Obama Approval Soars: President Is Now More Popular Than Bush and Equal To Reagan


Thanks to a growing economy President Obama’s approval rating has reached its highest level since May of 2013. Obama is now more popular than George W. Bush, and as popular as Ronald Reagan was at the same point in their second terms.

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, the Obama resurgence is being fueled by the growing economy. Fifty-two percent of respondents called the U.S. economy very or somewhat good while 48% said the economy was very or somewhat poor. The President’s approval rating has increased with 18-29-year-olds (57%), women (51%), Democrats (88%), and liberal Democrats (97%).

The news gets even better for Obama when his approval rating is stacked up against the previous three two-term presidents. With the exception of Bill Clinton, President Obama is faring better than or equal to the most recent two-term presidents.

Here is the approval rating for the last four two-term presidents in April of their seventh year in office:

Obama approval rating

CNN provided some context for the Bush, Clinton and Reagan approval ratings:

At this point in his presidency, Bill Clinton held a 60% approval rating following his impeachment trial over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, largely buoyed by a strong economy. George W. Bush posted a 36% approval rating in April 2007, buffeted by the war in Iraq despite mostly positive reviews of the economy.

And the spring of Ronald Reagan’s seventh year in office saw him earning a 48% approval rating from the public, a rating that was just beginning to recover from the Iran-Contra affair and didn’t get any boost from a tepid economic climate.

Many supporters of the President will view his increasing approval numbers as Obama finally getting credit for the economic turnaround after pulling the country back from the brink of a potential depression when he took office, but these numbers could foreshadow a Democratic strong point in 2016. If the economy keeps growing, Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, will be able to run on maintaining and expanding the Obama economy.

Republicans are arguing that a Clinton win would equal an Obama third term, but what if the American people like where the nation is heading under Obama? The Republican attack could backfire and actually make the case for electing Hillary Clinton. President Obama has held Democrats together, and he is on the upswing.

His critics tried their best to destroy him, but President Obama is not only surviving, but he is also growing stronger.

33 Replies to “Obama Approval Soars: President Is Now More Popular Than Bush and Equal To Reagan”

  1. President Obama has great economic numbers, but with being the wealthiest country in the world and 50% of our children are living in poverty, we have a serious problem that cannot be ignored. Here are some things President Obama could do right now without Congressional approval.

    Solution #1: The simple move Obama could make to strengthen the rest of us. You’re working more hours and not getting paid for them. We can fix that — and put more people to work. Here’s how http://www.salon.com/2014/12/26/lets_all_screw_the_1_percent_the_simple_move_obama_could_make_to_strengthen_the_rest_of_us/

    Solution #2: Wall Street Payback: President Obama needs to make The Federal Reserve (The Fed) pay back the trillions given to the banks and Wall Street to the tune of $40,000 per every man, women, and child. 90% of Americans left behind and can no longer survive without help!

  2. Thanks President Obama, for an improved economy despite everything that the Republicans did to thwart such.

  3. Maybe I didn’t get the news right, didn’t the banks pay the government back, for the bail outs? Plus interest? And I just knew GW did the bank bailouts and Prez Obama did the auto industry bailout. Getting kinda’ confused.

  4. Now the clowns in the repug car look even funnier crying
    because our country’s going to “ruin” at the hands of the
    Democrats. First they deny climate change and now it’s
    time to try and deny economy change. Hey Sarah Palin,
    how’s that snarky question about the way hope and change is working go again?

  5. Well @david, if YOU really gave a damn about the number of children in poverty, WHY didn’t you research it for yourself BILLYBOB? let me get this, YOU purposely, WILFULLY jumped on a liberal site, decided to post a comment but magically, mystically DID’nt FIND the answer for yourself ! ok you lazy A$S DOLT, my limited research from the 2012 to 2014 census bureau says it’s around 21%, Feeding the children foundation said 20% that’s in the USA! GOD knows it higher around the world! BTW @david, america is SECOND to LAST to ROMANIA!!

  6. There is a caveat to that figure: The poverty line is actually too low and should be nearly doubled to reflect the true cost of living in the USA. The formula for the poverty line is flawed and hasn’t changed since the 1960’s.

  7. Written by a far left leaning rag. Going off the example of the administration. We’ll just make shit up. The [Snipped for abusive language ]

  8. I’m at a loss as to how we even compare President Obama to a war criminal and the person responsible for the evisceration of the middle class, the weakening of labor unions and the growing abyss of economic inequality.

  9. Thank you, Mr. President! Great numbers! Hillary could do worse than run as a “Third Obama Term.” When POTUS leaves, I foresee a return of the loser Dem party circa Kerry, Dean and the first Hillary run. Let’s hope not!

  10. The GOP is filled with idiots, if we could the American people would elect Obama to a 3rd term..and the GOP knows that. Calling a Hillary win a third term for Obama, is going to backfire BIG for the GOP.

  11. I just hope Democrats boast about the victories for low
    and middle income families instead of shying away like
    the 2014 stupid strategy. We all saw how well that went.

  12. Republican wannabee Presidents don’t have ANYTHING to run on. Except of course, bashing Hillary’s fame and name. And as far as Obama is concerned, they make Shit up, ignore the facts about our economy, health care and world status and just gripe about one thing or the other….nothing positive comes from their think tanks. Hate and doom and gloom comes from that side. WHO WANT’S TO HEAR THAT $HIT!!!!!! ??? Therefore, we don’t want no Republican in charge and in the White House. Oh, If by some stroke of bad luck or God testing us, we get a Republican President….watch for a war within 2 months with Iran or somebody. Watch the economy go dipsy doodah. Watch the country go into a collective funk.

  13. If it comes from Breitfart News, then it must be true!

    PoliticusUSA didn’t do the poll idiot! It’s a CNN poll, that has been reported on by MSM news outlets. Sucks to be you, a-hole!

    P.S., F-off!

  14. My mind is blown by the utter stupidity, and lack of comprehension of conservatards…No, not really.

    It’s a CNN poll, you stupid a-hole! This poll has already been reported on by non-“liberal rag” MSM outlets. You’re the one making up s***! If you want to live in an alternate reality, and read made up s*** by right-wing rags, Breitfart “News” is that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. You and “Stacie” just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you people on the right cannot read, (you would have to have a brain to begin with to comprehend), or don’t believe in actual, proven facts, (the right sees them as lies). How very sad and pathetic the two of you must be in your little faux world.

  16. I am pleased with the President right now and I approve of him at this time. I will also be voting proudly for Hillary Clinton in 2016! Democrats, keep putting your message out there loud and proud!

  17. I remember statistics in college. We learned how to define the result you want and then how to craft the survey accordingly. I appears as if that is what happened here. There is a lot I want to say about what I have read here, but most people here are in denial and just want to read what makes them feel good. I’ve read the numbers, they are not rosey.

  18. Too bad he can’t run another term!!!! He’s doing an awesome job! As we all anticipated now that the Repubs have both House the rise of the gas prices have gone right back up….what else is next?

  19. LOL. What a joke. Look at the groups they used. The only people they are missing are the minorities!!!

    According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, the Obama resurgence is being fueled by the growing economy. Fifty-two percent of respondents called the U.S. economy very or somewhat good while 48% said the economy was very or somewhat poor. The President’s approval rating has increased with 18-29-year-olds (57%), women (51%), Democrats (88%), and liberal Democrats (97%).

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