The Koch Brothers Try To Fool The American People With An Evil PR Campaign


It has been just about a year since Charles Koch wrote a ‘woe is me’ op-ed to combat the bad publicity resulting from Senators Harry Reid and Bernie Sanders battering the Koch brothers for assaulting Americans in their quest for power and influence over government. Now that more Americans are aware that the Kochs own Republicans and bought them control of Congress, and that their goal is deconstructing the federal government, the Kochs are launching a huge multi-media publicity campaign to change their image and convince Americans the Kochs are their friends and benefactors. The primary message the Kochs intend to push is that they are not out to increase their own wealth, but to help Americans and create a better society.


It was reported on Thursday that the Kochs are launching an “aggressive new defense” of Koch Industries with particular emphasis on educating Americans that their political ambitions in paying Republicans to eliminate the government is not driven by a desire for more profits, but is “rooted in the Kochs’ decades-long quest to increase well-being in society.” Any American familiar with the Kochs would question exactly how dismantling the government is helping Americans, but that is Charles Koch’s assertion as well as disabusing any detractors of the idea that the brothers’ political ambitions have anything to do with increasing their wealth.

As the public face of the Koch empire, Charles Koch said he was surprised that anyone might think he and his brother’s political ambitions were about making more money. In a sense, one can argue that the Kochs do not need any more money and that what they really want is unlimited power and control; but that power and control is to eliminate the government they believe gets in the way of unlimited wealth. In that sense Koch is a liar as much as his claim that he and his brother’s drive to eliminate government is to “help American society” no matter how the Kochs frame their motivation.


What is stunning is that Koch had the temerity to express righteous indignation that anyone would accuse the brothers of using Republicans to amass more wealth.  Charles Koch actually said, “We are doing all of this to make more money? I mean, that is so ludicrous. I don’t know how they can say that with a straight face.” It is easy because the brothers’ assault on all manner of regulations is, by their own admission, to stop government overreach they claim prevents businesses from taking unrestricted profits. Any American with even scant knowledge of the Kochs wonders how he can say with a straight face that he and his brother are not out for more money, or that their impetus to eliminate the government is to benefit American society.

Still, Koch lied and said “We oppose as many or more things that would benefit us than would hurt us.” As an example, Koch bemoaned the potential losses at Koch refineries if the Keystone XL pipeline is constructed; a pipeline the Kochs spent millions on gaining Republican control of Congress to skirt the Executive Branch’s authority over the application process. Further, if as Koch claimed the pipeline will hurt Koch Industries and cause the company losses, then why did they acquire over 1.2  million acres of tar fields in Canada, or contract for Koch refineries to process at least 30% of all tar sand slated for the Gulf Coast and exported on foreign market? Obviously they did not invest in the tar sand fields to “help American society,” but to profit from a project that provides nothing whatsoever for America or the American people.

Koch is a liar, and like his Republican subjects he is also a blatant hypocrite. For example, he claims to oppose the Export-Import Bank because it provides subsidies to aid American manufacturing companies; something the Kochs condemn as nasty government-provided “corporate welfare.” All the while, Koch Industries has been the recipient of well over 100 million dollars in corporate welfare and special tax breaks, and that does not include their profits from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The biggest Koch lie of all is Charles’ assertion that the brothers are spending hundreds-of-millions of dollars to buy Republicans who pledge to eliminate government to “help American society.” There is nothing the Koch brothers, their legislative arms the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and State Policy Network (SPN), or political activists the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, or Cato Institute have supported or opposed that helps American society or the people. In fact, every government agency, department, and program the brothers have been paying Republicans to abolish, defund, or restrict are those that serve  and protect the American people and actually make society better.

There is a very, very long list of government agencies and programs the Koch brothers want abolished or eliminated that exist solely to help, protect, and sustain the people; many going back to the New Deal. For example, the Kochs have made no secret they want Medicare and Medicaid abolished as much as they want rules governing the private health insurance industry terminated; including deregulating the medical industry. They have also demanded for thirty years that Social Security be eliminated in its entirety because they claim it is a fraudulent and oppressive program that does nothing whatsoever to help elderly Americans. In fact, the Kochs are so opposed to helping any Americans that they demand an end to all government programs that provide services for children, aid to the poor and disabled Americans. To keep working Americans poor and toiling in unsafe working conditions, the Kochs demand the abolishment of the minimum wage and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

In spite of it being required in the U.S. Constitution, the brothers want Republicans to abolish the United States Postal Service, and in lieu of achieving that Republicans passed legislation that created the means to bankrupt the Post Office with the sole intent of transferring all package delivery to privateers. While they are abolishing parts of the Constitution, the Kochs demand, and  Republicans have recently proposed, terminating all taxation including abolishing outright the Internal Revenue Service. While the Kochs wait for the IRS and taxation to be abolished, they want Republicans to immediately stop all criminal and civil laws against tax evasion. Obviously they want all state and federal campaign finance laws eliminated as well as what they call the “despotic Federal Election Commission” abolished to afford them free rein to steal and buy elections.

The most dangerous thing for the Kochs is a well-educated populace and to ensure their motivation and attempts at wiping out government will never be discovered, they demand the abolishment of not only compulsory education, but education itself they claim is government indoctrination of children. Two current Republican candidates for the GOP nomination for president propose abolishing the Department of Education to impress the Kochs, and several Republican governors devoted to the Kochs are busy either eliminating funding for schools or using public funding for private religious education. As typical libertarians, the Kochs insist that education is a choice for those who can afford it; it is just another of their twisted idea of helping American society.

The Kochs demand that any department, program, or agency created to actually protect Americans and help society be abolished including the Federal Aviation Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, Consumer Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, and Department of Energy. In typical libertarian fashion, the Kochs demand immediate privatization of all roads, highways, bridges, and waterways to profit a corporate operator; likely a subsidiary of Koch Industries.

What is missing from the long list of Koch demands to abolish virtually the entire government is exactly how it will help Americans. It is a question the Kochs will not answer and one that mainstream media covering the impending media blitz promoting the Kochs as America’s benefactors will never ask. And why should they? The media, all media, will be the recipients of a substantial influx of Koch money touting the blessing to Americans as a result of Charles and David Koch’s intent to spend just short of a billion dollars to buy the government and promptly dismantle; all to make more money and destroy American society no matter what the liar Charles Koch says.

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  1. Koch’s Agenda
    July 22, 2014 at 9:06pm
    Here are just a few excerpts of the Libertarian Party platform that David Koch ran on in 1980:

    • “We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal Election Commission.”
    • “We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.”
    • “We oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.”
    • “We also favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.”
    • “We favor the repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary.”
    • “We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service. The present system, in addition to being inefficient, encourages governmental surveillance of private correspondence. Pending abolition, we call…

  2. The koch brothers want all safe guards in our country to be done away with. And you dam straight it is profit driven!

    No thanks greedy jerks, I’ll take clean air, water and soil. I want safe air travel. I want free education for everyone. I want banks and insurance companies regulated. I want safe food.

    I don’t want certain things privatized! Like roads, bridges, hospitals, prisons and schools.

    Can you imagine where so many senior citizens would be without social security and medicare? The disabled would be homeless and helpless.

    Gah, these people are nuts.

  3. The politicians being bought to push this treasonous agenda should be removed immediately and indicted on treason charges as they are trying to sell America to Koch overlords.


  5. It’s just awe inspiring to watch an obscenely rich man crying poor mouth.

    And even more hilarious to watch them complain about being treated so shabbily…

  6. If all the old angry conservatives trully realized the goals
    Koch Ind. have in mind affecting the USPS, social security,
    medicare, medicaid and other sacred cows, the wolves in
    sheep’s clothing would be outted before their very eyes.

  7. They still wouldn’t believe it.

    These are the same lunitic ones who believe WMD’s are out there…somewhere
    Trickle-down economics will work…eventually
    the economic crash of 2008 was caused by the Dodd-Frank bill of…2010
    President Obama is a marxist/communist/facist/dictator/Nazi
    Reagan and both Bushes were great presidents

  8. They bought one of the top employers in my city. Before the Koch brothers, they sponsored basketball, softball, bowling and golf leagues. They offered free off-quality product to all employees and retirees. They took their Key Club members to different outings, especially MLB games.

    There was a big annual dinner at a luxurious hotel for the employees with 25 years and the retirees. It was so big they split it up into two different weekend.

    There were other perks and usually monthly gifts and gift certificates for every single employee, for achieving safety and production records.

    There was an annual bonus for every employee of about 10% of annual earnings.

    Then the Koch bought the company. All of that disappeared. All money, even the money that was spent on a freaking bowling league was sent to them.

  9. Part 2
    Then they offered buyouts to the most senior people with the most vacation and wages. There was a separate building the company had where the largely Hispanic employees worked different jobs for $10 to $20 less then the people leaving.

    They moved those low paid employees into the now opened jobs but didn’t bother raising their wages.

    It was a brilliant cold blooded move. Why pay people with good salaries and six weeks vacation when you can pay other people half of that and start them off with one week vacation?

    The next thing they did was separate and assign different break times to the workers. The purpose was so the workers never got to break with their friends and the new ones never got to know anybody. One purpose is to prevent any talk of unionization.

    They also started to fire people for the oddest pretexts. Again, why keep someone with 5 or 6 weeks vacation when you can pay for only one?

    All of it was done for the purpose of maximising their profit. Noth…

  10. Right. They’re going to do everything they’ve been accusing Obama of doing…camps for the homeless/poor/disabled/vets/seniors – all those that cant survive without SS, Medicare..(death panels).
    Military state(heavily armed police state)

  11. I don’t doubt 1 word Manderlay, now imagine the whole country in that scenario with the Kochroaches in infinite power.

  12. No, that’s incorrect. The LP platform (remember, each here abolition has a substitution not mentioned, and much has since come about) was distinct from the candidate one. In any event, they’re not Libertarians and have many anti-libertarian views.

    For more on world Libertarians, see

  13. I’ve been seeing their pro KOCH commercials!!!! The sheep will eat it up. I believe the Kochs are in it because they want to rule the world. They want their belief system imposed on all of us. Just like Hitler…..power hungry!
    I wish they would go bankrupt….can’t someone hack into their accounts one by one and take away what they’ve taken away from middle America?

  14. You have the so-called religious-right running for office asking for help from the two most evil men ever born. There’s something not right by the picture.

  15. I think we’re beginning to see the beginning of a new propaganda campaign. The Koch Bros. have decided to “revamp” their image, and Focus on the Family has been running ads here in GA. The ads claim to offer “help” to couples and families that are having problems and to use a “Bible-based” approach. I’m thinking that once a family/couple signs up for this assistance, the brainwashing begins, followed by donation requests. Any organization affiliated with James Dobson and his minions is not for me because I know it has three main goals, using religion to push a Dominionist agenda, gaining power over the average citizens via politics, and raising money. When one of the FoF ads shows up on my TV, I immediately change the channel. I know how to avoid being bitten by snakes.

  16. We don’t have to guess. Our American history shows clearly that, at best, seniors will have to live with family and have two choices: try to get a job or try like hell to die so you’re not a massive burden to them. At worst they freeze and starve to death on the streets. Neither one is acceptable.

    It wasn’t that long ago that all these social programs and regulations were put in place and already people have forgotten why they were needed in the first place!

  17. *LOL!* Outstanding! And what a nice touch to make Jeb look like he’s wearing Moms granny panties. [wink]

  18. Remember…..the Kochs and the politicians they pay to carry out their GREEDY agenda will do anything…lie, steal, cheat, kill to win!
    We can see what they are doing already in deceptive, manipulating ads….appealing to the religious right…as they starve the poor and middle class, destroy Gods green earth! Dems better start now and get the real Christians to speak out with the nuns on the bus message….flood the airways early, direct mail everyone with simple bullet points highlighting the differences between repugs and Dems.

  19. Revelations 11-18
    ” and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”
    So…..the bible states those who destroy the earth will be destroyed in the next coming! But you have GREEDY “men and women of God”, telling their congregation not to pay attention to these words in the bible….that’s not what it really means! Caring for the environment bad….destroying our plant for GREED….good!

  20. What is driving the current Republican agenda is beyond greed. It is cruelty for its own sake. I really believe they would impair their own profits if by doing so they could hurt the ewepeople.

  21. Those commercials have been showing up on the local stations here in the Twin Cities. Each time they come on, I change the channel as fast as I can. Their commercial reminds me of the one that was shown in an episode of Supernatural where the two main characters were dealing with the Leviathans and their “leader”. The Koch’s ad is just like the one that was shown in the Supernatural episode. I totally agree with you LookingForward, the sheep will indeed eat this up…so sad!

  22. As a Canadian , I am witnessing the usurpation of Democracy by the Republicans and the Superrich Class. What a travesty.
    I just sat through a movie called The Purge and It struck me that between the aforementioned groups and the NRA, it may not be too far fetched.
    Please rein in the people before the 2nd Civil War begins.

  23. Ok the kick brothers fund conservative candidates. The Clinton campaign is expected to spend over two billion dollars in this election. Who do you think is going to do the major funding of her campaign. Special interest groups fund both political parties. You make it sound like only the republican backers have dirty money. It works both ways. It is not good to be so blindly partisan.

  24. It has been all over the news for a while now. The three networks have mentioned it. Several cable channels. Just google Hillary 2 billion dollar campaign.

  25. She is looking to raise it and with all the Reich wing billionaires buying the whores that are republicans I hope she gets 3 billion.

  26. The German ancestry, Koch. Sad but true, hoping they’ll be outed and “Lynched” in the near future. Especially the sawedoff Scalia runt on the SCOUS. Can’t say as much about Token, he just sits there taking up space. Good job Token.

  27. :) agree. As I read the above piece, my stomach began to churn and get up set. Nothing the KOCH’S HAVE DONE SO FAR WILL CONVINVE ME OF THEIR GOOD INTENTIONS.. If how ever they suddenly gave 899,000,000 to help the poor, educate the Poor give homes to the homeless, created jobs for the jobless, set aside these millions for good, instead of evil, I might then begin to believe them. Till then…brothers Koch, to manufacture a better image for your selves…. it will not work!! You are evil to the core…

  28. I was at my mother’s yesterday and was watching Nova, it was sponsored by David Koch. That to me was very strange.

  29. “Gah, these people are Nuts” selfish, with no concern for others, thinking only of money, lots of it for them selves, down right evil. Money =power, influence and control. If not by vote, well then we buy it. Right back to money!!!

  30. Communists conned people by convincing them to turn over all private property. Once stripped of their resources, the people were powerless to protect themselves. The elite (not surprisingly) “changed their minds” and enjoyed their plunder –rather than supplying the utopian vision they had promised.

    Libertarians/anarcho-capitalists con people by convincing them to turn over all their public property (roads, police forces, courts, schools, forests, parks, land, etc). Once stripped of these resources, we should not be surprised if the elites “change their minds”…rather than supplying the utopian vision they have promised. How powerless will we be if we are not allowed to travel on roads (because they are now privately owned)? How powerless will we be if corporations and wealthy individuals have their own police forces, and the courts are privately owned?

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