Editorial Cartoon: No Baby Carriage

spb150409The Florida Legislature, in it’s most homophobic display of bigotry to date, is preparing to pass a law banning gay couples from adopting. Why, you may ask? You guessed it…it may be against the religious beliefs of the adoption agency.

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  1. But of course there is such a dearth of kids to adopt- what with all of the “Pro-Lifers” adopting so many…


  2. Well, we know that the Gov of Florida and most of the Repub legislature don’t believe in scientists, or scientific studies, so for sure they won’t believe all the studies done in other countries (including mine) that demonstrate that adopted children by gay married parents are equally as well, or better, adjusted than those whose parents are the kind that the homophobes think are the best kind.

  3. Gay couples adoption!
    Why would anyone want children to go to a home where they actually wanted, to be loved by educated parents, who work hard.

    It is so much better when children are left with abusive parents or foster parents who find multiple ways to torture them in their short innocent lives.

  4. Seems that their hatred and fear is boundless. It is people like them that should be banned from adopting any kids to keep them from preaching their fear and hatred.

  5. This is nothing new. I don’t know whether there was already a law forbidding adoption, but gays were always disallowed adoption privileges.

    I believe Rosie O’Donnell left Florida because they refused her petition to adopt a child.

    Another gay couple, caring for 5 disadvantage children, all of whom were HIV infected, petitioned to adopt them. They also were refused because they were gay. In fact by drawing attention to themselves the State was going to take the children away from them. they fled to Oregon and the last I heard, FL was going to start the extradition process. I followed this story for a while and then lost track.

    The reason behind these laws is that the children will be “taught” to be gay. There is no reasoning with bigots.

  6. Of all the inherent faults of the religious and bigoted among us is envy, the Christian Reich are the most envious dark hearted people to breathe. It is the fact that gay couples children are among the most well balanced most well behaved and intelligent of their age groups. The Christian Reich is envious that gay couples and even Atheist couples/people have the best children because those children were not raised in fear and guilt. They were not saddled with emotions and the baggage and guilt of their parents whom were also saddled with guilt right from birth. They are envious that those whom they hate are the better people not realizing that it is that hate that drives the gays and atheists to BE better people and not just preach and then breach.

  7. The children grow up in LOVING CARING TOLERANT homes and the parents and their friends DOTE on them endlessly.

    What is so wrong with this?

  8. the children are taught LOVE and ACCEPTANCE

    Their argument ALWAYS FAILS because how does a child “learn” to be gay if they grow up in a hetro household?

  9. Another point, if the birth mother who CHOOSES to go through with the birth and then wishes to let it be adopted, why would the “christian” nut cases be so restrictive?
    By their ignorant theory, if a single women who CHOOSES to give birth be forced to give up that child since she’s not married to a man? They always harp about a child needs to have a mother and father, or the child will be disfunctional, so what about all those single mothers?

  10. The Prison Industry.

    For if you took the time to research Serial Killers- just about every one of them was raised in a “Religious” Home of differing levels of severity.

    Thus, if a child is raised in a loving and properly disciplined home- they’d be far far less likely of committing crimes and thus not become fodder to keep Privately Run Prison corporations in business.


  11. most of the ones raised in so called “very religious” homes are usually the most screwed up ones

    Your point is so true!

  12. More proof that the gotp religious hypocrites hate children and women and gays and disabled and vets, but they sure love their guns!

  13. They make straight workaholic keeping-up-with the Jones’ couples look like the disinterested, hateful people they are.

  14. The religious right should believe that “it takes a village”, but they dont care about the parentless child, only spreading their hate-filled propaganda.

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