Senate Democrats Win As Mitch McConnell Caves On Abortion Language In Trafficking Bill


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was dealt another defeat by Senate Democrats as he was forced to abandon his attempt to add expanded anti-abortion language to the human trafficking bill.

The Hill reported:

The agreement calls for funding a domestic trafficking victims’ fund with federal dollars appropriated by Congress and money collected from criminal offenders, preserving the prohibition on federal funds being used to pay for abortion services but not expanding it.


Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), who helped hash out the deal, claimed victory.

“After weeks of stalling on the bipartisan human trafficking bill our Republican colleagues have agreed not to expand the scope of the Hyde language,” he said.

Senate Republicans are trying to sell the agreement on the language as bipartisan governing, but in reality this was a defeat for McConnell. The Senator from Kentucky tried to prove that he could force his agenda down the throat of Democrats, but his power play failed miserably. Democrats never budged. With pressure growing on Senate Republicans to demonstrate that they can govern, they had no choice but to look for a face-saving escape route out of their own mess.

McConnell intentionally picked this fight with Senate Democrats by adding abortion language to the Senate legislation that wasn’t in the House-passed bill. The senator made things worse on himself with the decision to double down by holding a final vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination to be the next attorney general hostage.

The compromise deal is a big win for Senate Democrats. It also proves that the real power in the Senate rests on the Democratic side. Nothing will get done in the Senate without the support of some Democrats.

Mitch McConnell tried to bully Senate Democrats, and the result was a defeat for the increasingly incompetent looking Senate Majority Leader.

32 Replies to “Senate Democrats Win As Mitch McConnell Caves On Abortion Language In Trafficking Bill”

  1. Look, I’m so far left I practically fall out of my chair but why do we have to use language like “Republican’s cave”? The GOP is filled with idiots and Fox News perpetuates their hate with this same type of language. I really wish I didn’t have to see it from my own party.

  2. Women’s reproductive rights are about the whole country. It is not about anyone’s views about abortion. When can we move on?

  3. I agree with you on the moving on part. Wasn’t this issue settled in the last century in the 1970s?? Look if you don’t like abortion that’s fine. Just don’t but in on other peoples health choices. When are these people going to stop wasting time and focus on beating this dead horse??

  4. While your point is taken, the meaning of “caves” could also include:”…forced back into their caves of misogynist hatred, and evil intent…”

  5. Unfortunately, those on the right make it about someone’s views on abortion and they want to force those views on the whole country.

  6. My question: How many people died because the political antics of the Republicans?
    3-13-15: Republican Policies KILL: Republicans save lives of trafficking women and children and then sneak in an illegal amendment that increases the mortality rate of women and children based on anti-abortion propaganda. Petition: Help victims of human trafficking — don’t attack their health care!
    GOP Sneaks Anti-Abortion Language Into Bipartisan Human Trafficking Bill
    Republicans Are Killing Women: US Maternal Death Rate Climbs; Female Deaths Rise In GOP Counties

  7. These Zealots are the same people that are so intent on taking your ability to raise a child by taking away, WIC, Food stamps Medicaid while you try to get an education using Pell Grants, reduced interest rates on student loans etc… I have seen it said on here a couple of times. These people “Love the fetus… hate the child” or words to that effect.
    It is about all the Candidates complete lack of morals when they dos not rescind their endorsement of the radicals in his party who said pregnancy as a result of rape is an ordained by God.”

  8. Until you are a women and take into account if you can afford that baby then STFU. Your dumbass would be the one who would holler I don’t want my tax dollars to support said child

  9. Yeah, why kill only a fetus when, by outlawing abortion, you can kill a living, breathing woman, too? Wipe out cntpeople!

  10. Just so we are all clear, the continuing non-functional Senate Republican’s pretend leader Mitch McConnell added a poison pill abortion clause, totally non-germane to the original already passed House Trafficking Bill, and tried to force it down the Democrat’s throat by blackmailing them with the totally unrelated refusal to nominate Lynch Attorney General. After 5 months McConnell totally failed in his strong arm blackmail attempt and had to back down and agree to finally nominate Lynch and again look petty, small, impotent and stupid. Once again Republican’s formed their now familiar circular firing squad, fortunately they are the gang that can’t shoot straight.

  11. Just the fact that you are debating whether or not you can afford that child should be a warning that maybe you should be avoiding those situations altogether…come on use the brain you were given in a positive way and stop making excuses for yourself

  12. Look people are going to fuk. Always have been always will be. The rich if they don’t want that baby will get an abortion. Always have been always will be. I find it ironic that men want no abortion but will stick their dicks in any hole but then don’t want to support the consequence of their lust

  13. broken record:

    The tea bag/repubs govern by the 5 G’s
    stoaked with FEAR and IGNORANCE

  14. The tea bag/repubs govern by the 5 G’s
    stoaked with FEAR and IGNORANCE

  15. If you can’t afford the baby, does that also mean you can’t afford the birth control so you don’t get pregnant in the first place? And there are always the concepts of self control and responsibility, but alas I am writing to liberals.

  16. The tea bag/repubs are slimy creatures and love to sneak in “riders” like this hoping nobody notices.

    The tea bag/repubs govern by the 5 G’s
    stoaked with FEAR and IGNORANCE

  17. Hope Mitch’s mate fixes his favorite dinner tonight. Freeze dried crickets on crisp lettuce always cheers
    him up after Dems serve crow for lunch.

  18. More die from from the tea bag/repubs cutting food stamps and denying health care.

    You’re NOT PRO-LIFE, you’re PRO-BIRTH and afterward you could care less about it.

    The death toll from blocking Medicaid expansion
    Six of the 10 states with the highest number of estimated deaths are in the South:
    1. Texas (1,840 to 3,035 deaths)
    2. Florida (1,158 to 2,221 deaths)
    4. Georgia (561 to 1,176 deaths)
    5. North Carolina (455 to 1,145 deaths)
    6. Virginia (266 to 987 deaths)
    7. Tennessee (284 to 759 deaths)

  19. don’t you know women are 2nd class citizens who are to obey their men in tea bag land?

    damn uneducated liberal [WINK]

  20. hummmm, why no women in that photo? Old white men, Republican or Democrat, are still old white men. There should have been some women supporting this issue, someone? Or are they off fighting new battles while old white men are taking photos and credit? Oh, bother.

  21. If you don’t want a baby don’t have sex?

    Ok, then why is the so-called “pro-life’ crowd are also:
    A) Anti-birth control.
    B) Anti-anal sex.
    C) Anti-oral sex.
    D) Anti-Homosexual Sex.
    E) Anti-masturbation.
    F) Anti-sex toys.
    G) Anti-Sex Education.

    Any one of which would go a long ways towards reducing any need for an abortion.
    Conclusion- They’re Not Pro-life. They’re Anti-sex, (for others).

  22. Once again I am going to inform an uninformed Christian. Greg Please go your Bible an read these passages.
    Gen 2:7 Then God formed man from the dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils THE BREATHE OF LIFE and Man became a living being.
    Gen 1:30 everything that has the BREATHE OF LIFE
    Job 33:4 AND the BREATHE of the almighty gives me LIFE.
    Now go argue with him if you please!!!

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