workers pension and the people had sued Christie to get their pension back, the judge order Christie to it give back to the workers. Christie mis-manage NJ so bad that Moody’s had to downgrade to A2:
    who been investigated for corruption.
    So humpty-dumpty from def comedy jam came out to perform today. Ladies & Gentlemen here are your 2016 America’s media top rock stars:

    Question: Christie what have you done to prove your love of country?

  7. Humpty-dumpty trying to throw some shade. He better find NJ’s workers pension. the court is waiting for the floating fat-man to produce the money.

    Check the media darlings for 2016 presidential bid:

  8. Christie, as all Republicans are doing, talks against the President because he, like all Republicans, cannot point to anything he has done to make himself a viable candidate for the presidency.

    They, the entire contingent of Republicans, seem to forget that President Obama is not running for office. Yet they continue to attack him and his policies as if he were.

    They, and he, cannot point out one positive thing they have done in the past 6+ years and so by criticizing the President they think they can divert attention of their failures.

    It Isn’t going to work.

    People may have short memories, but Christie stands out as being an ego driven bully. They are not going to forget scenes in which he tells everyone that disagrees him to “shut up and sit down”, it tends to make them a tad bit angry.

    Christie is his own worst enemy. And he has no one to blame for his dead-in-the-water campaign but himself and his conduct.

  9. I hope President Obama shows Chris Christie what he believes in by getting all the Federal Agency’s he can to investigate all the fraud Christie committed via misuse of Sandy funds.

  10. As this Clown Chris Christie thinks he is stabbing President Obama in the back or destroying Hillary chances to Win the election. The Big Clown chris is losing his grip on everything and will only lose his dream to ever go to any House .

  11. I’d be willing to bet he cant get his fat arms behind him. Hes not physically fit enough for the office – can you imagine at the bottom of AF1, foreign leaders waiting at the steps for like 20 mins for him to make it down the steps. Love how Obama kinda jogs down like a healthy guy should.

    Picture it, him trying to make it down, better yet, trying to get back up!

  12. We? Who is we, Governor Blob? You and that box of donuts hiding in your pants? You’re not a real politician stop pretending you are. New Jersey bought your act for a while but that’s over now. If you had jumped on it in 2012 and lost to Obama you could be a contender on the GOP crazy train now. But you didn’t and now your future looks like a lot of guest appearances in the Faux world of washed up GOP politicians.

  13. If ever anyone has said something that was practicing psychological projection Christie is a master at it. He is describing his own political failures and trying to claim they are President Obama’s. The guy is losing it.

  14. Christie doesn’t know much of anything anyway let him tell it. He didn’t know that a major bridge was closed for four days in his own State. He doesn’t know who authorized it or why it was closed. Should we trust a man who doesn’t know anything and has forgotten how much he praised Obama when he needed the money for his State.

  15. But that wouldn’t be Obama to pull that; if the situation occured again, he’d pitch in just as before, because, unlike the pack of feral children that pass for candidates, Obama has character, class and humanity, words which the Right may mouth but never embody.

  16. How do you know when a Republican is contemplating a run for the Presidency?

    He or she starts spouting off a flurry of inane, inflammatory remarks about Obama’s character.

  17. How true, look how fast he turned on Obama. I wont ever trust him not to turn on Americans like he did Jersey. He stole their money, ruined retirees futures, screwed education in New Jersey, he’s played political roulette with hundreds of staffers careers.

  18. Just blew ice tea all over my tablet. Your comment was worth it. I would add they would have to upgrade the engine in Air Force One to take off with his fat culo on board.

  19. It’s a sure sign of looser desperation he’s exhibiting: When any of those Republican candidates step on Obama’s neck, it means one thing: They need help from the Rabid pitch fork, frothing at the mouth Right Wing base to notice them. Politics is a nasty, cut throat profession. Loyalties are fleeting. Nastiness prevail. Listen to them slinging the mud at Hillary. And STILL throwing it out at Obama. And people vote for these creatures to represent them and be their voice. I guess voters are no less than who they vote for to represent them.

  20. One Orange jump suit for Chris Christy?

    Take 6 jumpsuits marked XXXXXL, cut them
    into sections and sew them ALL back together.

    It Should fit Perfectly.

  21. Strike the word “at” and you’d have a more accurate statement:

    “He’s eaten every tri-state restaurant.”


  22. chris christie is just another symbol of the GOP, they don’t have a damn thing to offer the average american, unless you’re a deeply mentally ill RACIST- BIGOT- ANTI- SCIENCE BELIEVER or a sociopath WEALTHY pig! and FUX NEWS rounds up ALL the FREAKS and just gives them what they thirst for, HATE! unadulterated HATE!! todays republican just repulse me! whether it’s on television, radio or these CLOWNS on the internet! I’m sick to death of them! I wonder if MR center RIGHT BLACK republican @yoleberry, will start CRYING over this truth bomb I just posted? “MIC DROP”

  23. Agreed. He would not retaliate, in that manner at least, because it would hurt the residents of NJ. He won’t take we the people out just to score political points. He’s better than that.

  24. Christie’s harsh words about our POTUS as well as herb
    speak volumes to any of us who know shi@ from shino-
    la. He probably suffers morbid obesity because of pot
    munchies, the two-faced gas bag. Happy 420 Day to all
    Americans who know the truth about cannabis. Jah bless.

  25. I don’t know, Patricia, the republican voter seems to be a pretty brain-dear, fear-driven creature. I heard one screaming that Obama had been planning to nuke, yes nuke, Charleston, but the bomb was diverted into the ocean at the last minute. How on earth can you expect someone with that kind of mindset to make a rational choice about anything at all?

  26. Christie Funnelled Lucrative Contract to Brother’s Firm
    As one of its first moves in its state takeover of financially strapped Atlantic City, Chris Christie’s administration has awarded a lucrative government contract to the financial services firm that employs the Republican governor’s brother, Todd Christie. The deal followed an even bigger contract given to the firm by Christie officials only weeks after the governor’s brother began working there.
    In January, Chris Christie signed an executive order installing an emergency management team to develop “a plan to place the finances of Atlantic City in stable condition on a long-term basis.” Two months later, Reuters obtained documents showing that Christie administration officials signed a contract with Ernst & Young, which hired Todd Christie as a New Jersey-based director in March 2013. Todd Christie is listed as working on the firm’s “business development” in campaign finance records.

  27. Not only that,but the sandy relief money was mishandled,used as leverage,mis-spent on non sandy projects and in general was overseen just as badly as the ones who voted to give the money to christie thought it would be !! An incompetent manager was hired and fired by christie to start with, money did NOT got to people who needed it with ANY speed or accuracy.People who lost everything they had are STILL fighting to get sandy relief money from christie’s crooked ad- ministration !! Christie needs to do a much better job as gov. of n.j. before he wet dreams about being president !!!

  28. Well if your party would quit creating the lies you would know the truth about him and what he stands for and who he stands for. He has done a lot to be proud of! Too bad you people don’t even notice!
    God blessed America with this one! Great job Mr President, putting us back together! Thank you!

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