Scott Walker Talks Up GOP Common Sense While Proving He Has None in NH Speech



After being booted to a smaller room yesterday at the Republican Leadership Summit at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, Scott Walker talked about how Republican common-sense can fix everything in Washington, that “there is no end to how much better things can be” with “common-sense” GOP leadership in the Capitol.

Yes, Walker throws facts and history to the wind as he talks up a fantasy GOP with common sense that nowhere exists, and furthermore, has no chance of existing.

“If you put common-sense Republican, conservative leadership in place, if that team works together, there is no end to the good things that can happen. If we do that in Washington — with a Republican House, Senate, and president — there is no end to how much better things can be.”


He says that while the GOP controls two-thirds of the federal government – the legislative and the judicial. This is a GOP that has, since 2009, made nothing but bad decisions when they can be bothered to make any decisions at all.

Not enough for you?

Then remember that it was Republican common sense that got us into two un-funded wars, destroyed the world economy, and paved the way for the rise of ISIL in the ruins of Iraq, and country Republican common sense destroyed.

Remember the last time Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency, back in 2005-2006 (The 109th Congress): We had George W. Bush as President, Dennis Hastert as Speaker of the House, and Ted Stevens as Senate President pro tem.

Things were far from better in 2005-2006, and were well on the way to getting much worse.

Yet, ignoring the lessons of history both national and local, Walker cited among his own Bush-like accomplishments, destroying Wisconsin’s economy, attacking workers’ rights, and putting women’s health at risk because “We no longer fund Planned Parenthood.”

Walker bragged that, “I got together in the capital with all the Republicans, those in office and the newly-elected,” and “I said, ‘It is put up or shut up.'”

He did neither. He neither put up any accomplishments nor shut up about lying about it, as you can see:

I said: ‘We need to go big and bold. We need to show we are different than the party we replaced.’ I don’t think anybody would doubt that we went big and bold.

The reason it sustained us during the attacks and protests because we knew it was because of my sons,” Walker said, referring to his two now-adult sons, Matthew and Alex. “All the others of their generation. Sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. We knew it was not acceptable to have a state that was better than the one we inherited.

It was not just about taking on protests. We had to bring together Republicans in both houses. Sometimes, there are people who like the status quo, even in our own party. They don’t want to change things.

We had to make the case for why reform was necessary.

Which is no doubt why, while he is popular with NH Republicans, he is losing to Hillary in his own state by a margin of 52-40.

The guy who has massive school layoffs, healthcare, food stamp cuts populating his Koch budget, claimed,

When we not only grow the economy, but put people into better jobs and raise wages, we put ourselves in a position where we lower the deficit problem by raising the amount of revenue — not by higher rates but by spreading the volume.

Raise wages? To what? Scott Walker says $7.25/hour is a living wage. Does he plan to ante up an extra nickel?

Walker proved his policy platform is anchored solidly not on actual ideas of his own, but opposition to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, claiming that “Americans need to realize that. This isn’t a third term of Bill Clinton. This is a third term of Barack Obama.”

When I think about the president and people like Hillary Clinton, they seem to measure success in government by how many people who are on Medicaid and food stamps and unemployment.

We should measure success on the opposite: by people who are no longer dependent on the government. Freedom and prosperity do not come from the mighty hand of the government. It comes from allowing people to live their own lives and control her own destiny through the dignity that is born of work.

Because being paid a pittance, lacking healthcare, losing your home, your car, and starving with your family is so dignified. Republican ideas about dignity are as bizarre as their ideas of religious freedom.

And of course, Walker, who has said if he can defeat a bunch of peaceful labor unions protesting against having their rights illegally taken away that he can defeat a bunch of heavily armed terrorists like ISIL, and who compared ISIL to a computer virus, who dodged questions about how HE would defeat ISIL, attacked Obama’s foreign policy, which in a round-about way amounts to an endorsement of Obama’s foreign policy:

It is so frustrating to think that we have a president that a couple of years ago drew a line in the sand — and a lot of people crossed it. We have a president that called ISIS just a year ago the JV squad. But called Yemen a success story and Iran as someone that we can do business with.

I guess this means tough old, common-sense Scott Walker would fight himself a couple of he-man wars to destroy parts of the world missed by earlier Republican wars. Iran beckons. And Syria. The man who dropped out of college can demonstrate his GOP bona fides by laying waste to vast swathes of real estate and killing thousands of people no Republican cares about in the process.

This is something that will no doubt endear him to the un-thinking Republican base. It will be a much harder sell to people who disagree with his statement that,

“We are not going to wait until they bring the fight to us. We are going to fight on their soil and not ours.”

Because thinking people realize we have invaded enough countries for a while. That more unfunded wars are maybe not good ideas; that maybe more young Americans don’t have to give their lives to prove how tough chickenhawks like Scott Walker are.

After all, he’s not going to take a bullet for his beliefs. But he fully expects you to, or your sons and daughters, or your mom or dad.

That’s the Republican way. And that’s why if they handed out rooms based on a grasp of real-world facts and common sense, Scott Walker would barely rate a broom closet for his next speech.

Photo: Screen capture from WISN Milwaukee

35 Replies to “Scott Walker Talks Up GOP Common Sense While Proving He Has None in NH Speech”

  1. Oh Scottie, Scottie….how you lie and distort the facts. If more people are on food stamps and receiving government aid, it’s because of people like you and your failed austerity programs in your state….Yep Red States are receiving more government help because you governors have managed to crash the economies, no job growth, no increase in minimum wage…etc.ect. Now that your sons are grown, perhaps you can take them to the recruiting office and make certain they sign up to serve in that war you are just salivating over. Let’s not forget about the sick and hungry in your state either…ya know…how you refused to accept Medicaid expansion that would help your citizens to acquire Obamacare. You are a mess, Scottie, and I can see you circling the drain. Your popularity in your state is diving, and your chances of being President are nill, zero, zilch. Dream on McDuff. PS…THERE IS NO COMMON SENSE IN TODAY’S REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

  2. So he ended up in a smaller room – lack of audience…undoubtedly.

    Around 9:00 last nite I clicked over to CSPAN for about a minute – Rand was in a very small room with a very small audience, LYING HIS ASS OFF. That apparently is what Repigs consider ‘ideas’.

  3. Walker’s constant boasting about breaking the unions in WI is really getting old. He has nothing new to offer except the usual GOP talking points that mostly include bashing Obama & Hillary.

    Walker makes no sense when he says he knew it would not be acceptable to the people of WI to have a state that was better than the one he inherited. Unless Scotty-boy was just practicing using the word acceptable in a sentence, I thought all governors ran on & strived to leave their states in better shape than the ones they inherited.

    No one in the GOP has a drop of commonsense. They still believe the US is a conservative country & the only reason they continue to fail is because they’re not being conservative enough. So instead of trying a different approach they double down & continue to drive the US further into the ground.

  4. Thats what I would do, play it for ALL to see – over and over. The American middle class needs to know who is buying the rights to our government.

  5. The rethugs talk of common sense! Believe the last time I heard some common sense from a thug was when Eisenhower was leaving the White House. This was in the days before the thugs of today. None, I repeat NONE of the present day rethugs have an ounce of common sense.

  6. Walker’s bullshit will only appeal to 30-35% of the national electorate – if that many. You know, the same people with the IQ of a red Crayola.

    By all means, keep proving that you have a place in the goper clown car as it careens off the cliff. Like all the GOP potential candidates, your “common sense” is political suicide.

  7. How is it that this guy is Governor? And gets reelected?
    Once these Repubs get into power they rig the system by changing the state laws and putting money in the right hands. They are almost impossible to extricate.
    People of Wisconsin .. Don’t give up. The majority of America is behind you and ready to help.

  8. “We are not going to wait until they bring the fight to us.”

    Oh, so another pre-emptive war, huh?

    1) How has this worked for the US last time…?
    2) Who’s the next target after Iran? Cause I don’t expect the GOP to stop at Iran…

    By the way, by reneging agreements made alongside the other Western powers, you would never be able to call the US President “leader of the free world” cause you would be ALONE…


  10. Sadly, this state is Full of Village Idiots that will greet Scott Walker with open arms.

    Scott Walker doesn’t care about telling the

    He knows that there are loads of people here that are too LAZY and too STUPID to
    know any Better.

  11. “We knew it was not acceptable to have a state that was better than the one we inherited.”
    Glad I’m not the only one who caught that.

  12. Yup, this is common sense:
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit

    California – $4.2 billion budget surplus

    Another beautiful day in SoCal and Crystal Eggars on NBC4LA is predicting rain this Wednesday – Saturday

  13. Oh, hes working alright.
    Hes on his knees servicing the Kochs – its not called a bl__w job for nothing.

    The audience hes playing to isnt known for having commonsense.

  14. What a complete fucking idiot. How in the hell did the people of Wisconsin elect this utter asshole? Are they that stupid?

  15. Well Walker just lost 8 points in a Wisconsin poll since November. 58% disapprove of his policies and 41% approve, down from 49%. Walker couldn’t balance his check book. I just love how his handlers are promoting him with sound bites. Walker brags about breaking unions, but he never campaigned on it and the legislation was written and voted on in the middle of the night. He compares public employee teachers and nurses with ISIS and brags he fought 100,000 demonstrators. Fact is he never showed his face and slithered out of the capital via a tunnel to his awaiting car.
    Did anyone document his $1.8 billion deficit, his delaying paying off $108 million loan he took to balance his last budget, the $1.3 billion he is borrowing for the transportation funding, the $1.9 billion in tax breaks that broke the budget, hacking $127 million from our schools, expanding voucher schools that leave with taxpayer money in the middle of the night, pulling $300 million of funding from the UW system.

  16. Oh and don’t forget our $5 dollar property tax break this year and next. Then there are the two John Doe investigations. With Doe I one, 6 felony convictions of Walker’s top staff, 3 went to prison, stealing $60,00 from a disabled veterans fund, child enticement charges, campaign finance law violations, campaigning on taxpayer’s dime while at work, secret wifi in a closet a few feet from Walker’s office to bypass open records and coordinate activity.
    Doe 2 is a “criminal scheme” to coordinate campaigning with outside PAC organizations, involving Karl Rove. A $1.5 million donation by John Menard, who later got $1.8 million in tax credits and a $700,000 donation by a mining company that re-wrote environmental laws, all documented in e-mails. Walker makes Joe McCarthy, the 1950’s Wisconsin senator look like a choir boy. He has trashed the state of Wisconsin and now wants to work his magic on the whole country.

  17. Don’t forget the statewide referendum that gave the republican majority state supreme court the ability to elect its own lead justice. Funny they never cared for all these decades until John Doe. Money poured in and ads declared it was “undemocratic” to allow the judge with the most tenure to be lead judge. Notice how they used the word democratic to confuse democrats who would probably vote otherwise, especially since the democratic justice (the one who was choked by Prosser) was overwhelmingly reelected. Sadly the Democratic Party of Wisconsin does a poor job with education.

  18. I made sure to watch the local news in NE WI and nobody mentioned the right leaning Marquette poll. You betcha they talk it up when his approval numbers rise. Our piss poor press presents a problem.

  19. We’re not stupid. The press never utters a word against Walker or keeps us informed. Occasional articles in the Milwaukee State Journal might, for mainstream press, but it’s increasing. Also, Walker keeps his mouth shut in WI. His schedule is never announced, his appearances are closed, and he never utters the uber conservative crap like he is doing now. He will say right to work is a distraction then waste no time signing it. He had Act 10 written before he was elected and signed it within weeks, without running on it. He claimed he’d fulfill his term as gov and announced days in. Loads of dark money, he does the bidding of the payers. He pretended to be uninterested in women’s rights yet defunded Planned Parenthood years ago. As a pracher’s son he hasn’t talked religious right. He keeps it hidden, depends on money to elect a right wing legislature and rubberstamps bills at night between fund raising appearances. He was elected driving an old truck with a brown lunch …

  20. Joseph, I detect a tad bit of ignorance in your post.

    You’re confusing “bias” with “truth.”

    If you can’t dispute the facts as they’re laid out, it’s best not to expose your own lack of knowledge.

  21. If WI has a state surgeon genaral, it’s obviously past time
    to prescribe laxatives for his cheese bound citizens. Our
    country might not suffer from more McCarthys or Walk-
    ers if the WI voters didn’t have shi@ backed all the way to their brains.

  22. Walker came up to a town near where I live, Washburn, for a meeting of the local repubs a while back. A bunch of protesters, mostly old people and children, were outside the restaurant. When the repubs were done with their feed, he ran to his car and had the State Police protect him from all those dangerous folks. A man would have gone out and spoken to them, even if he didn’t agree with them, but you get my meaning….

  23. Reading this information, I wonder how the Koch’s can be hurt in any way? When a person like then Koch’s make (I.8 million every hour, (EACH) How can they be hurt????
    They can how ever hurt many millions of ordinary people with their money. They(THINK) they can takeover the gov. with the slimy, rethugs they back. like Walker. It is our JOB to vote and vote against any and all rethugs running for office, If we honor and respect our form of Government.. If we don’t, the Koch’s will win and take over…..

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