Liberals Bernie Sanders and Al Franken Win As Comcast Drops Time Warner Bid


The liberal senators who stood up in opposition to the Comcast-Time Warner merger scored a major victory as Comcast has pulled out of the planned deal.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) reacted to the news by saying, “The report that Comcast is backing away from its bid to take over Time Warner Cable is good news for American consumers. The level of media consolidation in America already is unacceptable and it would have been extremely dangerous for one company to control 57 percent of the broadband Internet market, 30 percent of the cable market and dominate 19 of the 20 largest U.S metropolitan areas.”

Sen. Franken (D-MN) said, “I’ve been opposed to this deal since it was first announced, and I’m glad that over the last 15 months, more and more people have come to see it the way I do. This transaction would create a telecom behemoth that would lead to higher prices, fewer choices, and even worse service. We need more competition in this space, not less. If reports of the collapse of the deal are true, it would be a huge victory for American consumers.”

Sen. Franken was correct. Getting Comcast to drop their monopolistic Time Warner deal is a great win for consumers, but it was the pressure generated by Senate liberals that turned up the heat on the deal. The power of the liberal movement in this country was flexed in the outrage generated by the potential creation of the largest cable company in the country. Outside of the extreme concentration of wealth at the top, and the staggering disparity in income inequality, the death of the free market is a one of the biggest problems facing the U.S. economy.

The objections of the FCC and the Department of Justice caused Comcast to pull the plug, but it was liberal outrage that started and fueled the fire. Liberals killed a huge deal for two of the biggest corporations in the country.

This is a good day for the left, and a moment that cements that it is the liberal movement in this country who are the real defenders of consumers and free market competition.

9 Replies to “Liberals Bernie Sanders and Al Franken Win As Comcast Drops Time Warner Bid”

  1. Media monopoly is a huge factor in the presstitution of journalism and the consequent helotization of the former middle class. I am glad it has suffered at least a temporary check.

  2. Remember that conservative Republicans are all for corporate consolidations that sell out freedom to an Oligopoly/Monopoly.

  3. See how some good things can happen when libs stick
    together? There are times when I ask why isn’t there an
    anti-tea party with a tv news channel that is the anti-pox
    station to present ultra progressive agendas? Would the
    political climate in America benefit from a more level
    playing field? Ted Turner hires John Fugelsang to run a
    lineup of programs hosted by Stephanie Miller, Bill Mahr,
    James Carvelle(sp?)and other celebs from the left arena.
    Would that be a good thing?

  4. I’m afraid they’re not finished. Comcast and Time Warner have a lot of money and they’ll probably try to get around this defeat by using it! Hope they don’t succeed. Thanks Bernie and Al!

  5. This is a good start. I believe Comcast should be split up into smaller pieces. The big banks also need to be broken up. They are what pushed us into the greatest recession since the Great Depression and yet the Republicans want to kill regulations on them instead of increasing them. We need to take back our Legislative branch of the government from these corporate owned shills.

  6. I agree. Stephanie is my favorite. Free Speech TV is a must see. No sponsors. As soon as I heard Comcast was taking over MSNBC, I posted to them and said it would be Faux all over. That was ages ago and they still have not released my post, but I was right. I wish Keith Olbermann would get back into politics and also Martin Bashir (who were fired when Comcast took over).

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