Democratic Congressman Proposes Bill To Stop Racist GOP Rep. Steve King From Legislating


Democratic Congressman Jared Polis has had enough of Republican Rep. Steve King’s racism and bigotry. Polis has proposed a new bill that would stop King from legislating.

In a statement, Polis said:

For too long, Steve King has overstepped his constitutionally nonexistent judicial authority. Mr. King has perverted the Constitution to create rights to things such as discrimination, bullying, and disparate treatment. These efforts to enshrine these appalling values as constitutional rights were not envisioned by the voters, or by King’s colleagues who must currently try to restrain his attempts to single-handedly rewrite the nation’s founding principles on a bill-by-bill basis.

I urge the House to bring this bill to the floor. If passed, my bill would preserve the right of millions of voters in all 50 states who would prefer that Steve King refrain from legislating a role for himself in their marriage decisions.

Polis’s legislation is a response to a new bill from King that would strip the courts of all jurisdiction to hear marriage equality cases. Republicans are losing these cases across the country, so King came up with the unconstitutional idea of no longer letting the courts hear the cases.

Rep. King is not well liked by his colleagues in the House. Last year, Speaker of the House John Boehner called King an “asshole.” If Polis’s bill would be brought to the floor for a vote, there is a good chance that it would pass.

24 Replies to “Democratic Congressman Proposes Bill To Stop Racist GOP Rep. Steve King From Legislating”

  1. For once, I’m doing the unthinkable, which is to root for Boehner to bring it to the floor to force King to defend himself and explain his actions. It will also force Scalise to defend King too.

  2. It’s about time GOP Congressmen were held accountable for their vile words and deeds, corrupt bills and policies, their meddling with foreign policies and executive order and their constant disrespect for and the undermining of, President Obama and the Constitution.

    The GOP has created a mood of apathy and cynicism throughout the US as they turn back the clock on civil rights and social progress. Thanks to the GOP and their Lobbyist Supreme Court Justices people in the US no longer trust that justice will be served in the highest court in the land. In the last 30 years, the GOP has caused the quality of life to drop for everyone in the US except the very wealthy.

    It’s beyond about time these congressmen & senators were held accountable for their actions. Rep. Steve King is the perfect place to start!

  3. Get rid of all the republican evil-doers. Im so tired of these blatant racists trying to instill their fucked up views on us, while calling their hateful bigoted policies “constitutional”. I hate to inform them, Obama was a Constitutional Professor, way more educated than them.

    Deport King to El Salvador or something.

  4. If I thought that would happen, I would do the happy Dance! But there are too many in the house like him! Clean the house! Go vote!

  5. Well King wants to be the THE KING BIGOT.
    He’s scared shitless his once bigoted world is closing in on him FAST.

    Kudos to democratic congressman Jared Polis from Colorado to help stop the stupid.

  6. If we didn’t gerrymander our districts, King and politicians like him would never stay in office beyond one term.

    We have to stop gerrymandering.

  7. I disagree… if we stopped gerrymandering then assholes like Steve King would never be elected in the first place…

    on the other hand I guess making a district where the majority is intellectually and cognitively challenged does allow for their equal representation…

  8. For those not from Colorado or familiar with Rep. Polis, ” “Jared Polis Announces Birth Of Son, Becoming First Openly Gay Parent In Congress”.

    How great to see Polis call out King like this. You go, Jared!!

  9. Well, the GOP nitwits in Rep. King’s district could have taken care of it for us if they hadn’t re-elected the Fascist bastard.

  10. The fascinating part- Representative King is apparently representing his base.

    Which is very chilling when you think about it.

    3 cheers for a Democrat with not only a spine but with creativity!

  11. I was about to make a similar comment, Sally.

    Could it be something in their air or water? Voter suppression? I’ve always said that the gop can’t win if they don’t cheat. I’d like to see an all out investigation into this.

    This could save our country which is on a free fall into devastation.

  12. He and his hateful, angry, ignorant and bigoted ideals appeal to his hateful, angry, ignorant and bigoted electorate.

  13. I live in Iowa (but out of Kings district) and I can’t, for the life of me, understand how this terd keeps getting re-elected.

  14. MY district in FL is gerrymandered. I have one, and only one representative in the HOUSE. Rooney, who is a member of the TeaParty. I told him in a letter that not only does he represent the rest of the dummies in my district, he also is supposed to represent me, and MY interests. I got no response to that, and TP rhetoric about everything else, like conservation, fracking, drilling, etc.

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