Republicans Could Be Toast In 2016 If Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare Subsidies

Congressional Republicans are starting to see the writing on the wall. If the Supreme Court rules against ACA subsidies, they could face a massive voter backlash in 2016.

The Hill reported:

Congressional Republicans are locked in a debate about whether to temporarily keep in place the ObamaCare subsidies that are at risk of being struck down at the Supreme Court.


The stakes are high, as a ruling against the healthcare law could strip federal aid from an estimated 7.5 million people ahead of the 2016 elections, with red states hit particularly hard.


A new proposal put forward this week by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who is up for reelection in 2016, would allow people to keep their ObamaCare plans and subsidies until 2017, when the party hopes a Republican president will able to enact more sweeping changes from the White House.

In other words, there is a segment within the Republican Party who realized that getting rid of the ACA subsidies could mean a big backlash from millions of red state voters who depend on the subsidies for affordable health insurance.

Faced with the prospect of facing a likely Democratic nominee with more red state appeal that President Obama, Republicans should be worried.

Senate Republicans from states that vote Democratic in presidential elections, but have Republican governors who did not set up their own exchanges, should be terrified.

Ironically, the same Republican effort at the state level to resist participating in Obamacare could come back to haunt Republicans in 2016.

With satisfaction with Obamacare skyrocketing, the Supreme Court could put Democrats on a path to victory in 2016 if they give Republicans what they have long claimed to want.

The same hatred of the ACA that has fueled their campaigns for years is also sowing the seeds for Republican defeat and destruction.

22 Replies to “Republicans Could Be Toast In 2016 If Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare Subsidies”

  1. The Republicans may have screwed the pooch on this one.

    The red states that accepted the Medicaid expansion are depending on the subsidies to fill out their budget by not having to provide those funds from their state’s general funds. If the ruling goes against ACA, those subsidies will go out the window leaving the states with big holes in their budget and their citizens without any medical coverage at all.

    Skeletor, of Florida, found that out the hard way. He has known, since last May, that if he didn’t accept the ACA Medicaid expansion, he would lose Federal funding for it. Well he didn’t and the Feds (CMS) have told him no more funding. Now he is screaming, stomping his feet and threatening to sue the Feds because he has a huge hole in his budget and no way to cover it.

    If SCOTUS finds against the subsidies, there is no one to blame except the Republicans and their hatred for the President.

  2. What a tangled web they weave, when at first they chose to deceive. They lied about what the ACA was and would do and got their base worked up and now their base is experiencing what it really is and are beginning to like it right before they could lose it because of their Republican “leaders”. Karma. Gotta love it.

  3. Whatever Ron Johnson is cooking up to save his sorry ass Democrats should block it. They made their bed now let them sleep in it

  4. And what would the backlash look like if the Republicans vote to allow the subsidies? I suspect it would be much worse.

  5. Maybe I’m a bit dense, but what good would it do to pass this legislation now, when SCOTUS may strike the subsidies down in June?

    If SCOTUS strikes the subsidies down, the legislation will go nowhere and the Republicans will still be on the hook for having started this mess in the first place.

  6. I’ve read their bill, what they’re calling the “Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care Act.” What a f*cking joke.

    This isn’t a “let’s fix the credit exchange language problem.” It’s another “let’s gut Obamacare but call it something else” bill.

    It repeals the individual and employer mandates, core features of Obamacare. It also eliminates credits for any new enrollees. If you enroll under one of the exchanges before September 2017, you’ll get the credit, no matter if it’s through a state or federal exchange. Anyone enrolling after September 2017 is shit out of luck. Can’t afford health insurance without the credit? “Better to die, and decrease the surplus population.”

    These people me sick. They deserve to rot in hell for what they’re trying to do.

  7. Ironic that the party that loves guns so much has aimed
    their piece at the ACA and fired only to wind up with a
    self-inflicted ricochet wound to the foot. Sure hope the
    SCOTUS doesn’t gut our health care, but wisdom isn’t
    uaually way they vote most of the time. The dems giveth
    and the baggers just can’t help being tumble bugs!

  8. I don’t buy this article. Republicans haven’t cared yet that SOME people would be upset if the ACA were COMPLETELY yanked from the books altogether. Let alone just the subsidies.

  9. The modern version of the GOP has yet to realize that it’s not enough to simply wave their hands and say the Democratic stand, or President Obama’s stand, is crap.

    It’s okay to dislike your opponent’s position. But if you’re going to call your opponent on it, you’d better have a reasonable alternative.

    In the case of the ACA, the Republicans have survived thus far by waving their hands and instilling fear in their sheep. Sooner or later, though, the hand-waving will be exposed for what it is — a cover for failing to have any kind of alternative solution.

  10. Very well stated Bob Dvorak. This has been their problem all along. They have never had a viable alternative. Every time they have come up with an “alternative”, it is so extreme that it has no chance of passing the house, much less the senate, or in the worst case scenario, a presidential veto.

  11. Voters of America please don’t fall for the Republicans shift to the center leading up to a more Democratic friendly national electorate in 2016.

    Blue state Republican politicians swept into power in the 2010 midterm disaster will try to appeal to a less conservative friendly national electorate, don’t frigging fall for it.

  12. Republicans are toast. They voted for Obamacare the day after they were elected to stop it. Nothing you do here will add or subtract from that. They committed political suicide… with two shots to the head.. Obamacare.. then rapidly after Amnesty funding…

  13. Thank God we can string along another year-to-year subsidy that is unfunded and will add to the deficit. Thank God we have put politicians in D.C. that have not figured out that Obamacare needs significant rewriting before it sinks this Country. Oh wait, my politician is out pandering to the ignorant partisan voter base . . . never mind . . .

  14. Add to the deficit? You really are stupid
    Obamacare Is (Still) Fiscally Responsible

    Congress’ scorekeeper confirms that the health care law will reduce deficits

    CBO Chief Says Obamacare Is Reducing Deficit

    Budget office: Obama’s health law reduces deficit

  15. Free stuff? Seriously? FOX “news” may pump the air full of their garbage about welfare queens and lobster all round, but the truth is that the biggest recipients of financial blessings are the 1%; not you, not me, those who have more money than they need. Wanna complain about free stuff? Complain about companies that pay zero income tax due to exploitation of loopholes and get paid subsidies in the billions; complain about tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that are then paid for by taking money out of the pockets of veterans; complain about the attempt to push through a pipeline that benefits foreign interests and destroys the landscape. Now, that free stuff, that’s worth complaining about. AFFORDABLE (not FREE) healthcare, now if you’re complaining about that, one has to question just why…

  16. That is exactly why I won’t watch Fox News; course I don’t have cable, but get it on internet. Two women on Fox said we get lobster, steak, beer, tobacco and Caribbean trips with FOOD STAMPS! Are they crazy???? My $90 a month I get because I also get $700 a month social security retirement is all I receive. If I did not go to food pantries all week, I would starve to death. Peanut butter sandwiches and pork and beans fill me up for supper at night. I am 72 years old, and expected more out of life since I have worked since I have been 16 yrs. old. I also raised 3 boys myself with no welfare or child support. I could not do that today. These obnoxious women don’t have enough intelligence to know anything about Americans struggling in these times.

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