While Israelis Terrorize Christians, Evangelicals Accuse Obama Of Persecuting Christ

Jews Persecute Christians
There are a few things Americans have learned over the past couple of years about the evangelical right. Among their many claims is that they are under heavy assault and face persecution because they are not allowed to rule by theocratic edict. The also persist in accusing President Obama, a Christian, of leading a ferocious assault on not only Christianity, but the religion’s namesake Jesus Christ. They have also demonstrated their primary loyalty is to Israel, a nation they claim President Obama hates and throws under the proverbial bus because Benjamin Netanyahu is not allowed to dictate America’s foreign policy. If one believed everything Christian extremists claimed, they are being viciously slaughtered at home and abroad for their religion as well as their devotion to Israel because it is opposed to their shared religious enemy Islam. What the evangelical right never, never ever, talks about is the persecution, barbarism, and hatred targeting Christians at the hands of Israeli Jews in the Holy Land and it leads one to wonder if America’s neo-Christians are using President Obama as a surrogate for the Israelis targeting Christians for persecution.

Recently, the evangelical right’s claim that President Obama persecutes them was due to his historically accurate claim that Christians should temper their hatred and war-rage against the Muslim religion because throughout greatest human atrocities in throughout world history was done in the name of Christ. Specifically President Obama said that as Christians, “We have no right to get on our high horse and think persecution is unique someplace else,” and that “we should remember that people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” The President’s remarks were not well-received by the evangelical right and he incited more rage when he said he was “concerned about less than loving” Christians during the White House Easter breakfast. That was twice in a very brief period of time that the President violated an unspoken American law prohibiting anyone, pundit or politician, from uttering a negative word about American neo-Christianity; even if it is truthful and historically verifiable.

The Christian right attacked the President for “throwing Christ under the bus” and inciting a war against Christians with the same intensity they accuse him of attacking and throwing Israeli Jews under the bus. Their twisted religious logic is that Obama attacks Christians and Israel to prop up the Islamic religion Islam because both groups consider all Muslims a deadly enemy. It is curious then, that a coalition of Muslims and Christians have called on the United Nations and the World Court to intervene and prosecute Israeli Jews for religious hate crimes, persecution, and terrorist attacks on both Christians and Muslims while the evangelical right condemns Obama for not supporting Israel.

Last week, as part of an ongoing assault on Christians and to a lesser degree Muslims, news from Jerusalem was that yet another Christian church was set ablaze by Jews. The terrorists also sprayed graffiti on the building that even Israeli police admitted was “offensive to Jesus Christ.” The secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian Committee in Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites, Hanna Issa, harshly denounced the latest attack and described it as part of ongoing crimes against Islamic and Christian holy sites such as cemeteries, churches, mosques, and religious icons. He said, “These latest rounds of terrorism and savagery are carried out with the blessing of the Israeli government. This attack is just one example of numerous violations aimed at destroying the deeply rooted Arab, Islamic and Christian history of the Holy Land.” Where is the American evangelical outrage and calls for war against Israeli fanatics for committing atrocities toward Christians in the Middle East? They do not exist because doing so would be equating Israeli Jewish extremism with Islamic extremism as well as be regarded as “throwing Israel under the bus.” Apparently to the evangelical right, like America’s hateful neo-Christianity, Israelis can do no wrong.

The very real physical attacks on Christians have been ongoing for at least a decade and likely much longer. But evangelicals are silent while they attack President Obama for leading a “war on Christians” and persecuting them and their Christ by stating historical truths; including that American evangelicals are anything but loving. Obviously the mainstream media is reluctant to report on Israeli persecution of Christians any more than they report on Christians’ less than loving ways because they are terrified of being accused of demeaning any religious devotees unless they are Muslims.

According to Hanna Issa, an International Law expert, burning and attacking holy sites is a violation of Section 53 of the First Geneva Protocol of 1977 which outlaws all attacks against holy sites around the world. Several Christian groups in and around the “Holy Land” have called for intervention by international courts for the ongoing religious hate crimes such as in 2013 when Israeli Jews spray-painted “Jesus is a monkey” and other racist graffiti on the walls of the Church of the Dominion. Last year Israeli fanatics wrote “Death to Christianity,” “Jesus is dead,” and “Mary is a prostitute” on the walls of the Jerusalem Baptist Narkis Congregation Church. Last October a Jerusalem church was torched and a Christian teen was critically injured when a “package bomb exploded in his face.” Police are aware that Jewish terrorists were responsible; especially after a group of angry Jews publicly burned hundreds of New Testaments.

According Israeli newspaper Haaretz, a lawyer for Israeli Christians said “Official persecution of Christians is sharply on the rise in Israel and most involve authorities’ attempt to close down Christian houses of worship, revoke the citizenship of Christians, or refuse to register their children as Israelis. When there are incidents of violence against Christians in Israel, police are reluctant to press charges.” According to Christians seeking assistance from Israeli officials, “the government of Israel maintains a hands-off policy and contends that Christians who witness and are persecuted deserve it and say the government is just as anti-Christian as local magistrates.”

Where is the outrage against Israeli persecution against Christians from America’s holier-than-thou evangelical right? It is focused on President Barack Obama because the only thing more offensive to evangelicals than uttering truth about their hateful version of Christianity is saying an unkind word against Israel. They are certainly not going to criticize Israel’s terrorism toward Christians in the “Holy Land,” particularly when they have a visible African American as surrogate to attack in the White House who has done more to protect Christians, and Israel, than either group deserves.

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  1. Obama is ‘persecuting’ Christ, now?
    Wowzers. Apparently an all powerful God needs the American Evangelicals to protect HIS feelings.

    And all the while Egyptian Copts are killed by Muslims- no comment from the American Evangelicals. Israel attacks Christians in Israel- no comment from the American Evangelicals. ISIS kills African Christians who happen to be black- no comment from the American Evangelicals.

    It’s almost as if the “True” Christians of America don’t give a flying rats arse about their ‘fellow’ persecuted brethren.

    Let us remember- that the Roman Empire didn’t fall until Christianity gained Supreme Executive Power.

  2. Rmuse,
    what paper is that article from? There is no date or anything. And who post images from scans of an actual newspaper?

  3. I hadn’t heard of this before but I Googled Christian persecution in Israel and there are a LOT of articles on what has been happening. Wow, just wow!

    I’ve also noticed some right-wing reactions to this story on my Facebook news feed, they are not taking this too well and it shows just how dogmatic and dangerous the right-wing in America is.

    Things are getting very serious with the right in the U.S.. It’s too late to nip it in the bud, but we sane folks need to get really serious about getting the right-wing out of our government in as large a numbers as is possible.

    The right-wing is a clear-and-present-danger. Beware the enemy within.

  4. This $HIT is so old!!! the GOP just keeps beating this same OLD- TIRED- drum, their Charion call to it’s racist WHITE base is INSANE, Enough ALREADY! you republicans paid YOUR house negro to sing “BARACK THE MAGIC NEGRO” song during the campaign you paid that brain BIT#H sarah palin to pop out like a CUCKOO BIRD calling OBAMA a muslim, socialist, kenyon, communist, caucasian HATING NEGRO, you got your religious FREAKS speculating that he might actually be the ANTI CHRIST, you had limbaugh tell his audience that OBAMA was going to put WHITE FOLKS in FEMA camps, you paid deeply mental ill glenn beck to say “OBAMA has a deep seeded HATRED of white people” Now it’s OBAMA persecuting CHRISTIANS!! DAMN! don’t republicans ever get TIRED? HELL NO! hate NEVER takes a day off, NEVER!

  5. Define ‘official persecution’ in Israel, please. If this is so, how is it then that the ONLY Middle Eastern country in which Christians are safe to worship and otherwise live their lives as they choose–and where the Christian population is actually growing rather than dropping because Christians are being forced to flee elsewhere–is ISRAEL?????
    In NO other country in the Middle East are Christians as safe to live and worship peaceably as in ISRAEL. Don’t take my word for it but check it out yourselves!!

  6. Brian, just because the other ME nations are worse it doesn’t mean that Israel is good. Look up “Present absentees” for example. The Jews have systematically droven 700,000 people from their homes, destroyed 400 villages and confiscated land from hundreds of thousands of gentiles.

    What do you think it means for Israel to be a Jewish nation? It means that they intended from the beginning to kill or drive out everone else.

  7. Excellent response @Sunwyn, but lets be honest, we ALL know @brian isn’t going to fact check ANYTHING! he has his talking points and FACTS to the contrary be DAMNED! @brian, like 99.9999999% of these RW’ers come here not for intelligent debate, they come here saying crazy stuff just to get a reaction! to start a fight! and their game is always the same, say inflammatory, insane nonsense and when ANYONE challenges them, they start CRYING!! @brian before YOU start playing the wounded victim! YOU wanna talk about uncivilized behavior? YOU wanna talk about insulting people, actually try reading that FILTH on ANY conservative site!! go straighten out YOUR KLAN, before trying to critique ANY LIBERAL site!

  8. Fact:

    1 republicans are lying scum of the earth whores.

    2 you can call yourself anything you want but it doesn’t mean it’s true. ( see #1 )

    Since #1 and #2 are correct why do people all of the sudden believe them when they call themselves Christians, knowing everything they do and say is against the religion they highjacked?

    the Bible says: “judge them by their actions” not words.

    Here’s a little hint, real Christians do not hate or wish ill will towards anybody(this includes gays)and could not be a modern politician or lawyer due to the MASSIVE conflict of interest.(or filthy rich for that matter)

    I see supposedly intelligent people choosing to believe the biggest and easiest to disprove lie these idiots have ever told.. this is pathetic and sad.

    more or less the Bible says:
    Treat others how you want to be treated. it sure would be a better world if we all did…

  9. Fact

    #1 republicans are lying scum of the earth whores.

    #2 anyone can claim to be anything they want but doesn’t make it true. (see #1)

    Why do people all of the sudden believe the biggest liars in government when they claim they are Christians, a religion that condemns everything they are,say and stand for?

    Real Christians can not be politicians or lawyers (or filthy rich) due to the MASSIVE conflict of interest.

    *Hint Real Christians do not hate or wish ill will on anyone.(including gays)

    Please stop associating the right wing with Christianity it makes you look foolish for believing their biggest most blatant lie….

  10. Ahh I guess you failed social studies try Iran its even in their constitution to protect Jews and Christians

  11. @Sickofliars, BLESS YOU, you nailed it! the GOP has tried it’s damnest to highjack christianity!! and this is MY mission in life, to expose these frauds!! see my liberal friends, the GOP is using a disgusting HATEFUL form of FAKE teachings, it’s called CALVINISM! and it’s straight from HELL!! it’s just another religious CON GAME!! pitting poor people against the WEALTHY!! the GOP has adopted this SEWAGE into it sick twisted PLATFORM! and unfortunately MANY extremely IGNORANT BLACK people have bought that HATE!! YOU listening allen west? condi rice? ben carson??!

  12. Back. Off.

    Instead of railing us you need to be turning that vitrol on those who claim themselves Christians. If you’ve got a problem with them self-identifying as Christians, take it up with them.

    Someone tells me they are ‘white, 47, married, father of two, Christian, and their name is Bob’, I’m going to assume Bob is a middle aged caucasian Christian male with a family.

  13. I don’t think we should capitalize ‘C’ when referring to these hateful pseudo christians as Christians. They are not!!!! They are ill/misinformed about Jesus Christ and His teachings and words, they depend too much on their false prophets telling them what to think, say and do rather than reading the Bible, esp.the New Testament to learn about the real Jesus.
    I often wonder if these people are actually literate or they are just to lazy to do their own reading/research.

  14. You have to realize that evangelicals hate Catholics just about as much as they hate muslims. They call us ‘devil worshipers’ and idolaters.

  15. Oh Jerusalem!

    For being the center of 3 great world religions, it is also the biggest center of hatred.
    Those religious (Chistians,Islam, Jews) groups are so entrenched in their dogma, can not ever get out and practice the peace they preach.

    Then the local evangelicals, preaching even more narrow minded hatred.

    Let’s keep religion out of this nation’s government. (may Pachamama keep us safe)

  16. The fact that cannot be refuted is: Religion, whether its Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or, other has had the human race warring since the beginning of time. Against each one religion or other and within the Religions. And to this date, many fights and wars have Religion as its root cause.

  17. Yeah I know, they also hate anyone not their brand of Christianity.

    They want to turn America into a Theocracy/Christian Nation, so they try to get all of the other Christians on board. But if they succeeded in their endeavor, the ones who helped them would the first against the wall…

  18. In addition the newspaper headline says “Fundamentals Jews”, where your headline says “Israelis”. Your headline is totally misleading. Nowhere in the article does it mention Fundamentalists Jews only Israelis.

  19. Conservative Catholics don’t know it, but Evangelical extremists are using them. If they get their way and have the “Christian nation” they’re dreaming of, they’ll throw us Catholics under the bus and either outlaw our faith and/or force us to worship their beast.

  20. Just as in the days of Noah. “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”
    Genesis 6:5

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