Republican Clinton Cash Scandal Collapses Before The Book Is Even Released

The scandal that Republicans hoped would take down Hillary Clinton has already sputtered and fizzled as the media has largely debunked the book Clinton Cash as strong on allegations, but weak on facts.

The main allegation is that Hillary Clinton was influenced by donations to The Clinton Foundation to use her position as Sec. of State to block the purchase of uranium mine.

Time magazine noted that the allegation first reported in The New York Times was not supported with evidence, “The suggestion of outside influence over U.S. decisionmaking is based on little evidence — the allegations are presented as questions rather than proof. The deal’s approval was the result of an extensive interagency process that required the assent of at least nine different officials and agencies.”

NBC News backed off of the Clinton Cash story too, “Indeed, upon reflection, that Times article doesn’t hold up that well 24 hours after its publication. But if there’s a legitimate criticism of the Clintons here — especially when it comes to the other articles about the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s speaking fees (here and here) — it’s that they were sloppy, bordering on being greedy.”

ABC News, which received an advance copy of the book, blunted called out the lack of facts, “The book offers no proof that Hillary Clinton took any direct action to benefit the groups and interests that were paying her husband.”

The author of the book, Peter Schweizer, worked as a foreign policy adviser to Sarah Palin. He was a fellow at the Koch-funded Hoover Institute, a former speechwriting consultant for George W. Bush, and he has a history of botched hyper-partisan reporting.

The New York Times and Washington Post latched on to Clinton Cash potentially because they were led to believe that a companion book was coming out about Jeb Bush. However, Schweizer’s publisher said that there is no Jeb Bush book coming out.

When boiled down, the Clinton Cash scandal is nothing more than a series of empty allegations. Clinton Cash is equal to the Benghazi scandal and every other conspiracy based witch hunt that Republicans are engaging in.

The book has not been released yet, but instead of blowing up into a major story that will rock the 2016 election, Clinton Cash is poised to join the dusty pile of failed Clinton conspiracies of years past.

Rand Paul has been talking up Clinton Cash as the game changer that would disqualify Hillary Clinton from office, but what the episode demonstrated is how out of touch with reality Republicans are, and how eager some in the mainstream press are to enable the GOP’s delusions.

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  1. Yet another plan of theirs falls flat in yet another attempt to assassinate Hillary’s name.

    Why don’t they just give up? There is no dirt on her whatsoever.

  2. Repigs will be picking on the grandbaby before the election gets here in 2016. they have nothing but idiots running their Klown Kar of the KKKochsukkers!

  3. but of course, fox propaganda, and its politburo, sky news/ daily mail, are running this bs 24/7. anytime i am flipping cable channels and hit fux, there it is. ailes/rove/adelson/kochs know that no one in their hen house cant beat her fairly, so we are going to see the smear machine unhinged more than usual…

    #47traitors, and always will be…

  4. These right wing extremist Hillary haters are as dumb as a mud fence post. They are gullible, reactionary, and all driven by a herd instinct to accept anything negative said about her. They are incapable of critical thinking and totally unable to discern fact from fiction. They have hated Obama for over seven years and they hate Hillary almost as much. What a bunch of wasted, worthless losers!

  5. Getting so tired of folks calling Bill and Hillary “greedy” for taking 6-figure speaking fees. If that’s what organizations are prepared to pay them, then by all means let them. Isn’t that the great American way that the GOTP are so fond of?
    And if Ken Starr, who was bound and determined to dig up dirt on the Clintons back in 1998 couldn’t find anything, especially after spending many millions of taxpayer dollars, then you’d think the Repubs would have learned their lesson. Oh wait, they never learn their lesson, do they?

  6. Hey, those swiftboating LIES perpetrated on John Kerry successfully got Duhbya reelected, so the elite-backed GOP hoped for a repeat.

    It just tells me that they tremble in FEAR of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, because they know that if she wins the Democratic primaries, she will win the White House in 2016.

  7. Remember Dubya stating that his father is paid $75,000 for a speech, so he is going to “replenish the old coffers” the same way? Which speech would you attend, one by Hillary, or one by Dubya? $carah Payme was paid $100,000 per speech, plus private jet and first class accomodations for herself and the entire clan. Now she is reduced to raffling off a hockey stick and puck to raise $$$.

  8. This is why your story is bullshit
    ◾The State Department only had one vote on the nine-member Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) that approved the deal. Other agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Commerce, and Justice, also weighed in.
    ◾The chairman of the CFIUS is the Treasury secretary, not secretary of state.
    ◾Rosatom had to get approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is an independent agency outside of the secretary of state’s influence.
    ◾Utah’s local nuclear regulator also had to sign off on the deal, as it involved mills in the state.
    ◾Former assistant secretary of state Jose Fernandez, who was the State Department’s principal representative on CFIUS, said, “Secretary Clinton never intervened with me on any CFIUS matter.”

  9. Scarsdale, the puck is not included in her (probably illegal) lottery. Hope the IRS is still watching her.

    Oh, and on-topic, the guy who convinced $arah that seeing Russia from Alaska was her foreign policy experience wrote a book? Who would pay a wooden nickle to read anything he has to say?

  10. The tea bag/repubs are stuck on STUPID.
    It’s a sign of insanity to try something over and over and over but keep getting the same result.

    Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity?
    Several psychological variables predicted political conservatism: Death anxiety, system instability, dogmatism/intolerance of ambiguity, closed-mindedness, low tolerance of uncertainty, high needs for order, structure, and closure, low integrative complexity, fear of threat and loss, and low self-esteem. The researchers conclude, a little chillingly, that “the core ideology of conservatism stresses resistance to change and a justification of inequality. “We are talking about someone full of fear, with a poor sense of self, and a lack of mental dexterity”

  11. As a Republican “troll” on thus website, I have to tell you guys, we hope and pray Hil is your gal. Please!!!

  12. AndyCa, I enjoyed the psychology today article better than JE’s. It explains much of the Reich wing’s behavior.
    Schweizer’s an obvious bagger hack making much sizzle
    without any steak. Go Hillary!

  13. Rest assured that there will be a swift boat style attack near election day. Hopefully, Hillary’s campaign staff will be expecting it and will be ready to crush it.

  14. These bogus scandals will only strengthen support for Hillary. When the GOP finally has to discuss real issues they will have to resort to the school yard name calling that their base loves. If you are waiting for an intelligent GOP candidate, there are none. The country would benefit from an intelligent two party debate that we obviously will not see. It is an international disgrace to show the world our form of democracy. Our children and grandchildren will have the burden of rebuilding the destruction of our greedy government.

  15. If all you liberals have got is Hilary your in bad shape. I can see why she needed to install her own server in her home. She is Nixon in a Pants suit.

  16. Dustin if you did a little bit of research and thought for yourself You would know everyone of the Clinton Scandals is based on fact. It is a fact she got fired from the Watergate investigation for corruption. It is a fact she didn’t disclose her e-mails. It is a fact she violated laws concerning preserving federal documents. It is a fact she did not send the Calvary to the rescue in Benghazi. It is a fact she didn’t disclose foreign donors. It is a fact she has had to admit to lying or as she considers it misspeaking about landing in the middle east under sniper fire. Some people just refuse to consider facts and evidence if it goes against their desires.

  17. LOL they are hoping she wins the nomination. She is so scandal ridden that she will be easy to beat. The truth is coming out and when the trials start she can’t hide.

  18. Hey JJ, Hillary is still beating all 15 of your ill-equipped,Koch-blowin, inexperienced idiots.

    Love how all you rwnj’s say Hillary is sneaky and conniving, yet dumb enough to screw herself with emails and her profitable speaking business. You cant have it both ways.

    She knows exactly what shes doing. She will be elected with ease.

  19. If you did any research I wouldn’t HAVE to waste my time with your bullshit
    Claim: Hillary Clinton was fired from the House Judiciary Committee’s Watergate investigation by Chief Counsel Jerry Zeifman. FALSE

    Hillary Email ‘Scandal’? Not So Fast

    A NYT report says Clinton may have violated federal regulations by using private email for government business. But those rules weren’t in place when she’s alleged to have broken them.

    Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories and accusations

  20. The fact that every Conservative gets their knickers into a twist just over the thought of Hilary running, is good enough for me to vote for her.

    ‘botched hyper-partisan reporting’.

    Understandable- because they don’t have anything more concrete than Aerogel to throw at her.

  21. liberals always resort to attack and name calling. Hilary has said there is no proof, she never said it wasn’t true. Big difference. Just like bill’s definition of the word sex with monica. She hopes she shredded everything. If she is so honest why did she need her own computer and server in her home. She has a lot of questions to answer and if she is innocent she should.

  22. Lee – Where have you Been Hiding? We are now on the THIRD Benghazi hearing. Please take your “Evidence” to the Senate Investigating Committee ASAP. Because you Obviously have “Evidence” that NOBODY else in the World has access to. HELP !!! Save Us from Hillary !!! Please. Please. Please.

    Lee – Just show US the “Evidence” and YOU get to be the HERO !!!

  23. If the Republicans believe they would do a much better job at running our country, why don’t they talk about issues instead of jumping on every fabricated “scandal” about Hillary Clinton?

    The answer is pretty obvious. [WINK]

  24. Oh Lee,

    What trials? You have got to be kidding me. You need to leave the trolling to someone with a bit more experience. They have nothing, and if they did, they would be prosecuting already. It is so funny witnessing folks fearing Mrs. Clinton.

  25. Exactly! We have observed the republican party for the past six years doing nothing more than engaging in “character assassination,” versus discussing their differences with policy. They have done it with the President, and also with Mrs. Clinton.

    Just look back at all of those Benghazi hearings. How many of those hearings actually focused on changing policies to ensure the incident did not occur again? No, they wanted nothing to do with that, while incessantly trying to make it appear as though the President engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors or executive incompetence.

    Despite their efforts they failed miserably, and when Mrs. Clinton made the infamous “What difference does it make” comment she was exposing this very fact, however conservatives even latched onto this comment as though it were evidence of something more sinister taking place.

    About the only sinister thing taking place is that the republican caucus is beholden to the tea party who does not believe “this…

  26. JJ says we liberals resort to name calling. In his post I was responding to, he called Hillary “Nixon in a pantsuit”. Haaaaaaaaa. Seriously, give it up.

  27. So their “proof” oh her guilt is a book by some highly discredited author that ends each accusation with a question mark. Lets see some real facts instead of insinuations. Hillary WILL be our next President, Im confident. Fox-type journalism will not work, the “some people say” attack never sticks.

  28. It’s sad there are so many negative things against this candidate, the only plus is that she is potentielly the first female President. Think about it, would anyone be discussing her. I read into peoples actions. What did she say the other day, something about our country needing to get better or needing help like we were children. The most ironic thing is that businesses are standing over the top of us trying to make us pay for water that we already pay for while we wait for the “Kind Queen” to give us out daily rations.

  29. The Clinton’s mixing contributions with government action is an old story. I did a brief stint at OPNAV N45 in 1997. While I was there people were wondering why very senior level Clinton Administration personnel were pressuring this obscure entity to verify that the Long Beach Navy Yard was declared free of hazardous waste and therefore able to be divested from the DoD. At that time nobody drew the connection that the suitor for this property was COSCO the Chinese state shipping company and the Clintons were accepting large amounts of Chinese campaign contributions. Perhaps it’s just another coincidence. Anyway that’s the lens through which I view the new allegations.

  30. The DOD and CIA reviewed the project and approved it. As fall as I can tell Sec. Clinton never worked for either of them

  31. Don’t worry, you’re not scaring us. She is still in double digits ahead of the highest scoring Republican. And the more crazy far right conservative who gets the nomination, the better for us. [WINK]

  32. You don’t have a computer in your home? Or we shouldn’t own the computers we have in our homes?

    Do you know what a server is or does?

  33. Or maybe there is some validity in which time will tell. But returbs concentrate on your plans for the country. And stop picking on this one lone woman, handle your campaigns, with dignity.

  34. the GOP and the Tea Billies got it wrong again !

    When are folks going to come to the realization that Fundies can’t get it right because they refuse to accept Reality and use Rational Thought for any reason !

    these Boobs all have severe emotional problems and it really is time for the American people to refuse to accept emotional responses to anything at all, and yes, those with emotional problems do suffer and they DESERVE to suffer for the unwillingness to grow the hell up and stop making believe!

    have pity on the fools but don’t let them speak in emotional terms even for a second, that is the CURE to this national Disease of the mind, if they can’t explain their position without emotional reasoning, then they NEED to be told to STHU and come back when they have some control over their mental problems, their emotional problems need to be ignored in the public arena and if they can’t handle this reality they need to be committed for lunacy !

  35. This is what is wrong with Our Country! People are so Stupid they will vote for her. Remember her saying At this point what difference does it make. 4 Americans died and as a Veteran I know what NO MAN left behind means. You don’t just watch and do nothing, these Heroes were fighting and giving their live to save our country at all cost. Yes it does make a difference Hillary! If it didn’t then why did you destroy 30,000 emails, what difference did they make if America seen them.Why hide it from America, we the People Owned those emails since you as sec of state used that computer to do your business on. And don’t give me this line of this being another GOP going off the right side.I’m registered democrat but I will vote American. Hillary isn’t what is best for America. His is a bunch of bull picking someone because they are GOP or Democrat.Stupid people is what put America where it’s at now and as long as you vote for people like Hillary our country will continue to fall.

  36. Over 3000 died on 911. 4,486 died in an illegal war in Iraq and you said nothing. While the 4 who died in Benghazi it wasn’t her fault as was proven by an republican investigation. And you have the nerve to spout reich wing talking points? GTFOH WITH THIS BULLSHIT

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