George W. Bush Reminds Americans Why He Was a Failure and An Idiot

Any reasonable person would think that the course of wisdom for a person who created a mess at their place of work would be to quietly resign in disgrace never to be heard from again. It would seem all the more likely that a politician would slink into obscurity after being convicted of war crimes, crashed the world’s economy, invaded one sovereign nation over a criminal act and another based on the wishes of a foreigner, caused the deaths of over 655,000 innocent civilians, destabilized an entire geographical region, and created a dangerous extremist religious group.

Republicans are not normal politicians in myriad ways; particularly in acknowledging they were failures or having a sense of shame. America’s greatest failure in the modern era, George W. Bush is, if nothing else, a typically shameless Republican and an idiot. It is true, George W. Bush is hapless, but he is also an idiot for not recognizing his own failures as president and in fact actually regards himself as a raging success. It is worse because Bush took the time to criticize the man who replaced him and has spent the duration of his tenure cleaning up the catastrophic messes Bush left in America and parts of the Middle East.

Bush was in Las Vegas speaking for money over the weekend and although his comments were not for public consumption, a lot of people were reminded what an ignoramus George W. Bush really is. It is, of course, noteworthy that Bush was running his mouth at a closed-door meeting of Jewish donors, including corrupt Sheldon Adelson, when he publicly criticized President Obama’s foreign policy and six-year struggle to clean up Bush’s eight year-in-the-making disaster in Iraq. There is a good reason Bush promoted his preemptive, regime-change war before a group of assembled Israeli supporters, because one of the driving forces for Bush to invade, occupy, and destabilize Iraq was to satiate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bloodlust against Muslims.

Bush’s unnecessary war literally exterminated over 655,000 innocent Iraqi Muslim civilians as of 2006 over one of Netanyahu’s favorite fear-mongering subjects; non-existent nuclear weapons. It is why Bush said in front of the gathering of Israeli supporters, just like Netanyahu has for well over a year, that President Barack Obama is being naïve about Iran and criticized the pending nuclear deal between the United Nations’ P5+1 and Iran.

He also said the President is losing the war against the Islamic State; one of the George W. Bush creations to come out of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. It is also a telling neo-con statement because America is not at war against the non-nation of ISIL, IS, or whatever moniker the former Iraqi Sunnis and expelled Iraqi military forces call themselves. Bush could not keep himself  out of the limelight any longer and unbelievably criticized President Obama for “ruining all the good work he and his administration had done in Iraq.” Before the invasion and occupation of Iraq, there was no ISIS, Sunni and Shia Muslims and Christians lived in peace, and the Islamic Republic of Iran was held in check by Saddam Hussein.

Bush also took the neo-con position that the solution to everything everywhere is tens-of-thousands of American boots on the ground and condemned President Obama’s policies in fighting the Islamic State; that non-nation that America or Congress has not formally declared war on. He also spent no small amount of time criticizing the way the President deals with the monumental chaos Bush created in Iraq and stunningly repeated warmonger Lindsey Graham’s assertion that President Obama had made a “strategic blunder” by withdrawing all U.S. troops in Iraq at the end of 2011 in accordance with the agreement that Bush signed with the Iraqi government. Unlike Bush and Republicans, President Obama believes that as a world leader, it is important for America to honor its agreements with other nations.

Bush, as much a deluded idiot as he is a liar, claimed he created a Middle Eastern Utopia in Iraq with the surge. However, what slowed down the sectarian violence in Iraq was not the surge, but General David Petraeus’ decision to allow Iraqi Shia’s free rein to religiously cleanse Iraqi Sunnis out of the country and into Syria to destabilize that country. It was not, as Bush boastfully claimed, his savvy “commander-in-chiefing” of acknowledging that “When the plan wasn’t working in Iraq, we changed.” The so-called change was so unsuccessful that well-armed Iraqi Shia’s purged Sunnis from Iraq into Syria where they joined forces with religious extremists, became ISIS, destabilized Syria, and began their crusade to create an Islamic caliphate threatening Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Kurds and the entire region.

To show just how little he knows now, or ever knew about Al Qaeda, Bush said the Islamic State that he created is the “second act of Al Qaeda” even though the two groups are not friends by any means. If there was a ‘second act’ of Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, it was what Al Qaeda in Iraq became. An entity that never existed until Bush invaded Iraq because under the iron-fisted rule of Saddam Hussein, the terrorist group was never allowed to gain a foothold in the country. As noted by Salon’s Simon Maloy, “the Islamic State is actually Al Qaeda’s third act” that grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq. In fact, the Bush-created Islamic State is the result of his brilliant neo-con idea of disbanding and chasing Saddam’s army and intelligence officers into Syria where they parlayed their ‘special‘ talents, and American-provided weaponry, into the successful war strategies in use by ISIL wreaking havoc in the region.

It is just too bad that George W. Bush decided not to stay sequestered on his Texas ranch pretending to be an artist. Although the nation will feel the effects of his myriad failures as president for a generation, and the region in and around Iraq will suffer from his unprovoked wars for decades, at least he was not running his mouth; especially to criticize President Barack Obama who has spent the past six years cleaning up his monumental messes both at home and around the world. Bush needs to crawl back to his hole in Texas, paint some shower pictures, and for dog’s sake keep his stupid mouth shut before somebody gets irritated and sends him to the Hague to be tried and convicted of war crimes and being a first class idiot.

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  1. Once a moron, always a moron.

    *Sigh* Well, at least everyone out there can see why I consider him President Dumbass the First.

  2. Perhaps it is time for Bu$h to be cargo dropped into the middle of ISIS territory so that he can receive his just due from his “Happy Iraqis”.

  3. And I can’t believe I voted for the numbnuts, thankfully I got my head on straight and only made that mistake once.

  4. Ok, I am now convinced this is actually a parody site run by a conservative to troll liberals.

    1. “Sunni and Shia Muslims and Christians lived in peace” LOLZ

    2. “America is not at war against the non-nation of ISIL.” Our bombs just happen to be landing near them. Total coincidence. no war here.

    3.”end of 2011 in accordance with the agreement that Bush signed…President Obama believes it is important for America to honor its agreements with other nations.” For God’s sake please educate yourself just a little about the circumstances around the SOFA.

    4. “spent the past six years cleaning up his monumental messes “. I’m sorry, did Bush bomb Libya? Seems like ISIS is having a grand old time there also.

    5. “non-existent nuclear weapons”. Obama himself says Iran is months away. Chemical weapons were found in Iraq, yellow cake also. Durp

    6. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bloodlust against Muslims”. LOL. Nothing like a good old fashioned theory on a secret …

  5. I am printing this just to show what kind of Foxbots are out there. You haven’t backed up even one of your ridiculous assertions.

  6. I. Under Saddam there was no religious killings among the various sects. Now Saddam was killing kurds and shia but that was totally different that is happening today
    2.I give you that one
    3.The circumstances around the SOFA was because Iraqi Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani,Muqtada al-Sadr
    said under no circumstances was American troops were to remain in Iraq so Maliki had no choice but to refuse. You BETTER EDUCATE YOURSELF
    4.They are not ISIS dummy. Just because you call yourself that doesn’t make it so. I have posted who exactly ISIS is eveidently you didn’t read it The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State
    5.The chemical weapons were rusted shit that didn’t even worked they just leaked. Obama said no such thing liar and if you have proof post a link. Claim: The removal of yellowcake uranium from Iraq in 2008 proved that Saddam Hussein had been trying to restart Iraq’s nuclear program.

    Status: False.
    6. Ask the people of Gaza about that nut bloodlust
    Just STFU because with each post you make yourself an even bigger idiot

  7. TO G. W. Bush’s parents: You two; ought too be “extremely” ashamed of yourselves for “allowing” this “Human-Abomination” you two “created” to go outside of his own room and into the “public”!!! He has caused enough death and destruction around our entire planet already!!! We don’t “ever” want too see or hear from “your” son G.W. again. Lock him up in his room! Now!!! Before he actually “hurts or kills” thousands of “more” innocent people again!!! Lock your “Son” up “now” or we will call all of the local “dog-catchers” and let them lock this dangerous “child” of yours up. Where he should be!!! In my opinion. Thank You.

  8. I’d place money on the fact that everytime George opens his mouth, Jeb sees his presidential aspirations swirling down the toilet. Oh wait….I think that might be their gene pool!!!!!

  9. I like the fact that W is out there spouting off. It makes the likelihood of his brother Jeb ever getting the GOP nomination that much slimmer.

  10. Who knows. George H. was off to war Barbara alone got in the mood and got a surprise a few weeks later. Now being rich they whisked her off, paid a doctor and then no more problem because in that family we cannot have any personal scandals. I have no proof but just saying

  11. george bush jr. will FOREVER be remembered as THE WORST president EVER!! PLEASE!!! maybe hoover!!! hell his own VP cheney HATES him, they didn’t even talk the last couple of years! HELL, bush jr was so BAD, he actually was a catalyst to the tea party being formed! george bush needs to STFU and disappear!! keep your cocaine addicted- phony A$S I’m A CHRISTIAN convert nonsense to yourself. NO bush, you turned to religion because YOU screwed up your LIFE!! and YOU weren’t MAN enough to FACE yourself!! that’s why you ran to religion!! and guess what? YOU still didn’t get SALVATION!!

  12. BTW has anyone noticed how the most ignorant most vile most INSANE post here come from republican females???!! WHAT, do female republican TROLLS get a extra nickel per post?? @erica, YOU truly are pathetic!! ENJOY your extra 5.00 per week for making a damn FOOL out of yourself, and YOU wonder WHY a republican will NEVER be president again!

  13. Reaganites can at least comfort themselves with the excuse that he had Alzheimer’s.

    Bush, on the other hand, is dumber than a box of rocks, who can’t even feed himself without choking.

  14. Immoral Minority blog has a recent photo of W, and he looks AWFUL. He could be his father’s twin brother. He must be really hitting up the booze and drugs these days. I have seen weathered homeless people who look more sober than he does. What a mess he is. He was paid $250,000 for this speech. I wonder if he donated any of that to a servicemen’s organization? Nah, he is a Bush, they take care of themselves before anyone else. The Democratic former presidents are the ones who help other people.

  15. sorry dj, but #5 is not exactly true. Chemical weapon caches , mainly VX, Mustard gas and, I believe it was Sarin, were found in Iraq from 2003 – 2011. however what our dear Republican troll is ignoring is that those chemicals were not manufactured by Iraq, They were sold to Saddam Hussein by St. Ronny Raygun when he switched sides from Iran to Iraq. All the chemicals found were, apparently, dated prior to 1991. However GHW Bush was Reagan’s VP and surely would have known of the sale of these chemicals and could have passed that information onto GW. And yes, some of them, mainly the mustard gas, were still viable.

  16. On my Facebook timeline, I write a feature every weekday called “Bush 43 Was/Is an Idiot”. I shared a link to this article and put today’s edition as a comment.
    Erica: you’re just showing us that GOP Con females are just as Fascist and psychopathic as the guys. The self-loathing must be eating you up inside…oh, wait…psychopaths are usually in good health and sleep quite well, actually. Never mind.
    Doesn’t the fact that the GOP Cons owning 90% of the media in this country mollify you at all? Do you really need to troll Liberal/Progressive pages when there are so many controlled by the Cons? Seriously?
    Please, Erica: check yourself into the nearest mental health facility for evaluation.

  17. Obama is “ruining all the good work” Bush did in Iraq. One cannot be more delusional than this.

    This article shows the DOCUMENTED number of deaths.

    An estimated 3.5 million to 5 million were displaced.

    How many were undocumented?

    When the Bush/Cheney administration installed al Maliki as prime minister, they sealed the fate of the Sunni’s. al Maliki refused to allow ANY Sunni’s in his administration and ignored those elected to Parliament and barely accepted the Kurds. IMO the rise of ISIS today must be laid at the feet of GW Bush. Remember the buck stops at the top.

    Bush was an idiot. This man was told ENROUTE to a florida school the the Towers had been hit. Instead of running around to take care of things, as a President should, he just continued on as if nothing had happened.

    The Bush administration was probably one of the worst this country has ever had.

  18. I’m pretty sure Radine was replying to Erica. I don’t know how my post got posted before hers. My comment was about 4 hours later. Oh, well.

  19. IMO the rise of ISIS today must be laid at the feet of GW Bush. Remember the buck stops at the top.
    In what may go down as the most idiotic decision in history bush and bremmer fired the entire Iraqi army with its leadership. You put over a million angry trained soldiers on the streets they will find something to do. That decision was the mother, father hell, the kit and caboodle of ISIS. I wish we had a media to educate the American people on what a colossal fuk up bush was and is but no, the war criminals are treated like nothing happen

  20. You saw the light!

    I’ve been voting since I was 18 in 1980 and always democrat.
    But my parents were Eisenhower repubs, so go figure.

  21. JFK would have been a Republican. He was pro-business and for a smaller government. One of the first things he did was CUT taxes!

  22. Yo, tea bag troll
    Let’s go back to what conservatives did to America during their 8 years of a republican administration and GW Bush.
    9-11… 3000 Americans died. The administration failed to protect Americans in their own soil, even after plenty of warnings.
    Bush fails to protect 13 embassies and consulates from terrorists and 62 died.
    Two simultaneous wars and over 6000 American soldiers died for nothing. Stirring up the Middle East and now creating ISIS. We are in worst danger now.
    11 trillion debt.
    Record spending.
    Record deficit
    Record bankruptcies
    Record layoffs.
    Record unemployment
    The Great Recession
    Fall of all markets.
    Fall of the automobile industry.
    2008 history record gas prices, with the national average at $4.71 per gallon.
    Banks selling to China
    Record corporation bail outs
    March 2008: Bush stimulus $29 billion for Bear Stearns/JP Morgan Chase deal
    May 2008: Bush stimulus $178 billion in tax rebate checks
    July 2008: Bush stimulus $300 billion for d…

  23. See this why you wingnuts should pick up a book sometimes and try reading. The top marginal tax rate was 91 percent. The Kennedy-backed tax cuts took down that rate to 70 percent.

    So can we have top rates at 70% again? Plus when the rate was 91% the US had the greatest expansion of the middle class in history. But who needs a middle class when we have kochsuckers like you who will send you into serfdom

  24. Media Bias:

    Per Wikipedia: “These arguments intensified when it was revealed that the Democratic Party received a total donation of $1,020,816 given by 1160 employees of the three major broadcast television networks (NBC, CBS, ABC), while the Republican Party received only $142,863 via 193 donations”. Both of these figures represent donations made in 2008.
    Liberal media bias is undeniable Andrew.

  25. Dumya woke up ISIS
    July 2008: Bush stimulus $200 billion for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    September 2008: Bush stimulus $50 billion to guarantee money market funds
    September 2008: Bush stimulus $25 billion to Big 3 automakers
    September-November 2008: Bush stimulus $150 billion to AIG
    October 2008: Bush stimulus $700 billion to banks (TARP)
    Ceo’s used the monies to pay themselves millions in bonuses.
    Enron <- cost California $46 BILLION
    Halliburton <–$37 BILLION
    America bankrupted.
    America hated abroad
    two unfinished, unpaid 14 year old wars.

  26. ISIS started when Obama pulled all troops and sat and watched them grow from “JV” to monster while he was filling out his brackets.

  27. HEY DURP
    In 2000 we had a budget surplus because revenues were 20.6% of GDP, and were on the path to paying off the debt in 10 years.
    Then the GOP gained complete control in 2001 and put us back on the same path to increasing the debt that Clinton put a stop to in 1993 by implementing realistic tax rates.

    They might not know much but they do know how to build up the debt. They eliminated the pay as you go rules, that kept spending in check in the 90s, slashed upper-income taxes needlessly and without accounting for the loss of revenue, and then made massive, long-term, open-ended spending commitments (like wars and prescription-drug benefits) without accounting for the costs, and funded entirely by borrowing.

  28. continued:

    Instead of paying the debt off in 10 years they have it up $12 trillion in 13 years.

    The right wing ignorant tend to blame the Democrats for everything but in the 33 years since Reagan’s plan to build up the debt went into effect, every spending bill for 29 out of those 33 years was approved of by Republicans on either the presidential and/or the congressional level.

  29. You need to get out more.
    The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State

    I know yo cant read so I break it down that even a dumbass like you can understand
    When Bush disbanded the Iraqi army former bathist officers got together. They decided to form an insurgent army. Knowing that dumasses like yourself will follow religion they put an religious face to it. Thus ISIS was born.

  30. AndyCA, If I could give 20 agrees I would. Hell, 100 agrees. Why in the world dumb Rethuglican’t voters don’t see the facts; And actually want to go BACKWARD is beyond me.

  31. Actually, Barbara Bush originally said “We’ve Had Enough Bushes”. Too bad her sons don’t listen to their Mom.

  32. This country needs someone like IKE to purge once again the Birchers we now have. Like the Koch’s and those who think the same as past Birchers. Destruction is their aim, nothing less.

  33. @Patricia, I truly appreciate your posts, this site truly benefits from your wisdom but the tea party front man “dick armey” got the tea party NATINONAL exposure, ACTUALLY the guy who had the original idea of a off shoot of the republican party, got pushed out by the koch brothers and armey” BTW checkout bush jr approval ratings his last few yrs, PEW says it was 11% and people identifying themselves as “REPUBLICANS” was at a ALL TIME “HISTORICAL” LOW many republicans went straight to the loving arms of the TEA PARTY, YES bush jr was a catalyst to the TEA PARTY forming , with all due respect @Patricia.


    This is one of the biggest questions of this current period that would provide a great opportunity to the world community to explore beyond their faith and belief following both scientific and theological insight to secure the morality and safety of future generation. But we have already separated the existence of God in mazes of religious definitions, and ignored the true facts of the religions that navigating our life towards heaven or hell.

    Faith of an individual person evolves on basis of their inherited system of thoughts and genetic nature, within a tendency to fulfill the terrestrial desires. It is the genetic nature of mankind that forces them to utilize whatever they have innovated to secure their own physical world, eliminating the real potential of spiritual graces. At this rising period of science (mind), the sacred potential of theology (spirit) has fallen down bellow to its dangerous point.

  35. THey know very well, its just easier to ignore and blame the black guy. Just distract them with gay marriage fears, abortion and crazy illegal BROWN people coming to take their fry cook jobs

  36. Thank you for providing me with my daily dose of comic relief. I find solace in the fact that the “world view” expressed here by so many delusional angry and otherwise disaffected liberals
    [Snipped for pointless quatsch]

  37. Well I happen to respect the effort it takes for GeeDub to emerge from witless protection and make these statements.

    He has to put away all his crayons, stack up all his coloring books… that’s several hours work for the poor guy even assuming no squirrels run by.

    Thank goodness his mommy is still around to help him pick out his clothes and tie his necktie.

    We should at least acknowledge the devotion, commitment and perseverance he’s showing by making this public appearance… even though his message is (as usual) mind-numbingly misguided, ironically self-unaware and (as always) exactly the wrong take on both historical and current events

  38. I have been saying this for years, how many
    people are dead because of the Bushes.
    Starting with the grandfather and all the money he funneled to the Nazi’s, to the Bush brother’s hundreds and hundreds of executions while they were governors of Texas and Florida, to W’s presidency when America suffered it’s worst attack in the history of our country, to the illegal wars he started, to the 13 embassy attacks (that not one republican ever said “we need to investigate”).

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