Fox News And NY Times Cut Deal With Dishonest Conservative Author For Dirt On Hillary

Hillary Clinton not impressed

Major media outlets, including Fox News and The New York Times, have entered into exclusive agreements with Peter Schweizer to access his book Clinton Cash, and to push its story lines in their coverage of the 2016 presidential race. Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, argues that foreign entities funneled money into The Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favors from the State Department.

Understandably, journalists might be interested in having access to the author’s notes for investigating Hillary Clinton’s dealings. However, given Schweizer’s role as a partisan hack with a history of intellectual dishonesty, Fox News and The New York Times, are demonstrating a lack of journalistic integrity. Apparently they have decided that they are more interested in promoting a compelling story than they are in reporting the truth.

Schweizer is the Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large, and he also worked as a consultant in the George W. Bush White House. In addition, he served as a foreign policy consultant to Sarah Palin, and he was paid over 100,000 dollars as an issue adviser for her ”SarahPAC” Political Action Committee. While these conservative affiliations do not necessarily disqualify his findings from consideration, they do raise concerns about his objectivity as a researcher. Those concerns are compounded by his history of inaccurate research.

In 2006, USA Today had to retract a column Schweizer wrote because he falsely alleged that Al Gore was receiving royalties from a zinc mine on his Tennessee property. In 2013. Time debunked a Schweizer claim that appeared in Politicofalsely claiming that President Barack Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had only met in-person once between March 23, 2010, when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, and November 30, 2013, when it was signed into law. Contrary to Schweizer’s claims, they actually had met at least 18 times during that period.

A longer list of Schweizer’s research errors and published falsehoods has been documented by Eric Hananoki at the left-leaning Media Matters For America site. Schweizer’s long history of promoting lies and half truths about Democrats should raise serious questions about the credibility of his latest book Clinton Cash. 

Despite Schweizer’s history of mangling the truth, the mainstream media seems all too willing to use his distorted hyper-partisan research as a lens by which they look at Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. While it is possible that the book Clinton Cash may contain tidbits of truth somewhere in its pages, Schweizer’s history of spreading lies while trying to pass his work off as objective journalism, should disqualify him from being part of any credible media outlet’s coverage of the Clinton campaign or the 2016 presidential race. However, since FOX News and The New York Times are apparently interested in pushing Schweizer’s dubious narrative, we can probably dispense the notion that either of those organizations are credible sources of news.

26 Replies to “Fox News And NY Times Cut Deal With Dishonest Conservative Author For Dirt On Hillary”

  1. Screw the ny times….pseudo quasi fake azz journalists….faux news….fake progressive democrats and ANY one else of that ILK….!!!!!…they LONG AGO lost any premise of being credible when it pertains to Hillary Clinton IONS AGO…!!!!…so why would this EVEN be a surprise…!!!??????..Run Scared you B%ST&DS for She is going Stampede right over all of you to the White House God Willing….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fox News and The New York Times are demonstrating a lack of journalistic integrity?!?! [WINK]

    She’s a big girl, she can take it.

  3. The thing is that since this prick is a hack who gets off on being an arrogant and dishonest… prick, it should be noted that anything coming from that guy should be taken with a grain of salt.

  4. Hmmm…Wonder if NY Times is in it, just to be nosy, or in it for the lies it may hold. What a screwball alliance.

  5. How tragic to watch the demise of a once great newspaper. First Judith Miller, then Maureen Dowd and Jayson Blair and let’s not forget David Brooks. What was once the beacon of intelligent and fair journalism is now no better than Faux News. Adolph Ochs must be turning in his grave.

  6. I read the whole piece but this was enough for me:
    “In addition, he served as a foreign policy consultant to Sarah Palin.”
    That and the brightfart connection are REALLY enough.

  7. ” Fox News and The New York Times, are demonstrating a lack of journalistic integrity.”

    When did Fox “News” ever have any to start with?

  8. Morning Joe on the ‘liberal’ MSNBC is Hillary bashing for three hours every morning Monday-Friday. It is gong to be a long election.

  9. What do you expect from FOX, it’s just another deal with a disciple of Satan. Integrity and honestly would ignite them into a ball of fire if they went that way. If they are the so-called Righteous Christian, and know God, they should know evil will never win.

  10. It says a great deal that Pox News and the New Jerk Times will engage the services of a man that was rejected by the National Enquirer for being too sensationalistic.

  11. Hell, “Foreign Policy Advisor to Sarah Palin”?? He must be pretty damn STUPID if he gave her advise on foreign policy, She can see Russia from her front porch. “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bull Shit”!!! The Republican Motto!!!

  12. @Michael, BULL$HIT is the mothers milk of the GOP! heres reason no. 1,999,999 WHY republicans trouble me, for ALL these so called republicans who come here but you NEVER hear them tell us WHY they like their candidate! they NEVER tell you ANY legislation passed by them that benefit ANYONE making under 200,000 DOLLARS! they NEVER tell you what their candidate has contributed to society! NEVER , the GOP has NOTHING to offer their ”BORG collective” but HATE, LIES and fake AS$ religion! I have NO respect for the average republican, they play the religious card and totally IGNORE the meaning of the book! hey republicans, actually read the bible and they’ll FINALLY realize that the GOP played you for FOOLS. Maybe god should have told michelle bachmann instead of running for the whitehouse, she’d be running to the BIG HOUSE.

  13. great MINDS?? I Too read Sarah Palin and thought, “That’s enough for me” any one associated with that piece of exaggerated humanity is off, way off…

  14. If I were Joe, I’d keep my mouth shut. He has a lot of dirt in his background. Plenty!! He does not like to be reminded of it either.

  15. Exactly, knight4444. Instead of supporting their misinformation on Democrats, why doesn’t the New York Times and the Washington Post (yes, this paper, too, agreed to support that PoS’s baseless gossip) ask Republicans why they’re running for the highest office in the land? What will they do for the American people and foreign policy?

    Instead, M$M allows Republicans to get away with only bashing Democrats and making sh#t up toward that end without telling us what they intend to do differently,

    That’s probably because they darn well know that Republicans have ONE agenda if they weasel their way into the White House: WAR, WAR, WAR.

  16. People in all walks of life, even politicians, and actresses, actors, etc. should be able to sue these lying story-tellers for defamation of character or just for lying about them. We would then have truth in our news. These bastards will keep on lying about good people just because they can. That needs to be stopped.


  17. How about boycotting them? Don’t buy the papers that have these lies in them. Boycott them permanently, even, until they decide to print only the truth about other people. Sullying one’s character just for money already shows the lack of character of these lackeys.

  18. Really? Exactly what article in the NY Times finally convinced you? certainly you aren’t saying that an article on a political website alleging something about the NY Times would make you stop reading that paper! No one could be THAT gullible, could they. Maybe go check the list of Pulitzer prizes that came out this week and look for ‘politicususa’ on the list…. you won’t find them. Look for the NY Times, however and you’ll see them listed more than once this year alone!

    As for the actual details of the article and the ‘accusation’… the author almost certainly has told the Times that unless they pay him they will not be allowed to run excerpts from the book over a very limited number of words. The Times, understanding that the accusations themselves ARE in fact news, wants to be able to quote longer passages…even if only to debunk those accusations… assuming that the Times will ‘agree’ with the author’s claims is pretty naive.

  19. Albert Schweitzer once described the Peter Schweizers of
    this world when he said “man is a clever animal who be-
    haves like an imbecile”.[WINK]

  20. The upside is the DNC and Hillary know it is coming and should be ready to counter, and even turn baseless allegations into a plus. The unknown however, is how the Piranha feeding press and mainstream media will react – pile on with more drama or try to inform?

  21. Is this how low we have come in politics where personal attacks on candidates are the order of the day? No wonder we have such a plethora of idiots running for office! No one in their right mind would want to put their family through having to wallow through a vat of excrement. It used to be a difference of ideas, policies, and beliefs, but no one included personal attacks, we used to call that dirty politics. Now it appears to be the norm. These politicians and their coaches need to take a step back and sit in the corner until they decide to act like decent human beings and not children. This has gotten way out of hand. Fox “News” should have their FCC license to broadcast revoked! They are not a news network and the sure as heck are not benefiting the public in anyway whatsoever. As far as the NY Times is concerned, they have lost all credibility and I would not shed one tear if they quietly went under.

  22. How can you criticize a man’s book without reading it? The reason Hillary is being attacked by none other than the New York Times and Newsweek is because they have the same facts, too. You are shooting the messenger before you have read his message. I have read two of Schweizer’s books and they are very well documented and have none of the shrill tone you might expect. I’ll be getting my copy from Amazon on day one and then make up my mind.

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