Senate Republicans Plan New Treasonous Sabotage Of Obama On Global Climate Change Talks


Not content with undercutting the President and sabotaging America’s foreign policy, Senate Republicans are planning a new treasonous act of sabotage against an Obama led potential global change agreement.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “The White House considers the agreement with nearly 200 nations a historic opportunity to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions world-wide. But some GOP senators view it as executive overreach, and they are quietly considering ways to warn other countries that the president doesn’t speak for them and may not be able to deliver on his promises to slash emissions.”

The only lesson that Senate Republicans appear to have taken away from their letter to Iran is that they need to keep their plots to undercut the President quiet. Look for the Senate Republicans to avoid releasing a public letter. They may use the same strategy and issue a letter, but they will try to sneak it a bit more under the radar.

Senate Republicans are setting themselves up for an even stronger backlash since they will be not only sabotaging President Obama, but also defying the global scientific consensus.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that climate change denying Republicans embarrass their fellow Americans at home, they are now considering humiliating the entire nation on a global scale.

Opposing an international agreement on climate change has nothing to do with the actual science. The Republican opposition is rooting in protecting corporate polluters who are destroying the planet combined with a desire to politically damage and embarrass a president that they irrationally despise.

Any Senate Republican plan to undercut Obama on climate change will backfire. It is also an unwise strategy to make climate change denial an issue in the 2016 election. Republicans need to attract moderates to win back the White House, and science denial only serves to reinforce to these voters why they should support Democrats.

The big message is clear. Senate Republicans will continue their campaign of treasonous sabotage until President Obama leaves office.

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  1. Treason and sabotage are inappropriate words to describe opposition to the scam that is climate change. It’s a shameless plot for government control of all energy resourses. They’ve been trying to do this since 1970, when they swore we were headed for an Ice Age…

  2. Seriously? Didn’t Walker and Jindal embarrass themselves enough for Republicans to understand that the rest of the world isn’t as gullible as the Republican base?

  3. They have no problem carry out their plot with the democrats help. Will the usual suspects step forward. Manchin, Heitkamp, Warren (VA), Kaine (VA), McCastle (MO)…

    And those been screaming about the president not closing GITMO. The senate arms committee approved to barred any prisoner transferred by a vote 14 to 12:

    I’m sure we will hear from the activists be protesting will soon, right?

  4. Lets “all” call for and “demand” that “all” of these GOP “lunatics” and their “religious” friends come out to a “live” “Public-Broadcast”. Put them “all” on stage out in front of their “god” and “everybody” else. And then “explain” (simply) to them and all the people of this country (U.S.A.) and the entire world, “exactly” how their “GOP” policies are “screwing” everything up!!! Then give them their turn to “convince” us people otherwise. Let the people then “decide” who they will follow. That’s only fair. In my opinion. Bring “all” of our “problems” out into the “open” so that we can “fix” them together, etc.. It would be a whole lot better than watching the world series…

  5. Why don’t they still call it Global Warming? Because the they got caught fudging the climate data and… oh, the Earth hasn’t warmed in 18 years. What to do? Change the name to “climate change” and keep on pushing.

  6. If you don’t believe me, read the interview by Christiana Figueres. She says the purpose of the Paris dog-and-pony show is to change the model of Western capitalism. She, and nobody else in the U.N. gives a fig about the climate.

  7. Where’s the Heat?

    As you can see, 93% of the increased heat caused by more and more greenhouse gas emissions leading to ever increasing levels of those gases in the atmosphere, was absorbed by the Earth’s oceans. The rise of ocean temperatures never paused or slowed or leveled off – quite the contrary. And now we are poised for rapid increases, again, in atmospheric temperatures.

    Humanity is about to experience a historically unprecedented spike in temperatures.

    That’s the ominous conclusion of a vast and growing body of research that links sweeping Pacific Ocean cycles with rates of warming at the planet’s surface — warming rates that could affect how communities and nations respond to threats posed by climate change.

    The stupid still lives

  8. What ocean heating reveals about global warming

    The heat content of the oceans is growing and growing. That means that the greenhouse effect has not taken a pause and the cold sun is not noticeably slowing global warming.

    NOAA posts regularly updated measurements of the amount of heat stored in the bulk of the oceans. For the upper 2000 m (deeper than that not much happens) it looks like this

  9. No, actually it isn’t the government we need to worry about. It is the need of the Republicans to give control of the government over to the oil and gas conglomerates, well, darn it, I guess I have to say it, people like the Koch brothers.

    The Republicans are idiots. Don’t they realise that by undermining the President in
    everything he does, inviting Netanyahu to try to kill the Iranian agreement, writing letters to Iran and, now, letters to warn other countries that they can kill any climate change agreements, they are proving that they cannot be trusted? That if they can turn against the President, they can just as easily turn against the very countries they want to impress?

    I’m not sure of what they are trying to do except to try to convince the world that THEY are in charge, here, not the President.

    I hope that any country receiving these letters inform the Republicans that they are dealing with POTUS, NOT the Republican congress.

  10. Right, brilliantly put together by all but polluter funded scientists and governments all over the world. You’re being manipulated by corporations, not all of whom agree with you, that prefer to let the weather changes and ice poll melting both predicted and happening currently to destroy businesses, homes, and lives to doing anything that might interfere with their record breaking profits. The easiest way to see if a rep. is bought off is his stand on climate change. Most of them won’t even oppose, but cop out by saying “I’m not a scientist.” The scam is the well funded misinformation campaign that stupid, really stupid people fall for despite the facts and what they see happening around them.

  11. Democrat senators joining repugs in resisting vital envir-
    onmental issues are most likely kochsuckers. Kochs and
    other mega mammoth corporations hate unions and
    conservation advocates with a passion. No big surprise

  12. djchefron: How can CO2 in the atmosphere effect the temperatures of the oceans? If you say it warms the air which warms the water I find that silly. Also remember that the air temps haven’t risen in 18 years. If the sun’s energy alone is warming the oceans, I would argue the cause is the sun.

  13. djchfron: I looked up your you-tube report from SOCCOM. I looked at their home page and read their purpose. Their purpose is to promote the climate change argument. Their agenda comes first, then they twist the science to prove their argument. Sorry, but that’s not science.

  14. Climate change and the oceans

    Ocean acidification is particularly damaging to the many organisms that use calcium carbonate to build protective shells. Collectively called “calcifying organisms,” they include some phytoplankton, and many invertebrates such as corals, sponges, marine worms, mollusks, and crustaceans. Increased acidity makes it harder for them to form shells, which will cause further negative changes in many marine ecosystems as the decline of calcifying species affects other species that depend on them for food. So climate change does not directly cause acidification of the oceans per se; rather climate change and ocean acidification are two separate and serious problems that are related because both are caused by excessive emissions of carbon dioxide.

  15. The president is not a king. Republicans are in charge of 2/3 of the branches of government. By the Constitution, any treaty with another country in this magnitude has to be approved by Congress. Obama and Kerry seem to think they can do this deal by themselves. They can’t.

  16. I didn’t know SOCCOM was in involed in climate science since it means US special operations command. Now since the video was produced Climate central and their mission statement is, An independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the American public. So again stop being stupid

  17. You say SOCCOM is an independent organization. Who funds them? Does the organization that funds them stand to gain from their results? Just curious.

  18. This is what happens when you read Reich wing sites . You make yourself look like a fool

    Four Conclusions from Davos
    In conclusion: Davos 2015 accelerated the understanding of the economic desirability and the technical ability to meet the climate challenge. The alpine village was intensely cold, but the sun was shining and the mountains shone majestically, calling us all to new heights of understanding and effort. I met with CEOs of the leading energy, cement, automotive, air transportation and consumer goods companies. I met with major philanthropists, investors, and multilateral financial institutions. I met with activists, entrepreneurs and think tanks. From all corners I heard increased commitment to action in this critical year and beyond. I left Davos knowing that the future will not be constrained by the past, and that the present is being catalyzed by the promising potential of the future. A good place to be as we journey toward Paris COP21.

  19. I don’t know who this SOCCOM is but the people who wrote the report ask for donations from the public
    Support Our Work

    Inspiring people and policymakers to make sound, informed decisions about the climate crisis depends on quality information. That’s what Climate Central is all about: telling nonpartisan, rigorously factual stories about climate and energy science and solutions. With your support, we can help shape the conversation about climate change, the future of the planet, and the kind of world that we want for our children.

  20. I do know that the European nations and world scientists have believed in climate change and global warming for years, while living near Cambridge UK for many years, as long as I can remember the British Antarctic Survey stationed there was studying it seriously, one thing I admire about Europe, they take science seriously.
    Here in the US, the racketeers like Koch’s
    count on the stupidity of the people.

  21. Just Because these Koch Republicans, et al May be Suicidal, and Apparently Would Rather Perish Bearing Billions of Dollars, does not Mean that the Whole Human Race, (and the Rest of Life on the Planet), is Suicidal !

  22. OK, I looked up where Climate Central gets its funding. They got their seed money in 2008 from the Flora Family Foundation. The FFF is a left-leaning philanthropy group. They are devoted to the idea that there is an obscene “wage gap” between countries like America vs impoverished nations around the world.
    How to change that? Create a carbon tax that will cripple western industrial nations while allowing the rest of the world to catch up. Whether you believe in that outcome or not, it ain’t about the climate. That’s just a smokescreen.

  23. Obscene wage gap around the world? Hell you aint got to go around the world. You can start right here
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  24. Ok djchefron, I’ll give it one more try: Did you approve of the Climate Accord thingy that Obama agreed to with China last year? These were the protocols where Obama agreed to reduce carbon emissions in America by 28% by 2025. In return, China agreed to… nothing. They were allowed to increase their output of oil and coal fired electrical plants without restriction until 2030. That means China can build a coal-fired plant one a month if they can pull it off. Then in 2030 China agrees to… not build any more. No cuts of any kind. Now does this sound like a plan to a) Cripple American productivity, or b) get CO2 out of the atmosphere. hmm?

  25. But…but I didn’t lie! The article you sent me to read agrees with me! The US cuts back by 28% by 2025 and China is allowed to peak in 2030. You realize the pollution China spews on Sunday is breathed by you, your children and me on Friday. The article you sent me while calling me a liar proves just the opposite!

  26. “Why don’t they still call it Global Warming?”
    They do. Nice try.
    “So to sum up, although the terms are used interchangeably because they are causally related, ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ refer to different physical phenomena. The term ‘climate change’ has been used frequently in the scientific literature for many decades, and the usage of both terms has increased over the past 40 years. Moreover, since the planet continues to warm, there is no reason to change the terminology. Perhaps the only individual to advocate the change was Frank Luntz, a Republican political strategist and global warming skeptic, who used focus group results to determine that the term ‘climate change’ is less frightening to the general public than ‘global warming’. There is simply no factual basis whatsoever to the myth “they changed the name from global warming to climate change”.”

  27. Any climate denier, anti environment ie Koch and their army of evil doers are fighting against the science community in the name of greed!
    Think about it….so what if they poison our water, it’s big business for bottled water! Kill solar, wind, green energy because it’s cheaper……but cutting into the profits of big oil/gas/coal…. They want to destroy so they can squeeze out their profits then find new ways to profit from their destruction.

  28. This is not a treaty. This is about the implementation of existing agreements, and the possible provisions of future agreements which have yet to be drafted. There is nothing for Congress to ratify.

  29. “they (the republicons) are now considering humiliating the entire nation on a global scale.” Where the f*@k have you been the last two decades? That is all the GOP does.

  30. Oh, that Time Magazine ‘Ice Age’ cover. That was a hoax, never existed. But it served its purpose in either deceiving people like you or allowing you to attempt to deceive others.

  31. ““What has government science done for us lately? A lot!Many members of our government are using “fiscal responsibility” as a Trojan horse to gut scientific initiatives they have long opposed. These extreme budget cuts would cripple the governments scientific programs hobbling climate research and preventing agencies from protecting us from unsafe food and drugs, developing clean energy technologies, and keeping our air clean and our water safe.
    As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming Gore then quoted an article by Clarence Page in the Chicago Tribune in early 2010:””

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