Fox News Has A Meltdown When Dog The Bounty Hunter Hints He’s Ready For Hillary Clinton

Duane “Dog” Chapman threw the four Fox News co-hosts of Outnumbered for a loop when he defended Hillary Clinton on their show Friday. As the show’s four panelists discussed the latest poll showing Florida Senator Marco Rubio vaulting to the front of the GOP pack, one of the hosts solicited Chapman’s opinion of Rubio. Chapman said some nice things about Senator Rubio but then he pivoted by declaring, ”I don’t think he could beat the dynamic duo”.


Andrea Tantaros asked him ”who’s the dynamic duo?”. When Chapman responded, matter of factly, by saying, ”the Clintons”, the incredulous four co-hosts let out a collective gasp of dismay. When pressed a little bit, Dog the Bounty Hunter stood firm arguing ”I want someone in there with experience. We’re at war.”

The panel had a mini-meltdown once they discovered that their guest wasn’t going to join them in bashing Hillary Clinton. Co-host Lisa Montgomery, better known as Kennedy, was nearly in tears as she complained:

That makes me so sad right now. Like, I love everything about you. I think you’re powerful and heroic but the fact that you endorse Hillary Clinton—it makes me sadder than ‘The Notebook’.

Although Chapman later stated that he wasn’t necessarily endorsing Hillary Clinton, his defense of her candidacy seemed to catch the Fox panel completely by surprise. Apparently they were expecting that Chapman would follow in the footsteps of other Fox News network pop culture warriors like Duck Commander Phil Robertson, and washed-up rock musician Ted Nugent, in trashing Hillary Clinton as an unworthy candidate. Instead they discovered to their astonishment, that Dog The Bounty Hunter is ready for Hillary.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s political opinions on Hillary Clinton probably shouldn’t be regarded as anything more than one man’s take on the 2016 political race. However, the fact that he caught his co-hosts so badly off guard, at least reveals just how out of touch the Fox personalities are with the range of opinions that are held outside the hallowed halls of the Fox News building.

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