Job Killing GOP Governors Have Resumes That Should Disqualify Them From Being President


Three sitting Republican Governors interested in seeking a promotion to become U.S. President, represent states that have posted well-below average job growth over the past four years. From 2011 to 2015, the United States experienced 8.21 percent job growth. The states governed by Republican presidential hopefuls Scott Walker (WI), Bobby Jindal (LA), and Chris Christie (NJ), saw much lower rates of job growth over the same time period.

Using figures provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from January 2011 to January 2015, Paul Rosenburg at Salonnoted that Wisconsin, Louisiana, and New Jersey, all experienced very sluggish job growth during the four-year period.

From January 2011 to January 2015, Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana ranked 32nd out of the 50 states for job growth, with 5.4 percent growth. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin ranked 35th with just 4.85 percent growth. Chris Christie’s New Jersey was even more pathetic, ranking 40th, with a mere 4.15 percent increase in jobs over the four-year interval.

Governor Christie can at least try to argue that his failure is a bipartisan mess since Democrats control the New Jersey legislature. Governor Walker and Governor Jindal have no opposition party to share the blame since Republicans control both houses of the legislature in Wisconsin and Louisiana.

Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Bobby Jindal like to talk about job creation, and they never miss an opportunity to criticize President Obama’s handling of the U.S. economy. However, given that each of these three men governed states that could only dream of matching the U.S. economy’s 8.21 percent job growth rate in the last four years, their criticisms of Obama ring hollow.

Based on the dismal job growth in Louisiana, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, Republican Governors have been job killers rather than job creators when measured against other states, and against the national economy. Serving as chief executive of a state should be a resume boost for politicians seeking the White House. However, if the Governors failed to encourage job growth but instead hindered it, then their poor performance should be a disqualifying strike on their presidential resume.

Governors Walker, Christie, and Jindal have demonstrated that they are job killers, not job creators. None of them should be given a chance to do to America what they did to their home states.

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  1. so much for the Republican theory that having executive experience dealing with state budgets and state departments is the kind of experience needed to be President…

    and before you let Lard Boy off the hook because he has a Democratically controlled legislature… don’t forget that he unilaterally cancelled the joint tunnel project between NY and NJ… that project would’ve created a bunch of construction work…


  3. Republicans, are experts at sucking the life from society. And actually think they haven’t done anything wrong with the lies and BS that they spew on the public daily.


    They can’t even process INCOME TAX REFUNDS.

    Instead of ‘Thanks Obama’, it should be…


  5. If you had happened to spell “résumés” correctly, I might have given this piece credence. Accents are there for a reason.

  6. We have a “Poverty Crisis” because for 40 years our elected leaders have been raining money on the rich, corporations and Wall Street.
    1. Record number of long term unemployment (93 million)
    2.Record number on food stamps (47 million)
    3. Lowest home ownership since 1994!
    4. Record high debt (18.4 million) up 45%
    5. Record high rents $788. Per month
    6.Record number 18-34 yr. old living with parents, up 60%.
    7. Medium income for18-34 yr. olds fallen 22%.
    8. Record high student debt (1 trillion)
    9. Record high black unemployment 12%
    10. Record high poverty level (16.5%)
    New Data Says 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, With 80% of the Total Population Near Poverty
    The Shrinking Middle Class, Mapped State by State

  7. Interestingly enough, the very reasons you quote as reasons to disqualify them to President are the very reasons so many Republican Throwbacks are tumescent for them.

  8. New Jersey has one of the worst tax codes of all the states, and especially high property taxes which disproportionately hurt working families. Wisconsin should have been booming during the period the US enjoyed a weak dollar helping it’s manufacturing base economy.

    Louisiana should have really been humming along due to high oil prices, so Jindal has zero excuse.

  9. Chances are one of these GOP Governors or ex-Governors will prevail in the GOP primary sideshow. Nobody from the GOP side of the aisle in the Senate has become President for a looooong time. Idiots like Cruz and Santorum aren keeping that streak alive. The rest of the rabble like Cain and Carson, the Grifter and The Combover are vanity candidates and will disappear when they have to start spending their own money. I like a quinella on the GOP Gov’s in the primary.

  10. Given that “job killing governor” is seemingly a prerequisite to run for President, I’m surprised that Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas is not the front-runner.

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