Bobby Jindal Believes Equality Is Radical Corporate Bullying

Although there has been progress throughout America’s history, the idea of equality for every citizen has never completely caught on. Still, equal rights is purported to be one of  America’s defining characteristics and it appeared to be what the Founding Fathers eventually hoped would be the case. Regarding equality and freedom for all Americans, there is a recent prescient quote the Constitution’s framers likely would agree with if they were alive today; “Those who believe in freedom must stick together; if it’s not freedom for all, it’s not freedom at all.” The problem with the statement is the speaker’s definition of freedom, and since it was a recent pronouncement, freedom likely means religious tyranny.

The cretin who wrote those words, Louisiana Governor Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal, not only disagrees with the statement, he has made opposing it one of the top three priorities this year as Louisiana governor. Jindal opposes more than ‘freedom’ is equality, and Piyush is so opposed to equality for all, especially the poor souls stuck in Louisiana with him as governor, that he penned an op-ed in the New York Times defending his concept of freedom; a concept that does not apply to all Americans.

According to Jindal, his religious freedom is so precious to him that he is “holding firm against gay marriage” because he “holds the view that marriage is between one man and one woman. Like many other believers, I will not change my faith-driven view on this matter, even if it becomes a minority opinion.” The most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll out yesterday found that 61 percent of Americans support gay marriage; Piyush’ faith-driven view on the matter is, and has been, a minority opinion for some time. It is not an opinion that is held by most businesses and large corporations Jindal is very angry at.

Jindal’s screed amounted to a solemn vow that he is not going to “bow to the pressure of left-wing activists and large corporations” who actually believe in and support equality for all Americans. In fact, Piyush did not mince words and laid down the law to IBM, Apple, Angie’s List, left-wing radicals, Hollywood, and the media elite he contends are openly hostile to Republican bigots in Louisiana. He said  “A pluralistic and diverse society like ours can exist only if we all tolerate people who disagree with us” and his “clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state” for being intolerant bigots is “Save your breath.”

What has Piyush in a religious huff is, besides the governors of Indiana and Arkansas “cowering and hastily retreating” from righteous religious legislation,  that they backed away from large corporations and left-wing activists he claimed “like to bully elected officials.” Jindal believes the two Republican governors should have stood firm and not backed away from what he contends were “strong protections for religious liberty enshrined in the Bill of Rights.” The Indiana and Arkansas legal discrimination laws were not enshrined in the Bill of Rights or anyplace in the Constitution.

Apparently Jindal is unaware of strong equality protections under the law in the 14th Amendment and defended the Indiana, Arkansas, and now Louisiana’s “legislation as simply allowing an individual or business to claim a right to free exercise of religion” to discriminate, against anyone. Jindal’s interpretation of the Indiana and Arkansas license to discriminate legislation was that “an individual or business has the right to cite religious liberty as a reason for not participating in a same-sex marriage. After all,  that is what Indiana and Arkansas sought to do.” There was nothing in either law that mentioned needing a reason for not participating in same-sex marriage and Piyush knows it.

What Jindal revealed he does not know is that corporations, including very large corporations, are in business to make money; not alienate 61 percent of their prospective customers or their employees who do not cling to ‘faith-driven’ hatred for the LGBT  community. In fact, a letter from IBM warned Jindal “that a pending religious freedom bill would create a hostile environment for the tech company’s employees. IBM vice president James Driesse wrote that “A bill that legally protects discrimination based on same-sex marriage status will create a hostile environment for our current and prospective employees. It is antithetical to our company’s values. IBM will find it much harder to attract talent to Louisiana if this bill is passed and enacted into law.” Driesse asked Jindal to work with the legislature to “ensure this legislation in not discriminatory.” After making significant investments in Louisiana, including a substantial technology services delivery center in Baton Rouge, one might think Jindal would set aside his religion-based bigotry for the sake of jobs in the state; something Piyush is unwilling to do.

Jindal’s op-ed reply to IBM was “that to succeed in advancing freedom, the business community must stand with those fighting for religious liberty. The left-wing ideologues who oppose religious freedom are the same ones who seek to regulate businesses out of existence. The fight against this government-dictating ideology is one fight, not two that conservatives can allow large corporations to rip in half.”  So there it is; the “you’re either with us intolerant bigots or you are our enemy” statement. It exposes Jindal as the religious fanatic he really is and one that large corporations are unafraid of.

Jindal is the worst kind of religious fanatic; one that will cost his state dearly in jobs and business revenue. In fact, Louisiana Senate President John Alario said the legislation that is Jindal’s top priority “puts Louisiana in a light of hatred and bigotry and discrimination.” The executive director of the Forum for Equality, SarahJane Brady saidThis bill permits discrimination against interfaith couples and interracial couples; not just the gay and transgender community.” As Brady noted, “This bill is not about religious freedom — we have that guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions. The bill is a license to discriminate in Louisiana.” The Human Rights Campaign National Field Director stated what Jindal clearly cannot see through religious blinders; “Louisiana families are worried about making enough money to get by, securing a well-paying job, and building a better future for their children.”

It is obvious that Jindal does not believe that “those who believe in freedom must stick together” because his concept of freedom is not freedom for all, it is divisiveness. Like all evangelical fanatics, his interpretation of freedom is religious license to discriminate against  any Americans his kind cannot tolerate and it is what drives inequality in America.  According to Jindal, demanding equality for all Americans is radical and if businesses are involved it is corporate bullying; especially in Louisiana.

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  1. “In fact, Louisiana Senate President John Alario said the legislation that is Jindal’s top priority ‘puts Louisiana in a light of hatred and bigotry and discrimination.’ ”

    Well, it’s been in the light of stupidity and backwardness for a long time now, anyway.

  2. Isn’t this the same Louisiana that has quite a few of its backwards population that believes President Obama was responsible for the poor response to hurricane Katrina? Sounds like a match made in heaven with this ignorant, misogynistic, racist howdy doody of a governor.

  3. Bullying elected officials is apparently only ok when it’s about getting to impose their arse over head interpretation of one mistranslated bible.

  4. This GOP freak needs to remove and hide his Governor “costume” (for a few days) and go travel in his state with “no” security or “official-status” and preach his GOP pig-shit to the KKK and the public. The people could make him their Grand, Grand, Grand, Wizard. Or they could just nail him to a cross and burn him on someones front lawn. Things are so crazy (now a days) its hard to say what might happen to him if he did this. In my opinion.

  5. Once again, self-righteous Christian theocrats attempt to play the role of the poor maligned victim, indignantly wailing (with all of the chutzpah that they can muster):

    “How dare you be intolerant of my homophobic, misogynistic intolerance! How dare you deny me my God-given right to alienate and persecute anyone who does not share my dogmatic religious mores!”

    Bottom line: Christian conservatives continually strive to impose their own religious, dogmatic mores onto the rest of society and then attempt to be perceived as righteous martyrs when their efforts are rebuffed.

    Sorry folks, you are the persecutors in this conflict, not the persecuted.

  6. Nice Tourism Industry You’ve Got There, Mr. Jindal. Shame If Anything Happened to It.

    These are dark times for Louisiana Governor and 2016 GOP White House hopeful Bobby Jindal. Facing a staggering $1.6 billion budget shortfall, Governor Jindal’s popularity is plummeting at home even as he takes his presidential campaign on the road. Making matters worse, low energy prices are leading to layoffs and draining the state treasury as each dollar drop in the price of a barrel of oil costs Louisiana $2 million in lost revenue a year. The situation is so dire that LSU and other public colleges in Louisiana are preparing to file for “academic bankruptcy.”
    Read More

  7. Think that you have a restaurant and all your employees are gay.

    Someone ask for service for a Satanic wedding.

    All your employees are scare to go to the wedding party, and you want nothing to do with this party.

    Law will close your business for discrimination if you do not provide the service.

    What will you do?
    Close your business or force your employees to go to the wedding

  8. First of all, unless catering weddings is part of your offered service, this is not a highly likely occurrence. Secondly, such an event is not likely to require your full staff. Thirdly, you are not required to serve any party whose conduct is actually dangerous,but Satanists tend not to be cited much for public disorder. Last of all, what have you got against devil’s food cake?

  9. Reynardine you say:

    “not a highly likely occurrence.”

    “not likely to require your full staff.”

    “not required to serve any party whose conduct is actually dangerous”


    Thanks for your feedback but I am not that smart.

    Will you say the Satanic Church have the right to sue all business that deny them service or not?


  10. But if I as a businessman wish to stay in business then I’d find a way to serve the Satanic Wedding. If anything else I’d find a Satanic Temp agency.

    Problem solved.

    What my employee’s sexuality is- is irrelevant to my business.

  11. What your little post is about:

    The details: A Christian group received permission to distribute Bibles and other religious materials to their students, leading atheist groups to appeal for an equal opportunity. It wasn’t long before the Satanic community hopped on board as well.

    The Devil, as always, is in the details.

    The Satanists wanted EQUAL ACCESS that Christian Wackjobs had been getting for years.

  12. In most of the western world people like this are standing on soap boxes on street corners clad sackcloth and ashes ,,, in America they are elected to public office

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