Bill Maher Takes Republicans To School By Pointing Out Everything That Obama Got Right

bill maher do bee

Bill Maher schooled Republicans on their foreign policy failures while delivering a lesson on President Obama’s successes.


Maher did part of the segment in the style of Romper Room’s Do Bee/Don’t Bee:

Romper Room went off in 1994, which is a shame because Misters Do Bee and Don’t Bee would have been perfect to help us illustrate our national Do This, Not That Day.

For example, after an attack on America, Mr. Don’t Bee panics and invades the wrong country. Mr. Do Bee focuses on the real attacker and shoots him in the face.

Mr. Don’t Bee makes up stories about nukes in Iraq that don’t exist.

Mr. Do Bee makes a treaty with Iran, so that they don’t build nukes at all.

Mr. Don’t Bee tortures prisoners.

Mr. Do Bee says that sounds bad.

Mr. Don’t Bee gets his actionable intel from Jesus.

Mr. Do Bee gets his from tapping your phone.

Mr. Do Bee’s best foreign policy move brings our casualty rate down by about sixty-percent.

Mr. Don’t Bee’s best foreign policy move was dodging a shoe.


We’ve learned nothing. The Republican campaign trail today is the same empty tough-guy talk from chicken hawks. The same as it was in 2003.

Every time that Democrats bring up Bush and their party’s many failures, Republicans respond that Democrats are living in the past, but it isn’t the Democrats who are living in the past. Consider that the Republican foreign policy ideology hasn’t changed since Bush declared Mission Accomplished twelve years ago. Republican members of Congress and presidential candidates are trying to destroy the deal with Iran on their nuclear program while refusing to take war with Iran off the table.

Republicans are itching to repeat the failures of the Bush foreign policy. The party’s frontrunner not only shares a set of parents with the former president, he also shares a staff and an ideology. Republicans got it all wrong on foreign policy, and Obama got it right.

At home, Republicans are wrong when they claim that tax cuts create jobs. They were completely wrong about the Affordable Care Act. They are wrong on same-sex marriage, immigration reform, and women’s rights. They are wrong in their belief that the country can cut its way to a balanced budget. On issue after issue, they are wrong.

If Republicans nominate Jeb Bush, they will confirm the obsession with their failed past. Bill Maher needed to explain the mistakes in childlike terms because Republicans are children who are stuck in a perpetual state of failure.

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  1. The real question behind all of this is,why are not all of the Bush Administration members already in jail?
    If we had prosecuted them and jailed them then the GOP members would clearly be put in their place every time they dared to open their mouths on foreign affairs.

  2. We need them all to admit when they got it wrong and need to change course. Exchange ideas, come up with solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone.

  3. Name on nation that pursued its own war criminals. I can – Guatemala. And that failed, leading to a major rebound that has made things much worse for the people hurt the first time under Rios Montt.

    The ICC is the place for this kind of trial and conviction because the outcome would have clearly been massive partisan upheaval, no progress on ANYTHING at all, and possibly a coup worse than what you can even dream.

    Bush and Cheney are on effective ‘house arrest’. Yes they can speak, but they cannot travel. There are good solid reasons why Congress did not bring a charge. The President, BTW, does not prosecute ANYONE. This is not something you can undertake easily as a domestic issue.

  4. Well said, Churchlady. The country would have been in chaos, and nothing would have been accomplished.

  5. It’ll never happen Jo. Republicans would sooner die, no, would sooner let everyone else die, than admit to being wrong on something.

    We could try ‘exchanging ideas’ all we want, but the Republican Mantra has always been one of attack.

  6. Strange how pointing out Bu$h’s failures is “living in the past”, but during the Bu$h years bitching about Clinton was never ‘not appropriate’.

  7. Are you kidding, even when presented with FACTS they will never admit it.

    Remember FACTS have a liberal bias.

    Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity?
    Several psychological variables predicted political conservatism: Death anxiety, system instability, dogmatism/intolerance of ambiguity, closed-mindedness, low tolerance of uncertainty, high needs for order, structure, and closure, low integrative complexity, fear of threat and loss, and low self-esteem. The researchers conclude, a little chillingly, that “the core ideology of conservatism stresses resistance to change and a justification of inequality. “We are talking about someone full of fear, with a poor sense of self, and a lack of mental dexterity”

  8. and now they’er bitching about Bill Clinton, again.

    ALL tea bag/repubs seem to have amnesia about what was going on 2001-2008.

  9. There’s nothing “mild” about their insanity. Its chronic, severe and dangerous. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is also a definition of addiction. But, in the case of the right they don’t want a different result because their policies work for them and the 1%. Trying to apply logic to their behavior is a waste of time and energy. W took this country hostage, and many people now have Stockholm Syndrome. This is my humble analysis after 35 years as a mental health counselor.

  10. I am an independent because both parties are so far to one side that they cannot see anything clearly. Republicans have many, many faults. But can anyone seriously tell me that they think the lying, spineless, waste of a body Hilary Clinton is any better? Or have Democrat’s bfallen prey to the same amnesia you claim the Republican’s have? Benghazi, bidding information in personal accounts she was not allowed to use, and conveniently deleting it before being reviewed…are you kidding me? Both parties need to be kicked out on their butts and we need a clean slate of representatives.

  11. Yes.

    Hillary Clinton can do better. All it takes is to stop brown nosing Corporations and businesses.

    Democrats want everyone to vote. Republicans want a select few to vote.

    Democrats want everyone to have a living wage.
    Republicans want America to become a Feudalistic State.

    Democrats want everyone to get along whatever religion they have.
    Republicans want to turn America into a Theocracy.

    Quite simply Shane Smith, you need to pull your head out…

  12. So it’s better for our elected officials to blow off valid questions with its a witch hunt, and we answered that question when it wasn’t. It’s OK to mix personnel email with top secret government emails. Part State representatives did use personnel email accounts, but these were kept separate from the government email. It’s alright for the Secretary of State’s charities to accept large donations from nations seeking favor of the United States? Forget the fact that she would be the one to help influence the outcome of such dealings. Talk about double standards. How about Halbitron(spelling) profiteering in Iraq? The major difference being one is Republican the other a Democrat, that’s OK? Are Clinton’s charities doing so well because of all their influence being bought? I don’t know these answers and I can guarantee you don’t either. But these are questions that should be investigated before she might be elected. No that isn’t a witchhunt. I think we deserve better an…

  13. It seems all Democrats have selective memory when it comes to Clinton. Dint forget he put heavy tariffs on Iraq. Clinton, the United States and the world thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They also grid to get nuclear inspectors into Iraq to see but they were kicked out. Clinton bombed Iraq for four days trying to convince Saddam to let the inspectors in. In Clinton’s National Address he said Saddam was a menace to his people, his country, the region and to the world. Bush, being no saint himself, had to go off the Intel sitting in front of him from his previous counterpart. Not giving an excuse, just showing state of how things really went. Remember it all, not just one side. I Remember the messed up politics of both sides. Many say this started on Bush’s watch but they seem to forget U.S.S. Cole 17 dead, World Trade Center attacked with moving truck in parking structure with manure bombing. The liberal infotainment seems to keep talking about one side only.

  14. You said some good things until got to the end and is all sarcasm. How about Republicans wanting to limit voting, does that statement come from voter ID requirements? I need an ID for just about anything I do, but voting for a position many consider the most powerful seat in the world you don’t need one. Democrats state that not everyone can get an ID, that is prehistoric propaganda. You want or get Social Security, you have an ID, same with Welfare and everything else. If the Democrats were serious about getting legitimate votes, they would have drives where they went out and got ID’s for those few without. Instead all is seems to be is to stuff the ballot. They could easily stop the complaining by getting their voters ID’s. In today’s world, that is easy to do. Instead we have Welfare showing thousands collecting welfare at the age of 120, you really believe that?

  15. I am gratified to see that thousands are collecting welfare at the age of 120. If they have lived that long, they should not be required to do anything else.

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