Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Stealing Is From Welfare Recipients To Enrich Banks

Brownback Welfare Reform
It is beyond refute that Republicans have devised some truly cruel means of stealing from taxpayers and the poor to enrich their donors in the corporate world, the wealthy and banking industry. Although there is no shortage of examples of Republicans at the national and state level who find a way, and excuse, to transfer money directly from taxpayers and the poor to their donors, one of the leaders is Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Brownback has successfully tanked the Kansas economy by creating a revenue shortfall with outrageous tax cuts for the rich that has cost the state several credit downgrades, massive education and social service cuts, and on pace for bankruptcy. Now, Brownback’s Republicans have imposed an inordinately cruel measure to steal taxpayer money from welfare recipients and hand it to the banking industry under the guise of putting an end to their blatantly luxurious lifestyles and help them get off welfare and enter Kansas’ non-existent private job market.

It is noteworthy that Brownback touts his ‘social conservative’ (evangelical extremist) bona fides as his finest attribute, but unlike his Jesus, he is stealing from the needy to profit the banking industry in what has to be one of the cruelest tactics Republicans have come up with yet. To be fair, Brownback’s latest ploy is being put in place in several states and it is allegedly to keep welfare recipients, mostly the unemployed, the elderly and children from spending their paltry monthly allotment on luxuries. Brownback and his Republican disciples claim the new restrictions are a clever means of moving poor families from welfare to jobs. However, the evil incarnate in Brownback’s statement is that due to his epic trickle down cockup, Kansas jobs, like the state’s revenue streams, are virtually non-existent.

Kansas’ Draconian measure sets the cash limit welfare recipients can withdraw using a state-issued Electronic Benefit Card (EBC) at $25 per day. Forget that Kansas’ bank ATM’s do not dispense $5 dollar, or $25, bills thus reducing a recipients daily withdrawal limit to $20. According to bankrate.com, the average cash withdrawal fee using an EBC across America is $4.35 that on a $20 withdrawal in Kansas amounts to an over 20 percent levy on the poor; those who can least afford it. Worse, the limit also significantly harms welfare recipients’ spending patterns because regardless what hateful Republicans claim, the primary use of cash spending by the poor is to pay their rent; not exorbitant luxuries that Brownback and Republicans claim is one reason the new limit is necessary.

Kansas’ new law that Republicans claim warrant the $25 limit includes the most exhaustive list of spending curbs in America; this according to Republicans who are proud of their harsh new law. However, the same Republicans admit that they have no idea what kind of, or how many, luxury items and services the poor are spending on with the pittance they receive in assistance; especially in Kansas. Since they are unaware of just what kind of luxury items the poor are purchasing with state aid, Republicans argue it is best to preemptively prevent them from wasting tax dollars by limiting the daily amount of cash they can withdraw. According to advocates for low-income people, the poor spend what little they receive predominately on monthly rent.

According to the director of an advocacy group for low-income people (CLASP), Elizabeth Lower-Basch, the $25 per day limit “will significantly harm welfare recipients’ spending and is really disconnected from the reality of people’s lives. The single biggest expense that people have is rent, and the $25 limit will result in multiple trips to an ATM until the total amount of rent money is withdrawn. They’re just going to have to go every day to get their rent money. Also, no ATM gives you a $25 bill, so the real limit is $20. It’s a mess.” No, the real limit is $16 after subtracting the bank fees for every cash withdrawal with the government-issued social assistance cards. The banks are accruing millions of dollars each year in taxpayer money that is meant to assist those who need it most and banks do not need it at all.

As an example of bank profits at the expense of taxpayer-provided assistance, California welfare recipients spent $19 million on bank fees last year. The fees charged by banks are nothing more than an effective means of shifting public funds from those who need it most to banks according to a report from the California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC). In fact, according to the CRC, an advocacy organization for low-income families, banks in most states charge a minimum of $4 to use an Electronic Benefit Card at an ATM. It is what the report said is basically an extra “tax on the poor because they are charged every time they withdraw funds from the ATM.” So in Kansas’ case, recipients can only withdraw less than $16 daily and as Lower-Basch stated, since “welfare benefits are not very high in the first place, this is just a means for banks to take money out of poor people’s pockets.” It is certainly a fact that is not lost on Sam Brownback and Kansas Republicans who have spent four years taking money from Kansas residents to enrich corporations, banks, and the wealthy; taking money from welfare recipients is just the next logical step for Republicans.

As one expects, a cretin like Brownback does what Republicans and evangelical extremists do best; lied through his teeth about why Republicans imposed a Draconian measure like a daily withdrawal limit on welfare recipients. Brownback said the only purpose of taxing the poorest people in Kansas, effectively slashing the value of what little assistance they get by 20 percent to enrich banks is “to get people off of public assistance and into private-sector employment; we’ve had a lot of success with that.”

Kansas’ job numbers tell a different story and Brownback knows it because just one of the highly-public and adverse effects of his failed trickle down experiment of giving outrageous tax cuts to the rich is that Kansas’ job creation lags the rest of the nation as well as the region. It is likely that besides a new and novel way of transferring taxpayer money intended to help the poor directly to banks, this new harsh and cruel law, and Brownback’s lies defending it, are distractions from the increasingly disastrous state of Kansas’ economy. If the cruel law can hurt the poor and enrich the banks in the process, then it is a distraction other Republican states with economic woes will soon be implementing.

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  1. how do you politicians sleep at night? take away from the less to give to the rich – how low will you go? hope your republican voters are paying attention this time around and vote against you. how sad !!

  2. Laws passed with the “bare intention of harming a politically unpopular group” have been set aside as attaintive before. This appears, plain on its face, to be such a law.

    Meanwhile, the syntax of that headline is Yoda-esque..

  3. If I lived in Kansas I swear I would crush this insect like the bug he is. I didn’t think there was anything nastier or more loathsome in the world than a bedbug but brownback is worse than that, the nasty greedy bloodsucking vermin.

  4. Yoda’s syntax is grammatically correct. It tickled me some years ago to see Yoda quoted in a book on grammar as an example of a form Rarely used in English.

  5. I’ve said before that this bill doesn’t even accomplish what are the ostensible reasons foe its implementation. There’s a long list of what people “can’t spend welfare money on.” What bullshit. They can get cash out of any APPROVED ATM, and spend it wherever they like. I defy you to track “welfare” cash differently than any other cash. The most it does is restrict which machines they can use to draw out their cash. On top of transferring their meager benefits to the banks, this is just another way of “slut-shaming” the poor.

  6. What a shame welfare recipients can’t spend the money on alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets and strip clubs ! Even Clinton saw the benefits of welfare reform. Didn’t complain then did you?

  7. Are you stupid? Did you read the article? How do you suppose these people are supposed to get enough money to pay for necessities that they can’t pay with their card? Suppose the only cash you could get was $20 a day but had to use that to pay your rent. Could you do it? I doubt it. And that’s assuming that you don’t have to pay a bank fee. At $16 a day that’s only $480 a month. How many apartments do you know that rent for that much?

  8. This is what happens when people don’t exercise their right to vote. Thus, one has to assume that the people of Kansas approve of the dismantling of their state by this govenor by putting him back in office. Good job Kansas. Enjoy you next 4 yrs under this idiot.

  9. When you have no conscience and are a sociopath you sleep well at night knowing you are causing suffering while enriching your political donors. I predict brownblech will get his karmic payback someday.

    When things start affecting the middle class there will be a pushback he never expected to happen.

  10. DLW..those people you’re talking about are mostly WHITE! Under or Christian educated, watch Fox News and ARE the alcoholic, drug addicted gambling trash you ignorantly claim are Liberal or Dem. Of course the Goebbels channel will never tell you the truth.

  11. I am not concerned about their race, gender, etc. People who are unable to care for themselves should certainly be provided necessary essentials for a reasonable standard of living. However, expecting taxpayers to pay for alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, etc. is not “stealing” from welfare recipients as most readers of this site concur with in principle. The whole country will have to start being responsible sometime or be destroyed by debt.

  12. With you people its always attack the oor for our problems but never the 1% who contribute nothing and are bigger welfare moochers. You are not only stupid but a flaming hypocrite

  13. Since Clinton Reformed Welfare to motivate the able bodied to work, did you call him stupid? You are blinded by hatred of the right so resort to childish name calling.
    Read both sides of issues and tell yourself what sounds reasonable on the issues rather than parrot leftist talking points 100% of the time-or some people would say you are ignorant and uniformed !

  14. Conservative Suggests Minimum Wage Protesters Should ‘Eat Fewer Meals’

    Contrary to “Entitlement Society” Rhetoric, Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households

    But according to people like DLW only those welfare queens are eating steaks and drinking forty’s with their checks. DLW is a racist

  15. Fool when I answer you ignorant bigots I provide links and facts too show how stupid you are. What have you brought to table but some tired racist Reich wing talking points

  16. You may want to reread my comments. I never said a racist word. Making a straw argument about things I never said to back your hateful comments. You must be a very miserable person. Enjoy your evening, I know I will !

  17. By the way the top 20% of income earners pay almost 84% of the personal income taxes. And I don’t have to do research now on the subject to be aware of that figure. Would you and Obama say that is not their fair share? Can’t wait for your hateful answer.

  18. Bullshit stat. 61% of the people pay the most taxes.
    61 out of 100 U.S. households will break into the top 20% of incomes (roughly $111,000*) for at least 2 consecutive years.

    But that same number is paying less in taxes
    Tax Burden for Most Americans Is Lower Than in the 1980s

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  20. And, let’s for the sake of discussion, assume that they will be spending some money on cigarettes, or alcohol; what right does the government have to dictate how welfare is spent? Does your employer dictate how you distribute your cash? Conservative rail against the intrusion of the state into our personal lives, and yet somehow, if someone is in a position where they need to claim welfare, suddenly it’s appropriate to shape people’s lives according to government priorities. The majority of those receiving welfare of some sort are also working, but, due to wages being frozen or driven down by conservative priorities, are forced to seek government aid. These are people who are trying their damndest to do the right thing by their families and yet somehow, they have to be punished for this? How, in any way shape or form, is this showing even basic human decency, let alone a sense of aiding society…?

  21. DLW is a lame f&&k that don’t know deficit from debt, and most assuredly doesn’t know the difference between income tax and payroll tax.

  22. These Republicans have an insatiable thirst for the well-named “Widow’s Mite”.

    Almost as great a desire for the blood of innocents world wide in their endless hard on for War.

  23. The taxpayers are not “paying for alcohol” by giving welfare to the poor and hungry, any more than they are killing insurgents by paying soldiers’ wages. Taxation is a system where we entrust a portion of our wages to others to distribute to infrastructure, welfare and the necessary expenses of running a society. This misplaced indignation is as inappropriate as if I, who looks after my health, should be paying for obese people’s burden on the health system, or to curse those who have cancer for the same.

    And, even beyond this condescending mentality, what is even more offensive is the implicit belief that somehow those who are reliant upon welfare should not be allowed to enjoy pleasures, such as smoking or drinking that others do. Some of these people lead lives of abject misery and you feel you’re being slighted if they want to snatch a moment of joy? Better make sure they never buy a puppy – they might have some company too. And conservatives talk about Liberal tyrants…

  24. Please explain the correlation between “welfare reform” and making welfare recipients pay 20% to the banks while burdening them with multiple trips to an ATM in order to “save up” for their rent, you odious imbecile.

  25. Conservatism is a mental illness. One of it’s characteristics is oversimplification of reality. That’s why whenever a conservative talks about “welfare recipients” it is ALWAYS in terms of a cartoonish stereotype of a lazy parasitic minority who just wants a free ride.

    That’s why they don’t see how they’re hurting the elderly, disabled and working families, because all they see are the cartoon moochers that live in their heads.

  26. Kansas is in a very sad (and scary) state of affairs thanks to Brownback. I hope the residents wake up in 2016, or they really will wish they weren’t in Kansas any more.

  27. This year’s Federal Budget DEFICIT per CBO is expected to be about $478 Billion. That would bring our Debt to about $18.5 Trillion. Unfunded Liability estimates vary but may be as much as $100 Trillion. But don’t worry that will be someone else’s problem, like our kids and gkids.
    Since I am a small bus owner I pay ALL the taxes so pretty well understand that when I write the checks !
    But I did not build the business I understand Obama and Elizabeth Warren built my business. What BS !!!!!

  28. Dumbass most of that debt is own by us. The US citizens. As far as the deficit is concern most of that is paying the bills you dumbasses who elect republicans refuse to pay. I suggest you use the Google instead of reading fox and briefart

  29. SuperDumbass, The debt is OWED by us not Owned by us. Someone sometime has to pay bonds off ! So you want someone else to pay this off-not surprised.

  30. Well, if you want to talk economics, I’m happy to be your huckleberry since I work in finance; firstly, the cry of debt vs. deficit is a bit of a grey area, since expenditure itself is a fluctuating necessity. Natural events, such as floods or droughts or economic events, such as recessions or large financial shifts, can all effect required spending, and this can neither be predicted nor avoided. Also, any presidency inherits a budget for their first year which they have neither particpated in, agreed to, nor have any control over. There is also a knock-on effect from budget to budget wherein it can take several budget cycles to reduce a deficit, and debt mounts throughout each cycle. Consequently, debt tends to mount. Now, the two ways in which to reduce the deficit, and thus debt, is to either increase revenue (i.e. increase taxes or call in foreign debts) and/or reduce expenditure.

  31. Now, in both of these areas, conservative governments often have a skewed view of what makes for sound fiscal policy. With regards to the reduction of expenditure, the targets for cost-cutting are often areas such as social aid, be it welfare, education or infrastructure; with regards to increasing revenue, conservatives have traditionally struggled with this, since the party line is often based upon the concept that taxation is a necessary evil, but an evil nonethless, and one they are loathe to increase. The downside of this is that you have an ever-decreasing pool of money, as there are only so many cuts you can make, and these cuts directly impact funding for essentials and, by cutting back on social welfare expenditure, there is less money injected back into the economy; likewise, cuts to taxes on higher-income earners is at best partially fed back into the economy due to the extra funds mostly being used for investment rather than disposed of, i.e. spending

  32. I apologise for this synopsis being a gross simplification, but there are limits and trying to delve into the depths of micro and macro economics with a 1,000 character limit is a challenge. Anyhoo, beyond profit/loss generation to manage the deficit, there are other knock-on effects from the choices made; for example, in every state that has raised minimum wage, business and GDP have increased, not decreased, as many conservative pundits would have us believe, again based upon a “cost-cutting is the best way to generate profit” mentality, as opposed to “demand generates profit” one, i.e. reality.

    Other impacts of frugality, can be an increase in social pressures caused by dropping welfare, such as increases in crime and healthcare issues, which again, can cost money from the governments’ coffers. Truth be told, the cost-cutting and trickle down model only degenerates and results in decreased demand, decreased productivity and economic decline.

  33. As opposed to more liberal economic theories, such as Kynes’ theory, which demonstrates how increasing disposable income increases demand, which is where raising minimum wages kicks in, as well as boosting social welfare, since both of these boost the spending power of low-to-middle earners; this injection of money into the economy results in businesses needing to put more staff on to cope with demand, which, in turn boosts the economy in an upward spiral. There are going to be ebbs and flows in any economic model, but one which relies upon a larger number of people to be doing okay, as opposed to one in which a small number do brilliantly, is inherently more stable and less prone to seasonal trends. One day, the right may chnace upon this, but I seriously doubt it and their sponsors will definitely not let it happen.
    Obama has had to strike deals and compromise with the right, but has still managed to grow the economy inspite of their best efforts…

    Here endeth the rant hehe

  34. It’s easy to know what self-appointed spokesmen from the Religious Right want to do. Whatever Jesus Christ would do – they do just the opposite.

  35. Liberals are either idiots thinking that all the world would be rainbows and flowers if only they had their way, have an agenda that will benefit themselves, or are downright insane. You people are like rabid animals that need to be put down before you infect others.

  36. Welfare needs to be reduced to giving out the bare minimum in food, shelter and clothing that someone needs to survive. No luxuries of any kind. It is supposed to be a safety net, not a freaking hammock. What’s more, recipients should be required to work for the money, if able bodied and able minded. On top of that, they should be drug tested. If they can find the money for drugs, they already have found the money for food.

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