Oklahoma Rep. Says He’d Set Self on Fire Over Abortion – if Only His Beliefs Allowed It

You really have to admire the courage of Religious Right figures who, like Jerry Boykin and the Benham brothers, say they are willing to die for their beliefs, especially when there is absolutely no risk at all of that actually happening.

I guess it makes them feel like men (or women) and they get some martyr sex when they get home. It’s all good.

Now we have a Republican politician, Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin Calvey (R), boldly proclaiming that he would set himself on fire to show his opposition to women having access to reproductive healthcare – if only his religion did not forbid it.

Oh the courage of what Oklahoma’s KFOR calls the “hypothetical suicide threat”!

Check it out courtesy of KFOR News Channel 4:

If I were not a Christian, and didn’t have a prohibition against suicide, I’d walk across the street and douse myself in gasoline and set myself on fire! To protest the evil that is going on over there, killing, giving the death penalty, to the will of the people and the will of this body and protecting the least among us.

Doesn’t that make you swoon? What a man!

The problem is that the “threat” was made, as Jenny Kutner writes at Salon, during a debate “that was (at least in theory) about a bill to increase judicial salaries.”

You see, SB 548, sponsored by two Republicans, has to do with raising the pay of Supreme Court Justices – by a whopping 6 percent.

KFOR reports that,

Authors of the SB 548 say it’s not a pro-life or pro-choice issue.

“I personally do not connect this bill the way he did, and made this that we punish the justices because of a ruling they made,” Rep. Earl Sears, co-author of SB 548, says.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court should be glad they are not in Iowa or Idaho, where Republicans do very much want to punish judges for not ruling the way they want them to rule.

Now we are used to women’s reproductive health being the topic of agriculture hearings but I do believe judicial salaries is a new one.

The would-be self-immolator’s logic was that, “The problem is, our state supreme court has killed every law going before it that is designed to protect women and babies form the predatory abortion industry.”

Geez, a “predatory abortion industry”? Hard not to laugh when you read this nonsense. But then, how do you take hypothetical martyrdom seriously?

Calvey said he made the non-threat, “To protest the evil that is going on over there, killing, giving the death penalty, to the will of the people and the will of this body and protecting the least among us.”

You see what he did there: invoking Jesus to legitimize his desire to control women. Jesus never said word one about abortion though God in the Old Testament aborted the hell out of fetuses with wild abandon, ordering them torn from their mothers’ wombs.

Let’s face it: if there is one thing YHWH is not, it is “pro-life.” I suggest Calvey re-read his Bible.

Still, he doesn’t regret threatening to hypothetically turn himself into a crispy critter:

“No, not one bit, I think that I’m hopeful to draw attention to this serious issue.”

It’s easy to be brave when you’re not risking anything.

Of course, Christian martyrs were suicides, provoking Roman authorities or mobs to execute them, so Calvey is doing the typical Religious Right thing and dancing around the facts. All right, he’s lying.

He can martyr himself. He just won’t.

In fact, it got to the point where Roman officials became quite vexed. The second century apologist Tertullian (ad Scap. 5) tells us about the Roman proconsul of Asia, C. Arrius Antoninus, who cried out: “You wretches, if you want to die, you have cliffs to leap from and ropes to hang by.”

By the same token, if abortions are still not easy to get in Oklahoma, gasoline is easy to come by. Please proceed, Rep. Calvey.

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  1. Living in a red state is bad enough, but if I were forced to live in Oklahoma, I’d seriously consider setting myself on fire to end the misery and suffering.

  2. Huh. He and I have something in common. I too would gladly set him on fire over abortion. Common ground, at last!

  3. Ever see a dog acting tough inside of his fenced-in yard, but when you open the gate he backs off?

  4. Lots of early Christians were burned at the stake. Maybe Rep. Calvey should offer himself up. He could build a funeral pyre, not sure where – maybe at an oil wellhead – and do the job. Some people might even want to canonize him but most will probably happily forget all about him. What an idiot.

  5. Right, if he wasn’t a christian he would do it. If he wasn’t a christian, there wouldn’t be an issue. So, he’s safe either way. Corpulent moron.

  6. Oklahoma

    where the sun come’s shinin’ down the plain and it’s HOT..

    but a least its a humid heat…

    not to mention the red clay you get to track everywhere…

  7. I remember when a Brittany spaniel came boiling over the fence to confront my half-Dane. When she realized she was face to face with her, with no fence between, her whole attitude changed.

  8. “If his religion would allow it”…YOUR religion allows MASS MURDER!! YOUR religion allows and COMMITS Oppression! YOUR religion IS the problem!!

  9. You mean, the christians burned heretics at the stake…remember ye old witch burnings?

    “…The first christian emperor of Rome, Theodosius, issued an edict in 380CE:
    “We command that those persons who follow this rule shall embrace the name of Catholic Christians. The rest, however, whom we adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of our own initiative, which we shall assume in accordance with divine judgement.” He was a stake-burner…

    This same “reasoning” was used (and still is) throughout christian history; either you believe what WE say, or you’re demented and insane, and, we assume we get to punish you by divine authority.

  10. ” I’d walk across the street and douse myself in gasoline and set myself on fire!”

    Don’t worry. The God that you truly follow will do that for you when you die and enter his realm of hell.

  11. Post of the day!! If I could only like this post more than once.

    However, it’s not just christianity that is the problem. It’s all religion. Maybe that’s why the founding fathers put a separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution.

  12. I was thinking of early Christian days, very early ones, when the Christians were lion bait for the Romans and then for other established religious groups. It’s ironic how things go round and round. From victim to predator. Right now these fake-Christian fundamentalists want to go back to the days of being lion bait. Unfortunately it would not be humane (to the lions) to feed these idiots to them.

  13. Hail Eris!

    Actually, only a couple emperors were enthusiastic about feeding Xians to lions. Usually, Xians did it to other Xians, in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. That was what led to the civil wars that nearly toppled the empire in the 4th century, until Constantine made it the official religion (in an attempt to stabilise things). The Romans were usually easy-going about religion, but Xians insisted on being unreasonable. I mean, the Caesars who fed the lions with ’em wound up vilified pretty much immediately, simply because most critics didn’t realise how crazy things were becoming, prior to the “atrocities.”

    How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot? The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Each prayer and each wish resigned.

  14. boykin works for tony perkins of the hate group FRC

    his job is to turn our military into a chcristian theocracy and mass murder or similar people who dont agree with him

    he’s an outgrowth of about 12 years go focus on the family (another part of FRC tried to force airforce academy students to only attend evangelical church (the new name for the soutthern baptist of slavery and segregation

    here is his boss kluxer tony perkins


    the frc was started by george rekers, not surprisingly a closet case


    as for the guy torching himself a friend of mine will deliver about 20 gallons of gasoline and matches

    I’m sure his well cooked bod , bones and meat would be a treat to my 90# pit bull

  15. Christian conservatives really, really, really want to be regarded as martyrs in their quest to deny the LGBT community equal rights under the law.

  16. Thanks John, yes ALL religion is the problem to be sure but in this nation the only religion that we have to worry about is Christianity not Sharia law or whatever the boogeyman du-jur that these ignorant rectums believe.

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