Americans Unite Against Bigotry As Support Plunges For Religious Freedom Laws

Religious Freedom Restoration Act Demonstrations

A new CNN/ORC Research poll has found that opposition to religious freedom laws has jumped eight points to fifty-seven percent.

The CNN/ORC Research poll revealed that a strong majority of Americans now believe that businesses should be required to provide services to same-sex couples. The support for allowing businesses to discriminate on the basis of “religious freedom” has fallen from 47% in 2014 to 41% today.

The decline is more dramatic when the CNN poll is compared to other recent polling that was done before Indiana’s religious freedom law educated many Americans to the bigotry behind these bills, The Washington Post reported, “While a Pew Research Center poll conducted in September showed Americans were split on whether businesses with religious objections should be able to refuse service to a gay wedding (with 47 percent in favor), and a January AP-GfK poll showed a clear majority (57 percent) thought they should be able to.”

The polling reveals what can happen when people are exposed to the real purpose of harmless sounding Republican laws. On the surface, a bill to protect religious freedom sounds like an unobjectionable piece of legislation to most Americans.

The true intent of these laws is often hidden behind the language of liberty. In reality, Republican religious freedom laws are designed to give conservatives the power to discriminate.

Once this ugly truth was revealed, support for religious freedom laws plunged. Another piece of the Republican code for bigotry has been exposed, which is why more and more Americans want nothing to do with the GOP’s version of “religious freedom.”

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25 Replies to “Americans Unite Against Bigotry As Support Plunges For Religious Freedom Laws”

  1. God vomits when He thinks on these EvangelicoTalibanicoAssHolios. Gratefully, more and more Americans are retching, as well.

  2. derrick, if there WAS a god the right wing would BE his vomit. And for years ever since the Goebbels Channel has spewed it’s propaganda there have been cries and bellows about a “War on Christians and Christianity or a War on Religion Or a War on Christmas. None of which have ANY merit or proof. But now that the Christian Reich has went too far they now have the war they assumed was being waged on them. If America is to survive WE Secular Americans must win that war against Christian Fascism. They wanted a war! Now let them taste defeat at the hands of truth.

  3. This may be the issue that finally breaks the power of the religious right, as their bigotry becomes more and more obvious, and young people are turning away from something so wrong.

  4. These religious nut cases are scared shitless of the SCOTUS verdict.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white Christian conservatives their hatred of anyone who is different masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back!

  5. Wait a minute….the majority in this country AREN’T Fascist bigots? Huh….fascinating.
    Ya know, I keep on trying to tell everyone this truth: the Fascist and bigoted bastards of the GOP represent the minority of the party and an overall superminority, politically. But, because they also control the political power, money and the media, many people don’t know those truths.

  6. There are no gods, so all this blarney about religious freedom and tolerance is a pile of houie. The clowns want gods so they can gain power, when they float the jesus and god bullshit remind them they can’t prove gods, have never proven gods, and will never prove gods, because they don’t exist. Nothing prevents them from worshipping their gods, so for them to be trying to convert the rest of us, time to tell them to fuck off.

  7. Oh yeah. The majority of repugs are wonderful caring
    souls who live by the eleventh commandment that our
    lord and savior brought them. Most of ’em just love all
    their brothers and sisters like our savior loves us? Or
    did I mistake the point you were making? Using religion
    to advance a hateful cause is precisely the shady tactic
    of morally deprived people.

  8. They demand the freedom to discriminate, all the while screaming that they’re the ones being discriminated against.

    Tis not freedom, tis privilege.

  9. I think the bottom line is the right wing evangelicals just want their country all white, all hetero, and only English speaking, period. Anyone different is their enemy.

    They only use religion as the excuse. They do not want change from decades ago, no moving forward.

    As Darwin said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

    We all know who is NOT adaptable to change.

  10. In my response to this, please keep in mind this is not out of anger. I want to be respectful and ask that you be respectful of me if you reply.

    What I see in some of these posts is a contempt of Christians. This is why we feel, in some ways, there is a “war” in the metaphorical sense. I ask you to talk to your Christian friends about this and get their perspectives.

    The bakery incidents have heightened people’s awareness of what religious freedom means or is supposed to mean. But more than religious freedom, this is about FREEDOM. Just freedom. Freedom does not mean a bakery will make any kind of a cake you want. Freedom means you have countless bakeries from which to choose and find that one that fits your needs. Freedom does not mean a bakery should be forced to make a cake for a gay wedding or be fined for refusing to.


  11. If a gay couple asked a Lutheran Minister to marry them, should he/she be forced to or fined if he/she refused to?

    If an Atheist owned bakery refused to make a cake for a Christian who wanted the verse John 3:16 written on it, should they be forced to? Absolutely not.

    The idea that Christians hate anyone who’s gay or not white is ridiculous. I don’t hate anyone.

  12. AnalogKid:First off, the church is not a business, so it’s clergy is not subject to non-discrimination laws, so that scenario is way off point and has no place here.

    Secondly… So, if a business owner refused to serve you based solely on the fact that you’re a Christian, that’s okay?
    Oh, because that probably wouldn’t happen anyway.

    What if 90% of businesses felt that way?

    What if you were taking your 5 year old daughter to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday party? Would you smile as you walked your sobbing child out the door?

    Where do we draw the line between personal preference and professional duty? Who decides what amount of discrimination is okay? I don’t believe that line should be drawn by the people who wish to do the discriminating.

    The American people are drawing that line. If you open a public business, you are agreeing to serve the public. Period.

  13. For some reason Christians feel that not allowing them to persecute others is persecuting them.When you open a business that serves the public you must serve all the public equally.I cannot open a business and say I don’t agree with the vile things Christians are saying about LGBT therefore I will not serve them because of my beliefs and freedom.
    Funny how that “judge not” bit in the Bible is forgotten so easily.

  14. DanH and Desiree, I’m not talking about business owner turning away a customer just because he/she is gay. Yes, that is discrimination. But if the owner declines to do a job that goes against their personal convictions, that is their choice and their right. As an example, I saw on the news recently that a bakery owner had a regular customer who is gay. But when he wanted her to bake a cake for his wedding, she politely declined (so she said) and was sued.

    Desiree, a privately owned business is not a public business. The owner does have a right to decline jobs. I also think bar owners should be allowed to have smoking in their privately owned business. But the laws say they can’t.

    There is a catch with freedom. We don’t just get what we want from anyone. We get what we want by searching or working for it. If Bakery A doesn’t make what you want, go to Bakery B….problem solved.

  15. I have no war against Christianity or any religion.

    I DO have a war against those who use their religion to discriminate against or in any way harm others.

    I DO have a war against those who claim their religion has any place within our government.

    I DO have a war against those that say our country was founded on and belongs to their religion, any religion.

    And I will never stop fighting until they’ve lost.

  16. So a baker turning down a wedding cake for a gay marriage, because she disagrees with gay marriage, isn’t discriminating against gays? That discriminating against gays is obviously wrong but the above scenario isn’t about the person being gay?

    Please explain to me how making cakes for hetrosexual marriages and not making them for homosexual marriage is not discrimination.

  17. And you are totally cool with blacks having to use a separate bathroom or having to sit behind a restaurant to eat, if allowed in at all, right?

  18. Analog, to me a real Christian (one who tries to live as Christ did) would bake the cake and pray for their fellow brothers and sisters on their journey instead of judge them.

    Furthermore, if I do not believe in killing other people, why do I need to contribute part of my earned money to wars?

    I am sorry, but there is no way to justify being Christian and judging the way OTHERS live their lives.

  19. The whole conservative agenda is based upon their right to discriminate against anyone they don’t like.

    It’s a form of elective despotism. James Madison wrote in Federalist Paper 48, “An ELECTIVE DESPOTISM was not the government we fought for.”

    Alabama’s elective judiciary is likewise a form of elective despotism with Judge Moore being the biggest champion.

    Religious Freedom laws are nothing more than sanctioned elective despotism. And they amount to nothing more than attacks on liberty and hence, the civil rights of others.

    SCOTUS has bought into the doctrine of judicial despotism with its Citizen’s United, Greece NY, Boston domestic terrorists and Hobby Lobby decisions.

  20. Analog, your first sentence says: “I’m not talking about a business owner turning away a customer just because he/she is gay.”

    THAT is precisely and exactly what you’re talking about, and I’m amazed that you can’t see that.

    Here’s the thing about your opinion on “public v. private” businesses: ANY business that opens its doors to sell its products or services to the public is indeed, a “public business.”

    Those roads you use for your business; the police and fire departments you depend on to protect your business — those are paid for with everyone’s tax dollars, not just your own. Gay, straight, black, white, pink, purple or striped like a zebra — it’s ALL of our tax dollars that enable you to make a living.

    You have a very twisted interpretation of our Constitution.

  21. Democratinny wrote: “..there is no way to justify being Christian and judging the way OTHERS live their lives.”

    Actually we ALL judge how others live. Regardless of who they are.

    SarahG, turning a customer away just because he/she is gay is discrimination. But declining to do a particular job is not. If a straight couple wanted a wedding cake for their gay friends and were declined, would that be discrimination of ‘straight couples with gay friends’?

    The bakery owners didn’t say they would not serve gay customers. They just declined to make a cake for a gay wedding.

    Of course, infrastructure like roads and fire departments are paid for by tax dollars. The café, bar, barber shop and bakery on main street are not.

  22. If business owners are forced to provide services they don’t want to do, that is not freedom.

    A lesbian couple in Oregon sued a bakery for $150,000 because the declined to bake a wedding cake. Emotional suffering, they claim. Really?

    All this couple had to do was find another bakery. I would not be surprised if some of those gay couples intentionally sought out Christian-owned bakeries hoping that they would be declined. But publicity and easy money can be quite intoxicating.

    Do a search for Adam Crowder. He went to Muslim-owned bakeries and asked for a gay wedding cake. Some would bake the cake and some declined. Where is the outrage over some Muslim-owned bakeries declining to bake gay wedding cakes?

  23. Exactly!
    And where does this lunacy end? Are we back to not allowing black folks to sit at lunch counters, or help wanted signs in shop windows that state “Irish need not apply’?
    People are such freaking idiots. I thought we got past all this more than 50 years ago.
    America is NOT a theocracy, pure and simple. If you have moral obligations to certain people, than for goodness sake, find a different career.
    And what kind of business owner turns down business?

  24. “I would not be surprised if some of those gay couples intentionally sought out christian-owned bakeries hoping they would be declined. But publicity and easy money can be quite intoxicating”.
    Those 2 lines show us exactly what your moral character is. Disgusting and bigoted.
    To actually think that a person would seek out hatred.
    I will say this till I am blue in the face, America is NOT a theocracy. “Religious” people do not get a free pass with their bigotry.

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