On Day One Of His Presidential Campaign, Bernie Sanders Is The Kochs Worst Nightmare

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Bernie Sanders used his press conference to send the message that he is going to be the Koch brothers worst nightmare come to life. Sanders didn’t just criticize the Kochs. He exposed the conflict of interest behind their attempt to buy elections and the government.

At a press conference where he laid out his agenda, Sen. Sanders took on the Koch brothers:

The major issue is how do we create an economy that works for all of our people rather than a small number of billionaires, and the second issue directly related is the fact that as a result of the disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, we now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates. Let’s not kid ourselves. That is the reality right now.

So you’ve got the Koch brothers and other billionaire families now prepared to spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in elections to buy the candidates of their choice, or for the extreme right-wing candidates.

I’m the former chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee, and I can tell you that I don’t believe that the men and women who defended American democracy fought to create a situation where billionaires own the political process. That’s a huge issue that we’ve got to deal with.

After Sen. Sanders had been asked about what he considers fair game in his campaign, he said, “I think what is more fair game for my campaign is the role of money in politics. Where are the conflicts of interest when the Koch brothers are going to spend $900 million in this campaign. Making a lot of their money from fossil fuels and having a platform which as I understand it calls for the elimination of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Ideas that are increasingly palatable to my Republican colleagues, so that’s a conflict of interest.”

Bernie Sanders is coming out of the gate as the Koch brothers worst nightmare. Many on the left have decried the flood of Koch dollars into the nation’s electoral process, but Sanders connected the dots. The Koch brothers aren’t spending millions and billions of dollars because they are patriots. When Charles and David Koch buy a candidate, they expect a return on their investment. They require the politicians they buy to deny climate science, deregulate the areas of the economy where they make their money and push an agenda that calls for moving all the nation’s wealth upwards to the richest Americans.

Sen. Sanders is going to spend his presidential campaign exposing a dirty system that has put the government up for sale to the biggest contributor. The Koch brothers want to operate in the shadows. Most Americans don’t know or understand what the Kochs are trying to accomplish.

Bernie Sanders is out to expose the attempted hostile takeover of elections and government by a few conservative billionaires. The presidential campaign has given Sanders a national platform, which is very bad news for the Koch brothers.

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  1. I love Bernie Sanders, and should Joe Biden not enter the presidential race, I’ll cast my vote for him in the primaries.

    However, on day ONE, should he win the primaries and the general election, those who support and love Bernie will discover that he won’t get anything done unless we change the Senate. Senate Democrats are staunch center-left, and Bernie will be working UPHILL to get any legislation through in order to keep his promise to us.

    There will then be a high risk that Bernie will be made a one-term lame-duck president, which is my greatest fear since we want a Democrat or a Progessive in the White House once in order to replace some three or four justices on SCOTUS, and we need a president who can stay two terms so that they don’t wait out for the president they prefer.

  2. Bernie is going to make true democrats out of the democratic party following his policies will show Hillary or any other candidate they better turn further left for the benefit of our country.

  3. Bernie’s running, YEA!! Pay attention to this guy. He would be the first step in taking our country back from the corporations and fixing the real issues in this country if he makes it. Check his history he is morally on the peoples side

  4. Its time to deKoch American politics. They cannot buy this country. I know they’re not used to being told NO, but now is the time.

  5. Bernie is going to absorb the brunt of the attack that is meant for Hillary as well as a large chunk of the KKKoch Bros. money meant for the assassination of freedom.

  6. Waiting tor the Koch-roaches to say, when told of the middle and lower class struggling survive, “Let them eat cake.” Time for the lower classes to fix this mess.

  7. Help this extremely brave-Man (Bernie Sanders) out people!!! He requires our “full” support and 100% “back-up” to fight these “Evil” corporations, banks, their religious leaders, etc.. He can’t do this “clean-up” of the U.S. Govt. without “everyone’s” “back-up” and help!!! These truly “Evil” corporations and their GOP “Puppets” are “ruthless” crooks. In my opinion. Be “safe” Bernie.

  8. What is with the complete infatuation of Koch brothers other than Dem talking points? You don’t hear Republicans going nuts over Billionaire donors like Tom Steyer, Geo. (communist) Soros, and M. Bloomberg.
    Find some new material to blame GOP on even though Libs have ruled for 6 years and things have never been so screwed up. (Go on-ask me how?)

  9. They are destroying the planet for their personal gain. Now you might not believe in science but us sane people do

  10. President Obama “started” on the “clean-up” of “our” U.S. Govt.. Now lets all “help-out” by “backing-up” ” of the “clean-up” of “our” U.S. Govt.. We have no choice, except; too become “SERFS”. In my opinion.

  11. Beware it’s jimmykkk! Watch your grammar! To him proper grammar is more important than fact. Just another philophobe! And yes jimmykkk that word does not exist YET! It is my word for those who have a phobia for knowledge. Grammar be damned! Full alphabet ahead!

  12. No I ask you a question. You made the charge now I am asking you about what threat. You cons see threats everywhere so I just need t know the one I should try to answer

  13. Let me help you out with a Current problem that exists because of environmental activists like Steyer. California has not built water reservoirs for decades because of people like Steyer. Now the state and people are suffering as up to 70% of their rainfall runs back into the ocean. It’s called “unintended consequences” of ideologies you promote.

  14. Bernie is anti all big money not just the Koch bros. In truth the Koch Bros are the worst of the worst. They intend to buy the 2016 election with millions to make billions and screw the rest of us.

  15. So Hillary wants to cleanup campaign finance after she gets elected via the same big money. Bernie wants to cleanup the same system with help from the American people. If 96% of America believe that money in politics is the number one issue then it seems the side to be on is obvious for any American with common sense.

    You have to ask who does each candidate really work for to draw your own conclusions. He definitely has an uphill battle, but you can’t fault is zest to bring the fight to the front lines.

    Looking forward to some good debates between Hillary and Bernie.

  16. Of course the GOP leaders don’t object to the Koch Brothers – they are the receivers of the Koch donations. And they don’t object to the Kochs’ buying the US Government because, in point of fact, the Kochs are buying THEM. It’s not a matter of party. A good many Democrats, including the sitting president, are strong supporters of the majority of the Kochs’ policies and have, as well, been bought and paid for.

    Very few – even very few Democrats – have the courage to oppose these people directly.

  17. I don’t think the debates will be that good. Hillary doesn’t have a leg to stand on. There is no way to counter what Bernie is saying because it is the truth.

  18. JimmyK, you lie to much, pray tell us what happened to our natural resiviors? Did that water go to some KOCH head business? I thought as much! Nice try!

  19. It is called natural resiviors! California had plenty and did not need man made ones! Then KOCH multinationals drained these natural resiviors, for their businesses! After polluting the rest, what did you expect!?

  20. “Libs have ruled for 6 years”

    Huh? The House Of Representatives has been in Republican hands for 4 of the past 6 years and during that time accomplished nothing. The two years that The House was in the Democrats hands, a lot got done. Those same six years the Senate was mired in total Republican obstructionism per Mitch McConnell’s decree to make President Obama a one term President. Get your facts straight or at least try using facts and not Fox “News” BS.

  21. Actual fact means nothing to rethugs Rick. Trying to teach them fact is a lost cause, fox is what gives them the shot they need. Nothing more. Like addicts .

  22. JimmyK — You said that for the last 6 years things are “screwed up” by this White House???
    Man you are just not paying attention OR you listen to way too much FAUXNEWS.
    Take an objective look at President Obama’s success stories. All the economic metrics are improved over what GW Bush did. Every one of them.

  23. “Reservoirs”-They reserve or preserve water from previous rainfall. They could have built 40 or 50 of these with the money use for monorail, or whatever they call it. CA has had a 4 year drought and it has happened before so it is not climate change.
    Plus it would be infrastructure that you libs love.
    But never mind that people suffer, the environmental activists will prevail. Guys just like Steyer who gives millions to Dems.

  24. Another example for you to deny; Shutting down water for vegetable growing in the San Joaquin valley to preserve the two inch smelt. Thousands of food growers go on food stamps as they can’t grow food or make money.
    Brilliant move !

  25. Koch’s anti-Soviet views led him to become a founding member of the John Birch Society. Koch claimed that the Democratic and Republican Parties were infiltrated by the Communist Party, and he supported Mussolini’s suppression of Communists. Koch wrote that “The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America” and characterized welfare as a secret plot to attract rural blacks and Puerto Ricans to Eastern cities to vote for Communist causes and “getting a vicious race war started.”
    Consider those words for a moment. This is the genesis of where we are today.

    The John Birch Society
    The John Birch Society (JBS) is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism and limited government. It has been described as radical right. Businessman and founder Robert W. Welch Jr. (1899–1985) and oil tycoon co-founder Fred R. Koch developed an elaborate organizational infrastructure (consider today’s right wing structure) in 1958 t…

  26. jimmy- your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance. anyone who thinks this nation is not better off than 6 years ago has their head up their rightwing azz. Obama and the dems have made this country better DESPITE unprecented, preplanned GOP obstruction, sabotage, treason, and hate. the GOP 47 should be sitting in jail right now. you are clearly delusional jimmy. I got some news for you- dems will trounce republicans in 2016.

  27. chew on this jimmy- president Obama will go down as one of the most successful American presidents in our history. no doubt whatsoever. top ten or better. it is a shame you hate your country and your president. Obama will be remembered and revered for a long, long, long time as the GOP bigots, obstructionists, saboteurs and traitors will be dumped into history’s trash can.

  28. Yay for Bernie, I hope more people are made aware of the fact that the Koch brothers are trying to enslave us all by Bernie.

    The time is right for a slide to the left as more and more Americans are getting the crap kicked out of them by billionaires and their anti worker policies.

    I got laid off 9 weeks ago by a profitable company where the CEO makes five million a year. Even though I am unemployed I will send some money to Bernie’s campaign.

  29. Citizens United is really Billionaires United! Thank you, Bernie, for shedding light on this grotesque practice.

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