Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Keep It Classy As GOP Prepares To Tear Itself Apart


It looks like the Democratic primary is going to be focused on middle-class issues. Democratic frontrunner and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton put out a friendly tweet welcoming Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to the race for the Democratic nomination.

The Democratic frontrunner and Sen. Sanders had a nice exchange on Twitter:


Clinton’s tweet, along with Sanders’s comments at his press conference about not running negative ads, suggest that Democratic primary voters are going to be offered the sort of issue-driven campaign that many have been seeking for years. In 2008, there was very little difference between Clinton and Obama, outside of their votes on the Iraq war, in terms of policy. By tilting the race left on economic issues, Sen. Sanders will make Hillary Clinton a stronger candidate in the General Election.

As the nation has moved left economically, Republicans have shifted to the extreme right. Republican voters are not going to allow their candidates to move to the center on issues such as income inequality, equal pay for women, raising wages. By having Sanders in the campaign, Hillary Clinton will get the best of both worlds. Democratic voters will get to know her policies, and they will see a candidate that can appeal to both the center and the left.

The race for the Republican nomination is shaping up to be an ugly free for all while Democrats will be fine tuning their message for November. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have a good relationship going back to their time together in the Senate. Sen. Sanders has said only good things about Hillary Clinton. Democrats are getting set to have a civilized debate about their economic message. It is a discussion that might not have happened without the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

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