Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Keep It Classy As GOP Prepares To Tear Itself Apart


It looks like the Democratic primary is going to be focused on middle-class issues. Democratic frontrunner and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton put out a friendly tweet welcoming Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to the race for the Democratic nomination.

The Democratic frontrunner and Sen. Sanders had a nice exchange on Twitter:


Clinton’s tweet, along with Sanders’s comments at his press conference about not running negative ads, suggest that Democratic primary voters are going to be offered the sort of issue-driven campaign that many have been seeking for years. In 2008, there was very little difference between Clinton and Obama, outside of their votes on the Iraq war, in terms of policy. By tilting the race left on economic issues, Sen. Sanders will make Hillary Clinton a stronger candidate in the General Election.

As the nation has moved left economically, Republicans have shifted to the extreme right. Republican voters are not going to allow their candidates to move to the center on issues such as income inequality, equal pay for women, raising wages. By having Sanders in the campaign, Hillary Clinton will get the best of both worlds. Democratic voters will get to know her policies, and they will see a candidate that can appeal to both the center and the left.

The race for the Republican nomination is shaping up to be an ugly free for all while Democrats will be fine tuning their message for November. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have a good relationship going back to their time together in the Senate. Sen. Sanders has said only good things about Hillary Clinton. Democrats are getting set to have a civilized debate about their economic message. It is a discussion that might not have happened without the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

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  1. I’m glad that there is a discussion about income inequality, but also vey important to get our coalition together for the 2016 election. The 2014 midterms really upset me and very important to elect a democrat next year. We need to preserve President Obama’s accomplishments and also the next president will choose up to 4 supreme court justices.

  2. One correction to the article: the nation has NOT moved to the left economically; it has moved DOWN. Due to the reprehensible actions of Republican Congress, there is virtually no middle class left.

  3. I have such admiration for him – was surprised and delighted when he declared. I always read articles about him and appreciate his honesty.

  4. I love Bernie, but he is older than Hillary with whom age will be a factor with some. She will probably chose an up and coming Democrat such as one of the Castro brothers (the ones from Texas not Cuba).

  5. The Josef Goebbels tactic of demonizing will not work this time! The conservatives ALWAYS lose when the final battles are waged. They lost in WW2 and the Reich Wing will lose again!

  6. I agree about his age – and that has always come to mind when I think about him running. In any event – he will elevate the liberal discussion this time around. I will vote for Hillary if she is chosen – but in my heart I would prefer Bernie.

  7. At first, I thought it would divide the liberals too much but now I’m smiling.
    It’ll be a nice debate of the democratic accomplishments and of the pending issues to tackle in the years ahead.

    VP Joaquin Castro?

    Liberals need to be united with ONE candidate in November 16, otherwise this country is DOOMED.
    The EPA, civil rights, social security, medicare, medicade, womens rights, veterans benefits, seperation of church and state are all on the chopping block if the church, err GOP, gets the WH.

  8. After reading this, it has me thinking…

    With so many people fighting for the Republican nomination, it’s going to look like a feral wolf pack looking for it’s Alpha. One guy takes the spot for so long, then gets knocked down by the pack members (conservative voters) and a new guy takes over. Once it’s time for the general election, that nominee is battered, bloody and bruised from the fight beforehand that there’s no energy left to fight the Democrat.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats are going to be more like reasonable humans here. Instead of beating each other up, they’ll focus on issues that matter.

  9. LOL..

    wolf packs can’t be feral.. it would mean they were domesticated and returned back to the wild…

    I think you mean they’re like a pack of feral Pomeranians or Chihuhuas looking for an Alpha…

    I have cats that are more dangerous than Republican ‘Alphas’…

  10. The Republican candidates will make their whole campaign about sabotaging the Democrats running for Presidency. Never anything about where they stand on the issues. Just like they have done to Obama for the last 6+ years. Never solving anything. Just ranting about how wrong the other side is! NOTHING else!

  11. My fear is that by behaving like responsible adults, the lame stream media will have no interest in Bernie and HRC at all. The wackos on the right will always be the most colorful story.

  12. Thanks for catching my mistake there, JC.

    Although calling them Pomeranians or Chihuahuas are insulting to those respective animals.

    But the idea of being the Alpha in the wolf pack remains.

  13. I’m voting for Bernie Ssnders! I’m going to vote MY conscience, I really don’t care what our corporate democrats internet warriors say! I don’t care about our internet moderate democrats posting nonsense like “Bernie can’t win, america won’t vote for a socialist ” BULL$HIT!! that’s the problem with some moderate democrats, they keep slipping that GOP KOOL AID! the FACT is AMERICANS LOVE socialism! they love the post office, they love the airports, they love the freeways, they love the fire department etc. etc. ETC. The problem is the average american bought the GOP’s smear campaign about 40 yrs ago demonizing the label “LIBERAL” most americans hate liberals but don’t even know WHY? “WE” as liberals can’t dwell on ignorant americans! VOTE YOUR conscience, VOTE Bernie Ssnders!!

  14. BTW the GOP is a DYING party, just like FUX NEWS it’s base is old, very OLD! but heres other reality, the democratic party better get it’s act together or it’s going BYE BYE too! Money has captured BOTH parties, PROOF?? why is it republicans hardly ever vote with democrats BUT no matter how toxic how anti american any bill the house or the senate proposes they’ll ALWAYS be three, four or more democrats voting with them??! WHY? OUR democratic party is moving away from it’s roots! they need to reboot and start acting like PROGRESSIVES!!! and guess what? people will get energized and VOTE!! the democratic party really is it OWN worse enemy!

  15. Maybe, but shining the light on that “colorful” also will show how unhinged, out of touch and unelectable they are. Michelle Bachman for example.

  16. Speaking of Fox “News”, I saw a clip on MSNBC last night of Geraldo Rivera being confronted by some protesters. He kept trying to walk away, saying they were not talking to him, but yelling. They pretty much told him they had good reason to yell and that Fox “News” was there only to report “thuggery” and not for the black man who died in police custody. It was hilarious watching Geraldo trying to squirm away.

  17. @Rick, great post! but heres another thought, BLACK people are TIRED!!! good caucasians are getting TIRED!! FUX NEWS and the GOP are poking a angry bear!! Their constant NEVER ENDING RACIST rants are finally starting to wake america up!! These police departments MURDERING black people like dogs in the streets is FINALLY opening americas eyes! And FUX NEWS being the GOPs version of STORMFROM but with video are turning normal human beings off! did you hear the latest FUX NEWS theory on how Freddy Gray ended up with a broken neck? FUX says HE broke his own neck and it’s ALL his OWN fault! UNFREAKIN’ BELIEVABLE!! it’s amazing! now watch limbaugh run with this! he’ll probably demand Freddy Gray’s family apologise for the entire tragedy!!

  18. Sorry about the TYPOS it’s ”Bernie Sanders” and it’s “SIPPING” the GOP KOOL AID- sorry folks I use my PLAYSTATION 3 to get on the internet, hey, I’m a poor man lol

  19. For eight years, we have learned to ignore the media! OBAMA became president in spite oh Hillary’s inevitability! Obama became president again in spite of Mitt and his super media parade! Since we avoid the media, we are in a good place to elect Bernie Sanders!

  20. Wow,who the heck wrote this article. Clinton and sanders are going to keep it classy. The campaign has barely started. The democrats are going to rip each other apart as much as the republicans. Bernie sanders is correct that he never ran a negative ad, however he ripped his opponents on the campaign trail. This one will get nasty especially if he and others get close to Hillary in the polls. Also several more democrats will get in the race.

  21. I met Bernie about twelve years ago when he spoke in Brewer ME. I hear barely nothing from the MSM, but when I do, it’s “Sen. Sanders doesn’t stand a chance.” Yesterday on Public Radio, when asked about Bernies “chances”, the interviewee stated, “He doesn’t have a chance.” I quickly sent an email about my disapproval of these so-called “predictions.” Thom Hartmann predicted this would happen because of corporate interests… Hartmann is knowledgeable and great to listen or watch!

  22. Let’s get rid of big money in politics!

    http://www.stampstampede.org is Ben Cohen’s website to amend the Constitution and get rid of Citizens United. We are a nation of “we the people.” Our government has been bought by corporations, millionaires and billionaires. We have become an oligarchy.

  23. IMO Bernie Sanders running and both keeping it classy is a win-win for the Democrats. He can bring out things that she might not want to touch but the message goes out to all Democrats this is what we stand for against the chaotic mess of the GOP! Love it!

  24. I believe they will have an intelligent campaign and will be able bring both of their views together or the reason they’re different. I don’t believe there will be much mud slinging.

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