Obama Stands Up For Veterans By Vowing To Veto GOP Bill That Cut Benefits For 70,000 Vets


While Congressional Republicans wave the flag with one hand, they are trying to cut benefits for 70,000 veterans with the other. President Obama has vowed to veto the bill, and House Democrats are promising to sustain that veto.

On Tuesday, President Obama threatened to veto the Republican bill, “The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 2029, making appropriations for military construction, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2016, and for other purposes. The bill fails to fully fund critical priorities, including veterans’ medical care and military and VA construction. Furthermore, the legislation includes a highly problematic ideological rider that would constrain the President’s ability to protect our national security. If the President were presented with H.R. 2029, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.”

Today, House Democrats also stood up for vets by opposing the legislation.

The Hill reported:

Rep. Xavier Becerra (Calif.), chairman of the Democratic Caucus, said the GOP’s bill would scale back health benefits for roughly 70,000 veterans, while also denying funds for medical research, education and veterans’ cemeteries.

“The secretary came and sent a very strong message, something we rarely hear: ‘Please don’t let this funding bill become law if you care about our veterans. We must do better for them,'” Becerra said.

Republicans didn’t just take away a little bit of funding from veterans. The Republican funding bill is $1 billion short of what the VA needs in order to be able to provide care and services to the nation’s veterans. Since taking control of the House, Republicans have tried to cut veterans’ benefits on a nearly yearly basis. In 2012, House Republicans tried to cut benefits while privatizing healthcare. In 2013, House Republicans tried to cut food assistance for 170,000 vets and their families. In 2014, Senate Republicans blocked a veterans’ benefits bill.

President Obama and his party have defied the partisan rhetoric coming from the right by trying to provide veterans with the support and services that they earned. The nation’s promise to its veterans should be sacred, but Republicans consistently demonstrate that if given the choice they will always put the wealthy and corporations ahead of those who have risked their lives for their country.

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  1. Why would veterans vote for republicans?? The dems needs to pound the message home when repubs do this crap. The repubs are so hypocritical!

  2. God damn Democrats!!! The rethugs are practically writing the attack ads for you to use. Some of us are beginning to think all of you all are one big cabal who only give a shit among yourselves

  3. These are the same hysterics that are screaming for more “boots on the ground” to fight ISIS/ISIL.

    If you Republicans won’t take care of the Vets that fought for you in the past, why in the hell would you expect them to fight for you now? Are they, now, to give up their benefits just so you can reward your big corporate donors with tax breaks?

    Talk about your SFBs.

  4. It is obvious the President is not holding back and is making it quite CLEAR what the GOP has in store for working, poor, elderly, children, and veteran Americans should they win the Presidency in 2016.

    I hope the 99% is listening and will not forget what this President has vetoed to protect our most vulnerable.

    I can only hope people will wise up.

  5. not just ISIL but boots for Syria, Iran, return to Iraq, Yemen, Libya…

    Auntie Lindsey, Marco, Cruz, John McCain Sec of Defense etc… they’d all put boots there if a Republican were elected President…

  6. When repugs in Congress pull this bs it’s difficult to
    determine who they care for the least. Is it vets, poor
    people, immigrants, women, the elderly, educators,
    people with no health care, the unemployed or the
    vanishing middle-class? Perhaps a troll will sort it out
    for me.

  7. No mention of these:
    Sent by Obama, approved by the House — rejected by the Republican Senate.

    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009
    H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act
    H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act

    Veterans organizations were upset with Senate Republicans after they failed to gain enough votes of support to move forward with a measure that would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans.60 votes were needed to waive the budget rule. 41 out of 45 Republicans voted against it and killed the bill.

  8. Because they don’t want to take our weapons leaving us vulnerable. It’s the least of two “bad” choices…

  9. But yet, the GOP who considers veteran benefits as “entitlements” thinks nothing of sending our men and women into war on the whim of the GOP.

    The GOP cannot get any more hard hearted, or heartless than they are.

    They are useless, and by the way..they are the takers..they get the “entitlements”..not the people who have worked for vet benes and social security; those are NOT entitlements..because we pay into those programs. The GOP pays into nothing, they just sap the life out of everything and everyone.

  10. Pennsylvania! What the hell?!
    This bill was sponsored by Charles Dent (R) out of PA.

    To be clear, as of Apr 29, 2015, this bill is still new… just out of committee. Neither branch of congress has voted on it.

    Tracking the progress of this bill is easy… H.R.2029

  11. AndyCA with this list of down votes by the rethugs, again I ask: WHY would any Vet ever vote rethug????? If they do, I’ll have no sympathy!

  12. He is suppose to the moderate in a district that the President won. Steve Israel in his infinite wisdom decided along with others not to challenge this seat. Along with low turnout the dummycrat didn’t challenge 34 seats. And you wonder why we cant win mid terms

  13. Ever spent any time in a VA facility? It’s loaded with vets who hated the Vietnam war when they were there and tended to be liberal. Now they wear this Vietnam thing like a badge and are rabid Republicans. They fail to see that today’s wars are every bit as stupid as ours was.

  14. I have to go to the VA every 3 months and I know. All they have on is fox and like zombies they eat that shit up without a thought

  15. Dream you are a liar. You know nothing about Vietnam soldiers and I do. I worked for the Army a from 1966-94, with Vietnam veterans. None of them ever spoke of their political leanings. They were Americans first and your lies calling the Democrats, liberal, lefties, etc is just the lies of someone not very well educated. That is you. You in your brainless fantasy trying to justify what the GOP has done to our veterans and active military show your abject ignorance of what is going on. Grow up, get and education and act like you have an ounce of common sense. During Vietnam, four Presidents were in power, two Republicans and two Democrats. Our kids being drafted didn’t give a damn about political parties but they did know that very very few politicians ever allowed themselves to be drafted or enlisted on their own. You are attempting to make this issue lean toward your own ignorance and you only make yourself look as stupid as you are.

  16. Mark, I haven’t seen anything yet that the Democrats are coming for your guns. I have guns, too, and I vote Democratic. If confiscation of guns ever comes, it will be from the repubs, just like Hitler did when he came into power. Not only does this mostly liberal believe in gun ownership, I’m also against background checks — it was registering the guns in Germany that allowed Hitler to know where to send his goons to collect them.

  17. I can’t help but think the Democrats would do better with John Stewart managing the presidential and congressional campaigns. At least we’d see something other than timidity and apologies and trying to seem like illegitimate republicans.

  18. That would only happen if the NRA got some sense knocked into them. While the Republicans would love an unarmed population (I would too.) they love the money they get from the weapons industry even more.
    If the Democrats take away the firearms (probably only things like assault rifles, LMG’s and sniper rifles ect. It will be because of the +10000 dead each year

  19. Sorry, mate, that’s a bit of an historical error – and a common one; Hitler in fact lessened gun control. He extended the lifespan of gun licenses to three years from one and lessened a large number of the Reichstag’s limitations placed during gun law changes in 1919 and 1928. His reforms made guns more available, not less. Except for the Jews, which is where a lot of the confusion has crept in over the years…

  20. Who is going to take your guns away?That is a myth the righties want everyone to believe. That is no such thing

  21. Why would anyone vote for the Repulshricans??? Don’t forget, every military member has relatives, friends, neighbors, acquantices, even former coworkers. I, for one, find it disgraceful to deprive the military of ANY benefirs. How many Repulshricans have served their country or have a family member who volunteered to protect OUR democracy?????????????

  22. I’ve been trying to figure out how ANY veteran voter, votes republican for DECADES!!! WHAT IS IT?? you answer the call to serve your country (IN REALITY, YOU’RE SERVING CORPERATE AMERICA- EXXON MOBIL- BP- ETC) and IF YOU are one of the lucky ones and survive, the GOP tries it DAMNEST to KILL you here! I sometimes think the USA is just a BAD episode of “FRINGE” you got WOMEN who vote republican!! C’mom ladies!! you have GAY people voting republican!! totally unreal!! the GOP has even conned a few black people into buying their HATE!! well they conned our black religious zealot folks, these people live in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE. But lets also be HONEST!! the democratic party are the WORST messengers in the world!! they NEVER miss a opportunity to MISS an opportunity!!! NEVER!

  23. LOL @le hunt, with all due respect, I have two suggestions for YOU, stop trying to attack other liberals here, you don’t have a monopoly on the term and (2) everybody makes mistakes but if you’re gonna start throwing out REPUBLICAN talking points, at least know what you’re talking about! hitler didn’t take away guns, there was a gun registration policy in place in 1928 in Germany, that’s FIVE years before hitler took office. @Aussie Jimmy was spot on, YOU? swing and a MISS!

  24. The GOP throws the lives of American soliders away to satisfy their money/power/blood-lust. The way they casually cosign thousands upon thousands to death for their greed is the true entitlement.

  25. Wouldn’t it be great if that was exactly why he’s leaving the show?

    Note: I don’t think it is, but a girl can dream.

  26. Ever think of asking the station to be changed? I did at the bank. This bank has a very large screen on one wall(the whole wall) As I was waiting to talk to the banker, got so fed up with the junk from the TV I asked and complained to the service dept. Said I was sick and tired of always seeing Fox on all public screens, Did the same at the HOSPITAL. People need to start speaking up, complain and demand change.

  27. The vets and the country needs to be aware of the Republican’s backstabbing the military they claim to support. AND Obama’s veto plans.
    The cable news shows ought to bring this up on their daily topics. Tell me why Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t touch this topic on his so called “Daily Memo”? Why? because he is NOT Fair and balanced as his BS credo says that he is “Fair and Balanced”. He would not talk about Republicans’ malpractices.

  28. i served with many guys in vietnam that wore peace symbols and were against the war elaine. dream isnt just telling the truth he hit the nail on the head i know some of my friends in s a texas who are mexicana american and vote gop and ar eevangelicals, i grew up with them as catholics now they ,ve changed there lives toward the hard right and defend and every thing fox s states, its the truth to them and verbatim as well as listen to john hagee s theses are the evangelicals jeb bush was speaking about. who 48 years ago didnt have affirmative action or equal opportunity employment as mexicans in texas and america. the same folks trying to put there foot on there necks by not allowing them to vote. we have some paranoid sums btdhes running our govenment in texas, by name greg abbott and dan patrick scared obama is going to invade texas .and take there guns away .welliwish he would we have some nut jobs intexas with 1.7million veterans intexas we dont need theses folks trying to impose

  29. This is what makes me very angry about the republicans. Bunch of hypocrites who supposely stand for the military and the veterans, yet they cut aid to help them. I’ve seen many veternans on the street who need medical help such as depression or mental illness. Such a shame for a political party what defends the interests of the 1 % than the American people.

  30. H.Res 223 was passed last week and virtually fast tracks HR 2029 “All points of order against consideration of each such bill are waived. General debate on each such bill shall be confined to that bill and shall not exceed one hour equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on Appropriations. After general debate each such bill shall be considered for amendment under the five-minute rule. Points of order against provisions in each such bill for failure to comply with clause 2 of rule XXI are waived.”

    The attempt to pass any amendments trying to increase the amounts spent will be quickly quash by the republican majority. This bill will become law minutes after the debate period is concludes and is presently on calendar to be on the floor between May 4, 2015 and May 11, 2015.

    Also several republican leaning organizations are going to attempt to amend it by adding anti-union provisions; including a provision which limits organization ti…

  31. It is amazing to me that so many Active Duty and Veterans still vote and support these Teabagger traitors and political terrorists. The Right Wing has NO love, NO care, NO interest in what is good for Veterans. They use you, they sacrifice you, they put you in harms way, and then they turn their backs on you. Veterans have NO friends or allies in the GOP! History has proven that over and over. Wake up! Vote for your own benefit! Your world will change when you do. American citizens care for you. We respect you. We want for you the best available benefits imaginable. The GOP doesn’t work in your interest, nor in the interest of the citizens of the USA, nor for the betterment of our government! America is WITH you! Republicans…. not at all.

  32. READ THE BILLS!!!! If you haven’t heard about pork,or if you don’t understand what pork is,then don’t comment. Educate and inform yourselves ~ You’re ruining this country. Some of these idiotic bills have one line about the veterans and the rest of the 900 pages is about special interests. If you vote for the one line, you’re part of the problem, because if it passes all of the special interests in the bill will pass too. Here’s a thought: ALL BILLS MUST BE NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES MAXIMUM WITH ONE TOPIC, i.e, no pork. And no more 5000 page bills that no one reads, but pass anyhow because the word “veteran” or “homeless” or “poor” is in it. It’s called “TRANSPARENCY” and it’s something our illustrious leader talked about a lot BEFORE he was elected.

  33. I live with a Viet Nam VET. He never thought he was going there when he joined with other buddies on the buddy plan. Guess who went alone. He doesn’t like to talk much about it because people were so against the WAR.. Now he is proud to have done his duty and never asked for anything from the VA. He is a proud USA VETERAN, but not a bragger about what he did. And yes, I, his wife & his DR at the VA talked him into getting help with the loss he suffered all these years. Finally he is getting what he deserves and now they are taking away some things that actually help him. Discouraging to say the least.!!!!

  34. This article is very dishonest and politically motivated.

    H.R. 2029: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2029
    Read it here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2029/text

    Look at the actual numbers. The proposed 2016 budget is significantly larger on every line item.

    The bill enormously increases spending by $3.6 billion over last year. Obama wanted more funding construction projects that have been mismanaged to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. NONE of that additional money would have gone to actual veterans benefits.

  35. [Snipped]
    The Committee recommends $171,135,757,000 in budget authority for the fiscal year 2016 programs and activities funded in the bill. The fiscal year 2016 recommendation is an
    increase of $4,975,364,000 above the fiscal year 2015 enacted level and $2,195,982,000 below the President’s request. Included in this amount is $94,546,757,000 in mandatory budget authority and $76,589,000,000 in discretionary budget authority.The Committee recommendation highlights the continued
    commitment to our servicemembers and their families and to our veterans. In discretionary budget authority, the bill is nearly 6 percent over the fiscal year 2015 enacted level. The bill includes significant increases in military construction, which is 11.8 percent over the fiscal year 2015 level, and the
    Department of Veterans affairs bu…

  36. Now ask yourself why Obama supports a 20% cut in Military Retirement. Ask yourself why Obama is raising the cost of Healthcare for retirees and active duty dependants. [Snipped]

  37. Defense officials want to reduce operating days and hours of most commissaries, as part of an effort to sharply reduce the amount of taxpayer dollars going to support the stores.
    Supporting documents for DoD’s fiscal 2016 budget request, released Monday, indicate defense officials want to reduce the commissary subsidy by about $300 million, to about $1.15 billion.In their budget request last year, DoD officials proposed cutting $200 million in Defense Commissary Agency funding, the first phase of a proposed three-year plan to slash the DeCA budget by $1 billion. In the end, lawmakers restored that $200 million to the budget.The proposals have raised alarms in some quarters. “If you cut hours, cut days and cut savings, the benefit is no longer a benefit,” said Joyce Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association.
    Now I suppose the author of this page would want you to believe the GOP runs the Defense Department also.

  38. Paul I seriously doubt that you have ever served. i spent twenty years in the Marine Corp and nother 15 in cival service. The worst of times was always during a Democrat president. Maybe you should read the bill and post the truth befor you start your display of stupidity.

  39. Mr. Truth, If you are a representative of 20 yrs. in our Marine Corp then we as a Country are in deeper s**t than we know.

  40. Yet with your telling of the truth, the message doesn’t matter to those who have chosen not to read it or take it into account. Facts have a way of skipping over the head of so many with a plan of hatred for those in which they were not told to vote for.
    As a Vet, I appreciate your sincerity and forthcoming with the facts.

    Damn be the messenger tho!!! Stand Tall, stand proud.

  41. I was at the va this morning. I personally shut off fox news and let them know it was much better than me breaking the tv. I have been a moderate for years, but I just switched to the Democratic party after this vote.

  42. Hail Eris!

    Actually, TbT, Republicans in the House and Senate are not entirely without any say as to how the US military is run, and they have a fair amount of control over the purse strings. However, there’s also the fact that the military is a constant money drain — everyone, from the lowliest recruit to the highest ranks, has to be paid, and that’s not counting all the money blown on weapons, equipment, ammunition, tools, spare parts, and toilet seats, among other things. The US military is no more a business than the US government, and neither should be making a profit, but still, $10,000 toilet seats are a tad excessive. Obama encouraging cost-saving in the military isn’t a radical notion…

    Perestroika, Perestroika / Gorbachev, Gorbachev / Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky / Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky / ding, dong, ding / ding, dong, ding.

  43. The Republicans are hypocrites and liars. They say they “support the troops” but then cut funding for the VA. I don’t believe in war, but if we are sending our military forces into harms way, we at least owe to them to support them recover from their wounds and after they retire. I don’t care that the Constitution of the US doesn’t authorize the VA, the military deserves to have their healthcare needs met after they are discharged. We can afford if the 1% paid their fair share of taxes, both their personal income tax and their corporate income tax. The Republicans and the 1% suffer from greed addiction. They are not “compassionate conservatives” and they don’t really support our troops. If you live and work in the US, pay your taxes. Don’t like that, go live somewhere else, but don’t expect the military and courts to protect you or your patents or your business profits.

  44. You are either putting us on or you are completely stupid.Obama is against cutting benefits and it seems because of that you want to cut veterans beneifits,calling you stupid is a compliment,and a detraction to stupid people everywhere.AS we used to say in the army wait for the popping sound cause in your case your head and your heart are both up your a$$.

  45. Fear makes a lot of people irrational,especialy when the boogieman is coming to take your guns.I mean you could vote like a normal person,but i’m sure you wouldn’t want to piss off fox news or that horrible orange eyed monster under the bed that wants to take your guns.

  46. cival service is that where you make coffee made out of beans shit out of an animal,please tell me about this cival service.leave it to a republican to spend a bunch of money on shit.dont drink the coffee they probably peed in it anyway.

  47. Yeah right. I’m sure you read that bill, Truth. You write like you haven’t read a word since the day you were drafted.

  48. This is a twist around lie! No republican want to cut military benefit! That was Harry Reid idea. He a Democrats and Obama idea! Liberal trying to blackball the true.

  49. Shit for Brains – the GOP has fought against any raise for retirees,any medical care for disabled vets and any money to help forget what we saw and did.

    Eff off and die.

  50. You’re out of what passes for your mind. Don’t believe me? Go check John McCain’s voting record for just one example.

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