Obama Plans To Stress Fighting Climate Change During Earth Day Visit To Florida Everglades



President Barack Obama plans to visit the Florida Everglades on Wednesday to highlight the urgency of tackling climate change. It will be the President’s first trip to the Everglades. The Florida marsh is imperiled by rising ocean levels. In addition, the swamp serves as a symbolic backdrop for Obama to contrast his policies with those of the Republican presidential hopefuls, as two of the most prominent GOP candidates, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, are from Florida.

President Obama plans to highlight his environmental record during his visit. He will discuss his support for Everglades restoration, as well as his efforts to cap carbon pollution. He also plans to emphasize the role our nation’s public lands play in reducing carbon emissions into the earth’s atmosphere.


President Obama is expected to point out that climate change threatens not only the natural beauty of the Everglades but also that it poses a threat to South Florida’s economy that depends on tourist spending. He is also expected to mention that rising sea levels also potentially endanger underground aquifers, which provide drinking water for millions of Florida residents.

The White House maintains that they did not choose to stress climate change at the Everglades to explicitly draw contrasts with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Bush and Rubio intend to roll back environmental protections designed to address climate change as burdensome and unnecessary. While Republicans have sometimes joined with Democrats to give lip service to preserving the Everglades, they have seldom promoted policies consistent with protecting the 1.5 million acre natural area.

Rising sea levels threaten not only the Florida Everglades, but also a number of cities along the Florida coastline. While politicians in the Midwest can perhaps ignore rising sea levels for years to come, Florida Republicans may not be able to enjoy that luxury much longer if their constituent’s homes start sinking into the Atlantic.

President Obama’s visit to the Everglades on Earth Day should serve as a reminder to Americans how critical the issue of climate change has become. Now it is up to the nation to take the action needed to fight it. That fight is not just a fight for the future of the Florida Everglades, but also for the future of Florida’s coastal human settlements as well.

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  1. How is the president going to get to Florida on this trip regarding climate change? Air Force 1, most likely. That’s a bit hypocritical isn’t it?

  2. No. But if he were serious about climate change is it too much to expect the president to set a good example in reducing emissions?

    And I’m not talking only about this trip. What about all of those vacations he’s been taking his family on? Just think of the carbon footprint he alone has left in his wake. But he and Al Gore get a pass, right?

  3. The shifting of the Earth’s poles has already happened a few times in the past and it is likely to happen again. Buried under seas and deserts we have found entire cities that appear to be misplaced in their present environment.
    The weight of the mass above sea level determines the spinning direction of our Planet. Therefore, as the density of the surface on Earth changes it will also change its directional movement and the geographical locations of the poles around which the Earth will turn. Regardless from their locations these two new poles will also freeze (like the old ones) for lack of motion.
    The current global warming in the atmosphere is already diminishing the weight of the icebergs on both poles. That will cause a redistribution of weight above the sea level and will also cause the Planet to spin on a different axis. Eventually the free fall movements will disorient places and environments. It will be like a new beginning for the Life that will survive

  4. This president has not taken nearly as many vacation days as our last president did. And how would you suggest he travel? He doesn’t have a private railway car and driving presents a whole lot of security problems. Hot air balloon, perhaps? Skateboard?

  5. No more so than 435 House Members & 100 Senators toddling home after their gruelling three day work week on those weeks they actually work.

  6. It’s a shame that the only way to get these non-indiginous parasites to leave my state is to sink the damn thing.

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