Fox News Host Sides With Killer Cops After Officers Charged In Death Of Freddie Gray


Fox News host Todd Starnes’ immediate reaction to the breaking news that all six officers are being charged in the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore was to accuse State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby of declaring war on law enforcement.

Via Twitter:

Todd Starnes

This is the refrain of many people who have a hard time admitting that we have a systemic problem of racial bias within all tiers of our justice system.

But the real question is why would anyone defend police officers who are not upholding the law? These bad actors do not reflect on all law enforcement. The few bad actors stain the name of all of the hard working police in this country. For that reason, everyone should want to weed out the bad actors and hold them accountable.

The highest charge against the officers is that of second-degree depraved heart murder. According to Wikipedia, depraved heart murder is also known as “depraved-indifference murder”. This “demonstrates a ‘callous disregard for human life’ and results in death.”

In what world does holding an officer/officers accountable for having a callous disregard for human life equal “declaring war”? If Starnes feels that being asked to behave lawfully is an act of war, he has other problems.

Starnes might also want to realize that the State’s Attorney is law enforcement. She is responsible for upholding the law. The State’s Attorney repeatedly said that this was not an indictment of the Baltimore Police Department, but of the six officers charged in this case.

Mosby used an independent investigation in order to determine the facts, instead of leaving it up to the police to investigate their fellow officers.

There is no excuse for turning these charges around on the prosecutor and claiming victimization by whining that being held to the law is an act of war. The point of these charges is that everyone is expected to uphold the law, including the police. They are, in fact, supposed to be setting the standards for upholding the law.

For every bad police action getting headlines right now, the majority of police officers are trying their best to honor the public trust and keep the peace, often under trying circumstances. Instead of defending the few bad actors, which implies an identification with their actions, it makes more sense to hold everyone accountable to the same standards.

Since most police do not treat citizens with callous disregard for their life, there is no reason to view these charges as anything other than the result of an independent investigation. The justice system will work its way through these charges just as it does for every person charged with a crime; the officers are entitled to due process just as anyone else is.

By Starnes’ standards, law enforcement is declaring war on every person ever charged with a crime. So to follow through with his logic, everyone who has been charged with a crime should respond that the police are declaring an act of war on everyone who shares something in common with them. Yeah, that’s nuts.

Todd Starnes’ accusation is irresponsible at best. He has no evidence to suggest these charges are unwarranted, but that didn’t stop him from inflaming the situation with the sort of self-pity often seen in people of privilege when they are held accountable for their actions.

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  1. If law enforcement is going to act as judge, jury and executioner, then we need a war on law enforcement. In such a situation, a war on law enforcement is not only justified, it is mandated by our Founding Fathers.

  2. Fox and these hateful ‘hosts’ should be run off the airwaves. Fox and the RW evangelicals have done nothing but scare and divide this nation since Barack Obama was named the Democratic candidate. The racism that they sort of hid has not fully bloomed into white supremacy unchecked. Surely this moron didn’t watch that video and see that Freddie was incapacitated. I mean, come on. Those officers did just what the charges state: they had nor regard for the man’s life, and he died. After doing nothing but run? Golly, I bet is black cops were killing white teens in this country, innocent white teens might run too. These creeps on TV have no empathy, no humanity, and no sense…and they make huge salaries to incite violence and hate against the government….day after day.

  3. Just out of curiosity, I switched over to Fox (from MSNBC) to see how they were covering the breaking news. Predictably, as soon as the information was relayed, they moved on to their favorite past time of Hillary bashing. I went back to MSNBC who was still reporting on the topic and garnering others’ reactions.

    Wonder how they’ll cover the Bridgegate indictment announcement at 1:00 pm Eastern.

  4. We knew what that hate organization known as fox would say I want to know how the police unions will say about the indictments

  5. Here in Albuquerque, since the DA has charged 2 cops with murder of a homeless man, she has received death threats.
    She was told they were from cops who really believe they can do no wrong. Yeah, that’s why the DOJ is all up in their business.

  6. Faux Nooze is pandering to their ignorant, uneducated viewers to keep them scared shitless.

    Read this and you’ll see how PARANOID Texas tea bags are and they watch Faux like it’s gospel

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  7. Good cops — bad cops. If the “good” cops don’t report the “bad” cops, they are just as guilty.

  8. If Fox News had been in operation during the Nerennburg trials they would have sided with the Nazi’s on trial. And during the hunt for war criminals afterwards they would also have sided with the Nazi’s…out of admiration and professional courtesy. note: yes I’ve forgotten how to spell the city’s name, cue jimmyk the grammar police…after all we must give him something to REALLY bitch about instead of his silly assed perception of the truth and believing his own personal facts.

  9. I would expect nothing better from Fox “News”. Time to cue in Geraldo Rivera being verbally abused by black men last night. [WINK] Did Fox “News” even show any of that? MSNBC did and it was hilarious watching Geraldo trying to skulk away as the guy pretty much lambasted Fox “News” for its coverage of the death and the protests that followed.

  10. Just what law were the police enforcing – could it be making eye contact with the police, or perhaps the dastardly crime of suspicion of carrying a pen knife.

    Rand Paul says the criminals in Baltimore were caused by no guidance from a father figure, so I wonder who was guiding his son when he had at least 3 run-ins with the police, 2 from drunk driving accidents, one for assault, strange he managed to get off with no punishment.

  11. Don’t expect FOX to go along with the charges. They are going to spin this to make it look that the innocent cops are being railroaded; and that the black kid crushed his own throat, and somehow broke his neck vertebrae, while handcuffed and shackled in the back of a police van, with no more than four officers riding in the back. Tsk, tsk. You heard the excuses they gave? Laughable. It’s akin to saying that someone committed suicide by shooting themselves five times in their head and laying the gun neatly at their side. The truth shall set you free, and ONE of those officers will tell the truth to set him free, if not from guilt then by walking free from condemnation and jail time. So, we shall see….. BTW, I wonder what the world is thinking of America right now with all these gangsta cops actions? Target practicing on black males?

  12. Any media reporting accurately on this has to be louder and more forceful than the ignorant voices of the bigots and trolls who think the police should have no accountability when it comes to abusing and killing Black men and women.

    If you are caught committing a transgression, and evidence shows you are lying about your accounts to cover your misdeeds, you need to be held accountable, especially as a cop.

    I expect that until a trial is conducted and a verdict comes down, the propaganda machine will be out in full force talking about how we need to concentrate on black-on-black crime, fatherless families, and gangs. Anything to detract from the fact that the police wrongfully arrested a young Black man, abused him, and threw him unsecured in the back of a van to suffer with multiple injuries, to include a SEVERED SPINE, while they rode around recklessly. If anything, the police union should be trying to get the bad cops out, not shield them from scrutiny.

  13. A good article and very welcome news. It’s still a long road for justice in this case, but I hope it wins out.

    And probably nothing would have happened to these killer cops if there hadn’t been a lot of street ruckuses…

  14. They are not the only ones, doesn’t matter the cowardly murders have charges now on to the convictions.

  15. Let me say this, if we had more state attorneys around doing thier jobs instead of getting caught up in today politics, we would not have this shit that is going on.

    This whole thing stinks, and make me wonder how many crooked police departments have been filed over the years.

    And this comment by this fox news host is typical of there over all agenda.

  16. Heard the Union leader this afternoon nothing new, they will stand behind the police just like it is expected. POlice protect… their own

  17. Fox News and Todd Stares , akin to a plugged toilet , no matter how many times you flush it the same s**t keeps coming back

  18. Starnes doesn’t really give a sh*t about this issue or any other. He’s into drawing attention to himself, riling up the easily led, and peddling his next book/article/DVD, etc. He has a habit of blowing things out of proportion, and his specialties are making issues religious freedom issues when they aren’t and keeping Fox News Christians thinking they’re being attacked by someone/thing. I don’t understand how any of the FN Christians dare to leave their homes each day since they’re deathly afraid of being “attacked” by someone/thing. LOL. They should know they’re being lied to because they go anywhere they want to go, say whatever they want to say, go whenever they want to and no one touches them. No one asks them if they’re Christians, and when they say yes, knock them up side their noggins. Being brainwashed by greedy shysters is a terrible way to live one’s life.

  19. They seem to always be on the wrong side….Cliven Bundy(cop killer campground for nuts). fox loves the loonies.

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