Republican Nightmares Come True As Customer Satisfaction With Obamacare Skyrockets



Republican nightmares have become reality as a new survey revealed that customer satisfaction with Obamacare has skyrocketed to the where it is now more popular than all other insurance options.

According to a new J.D Power survey, customer satisfaction has jumped 55 points in the last year:


Satisfaction with the Health Insurance Marketplace exchange enrollment process among new enrollees has significantly increased from 2014, and health plans obtained through the Marketplace exchange generate levels of member satisfaction equal to or higher than plans not obtained through the Marketplace exchange, according to the J.D. Power 2015 Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange Shopper and Re-Enrollment (HIX) StudySM released today.


According to the study, enrollment satisfaction among new enrollees has increased by a significant 55 points to 670 (on a 1,000-point scale) from 615 in 2014, when all enrollees were new to the Marketplace. Satisfaction with enrollment among new enrollees is driven by the variety of information available. Among members who re-enrolled, satisfaction with the enrollment processis 731, higher than new enrollees. Satisfaction with the re-enrollment process is higher among those who auto re-enrolled (744) than among those who did not (724).


“Marketplace shoppers are very cost-sensitive,” said Rick Johnson, senior director of the healthcare practice at J.D. Power. “Unlike many traditional health plan members, who are often tied to a single employer benefit offering, Marketplace members have an option to switch plans annually, allowing them to shop for either the most affordable or the most valuable plan. Plan providers need to demonstrate the value of their plan by clearly communicating coverage and benefits. Additionally, auto re-enrollment is a great way to both ease the re-enrollment process and increase member retention.”

The results of this survey shatter the Republican myth that the people who have Obamacare plans hate them. The survey also devastated the Republican idea that Obamacare has made health care more expensive. Most importantly, this survey increased the pressure on Republicans to come with an Obamacare replacement plan that will be as cheap or cheaper for consumers than the plans that are offered on the health insurance exchanges.

Instead of wanted rid of Obamacare, people who have purchased plans are very satisfied. The high level of customer satisfaction means that Republicans will be facing 27 million outraged voters of they every get rid of the health insurance exchanges. These results could also impact the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare subsidies. The swing votes on the court might be reluctant to take away subsidies from a system that has demonstrated its popularity with consumers.

The reason Republicans worked so hard to kill the ACA before it was implemented was their fear that once consumers got a taste of Obamacare, they would never want to let it go. The worst Republican nightmare has always been that Obamacare becomes popular, and the American people would demand more health care.

Obamacare is more dangerous than a government program. The ACA has introduced the idea that every American should have access to affordable health care. Republicans could be setting themselves up for a serious thumping at the ballot box if they continue to insist on repealing Obamacare.

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  1. Nothing new here, when Americans are working and healthy and happy the Reich Wing is upset because their propaganda has failed. They can only have the power they steal with fear and only the fearful give them that power.

  2. I remember when Hillary tried health care reform and bloody bill krystol said then trolls have to kill it because people will love it.

    Hey bloody bill it sucks to be you

  3. Republicans won’t be happy until the poor and sick lay dying in the streets from lack of healthcare and starvation. They don’t care how popular this plan is. They want a feudal system here in the USA. They want the same kind of slave wage labor camps that China has, and won’t be happy until they’ve reached that goal. We must all vote in 2016 to foil their evil plans.

  4. Obviously- these people must be delusional, to think that anything run by a Government that isn’t kissing Rich Man’s arses, can be functional- eh?

  5. As I recall, the President said OCARE would be popular and appreciated once it was implemented.

    We all know it’s not President Obama who wants to hurt the country or the American people.

    Assholes (on the left) who are opposing the President on TPP need to realize that as well.

  6. It continues to baffle me as to why the GOP and their constituents remain up in arms about the US making affordable healthcare available to the people. I’ve never met a person who would say no to affordable health insurance. Prior to the ACA, many people had to stay working at jobs they hated just because of the health insurance benefits.

    Now people have the freedom to leave jobs they hate and change careers, jobs, retire or start a business. With the ACA people now have more freedom & control over their lives.

    The GOP is always talking about freedom, yet freedom is the last thing they want people to have. I hope people remember come election time that it’s the GOP who wants to take their affordable healthcare away.

  7. The ACA’s growing popularity puts the repugs in a very
    awkward position. They’ve been vilifying the reformation
    of an industry that desparately needed fixing and now
    that it’s working well, they look like the self-absorbed
    judas goats that they are.

  8. Can’t be totally certain at this time but . . . . . .
    I love that the GOP derisively labeled it “Obamacare”. The name stuck, it stuck hard and fast. Now in whatever form it survives, the GOP penchant for name calling has created a long term memorial to Mr. Obama even after he is long gone from office.
    A possible analogy would be if the GOP had labeled Social Security “Roosevelt Retirement” and we still referred to it by that name today.

  9. By next November, the GOP will be claiming ownership of the legislation, attempting to change the ACA’s popular moniker to RepubliCare.

  10. a big old dose of facts.
    Failed Prediction #1: Americans won’t enroll in the ACA
    Failed Prediction #2: The ACA won’t meet its enrollment goals
    Failed Prediction #3: Insurers will want no part of the ACA system
    Failed Prediction #4: The economy will suffer terribly because of ‘Obamacare’
    Failed Prediction #5: Even if Americans enrolled, they won’t pay their premiums
    Failed Prediction #6: Even if people pay their premiums, the flawed ACA structure will send premiums soaring
    Failed Prediction #7: The ACA won’t reduce the uninsured rate because it will only help those who already have coverage
    Failed Prediction #8: The ACA will lead to a “net loss” on overall coverage
    Failed Prediction #9: The ACA will lead to higher deficits and a weaker fiscal footing for the nation
    Failed Prediction #10: Americans will end up hating the coverage they receive through the ACA
    That’s a whole lot of fail
    GOP Lawmakers Fought To Keep These People Uninsured. Now They Hav…

  11. The reason Republicans do not like it, is the same reason they were against Medicare. It lowers reimbursement to healthcare providers and makes healthcare more affordable.

    It also requires employers to provide healthcare insurance.

    It also lowers the amount of administrative costs that can be charges by healthcare insurers which impacts a lot of businesses and salaries.

  12. Growing popularity? Per Public Approval of Health Care Law 51.9%. That is a compilation of polls from Reuters, Gallup, Rasmussen, NBC News, Fox News, Pew Research, and CBS News.

    “If you like your plan you can keep your plan”. ha Keep drinking the Cool Aid.

  13. This article is encouraging, though I take nothing for granted as far as the US voting public is concerned.

    But your articles would sound more authoritative if you’d proofread them once in a while; rather clumsy writing.

  14. I don’t have 9000 deduct either

    $250 and any copays I make, go to the deductible as money spent out of my pocket.

    I am very, very pleased with ACA. It has allowed me to have more coverage than I did paying 60% more than the amt I pay now.

    ACA is a success for most people; the ones who did not have insurance before, or were being gauged by prices.

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