Rush Limbaugh’s Ratings Are So Bad That Radio Stations No Longer Want His Show


The ratings have gotten so bad for Rush Limbaugh that radio stations no longer want to carry his show.

The advertiser boycott of Rush Limbaugh brought public attention to the sewer that conservative talk radio has become, but as Republican Daryl Parks wrote when rumors of Limbaugh getting moved to a smaller station in Chicago surfaced, radio station executives don’t want Limbaugh, but literally can’t give him away, “The Chicago rumors come as no surprise to me, as three different Cumulus executives have told me on different occasions they wish they could get rid of Limbaugh’s show and they can’t sell it.”

Parks also explained why these stations are stuck with Limbaugh, “Premiere Networks and its owner Clear Channel Media + Entertainment iHeart Media has crammed down Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck on its talk stations, not allowing local stations to make needed changes to their programming, changes that could provide some hope of staying relevant. It was a great business model…in the 20th century! In business speak it’s called “vertical integration.” The company produces the product and then uses its distribution arm, its radio stations, to broadcast the shows. Guaranteed clearance, plus in Limbaugh’s case and some of Hannity’s stations, the local stations have to pay a “rights fee” in addition to the barter commercial inventory they broadcast from the network. There was no negotiation whether to broadcast the show or what fee was to be paid. Here’s the number you pay was the only conversation during the budget process. This, as you can imagine, affected cash flow and coupled with the increasing demands for talk stations to generate more profit, it forced local stations to lay-off other talk hosts, producers and gut news departments. Talented people left the radio business and the death spiral for talk radio began. It began years ago.”

The radio stations don’t get a choice. They are being forced to carry Limbaugh while paying for the privilege of giving three hours of airtime to a host whose audience is even older than those who watch Fox News.

Radio stations in big markets have seen their ratings plummet thanks to Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio. The reality is that sports talk radio passed conservative talk radio in popularity years ago.

Younger people across the political spectrum don’t listen to talk radio. Stations that carry Limbaugh are losing both listeners and money. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t care about any of this. You’ll notice that Limbaugh still gets paid no matter what station he is on.

Limbaugh’s ratings data is guarded like a state secret, but it was revealed that his show is drawing fewer listeners than Spanish language stations in New York and Los Angeles. The biggest sign that Rush Limbaugh is on the decline is that he has fallen off of the political map. Limbaugh was at the center of the Republican Party during the early days of President Obama’s first term, but the Sandra Fluke scandal and advertiser boycott that followed has cost him dearly.

Many will never admit it, but the left played a key role in helping America move forward by tuning out Rush Limbaugh.

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  1. I wouldn’t listen to this windbag if my life depended on it. Like I said before, I will NEVER understand the Rethuglican’t mind. Folks voting against themselves. Senior citizens voting for idiots whose mission in life is to destroy SS and Medicare. I just don’t get it.

  2. To republicans this is the climate change they are worried about; rush is going the way of the ice cap;a big lump of ice melting before our very eyes.

  3. My father was a disc jockey in the 70’s and each DJ produced their own show and their individual personality’s was featured.

    When radio stations were bought up by corporations that went away. So now you have this. There is no more independent stations so you get stuck with sub standard programming.

    Thank the flying spaghetti monster for satellite radio for the car and the music stations on your cable.

  4. the last 10 or 12 years I don’t even know why I have a radio in the truck… I buy CDs and make my own mixes or plug in the MP3 player…

    in the ’70s and early ’80s we had some great stations… KSAN, KOME with the bouncing bed spring commercial, KSJO with the occasional DJ getting busted on air, KFOG and the late and still lamented KFAT in beautiful downtown Gilroy the garlic capitol of the world…

  5. Oh I know the frustration. In backward western NC there are still great choices. WKBC North Wilkesboro is my personal favorite. Then there are 95.7, 102.9, all FM stations. I like rock and contemporary though. I know alot of folks like country.

  6. you don’t really have to listen to him to get his most egregious crap… his Sandra Fluke BS was in all the papers…
    so was his conviction for drugs, oxy and viagra, and the image of fat boy bouncing up and down at the Republican convention is one of those things one can NEVER unsee…

  7. The sooner these hate mongers are off the airwaves the sooner our country can heal.Rush Limbaugh has spewed hatred far too long. I’m 76 and he is the last person I will listen to. Clear Channel has wallpapered this country with his hate from sea to sea and border to border. He is a druggie and should be behind bars! The only person who has beat Sarah Palin in lies and hate towards our president. I’ve seen it turn family and friends into idiots! I was taught not to hate anyone, but I have decided these two are the exceptions! Fox News is almost as bad. I refuse to watch them too. I remember when KOA had such good talk radio on around the clock. No more. Unfortunately, after the sun goes down all the smaller stations fade out and KOA is all you can get. The right wing has bought up all the news channel and main channels too. I turn on TCM and watch the old movies. I refuse to listen to or watch their biased hatred!

  8. Wow… so, the stench he creates is so damn bad that they can’t even give the show away?

    I say it’s very high time for Limbaugh to end his charade and fade away for good.

  9. IKnow IKnow with a name like John Boner how could I NOT like stupid policies that : Bankrupt the Nation
    Eliminate Social Security
    Eliminate Medicare
    Eliminate the ACA
    Eliminate Medicaid
    I’m NOT the John Boner you see on the news. I am the one who really has a BONE!!

  10. this is such good news. Hopefully (although i doubt it) may he lose his entire fortune and live like the rest of the 99%.

    parasitic scumbag. Reenact the fairness doctrine that Ronny Raygun eliminated, that fascist pig.

  11. Finally this scum-bucket is getting exactly what he deserves. He will now have to reap what he has sown for years, hatred and evilness.

  12. I’ve listened off and on to Mr. Oxycodone over the years.

    It’s like watching Daytime Soaps. The same B.S. repeated every time.

    And like a Cancer in remission…

  13. Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out. If political talk radio goes broke it is no loss.

  14. Let them starve themselves to death. I may be a liberal, but I do have my limits.

    These geriatrics are the same group of losers who had no compassion for me when I explained my learning disabilities to them 25 years ago, so I don’t see why I should have any compassion for them now.

    Let them either eat cat food, or starve to death. As far ‘being the better person’ is concerned, that crap only gets you killed, and I’d rather that they die while I thrive.

  15. Where was the FCC when the citizens public airways were taken over by corporations with a biased propagandist agenda?

  16. From 600 stations to 595. He made $50 mil per yr the last 8 yrs but maybe now will have to squeeze by on $40 million. How’s Air America doing?

  17. KOME is number 1
    How can you say that?
    I am not afraid!

    I see we listened to the same stations back then.

    RIP Dennis Erectus

  18. I HAVE listened to him and the sooner they get that piece of toxic slime off the air, the better off the world will be. His lies make Bill O’Reilly look like a saint.

  19. I hope the end accelerates quickly. The guy in the office next to mine listens to him and I can faintly hear the windbags voice through the wall at times. He has the volume up because he’s hard of hearing. Imagine having to listen to that crap every day. It’s bad enough faintly hearing his voice.

  20. Hopefully Missouri will remove his bust in the capital building that honors famous Missourians. Yeah, just think asswipe limbaugh in the same company of Harry Truman, Mark Twain, Walt Disney. This is how far Missouri has fallen.

  21. It is sad how Conservative Media has taken over the air waves. About 25 years ago I had a friend of a friend who said I did not know what I was missing. That I really should listen to Rush Limbaugh – that he tells it like it is. OK, I’ll give it a shot – I’ll tune into his show.

    Less than a minute into the show Ole Rushie says “you don’t need to read the newspapers, listen to the nightly news or read news magazines – just tune into W*** and listen to the my show and I will tell you the way it should be.” What? Are you kidding me?

    Called my friend and said “Did you hear what he just said?” Yeah, what’s the problem? He’s going to tell you what is what. “No, NO. I want you to look up the name Goebbels. Rush is of the same league as Goebbels – he’s a propagandist – a right-wing propagandist just like Goebbels.”

    He never asked me to listen to Rush again.

  22. Rush Limbaugh was one of the worst things to ever happen to political discourse in this country… and a bronze bust of him is displayed in the Missouri Capitol building. The statue has its own security camera (paid for by taxpayers) to guard against it being vandalized or defaced. Maybe some day they can give it back to Rushbo so he can stare at it all day in his demented, drug addled old age.

  23. As someone who is on Social Security, I cannot understand myself why these seniors vote for people who would deprive them of what is probably a major part of their income. What on earth do they think would happen to them if that check didn’t come every month? Cat food would probably be welcome, if they could even afford that.

  24. If you target your rantings to the oldest, least educated Americans, you are going to lose your audience over time.

  25. Just to clear up some inaccuracies….

    His ratings are not guarded. They’re available to any Nielsen Audio subscriber.

    Cumulus wants out of the contracts because they market Michael Savage and would prefer to make the airtime available for their own shows. The decision is not based on ratings, but rather on revenue.

    His show is still carried on 550 stations. He is by far the most listened to syndicated radio program in the country.

  26. Rush has been around for over 25 years. People get tired of hearing the same predictable stuff from the same person year after year.there are allways going to be coming and goings of radio hosts. The new superstar now is mark levin. His popularity is growing at a very fast rate. He is the fastest growing radio host in America. Eventually he will also fade a bit and new people will come along. I am just amazed Rush has lasted as long as he has.

  27. You mean his show is FORCED on people on some 550 stations.

    As to Mike Weiner and Mark Levin….

    it would be an instance of replacing DOG CRAP with COW MANURE or CAMEL VOMIT.

    And we all know “popular” those are.

  28. Rush Limbaugh obviously rubs one off to a full size cut out of Josef Goebbels in all his outstretched Nazi salute glory! What the owners of Limbaugh’s radio program have done to their stations is EXACTLY what Josef Goebbels did to radio in the 30’s in Nazi Germany. Hell they even produced a cheap radio to hear the conservative propaganda on. It’s sad that Americans went overseas to fight fascism and religious repression and then come back to America and support it with zeal. And when we point it out to them then somehow WE are the traitor, All that courage the veterans showed was wasted and America has paid the price.

  29. Nice to hear an intelligent “voice” on this site.
    Rush’s Cure-A Thon has raised $44 million dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society the last 25 years. Per Diversity Inc. “Study: Leukemia is more deadly for blacks”. But you would never hear a thanks from the hateful, angry people on this site. Fight the good Fight !

  30. San Juan Bautista. Hollister High-School (1965). I liked the smell of garlic there in Gilroy also. Good days back then…

  31. Maybe the lights will go on when they are through the cat food and looking ravenously at the cat … maybe not.

  32. Rush’s spokesman is Brian Glicklich, at . Let him know how much you appreciate Rush!

  33. Have listened to Rush since he left Sacramento California and went national on I believe it was Aug. 2, 1988. I was always able to look past the bluster and schtick to appreciate his true political genius and fair, truthful and common sense approach to issues of the day. I do not believe he can be kept down. That fairness doctrine was a joke, i.e. : Hey liberals, don’t worry, if you can’t survive in the arena of competition, we’ll just remove the competition and make everybody equal regardless of talent. What a joke. Looking forward to hearing Rush from wherever he broadcasts.

  34. I hope Clear Channel (well, they changed their name to I Heart Media) starts selling some of those radio stations for cheap. They have too much broadcasting infrastructure to just go bankrupt and turn out the lights. Those assets will be liquidated eventually. Maybe we can return to the days when more than a few companies have control over what the majority of people still listen to in their cars.

  35. I was curious about what ya said so I looked it up and this is what I found on Wikipedia :
    The total listenership for terrestrial radio as of March 2014 was 244 million,[2] up from 230 million in 2005.[3] Sirius XM Radio has a base of 25.6 million subscribers as of 2014.[4] American Top 40 attracts over 20 million listeners per week.[5] Rush Limbaugh’s show has been the number one commercial talk show since at least 1991 when record keeping began.[1][6] NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered are the two most popular news programs.[7]

  36. I totally agree with you. Watching or listening to anything else is better for you. Even sitting in a silent room. Don’t let the hate and anger in. Sadly, most of these angry and hate-filled people think they are Christians or religious. It’s so eye-opening for some of us, who even listened to it years ago, but after a few years recognized the hypocrisy being spewed daily. My husband and I stopped listening and watching these shows on radio and tv over a decade ago. Unfortunately, family (especially the order ones) still do and think we are the crazy one, or worse, we are going to hell. I rather go to hell than live my life full of hate and anger like they do. Ugh!

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