Sarah Palin Says President Obama is Flirting With the Devil

Sarah Palin, or Edith Bunker or Biblical Esther or whoever she is supposed to be, just posted to Facebook, and it’s worth taking a look at her latest attempt to be relevant:

Friends, please take time to read this article as it rips the veil exposing Obama’s priorities in dealing with a nation known for consistent terrorist intentions. Our president and his anti-peace foreign policy supporters have not acted in the interest of our ally, Israel, resulting in dangerously compromised American interests.

The only thing standing between a president who’d jeopardize our country by ignoring our Constitution, and foes capitalizing on lopsided international treaties that weaken our allies, is Congress. The GOP majority must stop giving lip service to halting liberals’ fundamental transformation of our relationships with friendly nations and finally take a stand by exercising its constitutional right and responsibility to approve international treaties. Certainly they must with such grave consequences involved. We must realize Iranian leadership refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and, in fact is hell-bent on Israel’s, and ultimately our, annihilation. Congress must not sit back and watch our own president flirting with the devil.

– Sarah Palin…/the-marshall-islands-cautio…/page/full

Wait a second…I thought Obama was the devil…? Doggone it, I’m not sure who I am supposed to hate now.

I mean, well, there you go, dontcha know, you bet. Who knew that “not acting in the interest of our ally, Israel” (apparently, our only ally in the world), has “dangerously compromised American interests”?

Funny. I don’t remember Israel ever worrying about American interests. They just sort of run off and do stuff unilaterally and expect us to clean up after them.

Being that I am American citizen – presumably like Sarah Palin though I can’t be sure – I’m more interested in what’s good for the United States than what is good for Israel, and let’s face it: the two do not necessarily coincide.

But let’s take a look at this piece from Townhall, called “The Marshall Island’s Cautionary Tale,” by Caroline Glick, posted yesterday.

Glick wants to talk about the Marshall Islands-registered ship seized by Iran, Tuesday, and how the Marshall Islands are protected by the United States.

“Given the US’s formal, binding obligation to the Marshall Islands,” she says, “the Iranian seizure of the ship was in effect an act of war against America.”

I am just wondering: when Israel attacked the United States Navy’s USS Liberty in 1967, was that an act of war on the United States?

According to Glick and Palin, we should have declared war, by golly.

Israel apologized and pretended that it was all a mistake, but of course, as it turns out, Israel knew perfectly well it was attacking its ally.

When Israel attacked the Gaza flotilla in 2010, including a Turkish-registered ship, the MV Mavi Marmara, wasn’t that an act of war against Turkey?

After all, the United States went to war against the Barbary pirates for boarding American vessels. One of the reasons we went to war against Britain in 1812 was because the British were boarding American vessels.

Or can Israel do thing other nations cannot?

Glick insists that Obama’s efforts toward peace with Iran are directed against Israel, when in fact, they are simply directed at peace with Iran. Peace is generally considered preferable to war. I mean, I haven’t heard that either Glick or Palin intend to enlist and lead the way against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

She says:

So, too, Obama says his goal is to advance the cause of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

But his pressure and hostility toward Israel does nothing to achieve this goal. The goal of a policy of acting with hostility toward Israel is not to promote peace. It is to distance the US from Israel and align America’s Israel policy with Europe’s preternaturally hostile treatment of the Jewish state.

She goes from 0-60 there in record time, and with record lack of thought – or evidence. She has already begun with the assumption that Obama is hostile to Israel, and then made the events she discusses fit into her preconceived outline.

She insists that, “There is a thread that runs between Obama’s policy toward Iran and his policy toward Israel,” and “That common threat (I believe she means “thread”) is mendacity. Obama’s actual goals in both have little to do with his stated ones.”

Coming from a piece as mendacious as her own, this really gives you no pause at all. This is rather like the author who pretended to be Paul of Tarsus, in forging a fake letter to Timothy, warning against people forging letters from Paul.

And you can take Glick’s warning just about as seriously. She hasn’t forged anything. She just hasn’t told the truth.
If you doubt my conclusions, just consider the fact that Sarah Palin endorses Glick. Really, that says about all you need to know.

51 Replies to “Sarah Palin Says President Obama is Flirting With the Devil”

  1. Poor Sarah is so jealous of ALL of the numerous successes of President Obama that she just can not stay quiet. She is so envious that she has to post anything to try to get the little bit of attention that she can gain.

  2. The people who listen to barbie and take anything she says seriously are the same people who never mastered tying their own shoelaces. Her blurb is just another “send me money” message.

  3. From Regina Schwartz, The Curse of Cain (1998):

    Schwartz notes the manner in which the biblical narrative paints “inclinations toward polytheism” as “sexual infidelity” and how Israel itself “is castigated for ‘whoring after’ other gods, thereby imperiling her ‘purity.’” The land itself must be kept clean “or its inhabitants will be ejected, ‘vomited’ out of the land…when Israel is not monotheistic, it is filthy and it pollutes the land” (Lev 20.22-25). When Israel worships a foreign deity, she is a harlot, the land is made barren, and she is ejected from the land” (Jer 3.2-3).

  4. I doubt very much that President Obama has so much as given her an eye other than maybe the “side-eye” let alone flirted with her.

  5. Well at least we know the grifter from Wasilla is not barren with all those delinquents she pushes out

  6. Tundradunce is just having a big fat snit hissy fit because if only the President would flirt with her, she might possibly get some attention. Nobody in the mainstream media is paying any attention at all to her.

    Even when she wore her best padded-butt pleather ‘n’ lace skirt at cpac, the media paid no attention to her.

    Poor, poor washed up narcissistic nobody.

  7. Preternaturally? Mendacious? Both spelled and used correctly? No unending string of word vomiting? Palin, that broccoli with boobs did NOT write this! She must have gotten herself a publicist!

  8. Remember the ’09 Alfalfa Club dinner when Lieberman ran interference on her as she tried to approach President Obama at the head table? ‘Twas a thing of beauty!

  9. Anyone who thinks she came up with the word “preternaturally” on her own should smoke a little more of that good stuff. She’s a dolt who obviously had her ghost writer spew out some of the same old junk. She’s probably in rehab. No real sightings since she pulled a Palin on the NRA.

  10. I could care less about anything Palin says, but I liked this comment by Mr. Hrafnkell Haraldsson:

    “…Coming from a piece as mendacious as her own, this really gives you no pause at all. This is rather like the author who pretended to be Paul of Tarsus, in forging a fake letter to Timothy, warning against people forging letters from Paul.”

    Frauds and bs and other assorted nonsense from the New Testament is far more interesting than all of Palin.

  11. I can probably explain why she’s still around…

    She says that the President is flirting with the devil… what actually happened is that she had sex with the devil.

  12. ….and yet she wins because we’re all talking about her.

    When we become indifferent to this stewardess, we’ll finally be rid of her.

  13. Who taught Palin the word “mendacity”? Did she discover it because her picture is next to the dictionary definition?

  14. Droopus is right, she wins by us writing and talking about her which is all she wants so her small brigade of evangelical idiots keep donating to her PAC.

    Of course the other way is for the media and web sites to stop writing about her.

  15. Lynn Vincent used to do all her ghost writing, but I think Vincent left “Her Sarahship” high and dry when the money dried up…

    We haven’t heard from the screeching sarah shrew since her Iowa word-salad “speech”. Obviously, she wandered into CPAC “unleashed” dumping trash cans, rooting through the rubbish, looking for more material to trash her sworn enemies,etc., due to the fact she didn’t have a speech writer.

    After that mess, she left with her tail between her legs. I think GOP spritzed her with ammonia and told her to “Git! Git, home!!” like a stray mutt.

  16. Apparently the ignorant harpy isn’t receiving the attention she perceives she’s owed. Time to puke out some more hate towards our president. Has everyone noticed not even fux news has her on anymore. [WINK]

  17. I am one of very few people who ever alludes to the “preternatural”, it’s a rather Victorian adjective which I first saw used to describe Oliver Haddo’s eyes. Yet it is supposed to have been used by this preternaturally anti-intellectual woman.

  18. Shes having a temper tantrum because shes been replaced by Fiorina, the latest gotp darling. Shes on minute 16 of a 15 minute fame run. Unimportant.

  19. I read the headline and thought, “Now why is President Obama flirting with Sarah Palin, and does Michelle know?” That made about as much sense as the actual article. Poor Sarah..I noticed they didn’t show her scrawny face at the Kentucky Derby today…did she and Bristol and MOH not find the proper attire to get in the gate? Or did her uppity-up friends forget to leave them tickets? Hey, Sarah, who’s watching Trig? And hey, Bristol, I wouldn’t leave Tripp alone around your PTSD hubby-to-be and his multiple loaded guns. Just saying’.

  20. She’s a citizen of Heranus. That’s right I went there. But keep in mind the all important rule (second to the oft booed Golden), but for the grace of god, there goes ye.

  21. Sarah Palin is no longer relevant.Anything she says is ignorant and not true. She is desparate to keep her money coming in so she will say anything to make the people think she is smart and she isn’t, not educated nor intelligent.

  22. I like what Bill Maher said: “If Sarah Palin suffers a stroke, how will we know?” That woman is simply nuts.

  23. I’m pretty sure the last “work” she had done, isn’t healing properly.
    Believe me, when she can, she’ll be back in public in her Jimmy Choo’s

  24. Ms Palin prides herself on insinuation and inference, when she wishes to create smoke screens that do not stand the test of reason and analysis. Still, serious people cannot dismiss even the rantings of a lunatic, there is something to e learned even in stupidity. For instance, here is a post that I found intriguing and I hope you see some merit in it, too.…/we-need-a-different…/

  25. sarah palin? PLEASE! this coming from a person who’s been involved with more exocisms than she’s read books! sarah palin is a grifter, but what bothers me the most is how many people take this AS$HOLE seriously!! listen, if YOU believe ANYTHING this FOOL says then, YOU’RE not an adult, YOU’RE not a rational thinking being, YOU’RE not a CHRISTIAN!!!, YOU’RE not an american, YOU’RE not living on EARTH, YOU’RE not being cute by saying she’s SEXY! but YOU are a hopeless mental case! so just keep voting republican until they put you in a rubber room, right next to michele bachmann and joni ernst! that bread basket psycho!

  26. Congressional Republicans and conservative pundits are fond of criticizing the Obama Administration’s foreign policy for being “too diplomatic” and for not touting America’s “exceptionalism” and reminding all other nations of their inherent inferiority on a daily basis.

    Perhaps these pompous, self-righteous politicos don’t really know what diplomacy means:
    1 : the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations
    2 : skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility : tact

    Threatening to invade or bomb a sovereign foreign power is NOT diplomacy, despite what these right wing war-mongers believe.
    And publicly referring to foreign governments as “the devil” is something best left to puerile political wannabes who get their jollies by using social media to post petty insults about anyone with whom they disagree.

  27. I thought the same thing. She probably collaborated with some hack who knows how to read, write, and spell. SMH!

  28. That and war and fear, they are rather obsessed with those three things….they have NOTHING else to go on unfortunately, rather shallow thinking in my book.

  29. I was wondering about this also, didn’t sound like her usual word salad. Gosh I hope she has saved some of the money that she’s made off of the poor rubes, because she will be totally irrelevant in 5 years (sooner, I hope) and will need something to live on because it certainly won’t be her brain power and her looks are going too, so save y’er money Sarah!!

  30. I often wonder why would anyone give this bitch a platform to spew nonsense. I am so exhausted with these ignorant people. I would like, just once, just once, talk about what ails this country. The more platform that you give these people, the more we won’t talk about the issues at hand..While I am on any page, all I want to do is find out what these candidates are about. Not what these losers are saying, because it’s all the same dumb talking points. Consider, how may people on here are talking about this she-phantom. No one is talking about the issues at hand..

  31. Non of President Obama’s girls have gotten knocked up have they Sarah? None of his girls has a live in lover do they Sarah? Non of President Obama’s girls have been dragged across someone else’s lawn in their underwear swearing and punching people have they Sarah?

  32. Little ol’ hater Quitter Palin really does like Pres. Obama — lots.
    She just can’t help herself from talking about him. (In reality –I like him. I really like him.)
    Hey, Sistah Say-rah, you made a deal with the devil many years ago.

  33. Annette, this thing palin) that comes out every once in a while, is like a cancer cell that goes dormant then springs up someplace else. treatable but not cureable.

  34. Like a 2 year old being given time out for misbehaving……her tantrums are killing her. Sit down be quiet or go away,

  35. $carah probably learned it from the movie “Cat on a hot tin roof” except $carah doesn’t realize that in using the word she is being hypocritical about it.

  36. I really don’t think such an erudite man who loves his wife like he does, would ever flirt with a “devil” like Sarah Palin. She’s not even fit to be used as a doormat!

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