Editorial Cartoon: The Sopranos


Rick Scott, who refuses to expand Medicaid and thereby denies more than 800,000 a chance for medical insurance, went on Fox News. He proclaimed the Obama Administration was a bully like the Sopranos, and he is going to sue the Federal Government! Scott playing the victim…what a joke.


8 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: The Sopranos”

  1. sue the president – really – the state of florida should have put you in jail for fraud oh and don’t forget the president will be in your face tomorrow when he visits the Everglades and makes his speech on global warming which you have banned talking about. I just love karma.

  2. Well, thats one way to divert attention from the fact that by refusing to expand Medicaid he has left a $1B+ hole in his budget.


    No one is forcing skeletor to expand Medicaid. It was his choice. He knew what would happen if he refused the expansion. His budgets have been planned all around the fact that Medicaid has been covering the poorest of his constituents and the State did not have to come up with this money.

    I feel no sympathy for the man whatsoever. All he has done is bite off his own nose to spite The President. But then what Republican doesn’t.

  3. The federal government should sue the State of FL for refusing to expand medicaid for the 800,000 citizens, and the complete disrespect for the dying Floridians that can’t get medical treatment due to his “because I am your god” attitude, what a complete asshole. He was told last year this whould happen, oh I forgot nobody tells him.

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