Obama And Luther His Anger Translator Shred Fox News At White House Correspondents’ Dinner


Obama Luther Anger Translator White House Correspondents Dinner

President Obama brought down the house at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner by bringing out Luther, his anger translator who took a big shot right off the bat at Fox News.



Obama said, “Because, despite our differences, we count on the press to shed light on the most important issues of the day.”

Luther’s translation was, “And we can count on Fox News to terrify old white people with some nonsense. Sharia Law is coming to Cleveland. Run for the damn hills. That was ridiculous.”

Obama continued, “We won’t always see eye to eye.”

Luther continued, “Oh, and CNN, thank you so much for the wall to wall Ebola coverage. For two whole weeks, we were on step away from The Walking Dead, and then you all got up and just moved on to the next thing. Oh, and, by the way, have you noticed? You don’t have Ebola.”

One of the best segments of Obama’s appearances at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner concluded with Obama getting angry and going off on Republican climate change deniers in Congress and Luther telling the President that he needs counseling before walking off of the stage.

Keegan-Michael Key’s Luther, who is Obama’s anger translator, has become one of the most popular characters on Comedy Central’s Key and Peele.

It was fun to see Obama get a chance to poke fun of his image as “no drama Obama,” and to see Key’s character get to do his thing beside the real president.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is the toughest room that any comedian will work in. Over the years, some of the best in comedy have had their roughest nights in front of a crowd that is there to see the President.

Key delivered and had the crowd howling with laughter. This bit was definitely one for the Obama WHCD highlight reel.

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  2. We have been uniquely bestowed with this amazing man – why do we have term limits – oh yeah – to keep third terms from wannabe third terminators – But OMG do I love Obama and so does the rest of the orld.

  3. Smoothe, as usual. Can’t say enough great things about our Prez, the greatest. Michelle? Ravishing IMO. I nearly didn’t recognize her at first.

  4. Masterful performance by this witty, humane, thoughtful, honest and hard working man. PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL BE SOOOO MISSED.

  5. The kind of tag teaming of subject matter that helped make Obama a True Leader.

    Khaleesi is coming to Westeros!

  6. …”Luther the Anger Translator” reminded me for some reason of an African American Woody Harrellson…his character must o’ been a surgeon; as I was in stitches…lol

  7. I have always been a fan of President Obama. No way to fake the way people, especially kids react to him. People WANT his hugs, handshakes and touch. Then I can’t help but think of the pictures of Bush at the Olympics, drunk and being carried physically carried by his handlers, him touching the girls on the field. Watching Angela Merkle cringing away from his drunken pawing. And that was just a few scenes that couldn’t be controlled by the MSM. What was he doing that was being controlled?
    Watching President Obama gives me smiles. But watching any republican and their constant no, no, no message except for endless wars makes me ashamed and sick. I HATE seeing what money and corruption has done to this country.

  8. I have always been a fan of President Obama and now Key and Peele has a new fan. I missed last nights show. Would have had a hard time sitting through the pomp and glitter. Especially seeing as I have ZERO respect for what the media has become under the present leadership. Led by the likes of Rupert Murdoch. But I certainly will try to watch the “good parts” in close my eyes when the audience is panned.

  9. Michelle was gorgeous, as usual. I love her non-phony smile, unlike Laura Bush’s, Nancy Reagan’s forced happiness. Michelle is the epitome of grace and beauty.

  10. although I may not agree with some of the presidents decisions – I adore him and thankful he is in the whitehouse, but I love his sense of humor.

  11. Maybe the fux fiends are so full of contempt that they
    can’t see that our president truly cares for Amurka un-
    like his predecessor. This event always brings subtle truths to the surface regarding executive decisions vs
    bagger lunacy and the prez always gets the last laugh.

  12. The President’s whole speech was funny but I laughed even harder with the “Anger Translator” bit. Five words out of Key’s mouth and I was in stitches.

  13. I thought that President Obama did a fine job as usual. His more than usual somber mood was totally appropriate given the death toll in Nepal, the mess the GOP has made of Congress and the danger of the Koch control on campaign funding. I think he is really angry at the GOP for continuing to deny the reality of climate change and for obstructing him every step of the way on that and every other issue facing the nation and the world. He has accomplished a lot in his tenure in the White House – and has done it without the help of a “loyal” opposition and without the help of an “impartial” media. He has never pandered to the GOP or to the media and I am eternally grateful for that.

    But I also thought the audience was unusually rude last night. They sat stone faced most of the time and seemed to be most unwilling to crack smiles or applaud. What has President Obama done to them, except tell the truth and admonish them occasionally for their failure to do so?

  14. because he called them all out to their faces on their nonsense and bs – note that he also included the senate democrats as well and since they couldnt take it they were stone faced

  15. president Obama is one of the most successful and amazing American presidents we have ever seen. he is hands down the best economic president we have seen in the modern era. it is truly a shame he cannot run for a 3rd turn. this man will go down as a top ten president or better. I have no doubt whatsoever. the best part? the rightwing haters cannot stand it. and because of the amount of things Obama accomplished and achieved DESPITE the unprecedented and preplanned GOP and conservative hatred, bigotry, obstruction, sabotage, and treason will only add his already impressive legacy. Obama is the man!

  16. Just underscores the fact that U.S. Media have been and continue to be against President Obama – and will give any other Democrat the same treatment, while completely swooning over the Republicans.

    The proof of that was already apparent during the 2012 campaign when Pew Research Center found that President Obama, the sitting president, got the least favorable coverage compared to all Republicans (save Newt Gingrich).

    That alone should tell the American people where the priorities of the so-called U.S. Press are – and it ain’t with them.

  17. Coolest fantasy: If it was Obama replacing Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. He could hold their butts to the fire indefinitely. Sweet!

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