Rand Paul Hits A New Low By Begging People On The Internet For Dirt On Hillary Clinton


Rand Paul has been promising a mystery Hillary Clinton scandal that he can’t deliver, so the Kentucky senator is begging his supporters on the Internet to send him their dirt on Clinton.

Politico reported:

Rand Paul is soliciting information regarding the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of contributions from foreign governments in his latest move to cast doubt on the former secretary of state’s candidacy.

“Do you have additional information about the Clinton Foundation accepting foreign contributions?” a page on Paul’s campaign website reads. Users can then enter their first and last names, along with their ZIP code, email address and the information they have. The form shared by Paul on Sunday via Twitter did not appear to include a secure HTTPS protocol.

In his speeches, he has promised some mystery scandal that will destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign. When pressed for details, Paul said nothing. The begging for dirt on Hillary Clinton on his campaign website suggested that he is open to any crazy unsubstantiated right-wing conspiracy theory.

It is impossible to take a presidential candidate seriously who promises a big scandal but has to ask his supporters to dig something up.

Sen. Paul is not hanging all of his hopes on a soon to be released book by a former Bush speechwriting consultant and right-wing media contributor that turns the Clinton Foundation into the new Republican boogeyman that will sink her campaign.

Paul’s quest for dirt on Clinton is not only a sign of the Democratic frontrunner’s strength, but also his own desperation. For a brief time last year, it looked like Rand Paul could be a top-tier Republican presidential candidate, but Paul has been quickly pushed to the second tier behind Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio. Paul is competing with Sen. Ted Cruz and possibly Mike Huckabee to be the candidate that joins the top of the Republican field.

Just like Paul’s attempt to find dirt on Clinton, the Republican attempt to turn the Clinton Foundation into the new Whitewater won’t work. The Republican bag of tricks is quickly emptying, as candidates like Rand Paul are flailing about while trying to stop Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Rand is really afraid of Hillary, They all are. They no they have no viable candidate. So they are asking anyone to help/ That is what he has been working on Bengazi didn’t work so this is next. If Darryl Issa didn’t get anything on her then it is not there to be had. None of these Republicans can ever get anywhere without using tactics less than stellar. Can they never get elected solely due to being the best candidate on their own merit? Wow so pathetic.

  2. I can see it now…

    ‘Come on. Gimme some dirt on Hillary, man! I need anything… hell, make something up! Tell me that Hillary is a crack whore! Tell me that Hillary had cheated on Bill! Tell me something that will help me!’

  3. Lolol..this is too funny!

    GOPT has nothing to run on, zilch, nada, big fat goose egg, except to tear down their opponent.

    Just the immaturity of the GOPT alone makes me laugh…mentality of adolescents.

  4. All the gopers had better think this one through. What about all the millions they’ve accepted coming from off-shore bank accounts? Isn’t that “foreign” money? What about the Asian gambling money? Isn’t that foreign money influence peddling?

    As usual, it’s scandal this and scandal that. The only real scandal is the GOP playing in the cess pool.

  5. I gave you an intelligent response. You bring up shit that happen 50 years ago and now what are thugs doing with civil rights? Hell you are trying to make women second class citizens because ofyour hatred of gay people
    S.C. Says Constitution Allows Discrimination Against Women So Gay Discrimination Is Okay

    The Conservative Fantasy History of Civil Rights

    When Republicans talk about Democrats being the party that opposed civil rights, they never acknowledge that those Democrats who were in opposition became Republicans. There’s a reason the ad narrator’s history lesson ends with the Civil Rights Act. The GOP hasn’t done anything that historic, that meaningful for black Americans since then.

  6. Until the GOP stops accepting money from the Koch brothers they don’t have the right to try to dig dirt up on someone else. Until they stop giving corporate welfare to the rich they need to back off of Hilary. They need to clean up their own backyard before they start digging in someone else’s.

  7. Rand once compared himself to Mr. Smith from the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington movie, and in a way he’s right, because they’re both fictional characters.

  8. Yeah, because a historically LOW turn out by Dems in Mid-Terms means ANYTHING. Amirite? Wait for the big one in 2016; then you WILL see a crushing defeat. Pity it’s going to be the do-nothing Wrong-Wing that’s on the receiving end.

  9. actually… I was just thinking that… if everyone made stuff up that sounds plausible and Clown Boy buys into it and tries to use it then it makes the ‘media’ chase the stories around like they chased the Chipotle ‘story’…

    in the end it reduces his campaigns credibility and makes him look like a bigger ass than he is…


    Hilary euthanizes Bill’s dog in order to save money… uses same knife she waved during the Monica scandal!!!!

  10. Decimation? Don’t make me laugh. They won tight races in mostly red states. You call that decimation? Too funny.

  11. I heard she and other politicians took money from Israeli concerns to help sabotage ongoing US negotiations and foreign policy.

  12. The wrong-wing idiots on Facebook/blogs are using a bad photoshop of hilary’s face on Nick Nolte’s 2002 mug-shot. It’s hilariously pathetic. Somehow, not even this is as desperate as that is :D

  13. Send him the names of the senators that took money from Israeli concerns, then helped them sabotage ongoing US negotiations and foreign policy.

  14. When will these loons realize that the only way to defeat a candidate with ideals is to have better ideas? I strongly believe and hope the american electorate has wised up to this deflective nonsense. The republican party’s desperate attempt at scandalmongering highlights a party devoid of ideas and policies that would benefit all americans wealthy or poor. An expanding middle class benefits all economic classes. It is a shame the GOP refuses to see this and only want to “Be”..i.e..Powerful, President..etc instead of wanting to Do something for the American people. If the GOP is interested if finding dirt, then there are about 47 borderline traitorous senators they could start with!

  15. @DLW

    He wasn’t name-calling. He was stating fact based on your post. Know the difference, Teabagger (the original name you gave yourselves so this isn’t name-calling, either).

  16. 18% turnout is BAD and no cause for celebration, DLW. If you had half a working brain, you’d know that.

    HOWEVER…2016 will be a totally different event. Presidential elections always have a turnout of 60%+, which spells painful defeat for your side – and spells fortune for the United States of America.

    So I ask you, aside from wanting to be traitors to the United States of America by hoping to change it into the Confederate States of America, what else does the Neo-Confederate/Republican Party have to offer these United States? My guess is a big FAT goose-egg. Sods.

  17. Republicans cannot resist showing their a$$ and therefore their really sh!tty side. Let them keep talking. Hopefully all THIS insanity will be gathered up into a reallllly good ad against whomever finally crawls out from under the rock called ‘conservatism’.

  18. Perhaps you can explain something to me, while you’re at it?

    How can a party that lost the popular vote (twice, no less) by millions of votes, wind up with MORE seats in Congress? It’s baffling me…

  19. I love all these righties talking about how everyone is so sick of liberals. Unless you are incredibly wealthy, DLW, you are probably voting against your own interests, and don’t even realize it by voting for Republicans. Study after study has proven that the economy does better under a democratic president. Trickle down economics doesn’t work.

    We’re still digging out from what 8 years of Bush did to us, although we’ve made great headway. I haven’t heard one specific plan from any of the Republican candidates on how they would make things better. All they do is bash Clinton and Obama.

    In the meantime, DLW, enjoy your social security, medicare, perhaps a better than minimum wage job and better healthcare, all compliments of those scumbag liberal democratic politics.

  20. Damnit. Edit is GOPing out. Trying to add a little context to that:

    The wrong-wing idiots on Facebook/blogs are using a bad photoshop of Hilary’s face on Nick Nolte’s 2002 mug-shot – “The picture Hilary’s trying to ban from the internet!! SHARE IT!”.

    It’s hilariously pathetic. Somehow, not even this is as desperate as that is :D

  21. DLW, well as someone who WAS out of this galaxy last November I can say without a doubt that Liberalism was not defeated as you claim. Perhaps YOU are the one who is not in this dimension now. It did take several tries to leave the galaxy and even return as the Improbability Drive can be rather tricky. Fortunately I came back before November of last year so I missed nothing. You on the other hand have missed and lost much, like more than 70% of your marbles. Now…I have given your delusional comment it’s just deserve so don’t even try to say I’ve insulted you or have nothing of substance to offer. YOU offered nothing first, what do expect?

  22. That is what fox told him.

    We should all go to Rand’s “dig up somethin on Hill” website and leave him a “scandal”, if you know what I mean.

  23. No DLW people have not “seen enough Liberalism”!! We NEED to see more Liberalism you arrogant!.follow the logic here please..Liberal=MORE!! MORE Freedom! MORE! Rights! MORE!Equality MORE! and here’s the root word… LIBERTY!!!!!! or Liberte’! Get IT??? Conservative= SMALL!! Small amounts of Freedom! Small amounts or NO Rights! Conservative= to HOLD BACK! To Oppress! How much more plain do you need it!? What it boils down to DLW is that your side is simply so envious and so prideful that joining the rest of us, joining the proper pragmatic side is beyond what your tremendous ego’s and your narrow minds can handle. Just take that first step into a larger saner world,we will be waiting with open minds.

  24. Rand:
    I have some “dirt on Hillary” for you to use.

    It was well hidden, so had to dig…

    I heard that once, only once
    when she was in high school,
    she…got an A-…!

  25. we’ve had enough of the stupid , who don’t read or pay attention

    Reagan advisor on Tea Party Republicans ‘they are really rather stupid and not very well read’

    House Democrats got more votes than House Republicans. Yet Boehner says he’s got a mandate?

    The Senate’s 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans

  26. I don’t agree with your assessment about 2014, DLW… People tend to vote for their incumbants, no matter who. It’s hard to unseat them. I think the GOP are good strategists, they have lots of secret money for commercials, and a practice of CRITICIZING their opponents rather than selling voters on what they SUPPORT.

    Why? Because supporting corporations at the expense of the middle class will only get your CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS… NOT VOTES!

    So 2014 which was ONLY about electing Govs and Congressmen was completely about OBAMA and 2016 will be COMPLETELY about Hillary. This isn’t rocket science. It’s a trend.

  27. the only dirty i can see ion hillary clinton is that she has common sense ansd brains something the reopublicans don’t have

  28. DLW..sorry to burst your conservative bubble, but the GOPT and 2014 was by default. Democrats did not get out and vote. Default, default, not a “win.”

    Furthermore, now that the GOP has a majority, they don’t know how to govern which is obvious to everyone with half a brain. Guess that leaves you out. They have sold their souls to the highest bidders, basically traitors.

    The GOPT has done nothing constructive for the people of this country especially during the last 6 years. They have no constructive ideas…they are just answering to their 1% masters.

  29. He’s scared. When people are in a foot race, a cheater who is afraid of losing will grab the shoulder of the one in front of him and attempt to pull them back or trip them so that he can win. They know they can’t win on their own merits, they know in their hearts they did nothing to earn it. They see the prize and will do anything to attain it.

  30. Still waiting for DLW to define liberalism….ho hum..ho hum…

    I won’t hold my breath, because he cannot defend the statements he makes. He just parrots what the right wing brain washes him with.

    His loss.

  31. Tax, spend, legislate to control, destruction of capitalism that brings the most prosperous country in the history of the world. And wealth can help the poor, needy, sick, etc. Wish I had more time, but contrary to some hateful lefties on this site, I do work. Very interesting day reading the vitriol of the left. Very sad indeed !

  32. Your bullshit was flushed because it had no basis in reality. Now go fellate pat Robertson and jerry fallwell

  33. And what comes out of the right is always so civil and genteel like Ted Nugent calling our President a subhuman mongrel. That is sad vitriol, DLW, not what you’ve read here.

    Question: Although your first sentence doesn’t seem like a complete thought, how has capitalism been destroyed when the stock market is at an all-time high and many corporations are blowing past their earnings expectations?? And not sure what point you’re trying to convey in your second sentence (from your 6:09 pm post). You must be busy watching Fox News and got distracted, but perhaps you can clarify for the rest of us later.

  34. I know I can be an asshole but when those people say to me why so mean I just have to LMAO and say where the f#ck you have been for the past 7 years and before that during Clinton.

  35. FF DLW won’t answer questions. I already tried. He has no thought process..the Fox machine has brain washed him, he can only communicate by parroting..he knows zip about the statements he makes.

  36. Since when did the GOP ever let the truth get in the way of “good” innuendo ?! They just make up stuff, throw it out there and see what sticks.

  37. FF, Didn’t want to leave you out. “US median income has plunged, inequality has grown in Obama recovery” Source WSWS.ORG. Would not be hard to find other sources.
    Probably Bush’s fault. No, it’s Global Warming’s fault ! Let the vitriol begin. Good night.

  38. Why would anybody have to ask for dirt on her when it is already out there and is enough to condemn her as it is.

  39. FF, ..I’m not feeding the Troll DLW anymore..it is a lost cause; just like the right wing is a lost cause.

    Ya think they may be able to learn some facts, but…too much for them to handle, they like right wing fantasies better.

    They vote against their best interests and then want to blame “liberalism,” when they don’t even know what it is..haha!

  40. It’s easy to see on these comments just how prickly Republicans are when their ‘messiah’ is impugned even a little.

    Rand Paul remain Pathetic- full stop.

  41. Forgive me Democratinny, but I can’t resist…

    Nice try DLW, but the “plunging” median income is due to a large increase in retirees over the last decade coupled with a major shift in household demographics. Meaning there are fewer income earners because of retirement and two income earners becoming one income earner per household due to divorce. These factors are contributing to the decline in median income — less people participating per household.

  42. Mr. DLW, what you saw in November was no rejection of liberalism! It was simply historically “normal” routine. Mid-terms have historically gone to the opposing party of whatever President happens to be in office. Perhaps you should do well to check out your facts before making claims such as you did? http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/1094

  43. Blah Blah Blah ! Obama and his liberal economic policies are to blame. If Bush was Pres. and the income #’s were as they are that’s all you would be saying.
    I’m sorry it’s probably Global Warming !

  44. Well, the reason inequality is so bad is that one side is doing everything in their power to make sure the rich get richer while the middle class and the poor, which I assume you are part, take the brunt of these ideas they want to introduce.

    Maybe if you dropped the cherry flavored Kool-Aid and saw what is really happening, then you wouldn’t be so quick on the trigger with the insults and quips about how there was a “complete rejection of Liberalism”

    What there needs to be is a complete rejection of Conservatism.

  45. Didn’t like MY definition of liberalism. How about 3 people together with a collective IQ of room temperature.

  46. Opinions and assholes. Everyone’s got one, but yours, sir, are very hard to separate for the (to use Jesse Helms’
    term) ribrals on this forum. Please seek professional help.

  47. Interesting DLW that you leave out the bills introduced by Republicans to lower benefits, most notably for veterans, and to oppose increases in minimum wages; last month they successfully defended freedom against all those parasites who wanted the minimum wage to be slightly closer to the poverty line – whew!

    I mean, seriously, if the minimum wage gets to the point where they have actual disposable income – I mean, not for essentials like lobster, steak and strip clubs, but for frivolities like childcare and medication – we might actually see some growth that isn’t caused by cutting back on infrastructure and reducing the horrible financial burden on the 1% (1% of course, coincidentally,still being considered by the 1% to be Far Too Much Tax – for them – to pay). So, if you’re looking for a major factor in plunging median income, it’s misplaced hostility toward those who can least afford it and an active opposition to the improvement of actual workers’ opportunities…

  48. Say, DLW –

    Then can you explain to all of us why the 46 Democrats in the Senate – where it’s impossible to GERRYMANDERgot 20.6 MILLION MORE VOTES than the 54 Repubicans in the 114th Congress??

    I think that’s what you would call, in w/e language you struggle with, a “lagit question”.

    Let me write that out for you:

    Democratic Senators got 20,6000,000 MORE VOTES than Repubicans in the 114th Congress.

    Well, of course I have a cite for you:



    FACTS … they have such a LIBERAL bias, don’t you know?

  49. Ohhhh goody…a troll. I bet it believes in the Ten Commandments too. The republican version. [WINK]

  50. First and foremost, our nation was founded by Liberals.

    Second, John F. Kennedy gave the definition of “Liberal”, the word you and the TP/GOPs find so distasteful …

    JFK’s Acceptance Speech of the New York Liberal Party Nomination

    “…if by a “Liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people — their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties — someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a “Liberal,” then I’m proud to say I’m a “Liberal.” September 14, 1960

    The baloney about “being a liberal” began when Senator Dukakis was a presidential candidate years ago. The GOP at the time put a “curse” on the word so that voters were afraid. Typical TP/GOP maneuver, fear and ignorance.

  51. Before you totally condemn Sen Rand Paul over a one-liner information request on his website, please let us know what other major candidate even addresses putting an end to the failed war on drugs, a cruel and pointless war that has now made the USA into (by far) the world’s leading “prison nation”, with a greater percentage of our own citizens behind bars than ANY other nation in the world. And many of our fellow citizens in prison are there only because of non-violent drug crimes (acts which were perfectly legal during much of American history).

    I remember a time not so long ago when US diplomats would strongly criticize nations like the USSR, Communist China and others for jailing so many of their own citizens for non-violent “crimes”, often political crimes. But the USA can hardly say a word about any other nation now, because our once great and freedom-loving nation now rates as the worst of the worst in this sad category. Among all the candidates only Rand Paul seems to ca…

  52. Another one issue voter who has been conned by the neo confederate. If he was so passionate about it where is his legislation to fight it?

  53. OK DLW…let’s take the term “Tax and spend Liberals/Democrats”. What that REALLY means in the REAL world that your side seems to think is so horrible is that…Democrats and Liberals take the tax money and PAY THE FRAKKIN” BILLS” that YOU on the right make! We do the RESPONSIBLE thing for the American people! YOU and the Conservatives STEAL the tax revenue and GIVE it to the Corporations and the CHURCHES!! As far as we “Nasty Liberals”… What do you expect!? Your side demonizes and LIES about every one who doesn’t kiss your ass and we are just supposed to take it and be silent…

  54. Partly because enough people didn’t get up off their fat arses to vote (I did vote, by the way) and partly because the repukes have gerrymandered the House districts so that they simply cannot lose in many places. Take a look at the convoluted maps that have been drawn to make sure that repukes will win.

  55. SAs you blather about liberals and liberalism, you should realize that the terms stem from the Latin word ‘liberalis’ meaning ‘of freedom’ and ‘befitting the free’. So yes, call us liberals, we are proud to be defending the freedom of people to live as human beings, rather than as serfs.

  56. Wow. Must be a slow news cycle. Senator Paul didn’t elaborate because he was referring to a book that hasn’t been released yet. It is by author Peter Schweizer and will be released in a couple of weeks. I’m sure the allegations Senator Paul is referring to will be discussed widely once the book has been released.

  57. I just named the author. The book is called “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich”. We won’t know if the allegations, which is an accurate term at this point (allegation = a claim or assertion), hold water or whether they don’t until we know the specifics in the book. Until then, it’s premature to come to that decision. We’ll just have to wait and see. But, the allegations are unseemly so it will be interesting to see what the specifics are in the book. All I can say is, it would be wise if more Democrats jumped into the race.

  58. The author has been proven to be a liar. You know the red in the article that sane people would click on to? You should try it

  59. Attacking the author’s credibility rather than his book is a very telling strategy. It’s very interesting that Media Matters is already out there attacking the messenger too before the book has even been released. It must contain some pretty devastating information for the damage control police to be moving in so quickly. And interestingly, when Hillary was asked if the information in the book was true, she blew off the reporter and avoided answering the question. Hmmm…. Considering the many times Hillary has been untruthful, it’s funny that Mr. Schweizer’s honesty is being challenged. Makes me even more sure that other Democrats need to declare, and soon.

  60. If the book contains so much devastating information, then why wasn’t the book released before Hillary even announced her run for President? Hmmm….idiot!!

  61. If you will read my prior posts again, I said that we cannot know if what he wrote is factual until the book comes out and we see if he has sources to back it up.

  62. Why would it matter if the book was released before she declared or released the week after she declared? If the book’s allegations are true, and we don’t know at this point whether they are or aren’t, but assuming they are, truth is truth no matter when it is uncovered. I’m sure his publisher, HarperCollins Publishers, determined the release date and likely did so before Hillary ever made her announcement date public. No need for ad hominem attacks, KWolfe. They don’t serve anyone’s argument well. I often wonder if those who do this in posts would talk to someone that way face to face or if they only do it online behind the protection of anonymity. The only reason I say that there must be devastating information in the book is because of the reactions to it before the specifics are even known. I saw on the news today a second reporter ask Hillary if she would address specifically these allegations. She turned around and walked away. Not good.

  63. IF IF IF the books publisher is a right wing outfit own by Rupert Murdoch who owns fox. Damn you people are gullible and fall for the three ring circus. No wonder this nation is on the decline

  64. My goodness, djchefron, you are going to have a stroke. Easy. If there is no evidence to support what is in the book, you have nothing to worry about. Why not just wait a couple of weeks to see what comes of it before getting mad. Of course, this is all politics and we’re very early in the campaign so even if the book is all just a bunch of hooey, be prepared for more to come out about Hillary, because there will be more, true or not. Politics is an ugly business. I’m sure you agree that Hillary must come up with a better way to address the press on this issue than by giving non-responsive answers or simply ignoring their questions. That just makes her appear guilty, whether she is or not. That’s why a new, different Democrat, someone who doesn’t have to expend so much time dealing with allegations of wrongdoing would make a far better candidate.

  65. Look I have been through this rodeo before. The Reich wing who have no policies use the gullible so call liberal media to spread lies. How many times that we had to suffer from the Clintons murdered Vince foster, Whitewater and was President Obama a American citizen. I wont even bring up the lies they sold the stupid about Iraq WMD’s.

    There is a fifth column in this country to bring us down and its name is NEWS corporation run by non Americans. Wake the fuk up and realize.

  66. It was Hillary Clinton supporters who started the rumor about Obama’s citizenship during the 2008 primary. Like I said, politics is a dirty business.

  67. As a student of Darrel Isa and Trey Goudy, Rand Paul has done very well. But the University of Scandals at least for the time being, is short of material. Mr. Paul may have to go back to his mentors and try to invent one and his time is ticking.

  68. Ha, ha, djchefron! There you go again. Attack the messenger rather than accept the message. I’m finding it very interesting to read that several liberals are showing their disdain with Hillary’s current controversy. Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe expressed total disgust over this and the fact that due to Hillary scrubbing her e-mail server, the lack of an e-mail trail makes it hard for anyone to determine whether any influence peddling occurred. Another reporter with the Boston Globe said out of all of Hillary’s controversies, this is the one that has legs. The next several weeks are going to be very interesting.

  69. He doesn’t have to invent one. All he has to do is keep talking about Hillary’s current controversy, along with everyone else.

  70. Mika Brzezinski A liberal? I wish she was and let me tell you something not all liberals are on the Hillary train. I am just saying the man who wrote this book has been proven to be a liar. That’s a fact but then again you still believe there was WMD’S in Iraq and we won the war there

  71. As a Democrat, I’m well aware, djchefron, that all liberals are not on the Hillary train. I want an uncorrupted candidate I don’t have to fear will have their candidacy implode because of skeletons that get yanked out of their closet. Hillary doesn’t fit that bill. Who knows what controversy will be next. Until I heard this book was coming out, I had never heard of the author. But I’m not obsessing over whether or not he “lied” in the past, nor should you. His current book must stand (or fall) on its own merits, and be judged by whether or not it is properly sourced and whether or not the facts in it prove his assertions. If it is a “fluff” piece with nothing to back up his claims, that will readily be apparent. But you should consider that there is a chance the assertions are true, and you should WANT to know the truth about your candidate, whatever that means, good or bad. If it’s bad for Hillary, it’s best to know now while there is time for another candidate to step in.

  72. The trolls appearing on this forum (ie.DLW/melehi et all)
    are more to be pitied than acknowledged. Their com-
    ments reflect just how scared the baggers are of our
    former Sec. of State. Go Hill, go![WINK]

  73. Oh, please. A troll is someone who posts a deliberately provocative message with the intention of causing an argument. I have been polite, have not used any provocative language, and have not used ad hominem attacks with anyone, despite the fact that several people have used derogatory name calling with me. There is no need to get ugly. If you don’t like my comments, simply don’t read them. Easy as that.

  74. BRAVO common sense prevails. I in no way want Hilary for President. For one i know we women tend to make decisions based on emotions. Just like her out burst WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE! People died and if you hold an office then you should be ready to explain your choices. I did not like Rand Paul right off the bat and given this report just tells me why. As a voter i will not just toss my vote for someone just because of party, color, sex. I dont believe in deciding right off the bat. I want to know how they conduct themselves during the campain process. What do they stand on. Do they flip flop depending on who they are speaking to. If that person was a democrate then fine. But as a Christian my beliefs are not represented by democrates. All of us should want the very best person in the WH. and we should watch and listen to all. Not just take sides and support someone just because.

  75. You are really an idiot. I wish dumbasses like you would read her entire statement instead of letting fox pollute what small brain you have. You don’t know what’s it like to be a Christian

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