Right-Wing Media Publishes Sexist Story Ogling Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby


Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller news site ran a story on Friday written by their Sports Editor, Christian Datoc, that consisted of almost nothing but sexist tripe about how “smoking hot” the author thinks Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is. The piece, titled “Let’s Be Honest: The Baltimore State’s Attorney Is Kind Of A Smokeshow”, begins with two paragraphs of news, and then quickly dissolves into the author ogling Prosecutor Mosby.

Datoc fantasizes throughout his narrative, describing Mosby as “incredibly sexy” and flashing “crazy girl” eyes. He concludes his piece with the perverse line “I wouldn’t mind being unrestrained in the back of Ms. Mosby’s paddy wagon”.

With that perverse finishing touch, he not only emphasizes his sexism one final time, but he also draws a wildly inappropriate reference to Freddie Gray’s ultimately fatal last ride. Instead of reflecting upon Freddie Gray’s death, Datoc wants the reader to indulge in his erotic fantasy, dismissing Gray’s homicide as a mere afterthought. Datoc is more interested in imagining his own “joy ride” with the Baltimore prosecutor than he is in reporting the details surrounding Gray’s death.

Sexism seems to run rampant at The Daily Caller. In March, Tucker’s brother, Buckley Carlson, got into trouble when he inadvertently sent a “reply to all” e-mail to a Bill De Blasio spokeswoman where he called her a “self-righteous b****”. His brother later defended Buckley by saying, ”I just talked to my brother about his response, and he assures me he meant it in the nicest way.”

The Daily Caller is a conservative website. For that reason, nobody should expect them to champion liberal causes like reproductive choice or equal pay for equal work. However, even political conservatives should, at the very least, demand that the page refrain from overtly sexist stories like Datoc’s article. His demeaning essay treats Marilyn Mosby as nothing more than a piece of eye candy for his leering eyes.

If The Daily Caller’s columnists are unable to respect women as professionals, they have no business writing news. While I am sure Tucker Carlson will defend Christian Datoc’s piece by saying “he meant it in the nicest way,” there is nothing nice about objectifying women. Hopefully some day, Tucker Carlson and his colleagues will understand that.

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  1. That sure didn’t take long. Next it will have a connection to President Obama. Then Hillary. Wait and see.

  2. I don’t think the Daily Caller or similar rags have any problem putting their sexism on display for the world to see. They take PRIDE in it. To them, it’s nothing to fret over.

    I think before this is all over, the way people talk about this State’s Attorney is going to get much worse.

  3. Sounds like the people who work for that website have nothing to do but think of pretty inane stories that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    Plus, the sports editor should be busy working on sports. That’s in the title of his job, so stay the hell away from whatever BS given to you by Tucker.

  4. She looks nothing like Michael Jackson. You’re disgusting. But then again all black people look alike, right.

  5. The Daily Caller has always read like a frat house newsletter. There is better stuff being written by 3rd graders.

  6. Daily Caller, led by entitled phoney jerk Tucker Carlson, are all little pansies who need their asses kicked.

  7. Well I for one wouldn’t mind having Datoc in the back of a paddy wagon, whilst I take the Scenic Route in a Road Rage Huff.

  8. This is perfectly said Bebe. Just little cowards hiding behind their mother’s skirt to poke at a smarter person. This seems to be a patron of Obama haters.

  9. I have lived 68 years in the south and I have never seen or heard such incredible ignorance played out by the republicans in all my years. They have no regard for women,the poor,or life in general. My hope is that one day each and every one of them will receive exactly what is coming to them.

  10. It is just saying that The Daily Caller’s columnists can see better than they can think.

    And they are writting for the lowest common denominator in their side, and the GOP has always taking pride in attacking females and small children.

    The Baltimore prosecutor has a huge job in front of her and will need every bit of support and protection to get it done.

  11. The Left has Creepy Uncle Joe Biden for a VP and y’all want to talk about someone from the Right being sexist??? Hmm..double standard?

  12. Name one sexist thing our normal Uncle Joe Biden has said that was sexist! WJT Coleman, my family has relatives like you! We have to be at death’s door to allow a visit from then and even then we alert our friends to their arrival!
    I think the phrase is” red alert” nutty cousin coming!

  13. I am a lifelong dem and a woman and I agree Biden has run into major issues with feminists a few times. I like Biden but during the Clarence hearings he was a nightmare. We can thank him for attacking Anita Hill and giving us the horrible justice Thomas.

    And other examples, Biden is who he is, a mostly loveable but sometimes a bit too quick to say things he should not say.

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