Obama Outsmarts Republicans With Planned Executive Action To Raise Wages For Millions


President Obama has outsmarted Congressional Republican obstructionists with a planned executive action that will raise the wages of millions of American workers.

Bloomberg reported:

President Barack Obama is preparing to do what the U.S. economic recovery has been slow to accomplish: raise the wages of millions of Americans.

His administration is drafting new rules on who qualifies for overtime compensation, forcing more businesses to pay time-and-a-half after 40 hours of work. Many employees now earning as little as $23,660 a year — below the federal poverty line for a family of four — aren’t entitled to overtime pay because they are considered managers.

Millions of workers in the service sector have been victimized for years by the tactic of being labeled a manager, but not receiving commiserate pay for the position. By not paying managers overtime, corporate giants can keep wages artificially low. With a stroke of President Obama’s pen, millions of workers will be paid for the extra hours that they are currently working for free.

Managers at fast food restaurants like McDonalds and retail stores often work 50-70 hours a week for a salary that leaves them below the federal poverty line. One of the fastest ways to rebuild the middle-class is to make sure that the system is fair, and workers are being paid for the hours that they are working. The executive action won’t apply to all managers, just those who are earning under a defined amount. Some officials at the Department of Labor want the limit to be set at $51,000. Democratic Senators are urging the President to go as high as $56,680.

Republicans are breaking out their widely debunked claims that raising wages kill jobs, but the change will be very popular with workers and provide an immediate boost to the economy. President Obama and his pen are going to make things better for millions of Americans.

If businesses counter Obama’s move by hiring fewer managers, they will play into Democratic hands by feeding the growing movement for higher wages. Either way, businesses will end up paying their workers a more livable wage.

The basic issue behind this executive action is fairness. Workers deserve to be paid either a salary that reflects their hours or compensation for the actual hours that they are working. With one stroke of his pen, President Obama will outsmart his Republican opponents and deliver a victory for millions of workers.

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24 Replies to “Obama Outsmarts Republicans With Planned Executive Action To Raise Wages For Millions”

  1. Like Obama said: The next two years are going to be interesting.

    So folks let’s sit back and watch the good stuff flow. Plus it is satisfying to see Obama push back at Congress and their programmed SAY NO game plan. Failing. Obama running circles around them and getting into the end zone by a “quarterback sneak play”. ;) Catching Mitch McConnel and Boehner off guard is a delight to watch.

  2. commiserate pay

    You got here before me. This site or blog or whatever it is… Well, it’s atrocious is what it is! Do they have no editor? No proof readers? Blows their credibility to hell. And it irks me…

  3. I recommend that the ACA be amended to require that employers pay into a health care account for hourly employees equivalent to around $2.50/hour. This way employees could work for several employers if necessary to obtain sufficient hours to provide funds to buy basic health care insurance on the ACA exchanges. These funds should only be used to purchase health insurance (individual or family policies).

  4. This is why I voted for the guy in the last two elections.

    He actually cares about the little people. He cares about those who are struggling on a daily basis.

    Seeing this action pass will help build the middle class. Isn’t that what we want from our country?

  5. “And there will be much weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth”- as far as Republicans crying their crocodile tears over the EVILS of giving working class Americans a better wage.

  6. I love this President!! I voted for him twice. He is the smartest most sophisticated speaker and I wish he would stay forever. I don’t think anyone can do a better job!! I also love Michelle who is also doing a wonderful job. She is the best first lady and very intelligent and caring for our children and their food choices. Making that garden was a great idea for the kids to see and be a part of it.
    I really hate to see it end. I wish it didn’t have to be.


    Dorothy LeCompte

  7. No, the corporations are not happy about it.
    One of the many Walmart @ LA was closed without any warning or notice to their 500 workers. Yesterday, (around) 500 workers were layed-off without any notice, and no offer to re-hired them @ later date.

    Some had worked there 10-13 years.
    Their families will be greatly affected.

    Closing the store is better than paying fair wages. The store claims to “have plumbing issues”, maybe they are just full of it…

  8. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. They can’t close every store down to discourage unionization, which is why they closed those 5 locations. Do NOT give up Walmart employees, keep demanding a fair wage.

  9. I’m always bugged by stuff like this. Neither one of my parents spoke English as a first language and they taught me the proper use of its vs. it’s, how to form the possessive plural, etc.

  10. AHH!! but think of the fine time we can all have just, thinking of Pres Obama once again beating thugs out of the game…..LOVE IT!!! Thank you Pres. Obama!!!!

  11. I see that some cheap labor GOP/TPers stopped by to vote down the article and some comments. It’s a poor person who doesn’t want to receive the true value of their own labor. If they’re a member of the intended group, they’ll accept the increase in pay, will still trash the president and will vote for GOP/TPers in 2016. If, and I’m going to work so that it doesn’t happen, a GOP/TPer is POTUS in 2017, they can kiss this pay increase goodbye. They complain about every damn thing–wages/salaries, healthcare, education, etc, and still vote for those who have them living from paycheck to paycheck because they’re “conservative,” whatever the hell that means besides being selfish, hateful, fake “c”hristian bastards who are plagued by a poor self-concept that leads them to believe that they and their families don’t deserve better lives but the super-rich do. If they weren’t so ignorant and pitiful, I could truly and sincerely hate them.

  12. Election night 2008 all I had to salute the new president’s
    historic election with was a cheap bottle rocket. Election
    night 2012 I was ready with 22 lbs of heavy duty pyro-
    technics to rock the neighborhood. It was so sweet giving
    all the Romneyites the election news smackdown at 12:15 am on a work night. Thanks Obama.[WINK]

  13. I’ve been waiting for this; I hope they get the new guidelines out soon. They’ve been in the works for over a year now. Too late for my husband, but so many are still stuck with titles of “manager”, working, as the article says, 50+ hours a week and getting NO overtime. My husband worked as a retail manager; decent pay in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Every year starting in about 2003 brought changes in the pay structure that resulted in less money for everybody including the store managers. Managers that used to get 80K were replaced by managers working for 30K and eventually even less. We’d divide what my husband made by the hours worked (not counting the fact that he was “on call” every minute of the day in case the store was robbed or someone didn’t show up for work), and he was generally making less than $10/hour. They finally came through and fired most of the older managers for absurd reasons after making their lives miserable for a few years.

  14. So.. you have no comment about the CONTENT of this article.. or about fair wages/fair working conditions in general?

  15. Regarding employer-shared health insurance, I work for a company with health insurance, of which I contribute $65 a WEEK. That’s in addition to co-pays and deductibles. Unfortunately, the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for anything. That’s considered ‘good’ insurance. This is a loophole that needs to be closed as we work to improve Obamacare and all other health insurance.

  16. The Walmart closings were in retaliation for the workers at those stores protesting for 15 dollars an hour. In total they closed 4 stores and laid off 2200 workers most were offered to look for positions at other stores. Funny thing is the stores were closed according to Walmart for plumbing problems however not one of the stores applied for permits too perform this work. It is illegal to fire workers for protesting and Walmart is avoiding that charge with this phony excuse. Just another reason to never shop at Walmart for a company, est are that the waltons make 1 million an hour

  17. Funny how the Reich Wing gangstas say raising wages will cause job loss, higher prices, yadayadayada…..but those multi-million dollar bonuses for the CEOs & upper management parasites don’t hurt a thing. Yeah….hypocrites.

  18. The President is elected by the American people. There is nothing in the Constitution requiring electors to vote the popular vote of their state. They should be voting for the person who gets the most votes nationwide.

    Otherwise, the electoral college becomes a cabal that can subvert the will of the people as was done in 2000 when Al Gore got more votes that G.W. Bush. That opinion was clearly expressed in the Federalist Papers. SCOTUS failed to follow the intent of the founders. They should have ruled that the person getting the most votes nationwide would be the next president.

  19. We stopped shopping at Walmart over 2 years ago because of their treatment of their workers. We now shop at BJs and Publix and are actually saving money. The Waltons are greedy pigs. They tell their employees to apply for welfare and food stamps rather than paying them a living wage. T-baggers complain about people on welfare when the biggest “welfare queens” are the corporations.

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