Democrats Mock the First 100 Days of Fail of the Boehner and McConnell Led Congress


John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

Republicans really shouldn’t make this so easy for Democrats. Just as Speaker Boehner has become synonymous with fail, to the degree that even the beltway admits regularly that he can’t get done or won’t get done what he says he will or what he needs to do for the party, now the entire Congress is infested with the stench of GOP fail.

Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office sent out a memo Sunday morning mocking Republicans for the fail.


You have to see the entire memo to get the full sense of fail, from an uprising against establishment leaders to fails on immigration with calls for mass deportation to catering to the 1% and pretending it makes sense and is good for Main Street to being unable to fund the DHS for weeks even as terrorist attacks made the headlines, it is not a recommendation for Republican leadership.

Here you go:


Last week marked the first 100 days since the start of the 114th Republican Congress.  What have Americans seen from Speaker Boehner and House Republicans?  Let’s go through a headlines recap of the past 10 legislative weeks.


  • Washington Post– John Boehner just endured the biggest revolt against a House speaker in more than 150 years 

·         New York Times - House Republicans Change Rules on Calculating Economic Impact of Bills


  • MSNBC– House GOP goes on the record for mass deportation


  • CBS News– ​House GOP abruptly drops plans to debate abortion bill after backlash
  • Huffington Post– GOP Quietly Giving Committee Chairmen Unilateral Subpoena Power



  • VOX– GOP Rep. Mo Brooks says maybe you should blame immigrants for measles
  • POLITICO– Boehner: No clear idea how McConnell will resolve DHS standoff


  • Slate– House and Senate Republicans Blame Each Other for Screwing Up GOP Legislative Greatness



  • The Hill– The terrible, horrible, no good start for GOP
  • Washington PostNo House Republican leaders are going to Selma this weekend. That’s a dumb move.


  • Washington Post– Error in House budget understated spending cuts by $900 million
  • Washington Post– House Republicans want to cut back grants for poor college students


  • Huffington Post– Divided House GOP Prevents Embarrassment, Passes Budget Boosting Defense Spending

Also last week, House Republicans twice voted to block equal pay for equal work and passed a ”massive tax break for millionaires, billionaires.”   Stay tuned for more – their obstruction, dysfunction and distraction is bound to intensify.

What’s happened to the Republican Party is it no longer stands for the things it is supposed to stand for, and that is really why it’s become a hot mess as seen above. While catering to lunatics and fringers in order to get votes, the real agenda of the party is to serve the top 1%. They have to mask this purpose in order to peel off the misinformed and the uninformed, but it creates internal chaos to have an agenda that is vastly different from what your base thinks you stand for.

This is not the party of personal responsibility and it can’t be defended any longer. It is not even the party of the wealthy and educated who feel they make better decisions for the masses, a position that can be legitimately defended even if you don’t agree with it. No, this is the party of raging deficits because they can’t tax big business at all, but they preach about deficits being bad. This is the party of “liberty” and “freedom” that actively works to take freedom and liberty away from many minorities, including deliberately working to undermine minority voting rights because, in general, minorities are on to them.

This record of fail doesn’t bode well for Republicans in 2016. How can they make the case that they can lead? Perhaps they will do it as they always do– giving them the Senate wasn’t enough, they really need the White House in order to accomplish anything. Like Senator John McCain promising to tell us where Bin Laden after we elected him. This has been their go-to line for a while now.

But the truth is always in the policy.

And policy wise, the Republican Party has pushed for things to cater to the fringers and passed things to serve their 1% masters. Fringers and puppet masters. That is what has become of the party that used to stand for personal responsibility and fiscal conservatism.

It is now left to the Democrats to demonstrate the kind of fiscal restraint and responsibility that they are not known for, but have actually been practicing for a while. No, they aren’t trying to drown government and starve the poor, so they are not turning into actual conservatives, but in terms of fiscal responsibility, their budgets tend to add up and they aren’t pretending that math isn’t a thing. They try to pay as they go, even when it means admitting uncomfortable political positions of raising taxes, albeit on the wealthy — a position that is popular, but costly in terms of dark money spent against them in elections.

Democrats have become the party of grown ups. That’s what this memo represents, and it matters.

14 Replies to “Democrats Mock the First 100 Days of Fail of the Boehner and McConnell Led Congress”

  1. Let’s all hope that the death throes of the Republican Party won’t damage the US too much. Once they fall, maybe we can get a TRUE left wing party to rise, start moving the US away from the Conservative failure, and towards the 21st Century, 15 years too late!

  2. The whole 300 plus senate and house needs to be abolished. They have outlived any usefulness with their corruption, stupidity, ineptness and 2 year old behavior. They are nothing but kiss asses to the rich and financial burdens to the rest of us.

  3. And yet the rank and file Fox sniffers continue to vote the way the 1% demands in hopes that some of it will some day “tinkle down.”

  4. Unless educated voters outnumber the ignorant in 2016,
    Boehner & McConnell get to continue their childish
    tantrum pleasing their 1% masters. Let’s thank these
    prime examples of animated excrement by sending them
    home to rot with the haters who’ve been supporting
    such political sabotage. And they have the audacity to
    claim that our president can’t lead? Get real, please.

  5. “fiscal restraint and responsibility”

    Even you are suckers for the Republican big lie. True fiscal responsibility is to get this country out of the slump caused by the big financial crash. Our country has foregone trillions of dollars of output because the government won’t spend enough money to get the economy on its feet. Some of this money that has not been spent now, will have to be spent sometime in the future anyway, but the prices will probably be much higher then than they are now. Exactly what kind of fiscal responsibility do you think the Democrats are practicing?

    Get to know how our money system works before you try to judge fiscal responsibility. Google MMT (Modern Money Theory) to see how money has worked in modern times. Modern times being the last 4,000 or so years.

  6. By the way, Loretta Lynch is totally unqualified to be Attorney General. Not only has she refused to prosecute the criminals at HSBC, she has praised them at a time when her own monitors are telling her they are even violating the terms of the sweetheart deal she gave them.

    Don’t believe President Obama when he says “Here’s a woman who everybody agrees is qualified.” The people at New Economic Perspectives and the people at Naked Capitalism are shouting at the top of their lungs that she is not qualified.

    I refuse to hear is not the same as everybody agrees.

  7. Yo Stevie, sometimes it’s better to remain silent and only
    be assumed a fool rather than make comments like ya
    just posted and remove all doubt. Just sayin’.[WINK]

  8. Steve…First of all,the questioning at her debut was all about Obama’s executive action on immigration. They hammered her for 8 hours on that one topic and when she continued to say he was within his constitutional rights with the executive action (absolutely no different than Reagan’s) is when they made up there mind that they weren’t going to let her in there.
    Here’s one that might choke you up. See how differently they feel now?

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