In 24 Hours Bernie Sanders Raised More Money Than Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz

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In the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised more money than Republican candidates Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz did during their first day in the race.

Sen. Sanders raised $1.5 million from a network of small donors during his first day as an official presidential candidate.

The Washington Post reported:

The donations came from a broad base of supporters — some 35,000 donors who gave an average of $43.54 a piece, according to the Sanders campaign. The campaign also said it signed up more than 100,000 supporters through its website, building what it calls a “mass movement.”

Clinton has not released any details about her fundraising totals, online or otherwise. But the Sanders haul outpaces the three major Republican candidates who already have announced. In the first 24 hours since launching their campaigns, Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) raised $1.25 million and Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Ted Cruz (Texas) raised about $1 million each, according to their campaigns.

It is valuable to watch, not how much money is being raised, but how many donors a campaign has. In 2008 and 2012, the massive amount of small donors that Barack Obama was able to accumulate foreshadowed his strength on Election Day. Bernie Sanders is no Obama, but the fact that he has outraised the Paul money bomb machine speaks volumes about how the media has oversold Rand Paul’s strength as a candidate, which underestimating the strength of the support that is behind Bernie Sanders.

Republicans rely on wealthy donors and superPACs. What Sen. Sanders is doing is all the more incredible because he doesn’t have billionaires and dark money outfits funding his campaign. The money that Sen. Sanders is raising is coming from ordinary Americans who are fed up with a system that is rigged against them. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to raise a billion dollars, but he looks to be on pace to raise enough money to be competitive in the Democratic primary.

Sanders doesn’t have the fat cat donors behind him like Rubio, but he does have real grassroots supporters who are organizing behind him. Sen. Sanders might up being a stronger candidate than Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Rand Paul.

The money he is raising is not a fluke. Bernie Sanders is building an army of ordinary Americans who intend to topple the Koch brothers and take their country back.

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  1. Is this really how we’re going to choose to gauge success? Money? Isn’t that kind of the problem?

  2. When that is the gauge everyone else uses it would appear to be valid indicator of support. It’s very early in the race. Too early to let this upset you.

  3. That’s a good indication of support. It’s expensive to run a campaign, and a million dollars from 50,000 supporters is a lot better than a million dollars from just one who wants something back.

  4. If you live in LA, please come to this TPP protest near a Hillary Clinton fundraiser May 7. We want to use this event to highlight that Hillary is still waffling while Bernie has come out strongly against this global corporate coup d’etat. If you don’t live in LA, please share this with friends who do.

  5. I’m pretty sure the emphasis was on the 35,000 donors and the 100,000 supporters signing up.

  6. Think of it this way, Bernie’s contributions are from “the people”, not the corporations or rich billionaires.

    Our gov is for the people, by the people; not for the corporations, or for the billionaires.

    Power to the People.

  7. Lauren, the opponents of TPP should offer an alternative that can pass with a Republican controlled Congress in my humble opinion. World trade between countries is not going to cease, and regulation is better than no regulation.

  8. Which means there is still plenty of skin for the bought and paid for republicans to be dealt out- meaning that the Billionaire Leeches haven’t even gotten started yet.

  9. I have contributed to Bernie for several years, because we needed his voice in the Senate. He is a truth teller and is for the 99% of us! Friday morning my check was in the mail for his Presidency!!,He’s no Koch leach and corporations don’t like his truth, but I do!

  10. Bogus. Rand Paul went over $2 mil in the first 24 hours and is now well past $70 mil. in small donations raised from, not billionaires, but from THE PEOPLE.

  11. according to Rand’s Wiki page he only got a little over 1.3 Million in the first 24 hours. Granted it is a wiki, but if Paul were doing as well as you believe I’m sure his people could have gotten that updated. While there is some possible confusion over the title, I believe the author is saying that over the first 24 hours Bernie got more money. I can’t find anything to back up YOUR stats, so I’m going to have to go with your not correct.

  12. @SteveGagne, I did the google on, Rand Paul donations first 24 hours, and found nothing beyond the million dollar mark. US all list a single million dollars raised in the first 24 hours.

    Can you back up your statement?

  13. Yea. As opposed to contributions from NOT-THE PEOPLE?! Wow.

    Accepting small donors such as those Senator Sanders has received, averaging about 45.00 each, is a real anti-“THE PEOPLE” strategy I guess. He must have some really cheap billionaires in his pocket, either that or someone doesn’t know how to read and comprehend simple English.

  14. Fine article and very encouraging. Will contribute to his campaign.

    I’d love to see Bernie outgun and outrun the insufferable Rand Paul.

  15. “Just to settle it once and for all: Which came first the Chicken or the Egg? The Egg — laid by a bird that was not a Chicken.”
    -Neil deGrasse Tyson

  16. The partisan blindness is string in this group. How are you ask ignoring the fact that Hillary will likely out raise everybody…by a long shot. Can Bernie beat Hillary?No. I don’t think he’d breast Elizabeth Warren or any of the GOP candidates. Of course, people will only speak their bias, but I just objectively think he can’t win.

  17. Are you willing to offer a source to back up your $6 million in 24 hour assertion, or are we supposed to just “trust” you?

  18. #Occupy2016 #OccupyTheVote

    It’s really time we got back to that pesky “for the people” part.

  19. You see, there is a string that ties all us ‘libruls’ together. A common thread that forces us all to view life through the same lens. A thread that binds us to things like truth, compassion, and justice. This pervasive string influences all we do and even has a name. It’s called……..REALITY!

  20. That is what you said about Obama! He should drop out due to ( What’s that word) REALITY! Well you liberals do that, we progressives have proof sitting in the White House! Judging by your senate and house successes( or the lack thereof,) you might need what we call a Reality Check

  21. One thing Bernie sanders has in common with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who also have raised a lot of money. Bernie sanders,Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have absolutely no chance of being president. Bernie sanders is to far to the left and Cruz and Paul are to far to the right. Especially Cruz. Sanders knows he is not going to win. He is just trying to pull Hillary to the left.

  22. I think Bernie’s whole purpose of running is to have a platform to expose why our country is turning into an oligarchy.

    It gives him a mouthpiece loud and clear.

    He is trying to let the uninformed know that the billionaires are buying our democracy. He is also presenting ideas of his own to show people that there is a better way for the 99% to be treated.

    The rest is up to us.

  23. Who are you talking to because it can’t be me?! If you take two seconds to read my comment I referred to US liberals. And I used ‘libruls’ as an obvious dig at the crazy GOPT’er. I’m a long time reader and poster, a democrat and an Obama supporter.

    I can understand you missing the snark in my comment but not the baseless accusations. Please think before you attack.

  24. Hear! Hear! It’s high time and long overdue.

    It appears that Bernie Sanders is getting some momentum! He can be a formidable opponent to Hillary Clinton – which is a GOOD thing.

    My preferred candidate is Joe Biden. I would like to see a “maintenance” president follow our transformative president, Barack Obama, in the White House and to choose the next three to four justices for the SCITUS to replace those who will undoubtedly leave in the next decade.

    If Joe Biden doesn’t run (and I don’t feel as if he is) Bernie Sanders will have our votes in the primaries.

  25. If we can give Bernie the momentum he needs to go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton, it will open the eyes of the slumbering American people and hopefully return us to a government of, by, and for the People.

    We NEED Bernie Sanders more than ever in this day and age of Citizens United and Republicans infesting State governor’s houses and State legislatures.

    I heard him on Ed Schultz the other day, and I felt my heart pounding with the same excitement I had felt when Senator Obama began his presidential run. I felt…hope.

  26. He might not be able to out-raise Hillary Clinton, but he’s got a voice and a presence, and he speaks to the hearts and souls of average Americans.

    All he needs is a platform, and we can give him that through our donations and a strong grassroots movement. Bernie Sanders is the one we should want for our next president.

  27. Rand Paul is a loser just like his daddy.

    He head to head polling, is under 10 percent against the other clowns.

  28. I admire Saunders and he is a great senator but to tell the truth, I see no viable candidate Republican or Democrat (EXCEPT WARREN).

  29. Yes, and democracy will prevail when the president is done negotiating a TPP bill and presents it to Congress, as has always been the case with other presidents.

    He’ll then present the TPP in its entirety for everyone and their brother to dissect for 210 days. That’s 120 days MORE than was required by Congress from Reagan, Poppy Bush, Clinton, and G.W. Bush. And then Congress can vote it up or down.

    But again…the black man apparently has to work twice as hard for…um, well in this case, for NO credit it appears, since even his “base” can’t give him the benefit of the doubt even though everything he’s ever done has benefited American workers and the economy.

    Indeed, President Obama has worked tirelessly to strengthen the American worker. Just rescuing the auto industry and millions of jobs is proof enough of his integrity – not to mention “ObamaCare” that’s helped nearly 20 million Americans to get comprehensive and affordable health care (and insurance).

  30. According to some Paul bot above, Rand Paul raised 6 million in his first 24 hours.

    But that’s not what CNN says. According to CNN:

    “Sanders’ 24-hour fundraising haul puts him ahead of what every currently declared Republican presidential hopeful posted in their first day.

    “Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign announced that it had raised $800,000 a day in. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign raised $1 million in the first 24-hours of its existence. And Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign raised $1.25 million in its first day.”

    The Paul people are rarely burdened by reality or other true things.

  31. You know someone must be really corrupt if he/she can raise that kind of money. My gauge is the less money he/she raises the more credit and better their chances are of me voting for them.

  32. Why is it that there are so many Democrats claiming Rand Paul cannot win, major media says he doesn’t have a chance and the GOP says don’t waste your vote. Along with all of that everyone says he can’t even raise enough money. But when it comes down to comparing a democratic candidate to a Republican candidate the only one that is mentioned by the same groups is Rand Paul? He must be doing much better than people think because he seems to be the only one consistantly in every argument or debate.

  33. Rand Paul is as much a loser as Warren is a Native American. But I am not here to throw stones or compare. How about instead of criticizing the oposition why not hammer home the facts about the person you support. Rand Paul maybe many things but he is no loser or idiot or stupid. I know you didn’t call him all of those things but when it comes down to it you just don’t agree with his philosophy. It can easily be said that you are all those things if you don’t agree with him. But I am sure you are not any of thise things so help your candidate out and stop insulting others with names that 5 year olds say. It makes her supporters look like idiots. Which of course I am sure you are not.

  34. What is his philosophy? I mean depending on who he his talking too he change his positions as often as I change my underwear

  35. I think any trade pact that supercedes national and international interests is an abomination. We don’t need pacts that allow corporations to sue nations for trying to ban their products. That’s what the TPP is attempting to do. We already have free trade with every nation in the TPP. You’re not arguing from a point of strength here.

  36. Paul is not a serious candidate because when you get down to what he actually represents, he’s neither dog nor cat. He calls himself a “libertarian”. Yes, he’s for the infamous “small government”, but apparently only for the government of MEN. He repeatedly demonstrates that women, in his viewpoint, need to closely controlled from the get-go – fetal personhood is simply max intrusive policy. Overall, his positions are intended to be sound bites, as opposed to policy, because they fail to stand up to much scrutiny, and he has demonstrated NO tolerance for scrutiny. He suffers from the same problem as Ron Paul who, if allowed to talk long enough, reveals that he’s just plain kinda crazy. Imagine this country with a president who believes that each neighborhood should negotiate their own sidewalks – that’s directly from an interview with Hannity. While Rand is a bit more savvy, he is no more real-world than his papa. Media hound – yes. Presidential – NO

  37. If he would pick a policy and stick to it, he might appear more viable. But one day he’s rubbing elbows with fundie whack jobs who are pining for a theocracy, and the next day waving the free market flag. He’s repeatedly been hostile and defensive when he is questioned closely and has yet to accomplish anything of substance in office. Further, I find the fact that he had to found his own medical board to certify himself in his specialty rather than simply doing the work required and meeting the same standards as other physicians doing the same work to be truly creepy and shady. Would I let him near my eyes? Not a chance. Near the White House – not

  38. Go to Amazon, get yourself a Search box,

    enter: Books George Enice Lawhon.

    The title for one of the books is “A Citizen’s Manual For Amending the United States Constitution”

    One of the amendments suggested will fix the Citizens United problem.

    George Enice Lawhon

  39. Fail !! The article does NOT say the money was collected in the FIRST 24 hours of Rands campaign.

  40. This is a lie, They only counted Rand Pauls online contributions and not his offline ones. Rand Paul raised 1 Million in Online in 24 hours.

  41. The point is to indicate the level of support by regular folks as opposed to “big money”. It seems to be one of the markers commonly used. That’s all.

  42. Bogus headline. Only applies to the first 24 hours. How about the tons of foreign cash that came in for Obama that they couldn’t trace in 2008? Glitch in the VISA software that didn’t ask where you lived before you donated. And there are plenty of Dem donors that give as much or more as the Koch brothers. Don’t kid yourself into thinking one party is any dirtier than the other…..

    What about Obama telling McCain he’d take the federal funds only to back out of the deal and take all the money on the table instead?

  43. What foreign cash dumbass? Either link or STFU. Methinks you are waiting for your sheets to come back from the cleaners

  44. Dude, what are you talking about? Most of the focus was on the fact that this amount was spread across tens of thousands of supporters, rather than a few rich fat cats writing huge checks.

  45. * Do you want $2 Gasoline at the pump?

    * Do you want clean air and water?

    An ethanol cap and elimination of E-85 flex fuel credit can cut our CO2 transportation pollution over 50%

    Let’s improve performance of CA Climate change law, AB 32 (Schwarzenegger/Nunez/Pavley), in 2015 for future generations

  46. I can gaurantee you that Stalin would get virtually no money or support if he ran today (and he was alive). Does this mean you would vote for him? Hypothetically.

  47. The guy was talking about Ron, not Rand. And he never claimed it was a “first 24 hours” fundraiser. He was referring to the 2007 money bomb that set a record (at the time) and he didn’t claim anything to the contrary. He was just adding to the conversation with a bit of history. You’re chasing a windmill here…and from the sidelines, it’s rather humorous, in a pathetic sort of way.

  48. No he doesn’t. It’s just that some people (including you, apparently) can’t grasp nuance, or anything that falls outside the left-right narrative.

    That’s why, for example, they can’t comprehend a person actually existing who would personally be in favor of vaccines, yet not be in favor of forcing others to get them.

    Or how a person could, in 2007, say that Iran was not a threat to our national security (which they weren’t), but might be now.

    Or that a person could be against all foreign aid (as a general principle), but then acknowledge that if we’re not going to end all foreign aid, perhaps we could at least end it for the countries that hate us.

    This kind of principled positions create cognitive dissonance for the person who relies on the left-right narrative. It just doesn’t square with their idea of how reality is supposed to work.

  49. Funny. I am not a billionaire, I live paycheck to paycheck as do most Americans. Yet I contribute to every moneybomb Rand Paul conducts! Whu? Because it is time to get rid of the bleeding heart Liberals and Socilaist that are ruining our country!!!!

  50. Socialists can be quite libertarian. And Rand Paul has proven he isn’t the libertarian he pretends to be. He seems to have sold out on major issues in the last few months. Also, who can be conservative on social issues?

  51. Let me correct that for you: “Our gov is” supposed to be “for the people, by the people;” but has always and will always be “for the corporations, for the billionaires.” Bernie is the Dems Ron Paul. For this, I love the guy.

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