Latest Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Crushing The Republican Field By Double Digits


A CNN/ORC poll released on Monday finds Hillary Clinton is still dominating the Republican field in the 2016 presidential race. Clinton leads each hypothetical GOP candidate by a margin of at least 14 percentage points. The telephone poll was conducted between April 16-19, 2015, generating responses from a representative sample of 1,018 adult Americans.

The survey found that Clinton holds a commanding lead over each potential Republican opponent.  The closest match-up is against Florida Senator Marco Rubio. In that race, Clinton leads 55-41 percent. She has a 56-39 advantage over Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. She leads both Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by a 58-39 margin. Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are in even more miserable shape, as each of them trail Hillary Clinton by over 20 percentage points.

The Republican field appears wide open, with no candidate garnering better than 20 percent support. Bush leads the GOP race with 17 percent, followed by Scott Walker at 12 percent, and Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, both at 11 percent. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is dominating the field with 69 percent support. Her nearest Democratic challenger, Vice President Joe Biden, is favored by just 11 percent of potential Democratic primary voters.

Although Hillary Clinton has received a fair amount of negative press coverage in the past couple of months, her candidacy seems to be weathering the storm quite well. Republicans hoping that they have carved into her lopsided lead may find Monday’s poll numbers disheartening. For all their efforts, the GOP doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction in slowing down the Clinton campaign juggernaut.

The Republicans have been chomping at the bit for a chance to win back the White House. However, this new poll suggests that while American voters are ready for Hillary, the Republican candidates certainly are not. Every one of the GOP candidates is getting steamrolled by Clinton in the polls.

The general election is still almost a year and a half away, so the polls may tighten between now and then. But as of April 2015, there isn’t a single Republican candidate who polls competitively against Hillary Clinton. If that dynamic doesn’t change, Hillary Clinton will become America’s first woman president. Not only that, but she would accomplish the feat in convincing fashion, vanquishing her GOP opponent in a historic landslide.

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  1. U.S. pollsters scream and tug hair out of their heads and scream shrilly, “We need to do a better job at making shi’ite up on her! So far, our hit-pieces aren’t catching on, darn it!”

  2. Don’t get too excited over the polls. We still have to actually vote. Democrats seem to have forgotten that in 2014. That and the fact that a lot of the Democrats running for the Senate were running away from the President.

  3. As Rick said, nobody has voted yet! Hillary hasn’t won anything and neither has any other democrat. If we jump up and down and say “she’s won, we don’t have to vote and volunteer.” If we get overconfident I guarantee we’ll be watching as Jan 20, 2017 a repub takes the oath of office and he (no repub women have declared) will appoint 4 supreme court justices and we will go back to 1956. Voter suppression is working, and every federal election gerrymandered districts mean that repubs keep their seats. I can still feel the kick in the gut we took in 2014 and I won’t forget it EVER! I’m going to keep reminding until I see with my own eyes Hillary raising her right hand and taking the oath of office. The repubs want us overconfident because the know that if it comes down to it, Nazi john Roberts will pull another Gore V Bush. WE HAVEN’T WON ANYTHING YET!!!

  4. And tomorrow the GOP will have a poll that they are all beating her by double-digit numbers! Are we having fun yet?

  5. People know they will be getting 2 for the price of 1 with this deal while they get zip, nada, zilch, nothing, with a Republican. Hillary is our next president, get used to it because it will happen. That is why the GOP and our GOP-sucking media is scared shitless of the woman.

  6. She’s pro equal rights for LGBT Americans
    She opposes using “religious freedom” to justify cutting access to healthcare and discrimination
    She understands economic inequality – and wants to fix it
    She thinks anti-vaxxers are stupid
    She supports gun control
    She knows the criminal justice system in this country is broken
    She wants to fix Citizens United
    She supports other women in the climb towards equality
    She supports American Workers
    She’s Pro-Choice

    Seventh GOP investigation finds no criminality or malfeasance – Eighth inquiry is underway

  7. The poll was done by CNN so you know that it has to be the truth. If you believe this garbage I have a bridge for sale in New York city. A toll bridge.

  8. Wow, i knew there were stupid people in this country but you all take the cake… Hillary becomes president this country is GONE…. PERIOD!it doesn’t get as straight forward as that….

  9. I guess that’s why they call you putz


    noun: putz; plural noun: putzes


    a stupid or worthless person.


    vulgar slang
    a penis.




    engage in inconsequential or unproductive activity.

  10. I think it’s time for Hillary & Co to take the show a bit further afield. Iowa will see plenty of her in the next year, but how about Washington, North Carolina, Maine, Missouri and other places? If she’s popular this could just blast the chart off the wall before anybody else can get their wheels to stop spinning in the sand.

  11. Actually CNN/ORC has one of the better track records for accurate polling firms out there grading an (A-) on an A through F scale according to

    Now of course, this poll was taken 18 months before an election, so its predictive value this early is limited. In addition, it appears that they polled adults rather than “registered voters” which potentially skews the results slightly towards favoring Democrats.

    However, given CNN/ORC’s record as one of the more accurate polling firms in the country, the sort of blanket criticism that “its CNN so its a worthless poll” doesn’t conform to the reality that CNN has a better track record than most other polling firms.

    I should add that ironically, what bias CNN polls have showed has been 0.6 percent overestimating the Republican candidate, so if CNN says Hillary is up by 14, she is really ahead by 14.6 :-)

    Link, grading the pollsters…

  12. Billy Moore All I have to ask is why with all the above the law and making up the rules as she go’s along why would you vote for her? A lagit question.

  13. I think we all need to take a deep breath and step back. Yes, this is encouraging news right now, but ANYONE who thinks either candidate is going to win by these kinds of margins is living on a different planet. It has never happened before and it’s not going to now. This is going to be a very close race no matter what.

  14. Fox is the bias reporting and polling and they made a huge mistake about their own polling that Rombey will win.

  15. It’s enough to strike lagitimate fear in the hearts (?) of Republicans everywhere in America.

    I’ll take my victories as they come.

    And I look forwards towards Republicans going apespit in November 2016.

  16. I don’t doubt the results of this poll, but it is flawed. Hillary is the only Dem they compared 7-8 republicans too. If you took all the people who answered for a republican instead of Hillar vs Bush, Hillary vs Rubio, Hillary vs cruz, you may get a different result. It should have been Hillary vs repub

  17. Damn the stupid is out today. They polled Sec Clinton against all 19 of the clown car and she beats all of them

  18. We know who’s going to be in the White House in 2017. The Republicans know it too, but will go through the painful denial and stage their Primaries in order to set up their losing candidate. Their sacrificial lamb, so to speak. ;)
    They are, as someone commented above: Scared shi-t less of this woman! That’s why they are shaking in their boots, but yet throwing mud at her as they run for comfort with the Koch’s and the army of Republican pit bulls who show up on the Sunday shows to bash Hillary too in their defense.

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