Freddie Gray’s Death Ruled A Homicide: Arrest Warrants Issued For Six Baltimore Cops



Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has found that the death of Freddie Gray was a homicide, and warrants have been issued for the arrest of six Baltimore police officers.

CNN reported:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby told reporters Friday that her office’s investigation, coupled with a medical examiner’s determination that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide, led her to determine there is probable cause to file criminal charges. She didn’t immediately say who would be charged; a news conference continues.

Mosby said Friday that three Baltimore police officers illegally arrested Gray on April 12. She also said that a knife that Gray had was not illegal.


A warrant has been issued for the arrest of six Baltimore police officers.

According to The Baltimore Sun, “Six officers are each facing multiple charges, including manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment: Lt. Brian Rice, Sgt. Alicia White, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero and Officer Caesar Goodson. Goodson, who drove the van, has been charged with second-degree murder.”

Mosby stressed that the officers must be held accountable and that her investigation was about justice and accountability. The State’s Attorney added, “I heard your call for ‘no justice, no peace. Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

Needless to say that after Ferguson, few expected that these police officers would be held accountable for the death of Freddie Gray. The transparency and openness that the State’s Attorney, which was powered by an independent investigation, provided was exactly what the city and the nation needed. Mosby’s press conference left no doubt, and no major unanswered questions. It could be argued that all six officers deserve to be charged with murder, but officials in Baltimore moved swiftly and unlike officials in Ferguson acted in the public interest.

All of these officers are facing charges of murder and/or manslaughter and assault. Mosby’s actions are a major step towards justice, and she deserves praise for her swift and decisive action.

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  1. I save my praise for after the trial. Will this be justice or a dog and pony show to quiet the people for now

  2. While it might feel nice to see all six officers charged with murder, you also don’t want to overcharge and then have people walk free because of overcharges.

    Remember, after George Zimmerman walked free, members of the jury said publicly that they would have found Zimmerman guilty of manslaughter charges, but they weren’t given that option.

  3. This is the first step in a long process. America people who been protesting and speaking-out stand-fast. The battle have just began. But today was a good day for justice.

  4. I am more otpimistic in this case than in previous ones. Mosby could have just stated what she did with blandness, without discussing outside events. Instead, if you watch the video, she was very obviously angry. She will present a very strong case, unlike the prosecutors in previous cases.

    And she has definitely laid the groundout for civil cases, specially pointing out there was no cause for an arrest in the first place and that Grey had done nothing illegal.

    I don’t know what the end will be, but at the end there won’t be much reason to believe the prosecution didn’t go all out like there has been in the past.

  5. It’s a good start. A damn good start. But it is not a cause for celebration.

    Only time and the actions of the attorneys and the courts will show if this is a BandAid over the tumors of racism and the fight against equal rights or if they’re ready to cut the tumors out, in any hopes of reaching a point where we can live as a truly free country for all.

  6. While I understand your skepticism, this is not the same as the fixed Grand Jury that we saw in Ferguson. This AG, rather than push it to a Grand Jury for political cover all the while making the victim out to be the suspect with slanted evidence, actually is charging the officers outright. She’s doing her job and you have to respect that. How the prosecutors handle the actual court case and the evidence will be another test, but at least give the city and AG some credit.

  7. There are good cops. They’re called police officers. There are bad cops. They’re called fucking pigs. In this case, these fucking pigs are murderers. Hopefully these murderers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law… enough is ENOUGH!…

  8. Charging and convicting — charging is a step in the right direction — now we have to see if they are convicted. Maybe if more cops are made libel for their actions, they’ll think about it before they brutalize black people. Nobody should be above the law.

  9. I am glad to see this happen in this case, because of the ridiculous reasons police have given for Freddie’s back and neck being injured. I laughed at some of the garbage they were trying to sell us! I also believe that in the Ferguson case things weren’t exactly as the police said they were. I do, however, think it would have been more difficult to get a conviction. Michael Brown didn’t deserve to die, but there were a lot of things he did that led to the outcome. Not justified in the least, just more difficult to prove. I think it still should have gone to court, but not sure the result would be any different. Better to focus on this case and the Walter Scott case. Those two are as close to slam dunks as any others will be.

  10. I understand what you’re saying. I think the majority of us do. But exactly how many times have these communities, this entire race of people, have been given a hope for justice to only have that hope turn to ash in their mouths as TPTB spit in their faces and laugh at their sorrow, anger and righteous indignation? Only a long history of equal rights and justice for all will began to erase our natural skepticism.

  11. where is the federal law requiring all police on every level to wear body cams??? this would be just the start.

  12. About the cameras:

    1. Will they be operated at will? (turned off & on @ convenience to the officer)

    2. Will the report be public? when? edited?

    3. Having them and using them to the community or police benefit?


  13. Agreed. They need to be held responsible when they abuse their position and violate rights. Starting with fines and settlements. Even in cases not involving murder, the force settles, the cop or cops involved should have to spend the rest of their lives paying off the debt. What do they learn when the taxpayers pay for their crimes?

  14. Mosby comes from a long line of police officers. While I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt that she will vigorously prosecute this case, perhaps she should recuse herself.

  15. Remember this the next time you call 911 – if you would rather have drug dealers rapists and murderers on street as opposed to cops have at it remember how it all began

  16. Remember the next time your drunk ass being an asshole the cops take you for nickel ride dumbass. Oh, that cant happen to you because your whiteness protects you. Double dumbass

  17. Body cams would be very good, but only if they are Not shut off. A shut off cam should have a stiff fine or charge against the officer, enough to make it unlikely any cam would be shut off.

  18. Hail Eris!

    If I would have to choose between coping with gangbangers and drug dealers, on the one hand, versus a bunch of corrupt cops, on the other, I think I’ll just cope with gangbangers and drug dealers. At least I know they can be reasonable human beings — no gangbanger, as far as I know, has ever assaulted me for being gay, and no drug dealer has insisted on trying the hard sell on me (I’ve been approached). I do need to be careful, as I’m mildly autistic, and that means I’m sometimes deeply lost in reverie, highly disoriented in public, or otherwise in some frame of mind inappropriate for walking down the street, but cops are as likely to fail to understand as anyone. Gangbangers have autistic family members, too.

    “I love you all and I deeply implore you to keep the lasagna flying.” — RAW’s last blog post

  19. Whitehorse, that was a totally nonsensical statement you made. You miss the whole point of this conversation.

    If the police officers in this instance did everything right and lawful, and had no malfeasance on their part, then a full investigation that Marilyn Mosby should NOT cause the officers involved, or the department any fear or hesitation.

  20. The lawyer representing the Gray family also contributed money to her campaign, so I would think that she should recuse herself.

  21. Pending the autopsy report and the trial, I have to ask Politicus why there wasn’t any fuss when Dillon Taylor, a 20 year old white man, unarmed, was shot by a black cop in Salt Lake City? Don’t white lives matter? Either everyone is equally important, or no one is. When I see you people getting indignant about Dillon Taylor, then I’ll get indignant about Freddie Gray.

  22. @djchefron. Yes, she should recuse herself since she took money from the police union. It only makes sense that if you have connections to one side or the other, or both, that you should appoint someone else in your case.

  23. When I first heard that she would be looking at the case this was like 5.30 in the morning and I posted I think the fix is in. Then by 10 or so that morning the indictments were in. So I posted Ok but lets wait and see how it plays out. Now you have to give her credit this aint no Ferguson where it took months and liars on the stand. Lets just wait and let the process play out.

    I would say her job is much easier with white America because half of the police are black that are charged

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