Now That McConnell Has Proved He’s An Embarrassment, It’s Time To Confirm Loretta Lynch

Loser McConnell

Now that the Republican scam to include anti-abortion language in the Human Trafficking bill has failed, Mitch McConnell also lost his official excuse for pushing Loretta Lynch’s confirmation to the back of the Senate’s bus.  The irony lies in the fact that Republicans chose to hold the leader in the fight against human trafficking hostage for a failed attempt to get anti-abortion language into a bill intended to help survivors of human trafficking.

Perhaps that’s why John McCain admitted Republicans are obstructing Lynch’s nomination, (not to mention the 18 others waiting for a floor vote and the 130 plus nominations that continue to languish in committees) to “get even” with Democrats using the Senate rules to break Republican obstructionism during the previous term.

I told ’em: ‘You jam them through, it’s going to be a long time before I approve of them,'” McCain said, recounting what he told Democrats after they changed the rules in 2013 and confirmed dozens of lifetime judicial appointments and several high-profile Cabinet nominees. “It’s affected me as chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

The only time Republicans suspended their temper tantrum was to confirm Defense Secretary Ash Carter. President Obama nominated Carter on December 5th.  Republicans managed to hold hearings and confirm Carter on February 15.

It has gotten so bad that even Republicans are embarrassed. A few days ago, Jeb Bush echoed similar embarrassment over the behavior of Senate Republicans.

Aside from being embarrassing, this stunt defies all logic.  For as long as Republicans delay confirming Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder remains the Attorney-General.  Moreover, while Republicans whine about perceptions that they are misogynistic racists, obstructing the nomination of the first black woman to become Attorney-General, reinforces that image.  Nothing about this stunt will address the deficits of support Republicans have from women and racial minorities.  The optics are even worse when you consider Lynch’s stellar record of prosecuting human traffickers.

Lynch – according to prosecutors, officials and victims’ advocates familiar with her tenure as US attorney for the eastern district of New York – has a prodigious history of throwing sex traffickers in prison, breaking up prostitution rings, rescuing underage victims forced to work as prostitutes and reuniting mothers held captive by the rings with their long-lost children.

As of this writing, Loretta Lynch has waited for confirmation longer than the seven previous Attorney-Generals combined, as shown in this table by politifact.

Nominee President Nomination received by Senate Confirmed by Senate Days
Eric Holder Obama Jan. 20, 2009 Feb. 2, 2009 13
Michael Mukasey G.W. Bush Sept. 21, 2007 Nov. 8, 2007 17
Alberto Gonzales G.W. Bush Jan. 4, 2005 Feb. 3, 2005 30
John Ashcroft G.W. Bush Jan. 29, 2001 Feb. 1, 2001 3
Janet Reno Clinton Feb. 26, 1993 Mar. 11, 1993 13
William Barr G.H.W. Bush Oct. 25, 1991 Nov. 20, 1991 26
Richard Thornburgh Reagan July 25, 1988 Aug. 11, 1988 17
The total is 119 days.


Republicans don’t have any good reasons to delay Loretta Lynch’s confirmation. During her confirmation hearing way back in January, Republican critics acknowledged that Lynch is eminently qualified to hold the position of Attorney-General by virtue of the fact that they spent most of that hearing attacking Eric Holder.

Even other Republicans like Rudy Giuliani of all people joined with the President to recognize that this scheme is embarrassing to Republicans and reinforces the image of racism and misogyny. McConnell has run out of doomed to fail schemes and pathetic excuses to avoid doing what he should have done months ago.  Give Loretta Lynch a vote.

16 Replies to “Now That McConnell Has Proved He’s An Embarrassment, It’s Time To Confirm Loretta Lynch”

  1. Is there a protocol to remove a speaker of the Senate for dereliction of duties? This man and his cohorts are despicable if not criminal holding our country hostage!

  2. Jackass McConnell. The GOPT is nothing but a rabid bunch of losers. They are making this country sick.

  3. Embarrassment would imply a Conscience. Which has been amply demonstrated by Republicans since the days after Eisenhower, they are sorely lacking any.

    What do you mean NOW? Mitch “Keystone Kop Chief” proved to be an embarrassment as soon as he filibustered legislation he himself introduced- to say the least.

  4. He’s never been much of a senator, worse as majority leader. Term limits should be mandatory. When they become senile, euthanize them.

  5. Republicons continue to prove that they are against the well being of the American people and that they are incapable of governing. When bigotry, hatred, greed and white supremacy is your lifes blood, doing good and practicing fairness and justice for all is not an option.

    America’s Shame: The Republican Party.

  6. Wait, god told ME to fight the GOP with every ounce of my being!! god also told ME, that he’s getting tired of the GOP MOCKING him for political gain! and then “I” had an epiphany! I respectively, humbly ask god, why do you allow the GOP and it’s RACIST BORG collective to use your name with such utter disrespect and he said, FORGIVE THEM, THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. Listen, for YOU RW’er TROLLS that thinks MITCH McTURTLE- ”BOOZER” BOEHNER- PAUL ‘THE FAKE A$S ALTAR BOY RYAN” MICHELLE ”CRAZY EYES” BACHMANN and your other FAKE religious gifters are for REAL, I got it from a reliable source, your time is just about up!!

  7. OK OK I know this is petty but did you catch a gander at MITCH McTURTLE grill?? DAMN!! you’d think with all the bribes that A$SCLOWN gets, he’d at least pay a visit or two, to a DAMN! DENTIST!! My GOD senator! WTF! invest a couple of bucks into getting a TOOTH BRUSH! at first I thought maybe you had GOLD teeth BUT HELL NO, that plaque!! no wonder why you had to get a mail order bride from ASIA.

  8. @Knight..if he’s that cheap, brusing with baking powder once a week does wonders for removing plaque and making ones teeth whiter.

  9. Baking soda with some salt is FAR BETTER than any toothpaste in order to keep the plaque away and keep my teeth white as snow.

    My twice-daily oral hygiene regimen consists of:

    1) Pre-brush whitening rinse with Listerine pre-brush rinse (or a store-brand bottle at our local Stater Bros which is only $2.99 and lasts months);

    2) Dip brush in water and gently flatten face of toothbrush on pre-mixed baking soda and salt. Then brush. Rinse with fresh water – the salt in the mix disinfects and helps against any inflammation, infection, and bleeding wounds from the removal of plaque, as well);

    3) Use ACT, rinsing afterward for two minutes.

    Result? Strong, naturally WHITE teeth.

    I’ve been using this FOR YEARS. My dentist is astounded that I drink coffee and smoke because you can’t see that looking at my smile. :-D

  10. They know what they’re doing. Holder has been pretty hands-off with Wall Street whereas a new AG might not be. Despite what they may say, they want him right where he is for as much of this presidential term as possible. That said, they’re likely upset with his attack on civil forfeiture laws.

  11. You’re an idiot. Bigotry and white supremacy are hallmarks of the Democrat party. It was Democrats that passed the Jim Crow laws, and Republicans that introduced the Civil Rights Act that eliminated them. Learn your history. That being said, McConnell is a scumbag politician who should’ve been tossed years ago. He’s a RINO, not a true republican or conservative.

  12. You’re an anochronism. Everything you’ve said has been completely out of date since the first Nixon administration.

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