CNN Bogusly Tries To Turn The Baltimore Riot Into President Obama’s Problem


It didn’t take long for members of the mainstream media, notably CNN, to incorrectly claim that the Baltimore riots represent a new race problem for President Obama.

An article on CNN’s website stated, “The growing violence in Baltimore, just 40 miles from the White House, represents another challenge for the Obama administration in addressing racial unrest across the country. Since the police killing of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer, the administration has worked to acknowledge deep frustrations in minority communities while also supporting law enforcement.”

Someone might want to tell CNN that riots occurred in the United States before Barack Obama was elected president. No one in the media claimed that the 1992 LA riots were then President George H.W. Bush’s race challenge.

The violence in Baltimore is not an Obama problem. The riots in Baltimore were triggered by an American problem. The rioting in Baltimore did not happen in a vacuum. Police violence against African-Americans and other minorities is a very real problem.

There are some who are using the funeral of Freddie Gray to carry out their own violent criminal agenda. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called the rioters thugs, “Too many people have spent a generation building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs who in a very senseless way are trying to tear down what so many have fought for.”

The situation in Baltimore is complex. It is an act of journalistic negligence to claim that Baltimore is a challenge for President Obama. What is happening in Baltimore is symptomatic of a larger issue that is plaguing communities all across the country.

African-Americans are dying at the hands of the police. CNN and every other mainstream media outlet can’t avoid the ugly truth by trying to blame President Obama.

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  2. News flash, regrettably bad cops exist. Using the tragic
    events happening in Baltimore for political gain is sick as
    well as sad. RIP. Freddie.

  3. Point 1: Stop recruiting from the military for the police force. The American people are not the enemy and shouldn’t be treated that way.
    Point 2: “Good cops” covering for “bad cops” makes them “bad cops” also. If the “good cops” would arrest the “bad cops” when they see them murder someone, then the problem will solve itself.

  4. It appears that there are those that must seek “blame” for the sake of “blame”. Someone must placed at “fault”. Typically those that do this utilize far less energy looking for solutions.

  5. The media uses High Frequency Repetition to manipulate public opinion polls. For example repeating the words ISIS and Global Warming 1000 times per day 24/7.

    CNN, FOX, and MSNBC use the same scientific method for spreading information and manipulating the public.

  6. This riot is not Obama’s fault. It is the community of Baltimore’s fault. The majority of their Police Department is African American. They have no one to blame but themselves. Stop blaming the good cop/bad cop issue. This is nothing more than this community is predominantly African American and they not only break the law, which is why they are being arrested, they are killing each other. Look at the TV screen you dolts. What you see is what you get when the police are absent. The mayor runs the Police Department. She is a pathetic excuse as a leader as are most of the big city administrations. Get a grip sheep. This scene could be in your neighborhood tomorrow.

  7. It is time we recognize that Obama, along with his former AG Holder, have re-inflamed racial tensions like nothing we’ve seen since the 60s.

    To try to claim Obama doesn’t have some culpability in Baltimore is tantamount to acute blindness.

    If a crime was committed in the death of this young man, then the killers should be prosecuted. But let’s not act as though the ridiculous rioting is not at least in part Obama’s fault.

  8. Stop fucking around and get body cameras for every cop. Mandatory like having cuffs or a gun. It will tell the truth. Enforce the laws on both sides. Done and done. You’re welcome Barack Housein Obama.

  9. They are just getting revenge for Obama joking that they have no real journalists at the White House Correspondents Dinner!

  10. For all the people who complain and protest about it, the police are nowhere near as out of control as many claim. The average number of police misdemeanors a year are in the 6,000 to 7,000 range (only about 300 – 400 are fatal) over a territory the size of Europe. Considering the 780,000 police in the country, that’s less than 0.009%

    “African-Americans are dying at the hands of the police”. Well, so are many whites, Hispanics, and Asians. The one thing they all have in common? The vast majority are either criminals, repeat offenders, or have a long list of priors.

    You want to blame someone for the riots? Then you may want to consider the news programs like FOX, CNN, or the Huffington Post. Major news agencies may like to claim that their primary job is to enlighten the public, but they always have, and always will, profit far more from inciting, not informing.

  11. The ratio of police who are accused of misdemeanors every year (a statistic compiled by the public, not the police) are usually in the range of 6,000 to 7,000. It may seem huge, but it’ spread over a territory the size of Europe, among a population of 300,000,000, and only involves 0.009% of the police force.

    Of all the many problems America is facing today, crooked police are, while real, an exceptionally low priority. A far bigger concern is dealing with the chronic (and currently skyrocketing)crime rates found in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, which was a massive task even before you hobble the police.

  12. You said EXACTLY what I was thinking. Who has been trying to drag American into another war? Who owns CNN and the other MSM? The same thing has been happening for years all over America but it was never “news”. Although it should have been. Now it’s a blitz. I wonder if it’s a Yiddish saying, more than one way to skin a cat?

  13. How has he done so? By existing? By running for president? Or is it because he had the audacity to win?

  14. Wow. You sure refered to “they” an awful lot. Like white folks never riot, right? There’s not like there is photographic and recorded instances of whites rioting, right? And those whites would never cause death and destruction of a sports game, right?

    Pffft, yeah, right. *rolls eyes* You told me everything I needed to know about you by how many times you refer to some mythical “they”.

  15. During Martin O’Malley’s administration as mayor, the department had become 43% African American

    Cities with a higher percentage of white police officers than white residents

    Cities with a lower percentage of white police officers than white residents

    Take the example of Baltimore. This shows that 28 percent of the city population is white, while 46 percent of the police officers working in the city are white, according to Census data.

  16. * IT’S not like”…

    *…OVER a sports game…..

    Sorry. I need massive quantites of coffee and the edit function to work. [wink]

  17. “The ratio of police who are accused of misdemeanors every year (a statistic compiled by the public, not the police) are usually in the range of 6,000 to 7,000.”

    This is the first part of your take down, according to public records, in order to have those public records the cop needs to be arrested and charge, so this part of your ignorant is null and void.

    How many unarmed whites, and asians have been gunned down by the police this year, none so far, so it seems to not just be a criminal issue, it seems the issue is fear of a black man’s body, hell a black teenage girl cant walk down the street being a loud teenager without being gunned down by a cop.

    Third, how many of those white men were shot killed at the Bundy Ranch, you know the ones that had guns trained on law enforcement, you know those white men who used their wives and daughters as sheilds?

    Dont get me wrong i am not codoning what a few of the idiots did in Baltimore, but for you post a ignorant rant is…

  18. From the Kerner report
    Violence cannot build a better society. Disruption and disorder nourish repression, not justice. They strike at the freedom of every citizen. The community cannot—it will not—tolerate coercion and mob rule. Violence and destruction must be ended—in the streets of the ghetto and in the lives of people. Segregation and poverty have created in the racial ghetto a destructive environment totally unknown to most white Americans. What white Americans have never fully understood—but what the Negro can never forget—is that white society is deeply implicated in the ghetto. White institutions created it, white institutions maintain, and white society condones it.

  19. Has anyone else noticed that Police Apologists sound JUST LIKE Catholic Priest Apologists did ten years ago?

    “It’s one or two making the rest look bad.”

    Pity Poor CNN, when you have nothing concrete to go on- Blame Obama.

  20. Jason Easley ..Does Obama live in a vacuum??If this is an American problem then it is his also. At this very moment the city of Baltimore is being burned down and innocent lives of Black businesses are being ruined. Do you believe the presidents response has been adequate? Over 7,000 !! African Americans are dying at the hands of other Blacks in th U S every year. This is the ugly truth that you and the Black community ignore by being outraged over by a relative small number of police incidents compared to the violence done by your own hands.

  21. People, read the CNN quote more carefully:

    “The growing violence in Baltimore, just 40 miles from the White House, represents another challenge for the Obama administration in addressing racial unrest across the country.”

    It doesn’t blame Obama for the violence. It simply states this is another challenge for him.

    Is this not a challenge? Aren’t these national issues – police behavior, police/community relationships, senseless violence – that Obama can help our country work through?

  22. William, I think your maths is a bit awry. Surely you divide the 6 to 7000 by the size of the US police force not the total population of US to get the % of ‘bad cops’. The number of sworn law enforcement officers with powers of arrest is approx 900K so this would yield a figure of 0.66 – 0.8%

  23. Another day, another violent left wing riot. Have we found that 1 violent tea-partier yet? no, still looking I guess.

  24. Oh, I see that you have been out in the mayhem asking people their political affiliations, just so you could report this information.

  25. O.K. Stack. I was at a recent family gathering where a member of the family was from Co, employed by the Police dept. Husband a police officer. During the conversation which lead to the pot smoking law and sale of. I heard this. This family member said something like. She was sick of the laws made by Obama relating to drugs. It was his fault, his law. I was, shocked at the stupidity of this statement. Didn’t respond because I did not want to start a family war. BUT, came to this conclusion it was Cop talk, Cop small mind, finally uninformed by choice. You just can NOT change minds of people who choose to be uninformed. Rethugs have made it classy to be stupid. LOVE people who do not wish to be educated. Just their kind of voter.

  26. Is this not a challenge? Aren’t these national issues – police behavior, police/community relationships, senseless violence – that Obama can help our country work through?
    The onus is not on President Obama or black people to help this country. Try to acknowledge for once the role white people and their privilege that led up to this. If you have a chance read this
    Ferguson: Economic Violence 101

    The familiar convention of the true-crime story turns out to be utterly inadequate for describing the social, economic, and legal subjection of black people in Ferguson, or anywhere in America. Understanding this requires looking beyond the 90-second drama to the 90 years of entrenched white supremacy and black disadvantage that preceded it.

  27. Scumbags? Already, I scent the scientific and journalistic integrity of this article wafting on the breeze.

  28. So here we go again blame the oppressed instead of the oppressor. Your racism cannot see how the Baltimore police has, well I let the newspaper of that city inform your ignorant ass
    The city has paid about $5.7 million since 2011 over lawsuits claiming that police officers brazenly beat up alleged suspects. One hidden cost: The perception that officers are violent can poison the relationship between residents and police.

    And the city paid out another 5 million defending I will call it like I see it an occupying army.

    Throughout history people have rioted where there is injustice and being the red white blue patriot that you are, the United States of America was founded beause of a riot riot. THE BOSTON TEA PARTY

  29. Take personal responsibility for your actions. Simple. These animals responded out of opportunity; the case that was surrounding this outbreak of mayhem did not involve them. They were opportunists. I blame them. Period.

    If you want to go around playing the race card ala Jackson and Sharpton, fine. You can continue looking like a small-minded fool then. That is a choice you make. You live with the consequences of how others, like me, will view you.

    And please, please do not associate the Boston Tea Party with what these creatures are doing. Dumping tea into the harbor to protest English rule is completely different than looting liquor stores to get drunk and assault the city of Baltimore.

    Ignorant ass indeed.

  30. “It is time we recognize that Obama, along with his former AG Holder, have re-inflamed racial tensions like nothing we’ve seen since the 60s.”

    Perhaps if you replaced the “re-inflamed” with recognized, your statement would be more credible.

    It’s about time the problem came to the forefront.

  31. Animals? Human beings you disagree with are animals? This how it starts. So what is your final solution?

    And the Boston tea party was a riot just like the Penn State students being angry over the firing of Paterno. Just because they were white like you that doesn’t mean you get to change the definition

  32. Very good point but I think it would be most accurate to say the election of President Obama and the appointment of AG Holder brought racists hidden since the 60’s in to the national spotlight.

    No one is making them be racist or to be so public about it.

  33. There isn’t a doubt in my mind, DJ.

    And the term “nickel ride” was named after when amusement parks rides that cost a nickel. How fricken’ long has this abuse method been around if it’s named after rides that cost 5 cents?! Nothing has been 5 cents for decades!

  34. I disagree with the methods, not the people.

    And again, you try to tie in completely unrelated events to what is occurring in Baltimore, or more recently, Ferguson.

    You can feel oppressed, mistreated and unfairly given the shaft -we all go through this, black, white, asian, hispanic- but it is how you respond to those events that you will be judged upon. Instead of being animals, you can peacefully protest. Instead of violence, you can formulate solutions. There is no excuse for this behavior, nor is there any defense for it. You, by defending and blaming, continue the cycle of problems. You might as well be out there driving stolen cars through fires, because you are excusing it. Shameful life you must lead.

  35. Did our founding fathers protest peacefully when they felt they were oppressed? Oh, my bad they were white so it was different

  36. You’re making excuses again. Stop with the excuses. Stop living in the past. Just stop. The revolutionary war -and yes, it was a war and not a riot- was over 240 years ago. Slavery was over 150 years ago. Joe Paterno was over 4 years ago. Dems got wiped out of office over 6 months ago.

    Worry about what you do in the present and no one will be using you as an excuse for their own bad behavior.

    But keep calling everyone who disagrees with you racist and good things will happen. How’s that working out for you? Your life better now?

  37. My life is great. Married 19 years , 3 kids, own my home bills get paid and all that good shit but till you realize why people act out then you shall remain ignorant. How many unarmed black males have to be killed BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO SWORE TO PROTECT AND SERVE before you say enough? Or are you just living out your dreams of being a night watcher?

    I get it you love this new or old just more dressed up America?
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  38. You got all of that by complaining? Awesome! I need to try some of that then. Kvetching loud enough, strong enough, until people just give you things to go away.

    Actually, that’s a designed play out of your reverend Jackson and Sharpton’s playbook.

    Here’s a story closer to home for you: Park Forest, IL. cop shoots and unarmed, old, white veteren with a bean bag. Naturally he dies. According to your logic, we should all be outraged and start looting. I personally like gin, so I should use that opportunity to go get me some. But I don’t. My fellow “privileged” brethren don’t either. Why?

    Because we are aware enough to know bad things happen. Unfortunately, some of his behavior was erratic enough that the police had to come in the first place. You’re familiar with erratic behavior, aren’t you?

    And yes, I think that picture is pretty cool. Here is the last line of defense for your family of 3 and your house. Without them, you and I would not be in a civilized society.

  39. “The onus is not on President Obama… to help this country.”


    Neither CNN, nor I, nor anyone else is saying it’s Obama’s responsibility alone to help improve the way our police operate and improve police/community relations, but I’m pretty sure Obama ran for president because he wanted to help this country and its people. Wouldn’t you agree?

    So, here he has the opportunity – the challenge – of leading this country forward on these difficult issues.

    CNN’s statement is not blaming or inflammatory, its a simple statement of fact.

  40. Well at least they used a beanbag instead of shooting someone in the back 8 times or how about this shooting a 12 year old boy for holding a toy gun but this takes the cake. In an open carry state gunning down a man in a walmart for just holding a bb gun. Yep it all adds up

  41. President Obama has been trying and succeeding in helping this country despite you neo confederates trying to stop him. Remember this. Our goal is to make him a one term President. You cant have it both ways

  42. Did I mention that the copper was black? Oops, we will just keep that a secret.

    Beanbag, firearm, Paris Gun – the result was death.

    No riots.


    Walmart dude was threatening patrons. Cops called. Man holding weapon = danger. Cops shot. A good shoot. Bad things happen. He had at least partial control of the situation that led to his demise.

    Cleveland boy holding what appears to be a gun. Where are the parents? Gun = bad things. Tragic, split second decision. Everyone loses.

    Running Carolina man. Poor decision. Run after him instead and knock him on his ass. Damning video. The facts will be tried and he’ll be held to account.

    No excuse to act or respond like savages though.

    Accept responsibility. White, black, hispanic, asian, native, little-green-martians. No excuses.

    That goes for you too, Che

  43. ‘It was a crank call’: family seeks action against 911 caller in Walmart shooting

    Family of John Crawford, man shot dead by police while holding an unloaded BB rifle, say call was a ‘bunch of lies’

    The young man wan in a playground. I know you think all young black males are stealing cars but its not true

    He was shot in the back 8 times over a traffic stop

    That sheet must got a lot of Clorox today

  44. Did you call those Kentucky fans burning stuff down “animals”? Or, maybe they’re not because they were white? Who’s the small minded one?
    How many people – men, women and children – of all races (but disproportionately black) have to be killed by cops this year before you decide something needs to be done? 200? Passed that already. 300? Keep going. The count is like 340. It’s not even May.
    When is it enough? When it happens to you?

  45. You’re a fucking moron if you think this is a left-right thing. I suggest you spend a little more time getting a real education and a little less time picking the lint out of your navel.

  46. You missed the point because you are ignoring what is really going on.
    1. Most police misconduct is never reported unless somebody dies and they have to deal with the body or unless there is videotape, which there rarely is. When it is reported, the cases are usually swept under the rug or, if they can’t be, settled out of court and the police are never charged with anything. Therefore, there’s no record.

    2. These communities are vulnerable on every level. When they need protection from crime, the police treat them as criminals instead of victims. This includes people who have been assaulted when they’ve called police for help!!! While police are harassing people for just existing while black, REAL crime is not being addressed and the people in those communities do not trust the police to address it when it happens.

  47. AOL? They still in business? And who is this Nedra Pickler
    In June 2004, an article by Pickler on higher education costs was criticized by the Columbia Journalism Review for accepting Bush advisor Steve Schmidt’s criticism of John Kerry as fact without evaluating the accuracy of Schmidt’s claim, which CJR found to be misleading.[6]

    After that election, Pickler worked as a White House correspondent until September 2006, leaving to cover national politics, including the 2008 United States Presidential Election. President Bush bid her farewell personally, saying: “Nedra, baby, I’m gonna miss you. I’m sad you’re leaving.”[

    On March 27, 2007, Pickler wrote that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (who had declared his candidacy February 10) had “delivered no policy speeches and provided few details about how he would lead the country” in his campaign up to that point.[9] On July 8, 2008, Pickler wrote an analysis saying that the presumptive presidential nominees, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, had opposite stances on the policy goal of balancing the federal budget by the end of the next presidential term (January 2013).[10] She was criticized for the article in the Columbia Journalism Review

    First animals now savages SEIG HEIL


  48. 1. White people riot at large sports events ALL THE TIME, but they are never treated as thugs. And they just riot because their team won or lost, not because they have been the targets of brutal violence or murder.

    2. Tea Partiers do not have to riot a. because they have the police to harass and murder the black people they hate for them. They can just sit at home while the police take care of their violence for them. b. because they are NOT being persecuted by anybody (except for the wealthy members of their own party whom they are so busy worshiping and serving that they don’t realize that they don’t even care about them. Hint, when rich Mitt Romney was insulting Americans who aren’t wealthy, he was talking about poor white people, including tea party members.

    3. Please stop being so ignorant and learn some basic social contract theory. Read something.

  49. for those who don’t think its a problem
    The American Negro never can be blamed for his racial animosities – he is only reacting to 400 years of the conscious racism of the American whites.

    Malcolm X

    Think about it

  50. “William, I think your maths is a bit awry. Surely you divide the 6 to 7000 by the size of the US police force not the total population of US to get the % of ‘bad cops’. The number of sworn law enforcement officers with powers of arrest is approx 900K so this would yield a figure of 0.66 – 0.8% ”

    Sorry John, but if you take 6,000, (The number of cops accused of misdemeanor) divide it by 780,000 (the number of cops in this country) you get 0.00769230769. Rounding up, that’s 0.008%.

    Where did you get your statistics from?

  51. First Dimi, I got my statistics from the CATO Institute, who are NOT affiliated with the police.

    Second, if you would re-read my post, you would see I clearly said they were ACCUSATIONS of misconduct, not just the ones that were prosecuted. They were careful to included all the incidents that were dismissed.

    Third, when you say “When they need protection from crime, the police treat them as criminals instead of victims”, could you give an example from personal experience? did you just hear this from a friend-who-knows-a-friend-who-knows-a-friend-who-knows-a-friend? Did you hear it from anonomus people on the internet? because if you could give a personal testimony of when you saw, heard, or experienced this first hand, I would like to hear it.

  52. “This is the first part of your take down, according to public records, in order to have those public records the cop needs to be arrested and charge”

    Sorry, but I’m going to have to deny that “take down”. I got my statistics from the CATO institute, who were careful to include all the cases that were dismissed. Notice I said ACCUSATIONS, not CONVICTIONS.

    How many unarmed whites, and Asians have been gunned down by the police this year, none so far,

    Dozens happened last year. None caused protests or riots. Also, we’re 1/4 through 2015. Give it time.

    “Hell a black teenage girl can’t walk down the street being a loud teenager without being gunned down by a cop.”

    Strange. I saw two dozen black teenage girls walking down the street just today. The police didn’t give a d@amn. What reality are you from?

    P.S. I agree on the last point: The Bundys SHOULD have been shot.

  53. A good point, Rick, but how many cops nowadays are akin to Frank Serpico? That kind of courage doesn’t grow on trees.

  54. Could give you chapter and verse on that, but to make a long story short, they don’t do well. My co-author and I literally wrote the book on that.

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