Bernie Sanders Unloads On The Kochs While Refusing To Play The Media’s Smear Hillary Game


During an interview on ABC’s This Week, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) refused to play the media’s smear Hillary Clinton game, but he unloaded on the Koch brothers and other right-wing billionaires who are trying to buy the government.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: And let me ask you also, you sold — you told my colleague, Jon Karl, this week you have some concerns about the money raised by The Clinton Foundation.

What are those concerns exactly?

SANDERS: Well, it’s not just The Clinton Foundation. Here are my concerns, George, and it should be the concern of every American.

And this is, in a sense, what my campaign is about — can somebody who is not a billionaire who stands for working families actually win an election in which billionaires are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the election?

It’s not just Hillary. It is the Koch Brothers. It is Sheldon Adelson.


STEPHANOPOULOS: — with them.

SANDERS: What I am saying is that I get very frightened about the future of American democracy when this become a battle between billionaires.

I believe in one person, one vote; I believe we need a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. And let me say this: on our first day, first day that we were out, we asked people to get involved in our campaign, 100,000 people signed up; 35,000 people made donations to and we raised on that first day $1.5 million — and you know what the average contribution was?



George Stephanopoulos asked the obvious question to Sen. Sanders about The Clinton Foundation and the senator from Vermont turned it around and focused on the bigger issue of the attempt by billionaires to rig the electoral process in order to buy the government. Any media types who intend to use Bernie Sanders to attack Hillary Clinton are going to be very disappointed.

Sanders has made it clear that he is not going to run negative ads against Clinton, and he despises personal attack politics. In his first 24 hours as a candidate, Bernie Sanders raised more money than Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. Unlike the Republicans, Sen. Sanders doesn’t have a billionaire sugar daddy writing big checks for a shadowy super PAC. Bernie Sanders is being powered by the people.

Instead of being the tip of the political spear against former Sec. of State Clinton, Sanders is the voice of the people’s movement against the Koch organized and funded attempt to buy the United States government.

The movement is growing against the Citizens United enabled Koch brothers. The American people will not yield to a hostile billionaire takeover.

29 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Unloads On The Kochs While Refusing To Play The Media’s Smear Hillary Game”

  1. It’s not just Hillary. It is the Koch Brothers. It is Sheldon Adelson…
    he lumps her together with Koch and that’s NOT a smear..this nutty wack job wil help the re PIG Licans get elected..Ralph Nader all over again..hope he dies of old age before the election

  2. Hillary came out of the gate saying the same – amendment needed.

    And then there is this problem with financing too: Ann Ravel, leader of the FEC, finally said she has “given up hope” of reigning in abuse in the 2016 race and its $10 billion. The 3 Ds and 3 Rs on the committee end with a tie vote and nothing gets accomplished. Jeb and O’Malley are free to pretend they are not running yet so they can rack up the bucks.

  3. Jimi, how aware are you of electoral history? Nader ran in the general election in 2000, and Bernie is running in the Democratic primaries in 2016.

    You are not only not too bright but also exhibit great anger. You have teabagger characteristics.

  4. The debates are bound to be very entertaining and amusing, I bet. Hillary has the stamina for the long haul ahead and there is no way in hell her supporters (me included) are going to take no for an answer. We waited a damn long time. :-)

  5. If I am not mistaaken, your analogy is in correct,and your fears are unfounded.

    Mr. Nader ran as a third party choice. Mr. Sanders is vying for the Democratic nomination. If he looses out, as is likely, he still will have contributed to the campaign dialog with lots of truths and perspectives.

  6. Hey genius, Sanders is running in the primary not the general so he can’t influence the election in the way Nader did.

  7. I’d vote for either Bernie or Hillary. Bernie will make Hillary state positions and answer questions that she’d otherwise duck. This is a good thing, we dems should celebrate the fact that our candidate will be battle tested. That’s extremely important because the repubs will play really dirty. I guarantee it.

  8. I could see him as VP to her! Imagaine the Clinton and Sanders ticket? and as for Nader…..he cost Al Gore to be president!

  9. My guess is that he realizes he is not going to take the primaries but intends, by running in them, to pull the party to the left.

  10. I knew he wasn’t going to be slinging mud at Hillary.

    Sanders “mud” will be telling the truth about the Koch bros and of the failures of the tea bag/repubs, which will help Hillary in the log run.

    I’ll vote for the democrat who is nominated.

    There is too much at stake in ’16.
    The EPA, civil rights, social security, medicare, medicade, womens rights, veterans benefits, separation of church and state are all on the chopping block if the church, KOCH bros, err GOP, gets the WH.

  11. Ralph Nader did not cost Al Gore the Presidency, the Supreme Court did. It’s been proven, since, that Gore WON THE ELECTION. Jeb Bush and his cohort Katherine Harris, flipped the vote in FL for his brother. Then, when the recount began to show the truth, the 5 crooked Supreme Court Justices forced an end to the recount, selecting Bush/Cheney as the winners. Yes, Ralph Nader drew some votes away, but it’s the decision by the Supremes that did the damage.In fact, one of the worst “justices” in our history, Scalia, made a big speech about how finding in favor of the WINNER would be terribly unfair to Bush.That was their justification for stopping the recount.

  12. I think your guess is wrong. Bernie Sanders can easily do to Hillary Clinton what Barack Obama did. Did anybody think he would win when Obama started out?

  13. I have never given money to a candidate before or even thought about it but I gave money to Bernie.Look up for what he stands for.He is for the middle class.The republicans want to not tax the rich, destroy the unions, cut education like Walker who cut millions from UNiversities.Hillary is corporate owned.Bernie is as honest as they come.

  14. I don’t see Senator Sanders playing 2nd fiddle as VP. He’s been running his own agenda his own way with his own ideas for a long time. He has turned out to be an effective Senator and earned a lot of respect. If he is not President, I think the country would lose by having him as VP instead of returning as Senator.

  15. If George Soros were planning to abolish democracy and reduce 90% of the populace to peonage, I daresay he would.

  16. I am right there with you Andy! I like the way Bernie is outspoken, and he is giving some an al ternative to Hillary, but I will take any Demo at this time. The country has gone to hell in a handbasket with these Republicans.

  17. George Soros is in no way, shape, or form as bad as he is made out to be. At least he hasn’t tried to buy out the government for his own purposes like those Koch suckers.

  18. I’ve heard a few people referring to Sen. Sanders as “wack job,” mostly since Fox used the term, and like Fox, without any evidence for the epithet.

    Sen. Sanders, it is true, is a Social Democrat, yet plenty of very conservative Vermonters have willingly sent him back to the Senate, term after term… And if Vermonters I’ve known over the years, especially the rural folks, are any gauge, they don’t tend to have much tolerance for “wack jobs.”

  19. “right-wing billionaires who are trying to buy the government.”

    really, politicus, do you seriously contend they haven’t long ago purchased and control all three branches?

  20. Send your donation to Bernie! There are more of us, than there are of the 1%ers.Go to Bernie He’s the only candidate for the average individual, like you and I. If you don’t want the GOP to RUN YOUR LIFE,onb’t ignore your right to vote.

  21. I was feeling a bit depressed about politics and a lackluster feeling about Hilary as the democratic front runner. When Bernie came into the race I suddenly felt excited and hopeful again! I hope he (and we) can pull it off!

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