Sen. Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself By Getting Key Senate Rules Wrong

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While trying to defend blowing off Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote, Sen. Ted Cruz humiliated himself by getting the Senate rules on confirmation wrong.

Politico reported Cruz’s exchange with reporters:

In explaining why he missed the vote for the fundraiser, Cruz stumbled over the Senate’s confirmation rules. Senate Democrats lowered the filibuster threshold from 60 votes on nearly all nominees to a simple majority in 2013, and they remain there today.

“Cloture was the vote that mattered, it required 60 votes,” Cruz said. Informed by reporters that’s not true, Cruz paused briefly and responded: “Fair point.”

Ted Cruz is a United States Senator. The rules of the confirmation process are something that he really should know. It is shameful that Cruz doesn’t seem to know the rules of his own job. After he blew off the confirmation vote, Sen. Cruz’s attendance record has come under scrutiny. Not only is Cruz taking a salary from the taxpayers while not bothering to show up for work, the Texas Republican appears to not know what he is being paid to do.

Cruz can make up any number of excuses, but none of them can hide the fact that one of his main duties as a United States senator is to vote on the president’s nominees. It isn’t difficult. All Cruz had to do was show up and vote yes or no.

It is bad enough that Sen. Cruz could be bothered to come to work; it is even worse that he doesn’t understand the basic rules of the job.

Ted Cruz wants to be the next president in the worst way, but if Cruz can’t figure out what his job is as a senator, he is not fit to be president.

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52 Replies to “Sen. Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself By Getting Key Senate Rules Wrong”

  1. I don’t beleve he’s done ANYTHING except waste tax payers $$$, remember his $24 BILLION fillibuster to nowhere?

    He’s a slimy, arrogant, mooching tea bagger.

  2. Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to himself and the country. Guys like him are the reason the Republican party is dying off.

  3. Those who voted for Cruz aren’t interested in what is in the Constitution, why should they care if Cruz knows or abides by Senate rules?

  4. the clown show continues… good thing about a clown car… it never gets full even with the giant shoes that they could never possibly fill..

  5. The guy is an idiot, but so are the voters that elected (or didn’t vote against) him. Elections have consequences and I’ll say it, Texas asked for him, they got him and now they live with less representation than they should have.

  6. He’s never present for votes, he has the worst committee attendance in the Senate (committees are where most of the actual work gets done), so what, exactly, does he do all day every day?

  7. I believe part of the last sentence is totally accurate, “Ted Cruz wants to be the next president in the worst way.”

  8. Cruz is in no way prepared to be President, hes a joke. How can he ever know the rules of foreign policy when he cant even handle American policy? I dont think its appropriate for a Cuban to run America. Ted is a fool and his daddy’s pawn.

  9. Ted Cruz should show up to the senate and learn the rules and process her was elected to fulfil.

    Ted and the rest of the current Teabaggers in the GOP remind me of the slew of idiots trying to make a fast buck off of the venture capital craze from the dotcom boom. Every stupid idea gets funding and no real hope of producing anything productive.

  10. Ted Cruz is in this for Ted Cruz. He isn’t even trying to represent Texas. His focus is to draw the spotlight on himself and that’s it. He isn’t qualified to be dog catcher, let alone Senator. President? HE** NO!

  11. I can’t for the life of me, understand HOW IN THE HELL these idiots graduated from an Ivy League School??!! Hell they have NO COMMON SENSE OR BOOK KNOWLEDGE!!! The whole lot of them are constantly misquoting the Constitution, the Law, and just PLAIN COMMON SENSE! “You wanna show people how IGNORANT you are, OPEN YOUR MOUTH”!! Hmmmm, Seems like, after reading these stories, Texas is FULL of Uneducated, Paranoid, Bible Thumping- Holier Than Thou, Hateful Ass IDIOTS! NUFF SAID!! If this clown show has not gotten the Center, Common Sense, Caring, Loving, TRUE CHRISTIANS, Progressives motivated to VOTE in every election that happens, then I guess we are DOOMED. Or I will say You Are DOOMED, cause I’m getting the HELL outta here!! [WINK]

  12. Then god bless him – the sooner they die-off, the sooner we can get back to being a really country.

  13. MOST of us are not Texan — in fact many of us find that state populated by idiots — but but we, too, have to live with the decisions of the numbskulls who gave him power.

    Texas really *does* need to secede; we all are getting kind of tired of them.

  14. Ted “Canadian Clown” Cruz would not be qualified or fit to be President of the United States whether he was ever elected to the Senate or not.

  15. Wow! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel. [WINK] I do sympathize with you, but I on the other hand would rather stay and fight for this country that I care so much about. I’d like it to be brought back to the true “beacon of light” in the world that it used to represent. It was never perfect. We did have slavery. Still do have racism and let’s not forget the religious zealots that want to create a theocracy. Still, the rest of the world used to look to us as a noble, caring country that was an example to the rest of the world.

  16. Bryce, I am sure Texas has many sane and fine people, however, your legislature has gerrymandered the districts so well that only the GOP candidates of dubious ability will win elections, even if the majority of people voted for the other party.

    Sadly, your Governor plays into the hands of these less than sane people and conspiracy theorists by asking the Tx State Militia to watch the US Military while they do their yearly maneuvers in case they try to take over the country and crown Obama King.

  17. Ted Cruz is “gaming the system” (to quote another “gamer”) by not showing up to do the job he is being paid to do. Why is he still getting paid? If I don’t show up for work I don’t get paid, why should he?

  18. “How these idiots graduated from Ivy league schools” Is what I almost posted. wonder this all the time, and Just what are they learning? Or, are people like Shrub, Cruz and others just showing up and given a diploma simply because of who they are? Also wonder what the grads of these schools think of the idiots who get by just taking up space. Think (Cruz Shrub)these are the ones we know about.

  19. The vote was 56/43 in favor. Safe bet Cruz’s presence and vote would’ve swayed anyone else to vote no. As a Texan who voted for the venerable Senator Cruz, I can assure his voter base here believes he is earning every last penny of his salary. He has done exactly what we elected him to do. As far as most of us Republicans in Texas are concerned, all of the weeping and gnashing of teeth inside the beltway is a sign Ted is representing Texas as we wanted him to.

  20. Yeah the fool leading other fools. BTW will your state refund the taxpayers of the United States the 24 billion he pissed away?

  21. Why do all of these Redumican hacks look like they are molded from plastic? Remember the Terminator scene, from the first movie, where he was looking at his face in the mirror and how plastic and fake he looked? They are creepy scary!

  22. Sometimes I wish we hadn’t had a Civil War and let all of the confederate states secede…wonder where they’d be now.

  23. It truly will not matter who the democrat candidate for presidents turns out to be for 2016- whether its Hillary or someone else- the GOP and the conservatives will be crushed to dust in November of 2016. the best thing that could have happened for the dems is the GOP winning the senate majority in 2014. now the country sees the utter failure and dysfunction of this republican party and will vote them out in high numbers in the next election.

  24. luvcats13,ditto here..about the cats. And yes I would vote for the Beagle as well. After all we know how loyal and trustworthy beagles can be. They can fly a Sopwith Camel and tilt with fearsome flying royalty to victory and then quaff down root beers with the guys at the little French inn. I’m waiting for the right time to get a beagle puppy myself and I will name him Darwin.

  25. Yes djchefron I can feel it! And the feeling Turd Cruz gives me is a crowning one…must be that large bowl of rice I ate last night..excuse me but I must away to the loo……

  26. Hey – Give Ted Cruz a Break.

    The Rules of the Senate are Trivial.

    Sucking Up to Fascist “Christians” for Votes and giving the Koch Brothers a Blowjob for a pile of Money is HARD WORK.

  27. Mdog—–I was thinking about that this morning and Hillary is the best thing that’s happened to the GOP in a long time. She almost guarantees a conservative in the WH in 2016. Most people want good things for this country. With Hillary’s 25 years of lying and breach of ethics, and corruption and secrecy—and after 8 years of Obama—-I’d take that bet in a heartbeat!

  28. Snoopy ran for President in 1968. He actually hosts a stellar career not only as a famous WWI flying ace, but as an astronaut as well. One can only ponder the wonders of the country had he won…

  29. Sorry, but you are all just stupid. You gave a pass to Obama wanting breathalizers for our children.
    [Snipped for quatsch]

  30. let us not forget that Teddy Cruz is one of the infamous GOP 47 from the senate who committed the most heinous, cowardly, egregious, and despicable mass treason against America and it president in the modern era… all of them are marked for LIFE!!! there are 7 or 8 of the GOP 47 traitors up for re-election next year in states that Obama won handily. I think it is safe to assume dems take back the senate even though it is early. my left shoe could win an election over any of the current GOP hopefuls. if ted cruz thinks shutting down the govt and reading ‘green eggs and ham’ in the senate hall counts as experience, he is sorely mistaken.

  31. I think once these GOP clowns get in front of a real world, partisan crowd and not one that is paid to attend and to cheer for republicans, we will see just what utter disgraces and epic failures these GOP candidates truly are. I cannot wait till 2016! any dem is head and shoulders above this pathetic, embarrassing, and petulant group of repubs!

  32. and you are the biggest idiot in the world. you arrogant and ignorant fool. I feel sorry for folks like you. I really do. you are exactly what is wrong with America today. what a sad, angry, and paranoid little world you live in. only in your tiny mind is Obama the bad guy. listen up buddy- here is some reality for you- Obama is one of the greatest American presidents that we have ever seen and whether you accept that reality matters not. you poor, poor, poor, petulant fool. I hope one day you see just how incredibly wrong you are about everything.

  33. here we go. here’s another fool. another delusional righty who does not live on this planet- so is that why hillary is still polling 14 points ahead of each and every potential GOP candidate? she is even out polling them in their home states which is humiliating. dems are not worried one bit about 2016. it seems the only ones freaking out are you guys. you and those like you will be crushed to dust and there will not be another republican president for a decade or longer. madame president Clinton… I like the sound of that. get used to it!

  34. From Jan 2013 to Apr 2015, Cruz missed 88 of 825 roll call votes, which is 10.7%. From Jan 2005 to Oct 2008, Obama missed 314 of 1,300 roll call votes, which is 24.2%.

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